Cultivating Leadership                                                                          August 2016
Simple Habits to Trump irrationality
On a flight across the US recently, Jennifer had the opportunity to spend many many hours in deep conversation with a Trump supporter. She learned powerful new things about the candidate, his supporters, and how our reactions to complexity and uncertainty might shape what happens next--in the US and on the planet. See how Simple Habits can help us make a difference in the election and beyond. 
How can complexity help us make sense of the senseless? 
Keith says: As I think about the horrible events that have taken place recently--particularly in Nice last month--I puzzle over how the lens of complexity thinking that is core to our work at Cultivating Leadership might help me at such an awful time as this. It may be absurd to try and make sense of something about which so little is known so far and yet making some kind of sense of it helps me from feeling so overwhelmed by the horror. Three ideas from complexity theory might be useful here: the self-organizing nature of systems and networks, the way events and actions at the edges of systems surprise us, and how our actions need to fit the context.
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We have scheduled an exciting set of programs for the second half of the year. Come join us in either hemisphere--for our Growth Edge Coaching certification program or for our new Coaching in Complexity workshop!

Just starting out? Try our Conversations at the Growing Edge with Carolyn and Beth 31 October-2 November in the Washington DC area. Or, for our southern hemispheric friends, come join Carolyn and Patrice in beautiful summery Wellington (January 15-17 2017).

Already taken that one? Try our advanced Psychologically Spacious Coaching. You can take it with Jennifer in Wellington (31 October-2 November) or Carolyn in the Washington DC area (November 8-10). (Thanks to the Wellington ECHO participants for brightening up the page, above)

And whether you've taken all of our workshops or none of them, you're welcome to join us at the Coaching for Complexity workshop. You can read a little about that workshop here, and join Jennifer and Keith in Wellington 23-25 November.

Changing on the Job is out in Chinese!

Thanks and congratulations t o Joey Chan , translator. This translation and publication process are the result of Joey's devoted and incredibly hard work and his passion for bringing these ideas to China. We are so grateful to him for all he has done, and for the doors he has opened for a whole new population to have access to adult development theory.
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