February 2020
Stacey Brown & Associates Counseling and Wellness
 Hello February!

Hello love and compassion!

This month, in the month of love, are you ready to allow yourself to practice self care by allowing yourself time to examine your life? Allow yourself to grow by coming to counseling to talk with Heidi, Valarie or Stacey. Give yourself the gift of massage with Christar. Learn how to meditate or nourish yourself with an Ayurveda consultation. Expand your yoga practice with a private yoga instruction session. Rekindle passion and understanding through couples counseling. Promote communication and the resolution of problems with family counseling.

We are here, encouraging you to have compassion for yourself, to bring in positive self talk, create movement and develop a connection with yourself that goes beyond the intellect. We are focused on helping you establish the intention for a heart connection through integrating the mind, body and spirit with empathy, compassion and love.  

In these days of division and confusion, habits of criticism and judgment and unhealthy patterns of behavior, NOW is the perfect time to remind ourselves that LOVE is the answer. LOVE is the way home.

Our hearts are full,

Stacey Brown
Heart Opening Yoga Postures
Focusing on the area of your body around your heart by expanding your chest, breathing deeply, lifting your collar bones can improve your posture and promote a feeling of lightness. Deepening your breath along with stretching the muscles in your chest can assist in creating a deep emotional release and promote contentment.

Try these HEART OPENING Asanas to promote openness around our heart space. Years of protecting our hearts from emotional harm can create problems with our posture and our breathing.
Upward Facing Dog
Cobra Pose
Camel Pose
Fish Pose
Locust Pose
Dancer's Pose
Half Moon
Bow Pose
Bridge Pose
Massage Services and Specials

Look at our massage services!

Hot stone massage
60 and 90 minutes
Prenatal massage
60 and 90 minutes
Sound Bath massage
( use of crystal bowls )
Cellulite Reduction massage

CBD Oil can be added to any massage package by request for
an additional $10

Ask us about Massage packages!  Buying several massages
at one time can give you tremendous savings.
Rose Quartz
This beautiful pink colored stone is the stone of universal love and serenity. Having a Rose Quartz nearby helps to encourage us to have unconditional love for ourselves and others by purifying and opening the heart. Wear Rose Quartz as jewelry or mala beads or place a Rose Quartz stone beside your bed to remind you to move with compassion and patience. Some say that the Rose Quartz can raise your vibration and promotes healing.
News About Our Staff
Did you know that Valarie and Stacey love music concerts? Music heals the heart chakra. In the past month, they saw three concerts in Fort Myers... Albannach, JJ Grey and Lucinda Williams. Ask Valarie about her love of Pearl Jam.

Did you know that Christar has traveled all over the world? Traveling expands your heart and helps you to have empathy and understanding for other cultures in a new way. Recently, she visited Portugal, Lisbon, the Netherlands and New York City.
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