December 2020
Stacey Brown & Associates, Counseling and Wellness
Dearest Friends,

There has been much grief, loss, chaos, turmoil, change, isolation, and despair this year. So many of us will be glad to see this year be behind us. This year has brought heaviness like no other. As this unique year comes to a close, may we all reflect on the many lessons we've learned. Reflect upon the challenges we've faced to help us to stay in the light moving forward focused on gratitude. Let's all take an inventory of what has occurred and focus on our personal growth to highlight the emotional work, resiliency, and strength that we've acquired this year.  

Our office remains closed for everyone's safety. We are offering video conferencing and phone calls for telehealth services. We continue to monitor the pandemic situation and are practicing with recommendations from our professional organizations with your health in mind. Follow us on social media so you can stay informed in the new year. 

Despite the circumstances of the pandemic and your personal life, stay turned toward hope. Stay in the light for yourself and others. Spread joy and kindness where you can. Remember your sparkle. Stay healthy. Stay hopeful. Take good care of yourselves and of your families.  All of this will pass and we will move forward together... in better ways than ever before.  

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to everyone!

Stacey Brown
Have You Heard About Brainspotting?
Brainspotting is a powerful, focused treatment method that works by identifying, processing, and releasing core neurophysiological sources of emotional/body pain, trauma, dissociation, and a variety of other challenging symptoms. Brainspotting is a simultaneous form of diagnosis and treatment, enhanced with Biolateral sound, which is deep, direct, and powerful yet focused and containing. Many experts in the area of trauma treatment believe that when overwhelmed by something traumatic or deeply distressing, the emotional “charge” or memory from that event becomes stored or trapped in our body. We’re often unaware that this has even occurred, but our brain is altered as a result. It can cause problems on all levels – emotionally, mentally, and physically.
Brainspotting is designed to discover, dislodge, and ultimately release that trapped energy so that it no longer causes problems in our life.

Make a brainspotting appointment with Stacey Brown here.
Practice Updates
Stacey Brown has achieved three new credentials. She is now a "Certified Anxiety Treatment Professional" and a "Certified Mental Health Integrative Health Practitioner". Additionally, Stacey has achieved status as a "Gottman Method Couples Therapist, Level 2".   

Counseling, Coaching, Distance Reiki, Meditation Training, Individual Yoga Training, and Ayurveda Consultations are offered through the miracle of technology so we can all stay safe. Make your appointments HERE.

Valarie Olsen is teaching Yoga on the Lawn each Friday morning.
Learn more HERE
Supportive Services

Learning how to breathe in a precise way is a foundation toward learning to meditate and a consistent meditation practice can help reduce the symptoms of anxiety, trauma, and grief.  

Valarie Olsen, Heidi Swanson, and StaceyBrown are Certified Meditation Teachers.

Schedule private meditation sessions HERE.

Christar is offering Distance Reiki Sessions. Energy healing can be completed from a distance. Special techniques used in Reiki enables the healing to transcend distance to help you calm anxiety, heal, and relax. You may learn more about Reiki HERE. To book an appointment for yourself, click HERE
Gift Certificates
Looking for the perfect gift? Consider a gift certificate  for Meditation Training, a Massage, an Ayurvedic Consultation or a Reiki Treatment
 Give the gift of self care. It's always a favorite.  
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