Building STEPS is looking to spread the word about our incredible students and highly effective college and career programming. Community support is essential to our students' success, and social media is a way to expand and engage community.  You and your social network of friends, family and co-workers can help make an impact simply by sharing and liking your posts.  Sign up to become a member of the Digital Outreach Team today!

Expectations and Commitment:
(Beginning Summer '21)

  • Follow Building STEPS on any or all social media platforms. (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn)
  • Share Building STEPS created content on social media 2x per month. (Remember, we do the work for you; you just have to post and share.)
  • We encourage you to share your own positive, personal Building STEPS experiences on your social networks.

Equipping Baltimore's bright city students with the tools to propel them to
college and career success.