August 2020
Stacey Brown & Associates, Counseling and Wellness
Hello Friends,

Happy August! It's Leo season. That means fire, determination and courage.  

We've experienced a lot of emotion in the last few months. We're moving through some very tough todays while we try to build a world that brings better tomorrows. 
We need less pandemic (please wear your masks) and more social justice and humanity.  

Recognizing our feelings and speaking our truth is important during this time. Taking care of ourselves so we can keep showing up every day is also important. Counseling can help you find the stamina and resilience that is needed to stay well physically, emotionally and spiritually. Our office remains closed due to Covid-19 precautions. You may schedule tele-counseling on our website calendar HERE.

Consider journaling and choosing a word for each day to help you set intentions. Today, my word is "gratitude". I'm grateful for our community, for each of you, for the ability to breathe, learn and expand and so much more. Upon what will you choose to focus?

Please join me in sending love to all of the children, teachers, staff and administrators who will return to school this month amidst so much fear, frustration and worry... and to the parents who are juggling so much in their families, work life and relationships.

Stay in the love and light. Stay curious, loving and kind.

Be well,
Stacey Brown
Ask Me Anything

Stacey has started answering questions from clients on Instagam and Facebook. You can see this month's questions and answers here and here.

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Supportive Services

Learning how to breathe in a precise way is a foundation toward learning to meditate.  Stacey, Valarie Olsen and Heidi Swanson are Certified Meditation Teachers. Schedule your private meditation sessions

Meditation can help reduce the symptoms of anxiety, trauma and grief. Generally speaking, you can be meditating all on your own after three or four meetings with practice. Let us help you get there with easy, step by step instructions. Schedule your appointment HERE.

Valarie recently offered a short micro practice on orienting, using the five senses, which can help us feel safe in the space we are in. You can watch the video HERE.

Christar is offering Distance Reiki Sessions. Yes, energy healing can be completed from a distance. Special techniques used in Reiki enables the healing to transcend distance to help you calm anxiety, heal and relax. You may learn more about Reiki HERE. To book an appointment for yourself, click HERE

Christar has been busy offering virtual, free crystal bowl concerts on Facebook.  She will be offering these concerts often, so follow us on Facebook to get the invitations. To listen to a beautiful, healing sound bath, click HERE.
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Looking for the perfect gift? Consider a gift certificate  for Meditation Training, a Massage, an Ayurvedic Consultation or a Reiki Treatment
 Give the gift of self care. It's always a favorite.  
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