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Creating Emotionally Intelligent Children Mentors Can Help!
Emotions... to some of us this one little word can be very uncomfortable because, frankly, not everyone is open to sharing their feelings.  Our emotions have power and are capable of enhancing or compromising so much.  Our memory, learning, decision making, our judgment, the quality of our relationships, physical and mental health, can all be affected or influenced by our emotional state.  Physically, our emotions cause a shift in our breathing and heart rate and can alter our facial expressions, body posture and behavior.   Our emotions really matter!
At last month's Seedling Mentor Training, mentors were presented with research from the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, along with the Center's innovative tools and strategies in identifying and regulating emotions.  These tools, part of the RULER Approach, are being implemented into classrooms across the U.S. with the goal of creating a more effective and compassionate society. 
The Yale Center defines Emotional Intelligence this way:
     R ecognizing emotions in one's self and others
     U nderstanding the causes and consequences of emotions
     L abeling emotions accurately
     E xpressing emotions appropriately
     R egulating emotions effectively
Watching a 17-minute video (a TEDTalk) to learn about the RULER approach is well worth the time.  Follow this link to watch Marc Brackett, Yale Center Director, discuss Emotional Intelligence on TEDxGoldenGateED.
A wonderful way for mentors to help mentees identify and regulate their emotions is introducing them to The Mood Meter.  This colorful graph lists feeling words that one can choose that best identifies his/her emotion on a scale from pleasant to unpleasant, as well as rating energy level from low to high. 
To view the Mood Meter in English - click here .
To view the Mood Meter in Spanish - click here .
To learn about Mood Meter activities  - click here  and 
The Mood Meter is also available as a mobile app for your phone-
Thinking Differently About the Holidays
The signals are beginning: changes in the weather, holiday commercials on tv, and our own thoughts and wishes for our family holiday traditions.  As Seedling mentors, we remain sensitive to the fact that in some households these holidays are not celebrated due to religious practice, financial distress, or family strife. The safest and most effective open-ended questions on the topic are, "What do you think you'll do during the break from school?" or "What are you looking forward to during the break from school?" Your mentee's choice to share about holiday traditions or memories (happy or sad) can be a springboard for rich conversation.  As always, we let the mentee take the lead.

But what about gifts, or our worries about our mentees' dire economic circumstances?  See these links for thoughts and guidelines: 
                   Elementary and Middle School          High School
Week of November 9th

Watch your inbox next week for this year's first edition of Future Matters providing information and activities on the topic of Intellectual Curiosity.
Every week, you clear your schedule, you leave your phone in the car, and you remember to arrive at school with an idea or two about how to spend the time with your mentee that day.  At the same time, you can't help but wonder occasionally about what will become of your mentee beyond the moment - not just next week or this summer, but in the long-term. 
Four times this year, you will receive a special e-newsletter rich in ideas about promoting one of the six cognitive skills that support lifelong success.  For more information about what to expect,  read more .

Please Introduce Us to Your Friends

Seedling mentors are wonderful human beings, and we're betting your friends are too!  You are well-attuned to the characteristics great mentors must have and are capable of recognizing those qualities in others.
Would you please take a moment right now to think about one person in your circle you could invite to consider serving as a Seedling mentor? The personal ask is the most effective recruitment tool, but social media can also be a meaningful way to engage your networks. Here are a couple of samples that Seedling mentors have used this year:
Mentoring Mena today and can't wait to see her sweet little smile. Seedling Foundation has so many kids like her on their waiting list...just waiting for someone like you and YOUR smile! Consider mentoring or donating to support other people who mentor. Trust me, there will be smiling involved! 
Want to #makeadifference?  #Mentor! Mentees are less  #anxious/#depressedhave greater  #leadership skills & better academics. @SeedFound
Today, there are 135 youth waiting for a Seedling mentor, and only six more opportunities for new mentors to attend Orientation.  Please invite your friends to become a part of the great work you do by visiting us at  or calling Diana at  (512) 323-6371 . Thank you!

November 9 - Student Holiday
Elgin ISD

November 11 - Student Holiday
Austin ISD
November 19 - Monthly Lunchtime Training
Time: 11:30a.m. - 12:30p.m.
Location: Carver Branch Library
Limited Seating 
Lunch will be provided to registered participants.
RSVP to Diana at 
November 23 - November 27 - Thanksgiving Holiday
Bastrop ISD, Del Valle ISD, Elgin ISD, Hays CISD, Manor ISD, Pflugerville ISD,  Round Rock ISD
November 25 - November 27 - Thanksgiving Holiday
Austin ISD
December 2 - Early Release (Elementary and Middle School)
Round Rock ISD
All of us at Seedling Foundation extend our heartfelt best wishes to you for   a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday amid family and friends. At this season, we are thankful for your participation and generosity!

As you thoughtfully consider your end of year giving, thank you for keeping Seedling and the children we serve in mind.

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