Here is a short video tutorial showing how to upload and publish photos in Calflora. All wild plant photos of any species are welcome.
Ribes sanguineum var. glutinosum by John Rusk (1937- 2019)
Drosera rotundifolia by Zoya Akulova-Barlow
How to add photos to Calflora

  • Upload photos here. If the location is not embedded in the photo, choose the location on the map. Publish after uploading so others may see them.

  • Use our smart phone app Calflora Observer Pro on iOS or Android. No connectivity or data plan is needed in the field to collect plant and location information using this app.

Why add photos to Calflora? FAQs
Besides preserving them for posterity, why are my photos valuable?

Every photo you add informs the database as a whole, thus helping users develop a deeper regional understanding.

Photos document that a particular taxon occurred at a particular place and time, providing baseline knowledge for which to track change. Some photos document the plant phenology —when it was budding, flowering, fruiting, senescent. Your photos help educate other plant enthusiasts and encourage them to botanize. They may also provide locations for researchers seeking voucher specimens. They contribute to floristic knowledge e.g. What Grows Here? and What Could Grow Here: Calflora's Planting Guide.

What if I have many photos of one species at one location?
Using Calflora's multiple photo upload, you may upload as many photos as you'd like associated with one observation.

Why does Calflora require a location for each photo?
The soil, climate, and location tolerances of each species are documented when you add your observation. These are valuable when considering what DOES grow and what COULD grow at a specific location.

What if I only know the general location where I took the photo?
Indicate low location accuracy when editing your record while you're getting ready to publish it.

I don't know what species it is.
Upload the photo and then add it to Calflora's Plant ID Help Group.

What about rare plants?
You may choose to obscure the location of rare plants.

Can I add photos of plants from my garden?
Yes! Please indicate that natural status = planted while you are editing your observation. You may also add photos of cultivated plants to Calflora's Native Plant Gardens group.

What license will my photos have on Calflora?
Photo contributors may decide if their photos are publicly available for non-commercial use or not.

If I didn't see anything unusual, and if my photo isn't my best, do you want my plant photos?
Yes, for all the aforementioned reasons; reply to this email for a more personal response and for any help. We look forward to seeing your photos uploaded here!

As a 501(c)3 non-profit, Calflora depends on your donations; thank you for your support.