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HOA Board of Directors
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Next HOA Meeting -
November 11, 2019 at 7:30 PM in the Clubhouse

´╗┐Next ACC Meeting -
November 10, 2019 at 6:30 PM in the HOA Conference Room
Thank you to everyone that came out to the Seis Lagos Halloween Party. A special Thank you to: Kayla Hainer, Edi Otts, Debbie James, Christi Davidson, Jamie Hinkel, Caitlin DeBauge, Sydney & Savannah Spors, Brooke Pittana and Lane Beller for volunteering and helping at this event.

Thank you to the Lucas Fire Department for joining us!!
Please Watch Your Speed 

Our safety officers have had an increase in calls regarding speeding on property. Please watch your speed on property at all times. 

Guard House: 972-442-3200
Seis Lagos Clubhouse is a polling location

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Polling Hours: 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM

For early voting, you can vote at any polling location in Collin County:

For a sample ballot go to:

If you can't vote in Seis Lagos on election day, you can vote at any polling location in Collin County:

It is important to vote so that we can continue to keep Seis Lagos as a polling location!
Daylight Savings Time ends this Sunday, November 3rd.
Protect your pipes.  Run water, even at a trickle, to help prevent your pipes from freezing. Open the kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors to allow warmer air to circulate around the plumbing. Be sure to move any harmful cleaners and household chemicals out of the reach of children. Keep the garage doors closed if there are water lines in the garage.

Better safe than sorry.  Keep the thermostat at the same temperature day and night. Your heating bill may be a little higher, but you could avoid a more costly repair job if your pipes freeze and burst.

Don't forget your furry friends.  Bring pets indoors. If they can't come inside, make sure they have enough shelter to keep them warm and that they can get 

Remember the three feet rule.  If you are using a space heater, place it on a level, hard surface and keep anything flammable at least three feet away - things such as paper, clothing, bedding, curtains or unfrozen water.

Fireplace. If you are using a fireplace, use a glass or metal fire screen large enough to catch sparks and rolling logs.
Fall Lawn Fertilizing
  • Fertilize cool-season grasses, such as ryegrass, fescue and bluegrass in September, October or November.
  • Fertilize warm-season grasses, such as Bermuda, Bahia, centipede, St. Augustine and Zoysia in July, August or September. Don't overfertilize centipede.
  • Specially formulated winterizing fertilizers are higher in potassium than regular lawn food. Potassium is the nutrient that makes grasses more winter hardy. Apply winterizers as the last fertilizer application of the growing season.
Controlling Lawn Disease, Weeds and Insects
  • To help prevent lawn diseases during the fall and winter, remove leaves from your yard. Leaves left on the lawn encourage disease by preventing sunlight and air from reaching the grass. 
  • For weed control during the winter months, apply a pre-emergent weed killer. Some products feature a combination fertilizer and weed killer called "weed and feed."
Fall Lawn Mowing and Composting
  • The best time to mulch is early fall, spring and summer. Mulch retains heat and moisture.
Winterizing a Warm-Season Lawn
  • With the first freeze, a warm-season lawn begins to change from green to brown. This period of dormancy is part of the natural life cycle of turf grass. If you find an amber field undesirable, there's a choice. Fall is a great time to overseed your dormant lawn with a cool-season grass to maintain a green appearance.
  • Overseed with annual or perennial ryegrass or blends of cool-season grasses. Bermuda grass tolerates overseeding better than Zoysia, centipede or St. Augustine. Time the overseeding two to four weeks before the first killing frost. Annual ryegrass is popular because of its quick rate of germination. Perennial ryegrass is more tolerant of cold, disease and drought.
Groundcovers as Lawn Options
There are options for locations in your yard that may be too shady or moist to grow healthy grass. Fall is a great time to plant perennial ground covers, such as mondo grass, liriope and juniper to fill the void. They'll cover the area year-round and reduce the amount of grass you must maintain.
Message from the ACC President

I am reaching out to the entire Seis Lagos Community to recruit members for the Architectural Control Committee.
The ACC commitment is usually no more than two to four hours per month including our monthly meetings. We meet the 2 nd Sunday of each month at 6:30 PM. Our monthly meetings last between one to two hours, depending on the ACC items to be reviewed and approved. Occasionally, it is necessary to walk a new home build to conduct a "Final Inspection".
If you are interested, please join the ACC at our next meeting, Sunday, 11/10/19 at 6:30 PM in the HOA conference room. In order to become a ratified member, you will need to attend 3 to 4 meetings consecutively, if at all possible. After that, if you are still interested in becoming a permanent member, I will send your request to the HOA Board. You will then go before HOA Board for a brief Q & A. Unless, there is an issue at that time, you will then be ratified by the HOA Board and become a voting member of the ACC.
Thank you in advance for your interest,
Andy James
Chairman, ACC Seis Lagos Community
Vehicles Without Stickers or New Vehicles

If your vehicle does not have a Seis Lagos sticker in the front window, please drive through the visitor side and check in with the safety officer.

If you need a Seis Lagos car sticker, please stop by the HOA office during normal business hours.
Dirt Bikes, Motorbikes, ATV's & Similar Vehicles are PROHIBITED in and on the Properties of Seis Lagos
Article VII, Section 39
Permitted Uses and Restrictions
Page 40 of the Covenants of Seis Lagos
Motorbikes.  No trail bikes, motor bikes, go-carts, motorcycles, dune buggies or similar vehicles may be used except to travel from the Properties to Farm Road 1378, and then only as a means of conveyance to and from the outside boundaries of the Properties, and not for pleasure use within the Properties.   (This includes riding on and around your property)
If you see this violation, please call the guard house (972) 442-3200.
Seis Lagos Guard House
Monday - Friday
7:00-3:00 PM Kevin Burrows
3:00-11:00 PM Joseph Shoup
11:00-7:00 AM Michael Fink

Saturday & Sunday
7:00-7:00 PM Robert Toombs
7:00-7:00 AM Roy Storie

Back Up Safety Officers:
D'Ana Pedigo
´╗┐Becky Massey
David Couron
Visitors & Contractors
Please notify the guard house in advance when you are expecting visitors or contractors at your home. This helps our guards direct the visitors/contractors to the appropriate address.  

Please remind your guests to stop at the guard house when entering the community.
Parking on Seis Lagos Streets
Please park all resident vehicles on the property driveway and please remind your guests to not park on both sides of the street.

Keeping open roads allows easy access for residents and emergency vehicles.