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It's been SO long since we've all been hanging out in the lobby together, catching up with other parents, swapping stories about our kids. We can't recreate that experience, but we can maybe share a little of the joy that is still shining through at Whole Children and Milestones.

We're going to share a few things we've seen or heard around the ICC, and we'd love to hear from you, too. Have any funny/sweet stories from your kids lately?

Send them our way! Let's stay connected -- soon we will all be gathering again, hopefully in our shiny new home in Northampton!

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Songwriting at Milestones

The Milestones day program has lots of arts programming happening daily, including podcast, film making, art, songwriting and more.

The songwriting class is working on their latest and we can't wait to hear it performed.

(and we definitely want to know more about this Stephen King loving parrot.)


Thinking about friendship

One of our students noticed that her expression changes, especially around her friends and we thought that’s pretty cool! 🙂

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