When our Roots are Being Shaken
The garden is now undergoing transformation by eager Ashram residents and Karma Yogis. As we look to nature, what can it teach us about relationships? When there is change, such as transplanting a flower, it incurs stress and it must be nurtured in order for it to thrive in its new environment. We all have experienced our roots being lifted, becoming ungrounded as we traverse the effects of the virus - and perhaps our relationships are undergoing the stress of this 'transplant'.

Swami Radhananda stated, "There are always ups and downs in us, in others, in life because life is like a wave – it is not straight and logical. This constant change brings tension and pent-up energy that can go in any direction. The energy is neutral, but allowed to run wild it can destroy. Gathered and directed, it can be managed and creative."

So how do we manage our relationships in times of stress, living with one another in close quarters? Swami Matananada gives four helpful tips in navigating the waves of our relationships. We also offer a walk through the garden where care must be undertaken to help these tender plants in their time of change.

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4 Tips on Relationships

How to see others in a new light or even as a flower. Swami Matananda offers Swami Radha's teachings on supporting our relationships during COVID.
What's Happening in the Garden?

Explore our ever-expanding garden as our garden manager brings you through what is being planted and a tip on starting squash inside.
Pickled Asparagus Recipe
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