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Mindfulness.....and Mentoring


As Seedling mentors, our sincerest intention is that our mentees feel capable, worthy and competent.  Last month's Seedling training offered elementary school mentors the opportunity to consider mindfulness as a successful approach to building these attributes in their mentees....and themselves!  Read more



Thinking Differently About the Holidays


High-school mentors click here for a special article on this topic just for you.


The signals are beginning, changes in the weather, holiday commercials on tv, and our own thoughts and wishes for our family holiday traditions.  As Seedling mentors, we remain sensitive to the fact that in some households these holidays are not celebrated due to religious practice, financial distress, or family strife. The safest and most effective open-ended questions on the topic are, "What do you think you'll do during the break from school?" or "What are you looking forward to during the break from school?" Your mentee's choice to share about holiday traditions or memories (happy or sad) can be a springboard for rich conversation.  As always, we let the mentee take the lead.

At Seedling, we recognize the heartfelt worry and dismay of mentors who learn that their mentees and their families are in dire economic circumstances.  Seedling's Promise continues to encourage you to observe the guidelines about modest ($10-15) gifts in order to avoid awkwardness for the mentee or the caregiver.  But there are other ways that you can help if you choose. Read more 



Question of the Month


What are some good ways to get to know my mentee?


Each match moves at its own pace for establishing deeper connections, depending upon the child's innate temperament and his or her prior experiences.  Being a good listener, letting your mentee take the lead, and presenting yourself in an authentic way are always the cornerstones of building the relationship. Looking for something fresh to stimulate conversation? Explore your common interests by finding ways to talk about what you both enjoy:  favorite movies, meals, holidays, dream vacations, etc. Watch your email for more excellent and specific suggestions from your Mentor Director.



Families for Justice Rally - November 7

A statewide coalition of organizations working for policy reform in sentencing, rehabilitation, and restorative justice is holding a Families for Justice Rally at the Capitol on Friday, November 7, Noon to 3:00p.m. focusing on

  • Bringing attention to how criminal justice policies and prison conditions affect not only those who are incarcerated but their families and communities;
  • How affected families and communities can successfully join forces to advocate for themselves and make meaningful changes in statewide criminal justice polices.

 More information is available at the website for 

Texas Inmate Families Association:!event-register/2014/11/7/rally-at-the-capitol



November 11 - Student Holiday

Austin ISD


November 13 - Monthly Lunchtime Training

Time: 11:30a.m. - 12:30p.m.

Location: Communities In Schools

Topic: Is my mentee being bullied?

Limited seating available

RSVP to Diana at 

November 14 - Early Release (High School)

Manor ISD


November 24 - November 28 - Thanksgiving Holiday

Bastrop ISD, Del Valle ISD, Hays CISD, Manor ISD, Pflugerville ISD,

Round Rock ISD


November 26 - November 28 - Thanksgiving Holiday

Austin ISD



All of us at Seedling Foundation extend our heartfelt best wishes to you for   a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday amid family and friends. At this season, we are thankful for your participation and generosity!

As you thoughtfully consider your 
end of year giving, thank you for 
keeping Seedling and 
the children we serve in mind.


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