A Letter From the Seis Lagos HOA President

Dear Seis Lagos Residents,

I am writing this letter to inform you about what the Seis Lagos Community Services Association (HOA) has done to help keep our community safe and to make a few suggestion or reminders about how you can help.

1) HOA Practices
  • Within the past couple of weeks we made the decision to cancel any rentals that were in place at the Clubhouse and Cabana. We are currently not taking any reservations for those facilities. We have also closed the fitness center, game room and the poker room.
  • We have closed the swimming pools and will not be putting the deck furniture out. We ask that you do not come to the pool area at all. You will be asked to leave.
  • We are currently able to maintain our Safety Officer staff and this is in compliance with the Collin County directives. However, this situation could change depending on any further updates or changes. Your Boards have wisely put cameras in place to augment the fine job our Safety Officers perform and we have recently upgraded those cameras to higher quality versions. It is not uncommon for the Sheriff’s Office to ask to see video from them in the course of very rare investigations in our community. Please respect the health and safety of our Safety Officers while they are on duty. We have asked them to maintain safe social distancing and not have extended conversations with homeowners and ask that you not visit them at this time. We ask that if you do have visitors coming, PLEASE, PLEASE call the guardhouse and let them know you are expecting repair people, contractors or guests.
2) Resident Safety
  • Please abide by the directives from all government authorities regarding social distancing, safe practices, etc.
  • Please remember you are responsible for your personal property and protection. While we live in a VERY safe community, please follow safe practices, i.e., lock home and vehicle doors, do not leave valuables, firearms, computers, tools in your vehicles!! As a specific note: The Safety Officers are a deterrent, the roads are public and our Safety Officers are not peace officers or part of your personal protection. As noted above, the HOA has put cameras in place and we have Safety Officers in place that can help augment your safety and good choices.
  • As a safety reminder to walkers and bicycle riders, please use the following safety practices. Walkers should wear highly visible clothing and walk FACING oncoming traffic. This allows you the opportunity to get out of the way if someone doesn’t see you.  We ask that walkers and drivers be courteous to one another; walkers move to the grass or a driveway and drivers watch your speed and move away from walkers. Bikers should follow the flow of vehicles and if riding in the dark, should have bright reflective clothing and lighting on the bicycle.
  • Golf cart drivers that I have seen have been doing a very good job, including our younger drivers. So thank you very much! As a reminder, I have seen a number of carts with multiple young people on board and just ask that your young people be reminded of the social distancing concerns – we understand this is very challenging. We have all ages in our community and everyone’s help is appreciated. Also if a car or truck is coming behind you, please pull to the side and allow them to pass. We also ask that the carts have lights and reflectors so they are easily seen in the dusk/darker times. All golf carts are to remain on the roads.
  • Volleyball, sports court, playground and tennis courts have not yet been restricted. However, best practices would dictate that games such as volleyball or basketball would be by definition something that should not be going on. On the other hand, perhaps games such as horse or variants may be fine as distance control can be practiced. Please be aware of similar practices on the playground for your young children. Tennis should not be an issue at this time.
Best regards from your President and HOA Board of Directors.

Ray Nerpel
President of SLCSA
Due to the developing effects of the Coronavirus, COVID-19 pandemic, the Clubhouse, Cabana, Fitness Room, Game Room and Poker Room will be CLOSED until after Easter.

We will not be booking the Clubhouse or the Cabana until further notice.

The Pools have also been CLOSED.

The Easter Egg Hunt scheduled for
April 11th has been CANCELED.

The Board of Directors will re-evaluate after Easter to open the facilities.

The HOA office will be open limited hours and the office door will remain locked. Please leave urgent messages on the HOA office number
at 972-442-3000.
Messages will be returned as soon as possible.

To protect our Safety Officers we have asked them to keep the screen door closed at all times, stay 6 ft away from the curb, and not to allow visitors in the guard house.