Seis Lagos Community Pool-- Opening Friday, May 15 at Noon

We are pleased to share with you that the community pool will be open to residents beginning Friday, May 15 at 12 pm. Here are some important reminders regarding the safe use of the facilities:

  • Lifeguards will not be on duty until Memorial Day weekend. 
  • Swimming is at your own risk. Children should be supervised by adults.
  • Due to public health guidelines issued by the Governor, a maximum of 12 swimmers may be in the main pool at one time. A maximum of 5 swimmers may be in the lap pool.
  • Chairs will not yet be available for use.
  • The restroom is not yet open for use.

Many residents have been looking forward to the beginning of the swimming season, and we hope that the pool provides a healthy and safe way to enjoy some outdoor fun. With the current restrictions in place, visits to the pool will look and feel different than usual. Please be considerate of your neighbors by sharing the pool area appropriately. We anticipate hiring lifeguards and having them begin duty on Memorial Day weekend. Guidelines regarding pool use may be updated in the coming weeks as well. Questions and concerns may be directed to the HOA Manager and/or Guard House. Thank you for your cooperation.
Welcome to Jamie Hinkel, HOA Manager

We are pleased to announce that Jamie Hinkel has been selected as the new HOA manager. Jamie has experience with our community and the business operations as she has worked previously as a part-time assistant in the HOA office. Jamie began work on Monday, May 11 and has already accomplished a great deal. You can reach Jamie by phone (972-442-3000) or email ( during business hours or leave a message for a prompt response the next business day. Thank you for your patience during this transition!
Updated List of Seis Lagos Safety Officers

We are fortunate to have a full-time staff at our neighborhood entrance each day. They enjoy getting to know our residents, and we thought you might like to know their names as well. You may call the Guard House with questions or concerns about safety at any time as well as let them know when you are expecting visitors, contractors, etc.


Tyler Wilson- Mon-Fri (7a-3p)
Chase Kye- Mon-Fri (3p-11p)
Michael Fink- Mon-Fri (11p-3a)
Robert Toombs- Sat-Sun (7a-7p)
Wyatt Frech- Sat-Sun (7p-7a)
Back-up Guards
Allison Etmus
Roy Storie
Becky Massey
David Couron

Reminder-- Swimming in Seis Lagos lakes is prohibited!

There are many unseen dangers under the surface of the water. The piers from the previous dock are hidden by the murky water. Fishing hooks and line are tangled around the dock. The bald cypress have many underwater knees. The biggest danger is a child getting caught in the hidden debris, such as old tree limbs, and drowning. Lago Grande is very deep.

Please help keep our kids safe by explaining at home why swimming in ANY of the lakes within the Seis Lagos community are prohibited. If you see anyone swimming in the lakes STOP and call the Guard House, and secondly, please stay nearby until the Safety Officer arrives or even ask the swimmers to please get out of the water. 
(972) 442-3200

Thank you for your cooperation and support.