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This Month's SEL Conversation / February 2022

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This month's SEL-inspired art: "Why We Fly" by Ty Martinez, CASEL

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Dear Carolina,

Why do we celebrate? To mark milestones, spark excitement, share joy, and show gratitude for people who are important to us. Our traditions strengthen our communities and help us carry on our stories and legacies. On March 11, during the third annual SEL Day, this is our moment to celebrate, connect, and re-energize our communities around social and emotional learning (SEL).


With unprecedented demand for SEL from the field, amid a politically charged climate, this year's SEL Day theme of “Finding Common Ground, Pursuing Common Good” embodies the importance of building strong coalitions. Let’s celebrate by recommitting to listening intentionally to one another and deepening our connections across our communities. Learn more.


On this SEL Day, but also every day, consider: 

How will we find common ground and pursue common good through SEL?


Read on to find insights and resources for policymakers, educators and leaders, and caregivers.


For Policymakers: Finding Common Ground in States

We have heard loud and clear from students, parents, and educators that there is a need for SEL in schools and communities. Across every state two things remain clear: All learning is social and emotional, and social and emotional needs have never been greater. The good news is that support for SEL remains common ground for the vast majority of the country. By creating conditions that help all children learn, policymakers can pursue the common good. Whether states are prioritizing workforce development, academic recovery, or mental wellness, social and emotional skills like relationship-building and responsible decision-making create a strong platform for achieving educational goals. For more on actions that states have taken and can take to promote social, emotional, and academic development, check out a newly released scan of state policies. Learn more.


For Educators and Leaders: Pursuing Common Good in the Classroom

Educators, parents, and students have plenty of common ground to build on when it comes to SEL in the classroom. These groups all agree it is important to learn and practice social and emotional skills that help young people succeed in college and career, contribute to their communities via collaborative problem-solving and cultural competence, and have healthy relationships. Since the pandemic, this has received even greater emphasis: 80% of both parents and teachers say SEL has become even more important, and many youth are asking for expanded opportunities to build social skills. By partnering with students and families, educators can teach social and emotional skills in ways that are culturally responsive, developmentally appropriate, and effective for all children. Join us for more this Friday on explicit SEL instruction as we kick off a free 10-part webinar series dedicated to “demystifying” systemic SEL. Learn more.


For Parents and Caregivers: Pursuing Common Good at Home

Positive change can begin with a simple, intentional conversation. Parents and caregivers do this every day when they guide children to reflect on their emotions, practice gratitude, or discuss their hopes and dreams. As children’s first teachers, families are experts in cultivating SEL. By building connections between families, schools, and communities, we can learn from one others’ expertise and open up more intentional conversations. One way to get started is by sitting down with other families to talk about SEL. Our SEL Discussion Series can help parents and caregivers facilitate conversations and actively engage in their own growth while supporting their children to practice social and emotional skills. Learn more (English and Spanish).

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K-12 Dive:

Opposition to Social-Emotional Learning Provokes Calls to Engage Community, Address False Claims

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February 25:

Demystifying Systemic SEL Webinar: Explicit SEL Instruction

  • Education Week: Teachers of Color Are Linked to Social-Emotional, Academic Gains for All Students

  • The Hechinger Report: Not Your Typical Shop Class: New CTE Program Requires Lessons in Social Skills
  • March 8: CTE Without Limits Twitter Chat

  • March 11: SEL Day 2022, "Finding Common Ground, Pursuing Common Good"

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