Seha — Into the Bush …
With Friends!
Dear Donors,

In our world virtual office — Los Angeles, Boston, Seattle, Denver, Johannesburg and Pretoria — we are busy! We have four campaigns on the go. 
Two campaigns benefit the wounded warrior Sehawukele, who we call Seha. He was brutally bludgeoned and miraculously survived an attempted poaching. Six years and 30 operations late — yes, 30 operations! — Seha is still standing, but in a small paddock. This potent 10-year-old rhino bull had his life, his horn, and part of his face stolen from him. 
When Saving the Survivors approached us, it was a no-brainer. Yes! We wanted to get Seha back to the wild. But he couldn’t go alone. Wildlife Vet Johan Marais of STS said he could only go into the bush with two females, this for company, so this magnificent bull wouldn’t suffer alone. But also because his genes need to be shared, he needs to contribute to his species. 

We jumped in.
Seha’s Fund, helmed by BRR VP Carla Melucci, with wonderful donor Chris Weatherman and the team, approached our supporters, new donors, FaceBook donors, mail campaign donors.

The Reverend Brent Chalmers, who was responsible for the beautiful video on Seha, got his congregants involved too!

Together we have made it happen.
Only four months later, we have raised the money to buy Seha two females! Baby Rhino Rescue and Saving the Survivors will be partners in owning two exquisite young rhino heifers, called “The Ladies.” 

Our campaign offers many prizes, including naming The Ladies. Chris and Brian Weatherman, who donated handsomely won this!

We are thrilled to announce their names! The First Lady of South Africa — FLOSA, pictured above — has been named Tshilidzi, which means GRACE in Tshivenda, the language of the region. This has been shortened to Tshilli —pronounced Chili.
The Second Lady of South Africa — SLOSA, pictured to the right — has been named Dakalo, which means JOY in Tshivenda. Her name has been shortened to Kalo. … Joy and Grace will follow Seha into the wild. 
We are awaiting confirmation of where Seha will be going. At press time it was still unconfirmed. But we are hoping it will be a beautiful Big5 game reserve in The Waterberg, an exquisite part of South Africa. 
Once permits are in place, and destination confirmed, Seha will be loaded into a crate and transported to the wild. We are launching a big social media campaign to stream this event in real time. The BRR team will be traveling from the U.S for this event. We will follow Seha into the Wild.
Our support of Seha, Tshilli and Kalo will continue … and we hope you will be involved! We will have cameras to “spy” on the happy couples! And hopefully baby rhinos too.

That will be champagne time. 
Auction Includes — Weekends at Luxury Big 5 Game Reserves
To further aid Seha, VP Carla Melucci and longtime donor Brian Weatherman have a rhino silent auction going! Everything that is “rhino” is available to be bid on! This includes weekends in a luxury Big 5 game reserves, jewelry, photos by Johan Marais from his years in the field, BRR tee shirts, clothes and more! 

Click HERE to check out the SEHA Silent Auction!
Helping Rhino Saviors:
Private Rhino Owners
Eyes on the Ground!
Going under our Private Rhino Owner Collective banner, our first project is to buy and install as many bush cameras on private reserves as we can. Helen Lunn, our Johannesburg BRR director, has launched an initiative with partners Wildlife Protection Systems and Rhino Connect to raise money for these cameras.

Cameras are essential to improve perimeter security and provide real-time information, which is critical in protecting rhinos. The cameras are a game changer. 

Saving Wildlife in Practical Ways
Wildlife Protection Systems, who operate out of Denver, Colorado, is a non-profit organization whose founders magnanimously decided to use their fortune to save wildlife in very practical ways! WPS uses technology which transmits images from cameras on the ground. Their team in Denver analyze and relay information to South Africa in real time. Click HERE to see a video.
The team sees the images to the right and reports to the reserves. Anti-poaching teams on the ground head straight to where the intruders are. 21st century technology at its best and the reason we want to get as many WPS cameras as possible onto private rhino reserves

Each camera costs $400 installed! So we are raising funds for four private rhino reserves, thus fully equipping them with “eyes” on the ground.

In collaboration with Rhino Connect, we will choose those four rhino reserves. Tersia Jooste, of Rhino Connect, represents 40 different private rhino owners. She will identify the reserves in most need. 
Our fourth campaign is the launch of two very beautiful new t.shirts. One celebrates Seha’s return to the wild. The other raises funds for cameras. 
Each camera costs $400 installed! So, we’re at it, hoping to raise funds for four private rhino reserves, thus fully equipping them with “eyes” on the ground.
We have two very beautiful new tee shirts, one for each campaign. 

These are of course super soft and great to wear and very cool gifts also. And we hope you’ll buy them! 

Click HERE to purchase tee shirts. A percentage of sales helps Rhinos.
Thank You!