Ministering the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Costa Rica with Praying Pelican Missions, networking with local churches,  serving in our community,  and connecting mission teams to  life- changing ministry opportunities.
Vision Trip Report:  Seeing Fruit
At the beginning of this month I had the great opportunity to lead a trip for four men from South Carolina.  Personally for me, it made the last four months here in Costa Rica all worth it!  I had been meeting with pastors from all over the region of Guanacaste and I had the privilege to bridge these two cultures in order for genuine, long-term partnerships to be made.   
We were able to meet with 8 different churches, hear their stories of God's miraculous provision, and hear the vision for the future in each of their communities.

Many of you have asked how the meeting with Pastora Eva went. She is the woman whose husband suddenly passed away.  We happened to meet with her just two weeks after her husbands death.  Pastora Eva and her daughter's family had not been in their house since the death.  They returned the day we arrived. Pastora Eva was overwhelmed with love from her congregation as over 30 people gathered to be with her in her home.  

We presented a framed photo of her family that we had taken on our previous visit and many tears flowed.  We were ministering in raw emotion, loving, holding, and encouraging.  Please continue to pray for Pastora Eva, and especially her daughter.  

13% Towards Goal

We are currently 13% funded of our goal to  be back to 100% funded by the end of this month.  We are so grateful for those who continually give towards missions in Costa Rica! 

If the Lord is putting it on your heart to invest in missions in Costa Rica,  you can donate by clicking here .   Thank you so much for helping us to minister in Costa Rica! 
Family Life
There's always something going on around the Norman house!

Isaiah is loving race cars, trains, and building with Legos.

Malachi is all about soccer.  Just soccer. Nothing else.

Abigail is in love with her bunny.  There used to be two bunnies, but one ran away.  Of course she  cried, but she is hopeful that her bunny is pregnant.  This has not been confirmed.

Reagan is all girl.  She whipped up some avocado face mask creme and enjoys pampering everyone.

Darrell is still awaiting news from YWAM, but has been applying to colleges for the fall.

Laura holds the family together! She is learning to make marinades and sauces we are used to getting easily in the States, but aren't available  in Costa Rica.   We keep telling her to start a bakery here, her desserts are amazing!

I've enjoyed v isiting pastors all over our region, especi ally when Laura is able to go with me.  When I'm not "working" you can find me running around the yard looking for chicken eggs and encouraging the chickens to keep producing! (We have discovered that egg production is low in the rainy season.)

Staff Recruiting
After a few coffee meetings, several  phone calls, and a gathering  in our home to share about the vision of Praying Pelican Missions, we have selected new staff members to serve in 2016 with us all over Costa Rica.   Please be in prayer for our Staff Retreat November 13-14. This will be the first official training for Costa Rican staff.  

We are excited to have new faces join the team, and see old faces step into new leadership roles!    2016 looks to be the biggest year in terms of PPM trips and participants in Costa Rica.  God is getting ready to do som ething big through the local churches in Costa Rica!  Join with us by praying!
Pastor Spotlight:  Pastor Daniel
The picture is of Pastor Daniel, a very humble man serving his flock up a mountain in Colas de Gallo, Costa Rica.  You may recall him from a picture I posted last January.  This is the man who has to climb a tree in order to get cell phone reception!
Pastor Daniel serves a small church that is literally the hands and feet of Jesus Christ in their community. Last February a Praying Pelican Missions team helped him close in the back section of his church so that they could start a bakery!  He now has the countertops installed and is just waiting for an oven so they can start the business.  This bakery will help to employ people within the  church, provide finances for the church and bring fresh baked goods to the community.  Right now, everything comes from down the mountain.

Please pray for Pastor Daniel as he has had a man in the community that seems to be after him and the church.  This man has been hurling large rocks at the tin-roofed church and has done damage to one of the walls in the bakery.  Just two weeks ago the same man was found shooting chickens in the community.  Pastor Daniel went to check on his own chickens and the man pulled a gun on him! Pastor, being the man of faith that he is, told the man that he couldn't do anything to him that God didn't allow.  He didn't get shot, talk about great faith!

Please pray for this man's salvation and protection over Pastor Daniel's family and the church!
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It is rainy season here in Liberia, Costa Rica.  That means that nearly every afternoon there will be rain.  Let me describe our house to you.  We have a tin roof with wood beams to support it, and then a very thin ceiling.  Our rains here are not little, they are overwhelming.  So much so [...] ...»

It's really hard to put into words how amazing last week's trip was.  We were able to meet with eight different pastors & churches all over Costa Rica.  We heard testimonies of God's grace, healing miracles, spiritual attacks, lonely times, stories of perseverance and endurance, and most of all...the faithfulness of God! This week made [...] ...»
Nathan, Laura, Darrell, Reagan, Abigail,  Malachi  & Isaiah Norman