Seeley's Bay Area Residents' Association (SBARA)
Issue #28 Spring 2019
Photograph taken by Conrad Delisle - Seeley's Bay Visitor and Photographer
The Cricket Girl - Audrey Donaldson

Audrey Donaldson is an intelligent and enterprising 10 year old. She lives on a dairy farm near Seeley's Bay.
Audrey's neighbour is Matt Saunders, our local bat expert. Matt occasionally cares for injured bats who eat crickets and mealworms. "A bat eats 20 crickets or 100 mealworms a day" explains Audrey. "And they need to be alive".
So Audrey, with some help from her younger brothers, Jack and Tom, catch live crickets. Matt pays 10 cents a cricket. "They move very fast" Tom tells me. "We catch them with our hands and put them in a jar filled with dandelions" adds Audrey.
Audrey began her business last summer and is looking forward to continuing her endeavour when school ends in June.
We wish Audrey good cricket hunting.
It was a cold and rainy day but that didn't hinder the many volunteers from helping to clean up our village. Thank you to everyone who "Pitched In" and helped out. Thank you also to neighbours Dale and Gord from the Nest Egg who grilled up the burgers and weenies.
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