25th Sunday of Ordinary Time (A) | Sept 20, 2020
Seek God Where & When He Can Be Found
The first reading for Mass this Sunday begins, "Seek God while he can be found" (Is 55:6). When I first glanced at it, I misread this verse as, "Seek God where he can be found." I quickly realized my mistake, but the question of where we look for God is worthy of consideration. So in this week's reflection, I explore both where and when we should seek for God.
Cookout a Success!
We had a great time at our hot dog cookout after Mass last Sunday. It was so nice to be able to share a meal in community and enjoy each other's company after our Eucharistic celebration. We plan to keep offering this time of fellowship together each week, as long as the weather permits. Join us!
Being Catholic During a Pandemic
Did you miss last week's episode of CCM Connect? Our students did a fabulous job creating this video where they shared how the coronavirus pandemic has impacted their practice of the faith and what being back on campus has meant to them. I'm really proud of the work they put into it. You can still view it on our YouTube channel, as well as our Facebook and Instagram pages.
Finding God in Communal Worship
We've been encouraging students to participate in one of our small group Bible studies as a way of finding community this semester (there is still time to join!) but as I mention in my reflection this week, there is no substitute for our liturgical worship as members of the Body of Christ. That's why I want to encourage you this week to join us in worship. In addition to Sunday Mass, we offer Evening Prayer with Adoration on Wednesday evenings, and weekday Mass each Friday. These are official liturgies of the Church, which means you will be praying in communion not only with your friends at WCU, but with Catholics across the globe, as well as all the angels and saints in heaven. Who could ask for a better community than that? Details in the schedule below.

In Christ's Peace,
Deacon Matt
SUNDAY | Sept 20
Sunday Masses this semester are celebrated at Hillside Grind (more info).
  • ROSARY | 3:30 PM
  • MASS | 4:00 PM
  • Live streamed on our Facebook Page.
  • Pray along on the iMissal app
MONDAY | Sept 21
TUESDAY | Sept 22

  • CCM CONNECT! | 7:00 PM
  • Major Saints: We pray for the saints to intercede for us in our times of need. Why not ask for their help in your studies? This week on CCM Connect! we talk about saints associated with our different majors. Watch on IGTV, Facebook, or YouTube.

  • Live streamed on Facebook.
  • Pray along on the iBreviary app
THURSDAY | Sept 24
FRIDAY | Sept 25
  • MASS | 12:15 PM

After Mass each Friday join us in praying the Chaplet of Divine Mercy for the intentions of the students, staff and faculty at WCU during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Need prayer? Join the CCM Prayer request Group Me. No chat or discussion, just prayer. Post your prayer request today.
Thank you for your support!
Catholic Campus Ministry at WCU
Deacon Matthew Newsome, MTh, campus minister