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Bongo Boy's Kidz and Katz
The Children's Music Album
by Various Artists
#OpenGenre #Pop #Dance #EDM #HipHop #R&B #Reggae #Rap
and Others (must be suitable for children of all ages)
Artists that have recorded original music, please read this entire email. Submit your music to be featured on Bongo Boy Records Children's Music Album by Various Artists.   
This Volume Series is a New Series that will represent music that is educational and inspirational for the youth and adults. Distribution is a Physical and Digital via CD album by Various Artists and it released on Bongo Boy Records with a mother lode of Promotions and Worldwide Distribution. All Non-Exclusive Distribution. Each album must features at least 10 artists before it can be officially released.   The label will submit this album also to The Recording Academy for 64th Grammy Awards® FYC season.
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Distribution, Promotions, Radio Campaign, Reviews,
TV Spot and more. 

Distribution in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Malaysia, Mainland China, USA, World.
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*Includes Radio Campaign and TV Spots broadcast on 72+ TV channels in The USA, Published Reviews, Press Releases, Promotions and Worldwide Distribution 
FREE SUBMISSION when accepted by label DIY sponsorship applies.
The Series of Open Genre Children's Music that brings your music to Greater Music Opportunities and Awards Considerations with Bongo Boy Records.
Step 1 Please read this entire email for all the details.

Step 2: Send us an email with the subject line: Kidz and Katz

Step 3: Write in the email Yourbandname, Song Title, Your Band Contact Person, and Your Direct Link To Your Song or Attached MP3. 

Step 4: Send all the above to
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The Album cover specially designed for Bongo Boy Records upcoming Children's Music Album Series by Various Artists.

Congrats!! We got a winner!!! After receiving many drawings and painting by talented artists from around the world; we are so excited to announce the winner of the album cover art contest which was officially launched by Bongo Boy Records.
This contest was for an album cover series for Bongo Boy's Kidz and Katz The Children's Music Album by Various Artists. A series of music releases for Children's music by Independent recording artists worldwide. 

Credit: Lyia Meta 
Medium: Acrylic, pen, pastel on paper.
Lyia Meta is a multi-award-winning International singer, songwriter and an exhibited contemporary visual artist. Some of her works have been exhibited at Young Art Taipei- Taiwan, AHAF(Asia Hotel Art Fair)-Hong Kong, Twitter Art exhibit-Orlando(U.S.A), Creative Space, National Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, International Women's Art Exhibit 'RRRAWRR' and many other group art exhibits across the peninsula. 
Lyia has been commissioned to sketch portraits for the covers of two books, one of which was the Top10 bestseller in Kuala Lumpur in 2018. The 2nd book will hit the stores in mid-2021. 
She works with various mediums some of which are acrylic, pen, pencil, chalk, glass art painting, charcoal, silver art clay and cosmetics(drawing using cosmetics as the medium).
"This piece is the start of a series that I've been meaning to work on. As I have been often approached to illustrate children's books or more recently to create a series of book covers, I thought I should give it a go and see if it'll turn out the way I envision it. Only one word kept me inspired throughout the process-'HAPPY'. I sought to translate this through the simplest of lines and vibrant colours" -Lyia Meta.
When accepted we will email you a confirmation with a link to the record label agreement for this digital compilation album Kidz and Katz. It will explain your income generations, royalty payments with this distribution. We strongly suggest registering your music for free at  
The submission period is now open | Submit Your Song Today!  **MUST BE RADIO FRIENDLY**
This physical and digital release comes with lots of promotions, reviews, press releases and distribution in the hottest music market today ASIA and distribution World-wide. This release will be made available for download sales, streaming and ringtones in Asia via our distributor in Hong Kong, China.

PLUS a digital & physical radio campaign to DJs on Satellite Sirius/XM, FM and Internet radio worldwide. And guaranteed Heavy Rotation on iSPIN RADIO for 4 weeks with promotions. 

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In Skope Magazine, Ark of Music, and others; your song will be reviewed by international music reviewers and published online and/or in print and on the web page with Bongo Boy Records.

PLUS you will be endorsed by the most active Independent label: Bongo Boy Records and be listed on its own web page and heavily promoted under their record label name.   

Each artist received 1 free swag bag which includes physical cds and other misc. goodies
Bongo Boy Records will manufacture physical cds for radio promotions, contest and promotion give-a-ways only. 
This is a non-exclusive promotion campaign deal. You can continue to sell your song everywhere else simultaneously while your song is distributed, marketed and promoted with Bongo Boy Records album Bongo Boy's Kidz and Katz Album by Various Artists Volume 1
If you have questions please email us or call 908-455-1576