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We are excited to launch a new year standing alongside you to serve very special youth...and there are a lot of you! Our Mentor Directors comment daily on the remarkable number of mentors who are returning for another year of participation. And, thanks to your positive comments to friends and colleagues, we already have 75+ new mentors signed up to attend Orientation. Seedling and our community owe you a debt of gratitude.
 Seedling Staff Trivia

Your friends at Seedling are eager to greet you for the new school year and offer the benefit of their own training and background to support your mentoring match.  Not only does our team possess highly-qualified experience, but they also are interesting people!   For the four new Seedling staff joining us this fall, do you know...  
  • Which person is a member of Austin's CAN Community Council?
  • Who just relocated to Austin from 1,800 miles away?
  • Whose first non-profit experiences were in Guatemala and the Dominican Republic?
  • Which person helped launch a global volunteer program for a well-known corporation?
Read all this and more on the Staff page at

Seedling Has a New Home!
As our staff and program have expanded, so have our space needs.  We're proud of our new home at 8001 Centre Park Drive, located in the Walnut Creek Business Park in northeast Austin.  New Mentor Orientations will be held at this location. Our phone number remains the same at (512) 323-6371.  


Making the Most of Seedling Support - Part I

New Look to Seedling Sign-In Sheets
Since 2012, mentors at a few schools have been using a sign-in sheet with a special feature that provides an additional form of communication about your match.  This year, all schools will use a version that allows the mentor to record and reflect on what types of activities are occurring during visits.  At the top of each page, the following appears:

Please take a moment to record the corresponding number(s) below in the Activity Column.  Feel free to add other comments about what you talked about or concerns  you would like to share with the School Contact or your Mentor Director.

     1.      Indoor games
     2.      Sport or outdoor games
     3.      Casual talking/listening
     4.      Conversation about relationships
     5.      Learning about each other's interests
     6.      Reading together
     7.      Art/Crafts/Writing
     8.      Solving problems
     9.      Trying out activities from Mentor Minute
   10.       Trying out activities from Future Matters
Of course this log does not replace the supportive phone calls from your Mentor Director or the open invitation for you to initiate phone, email, or in-person conversations with ­­­­­­­­­­­your MD or the School Contact on any topic related to your match.   

Special Note to Satellite Mentors
Over 85 mentors last year remained committed to mentees who transferred away from Seedling schools and continued as "satellite" matches.  Without the official element of an assigned School Contact, these mentors and their Mentor Directors work together to continue to nurture important relationships with children who value consistency in their lives.  In addition to on-going dialogue with the MD, we rely on these dedicated mentors to record their own attendance on a Word sign-in sheet and submit it to their Mentor Directors at the end of each semester.  Thank you again for taking on the extra mileage on your mentoring journey!

Making the Most of Seedling Support - Part II

Monthly Training Opportunities
Last year, almost 200 Seedling mentors took advantage of a monthly lunchtime training to increase their knowledge and skills and interact with fellow mentors.  Please consider joining us!  The first opportunity is September 17 at Wesley United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall, where veteran mentors can enjoy a refresher on the basics and share their experiences.   READ MORE...

Making the Most of Seedling Support - Part III

Has Your Contact Information Changed?
We want to keep our communication and responsiveness to you as timely and reliable as possible.  Please email your Mentor Director if you have changes to your preferred email address, phone number, mailing address or employer.  Not sure what we have on file?  Telephone your MD or the Seedling office, and we can tell you.


September 17 - Monthly Lunchtime Training
Wesley United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall
September 23 - Early Release (Elementary/Middle School)
Round Rock ISD
September 30 - Early Release
Del Valle ISD

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