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July 8, 2016
Seeking a few hands this Sunday & next Saturday

Hi, folks. Happy Summer!

We could use 1-2 people to help run TankerTime this Sunday and 4-5 people to help at Red Hook Walks next Saturday. Details below.

Sunset TankerTime, Sunday, 7/10 
Event runs 5-10pm
Work shift 4:30-10:15pm
This time, the deck will already be set up with furniture, so it's a pretty easy job.   TankerTime is super relaxed.  The main deck is open to the public, and visitors come to chill out, sometimes with a book, often with dinner.  

Dan Goncharoff is running this TankerTime, and you would be helping him answer questions, keep on eye on things (eg, make sure no one is diving over the side, going to parts of the boat that are not open to the public, causing a disturbance, etc.). Other things to do: wheel out the book shelf with some of our maritime books for people to read on site; put the shelf back at the end of the night; bag any garbage.

Red Hook Walks street fair, Van Brunt Street, Saturday, 7/16
Event 2-8pm
Set-up starts at 12:30
Break down from 8-9pm 
If we get enough volunteers, we could split this into a few shifts with people working the start or the end and not the whole thing.

Red Hook Walks is another relaxing event where Van Brunt feels like one big stoop with everyone hanging out, playing games, listening to live music, eating and drinking. This is not a street fair with wall to wall vendors. No tube socks!

The job is to schlep our stuff from the ship to the corner of Van Brunt and Pioneer Street. Set up tent, table, chairs, paperwork. Set up the line throwing station (big cleat and dockline) and the Salty Selfies props. During the event, answer questions about PortSide, recruit volunteers, get people to sign up for newsletters and help with the line throwing demo.

The organizers, our friends at 
SBIDC need help laying down 2,000 sq ft of sod (grass) in 3 locations. If you can help with that after helping us set up, they would appreciate it. 

If you can volunteer for any of this, please send an email.

Thanks! Hope to see you soon!


Carolina Salguero
Founder & President
PortSide NewYork

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