July 2020

In the last 90 days, we've seen incredible demand for landscape and irrigation services. "Stay at home time" has more homeowners taking on projects that have long been on the to-do list. 
We're ready to help you maintain momentum as we move into the second half of the year.
Put these ideas into action to grow success in the weeks ahead:

1) Get serious about promoting efficient irrigation. There are thousands of irrigation systems that don't meet today's current water saving standards. Plan a campaign to connect with customers who can benefit from upgraded sprinklers, and controllers. Because customers are at home, they're more flexibly available for your technicians to complete the work.
2) Take 5 to plan your time. Use 5 extra minutes to plan the day. Be productive, not just busy! What needs to happen? What obstacles could arise? What loose ends need to be closed up?  
3) Keep your team motivated. Let them know you are proud of their accomplishments. Give meaning to their work! Use both "regular random recognition" (a pat on the back) as well as "structured recognition" (giving a small reward for meeting goals) to let your team know how much you appreciate them.  
4) Be an "ultimate backyard expert". Inspire clients with proactive marketing that shows how you can help them create the summer landscape of their dreams. They know what they want, but they don't know you can make it happen. Show them the trends in landscape lighting, outdoor living, and more. Sell the full package!

The Team at North South Supply

We will be closed Friday, July 3rd for Independence Day Have a safe holiday weekend.

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Florida Rainy Season = Make Sure Customers Are Rain-Sensor Ready   
Rain sensors are required by law in Florida.   Yet over 20% of systems audited did not have a functioning sensor. 
Be sure you are reminding your clients to keep their sensors in working order - and sell them a new one when it is needed!   There's no need for sprinklers to operate in the rain.

For the small expense to add this valuable accessory, a homeowner can realize substantial water savings over the life of the system.  No more irrigating in periods of rainy weather.

North South Supply carries a variety of brands of rain sensor devices for 24 volt systems.   You can choose traditional hard-wired units or new wireless units.    The wireless units offer added convenience in areas where it is difficult to string wires from the controller to the sensor.   
Add to your bottom line - and help your customer - by verifying rain sensors all year long. 
Fix These Nagging Profit Leaks Now    
You work too hard to let your profits be lost to mistakes, inaccuracies and neglect. Here are common " profit leaks" that contractors forget.

Improve your bidding accuracy. Don't leave money on the table by bidding projects using bad data. Update your charts to reflect rising costs for materials, labor, labor burden and overhead. Use an estimating checklist to avoid forgotten items.

Stop trying to work too many projects at once. Many contractors fall into the trap of saying "yes" to every opportunity. Suddenly your schedule is stretched, you're paying lots of overtime and efficiencies go out the window. Manage your workflow so it's a level, sustainable pace.

If your gut tells you it will be a problem project, don't take it. Your experience and intuition mean a lot. If the project seems risky or if the customer seems flaky, go somewhere else. Keep a written list of criteria you use to determine the best customers - the ones who seek your professional advice, don't ask for price cuts, and who pay on time. When a customer doesn't fit, don't take the job.

Stop doing work for free. Avoid being the "nice guy" who forgets to write down and bill for all of the extras you do for clients. Those extra trips to the site, change orders and freebies add up to additional hours and costs for materials that can really be a drag on your bottom line.

Fix quality problems that cause call-backs. Track warranty calls and causes so you can address field mistakes that lead to warranty work. Costly problems repeat when workers lack training or cut corners. Track down and eliminate root causes.

Bargain brands can hurt your profits and your reputation. Avoid "off-brand" materials that have poor track records for quality. The small percentage savings from knock-off products can cost you dearly in free labor to do the warranty replacements.
Make More Money By Adding Drainage with Your Projects     
An effective drainage system is a profitable part of any project that, if overlooked, can result in costly damage to a property, creating unsatisfied customers and fewer referrals. By installing a drainage system with every project, you have the opportunity to grow business while improving your reputation.
Without proper drainage, excess irrigation and rainwater can damage a property. Until such damage is visibly apparent, most homeowners never consider a drainage system as a method to protect their property. Research shows that when drainage is recommended by the landscape contractor as a preventative measure, most homeowners accept this recommendation without hesitationHomeowners rely on the expertise of the landscape contractor to ensure their landscape and property will be well protected from water damage and less susceptible to water damage in the future.
When designing a proper drainage system, it is helpful to consider the topography of the area. Low spots in the landscape benefit from the installation of a catch basin that has a sump area to prevent clogging of the drainage system by catching debris before it enters the drainage pipe. Channel drains are recommended for driveways and patios to collect the large volumes of water that sheet off hardscapes. Finally, every downspout should safely discharge away from the foundation of the house. 
Installing drainage not only helps your bottom line, but also adds value to your services by showcasing your expertise.  
NDS DesignWorx - Your Large Project Drainage Resource      
For stormwater management projects big or small, NDS can help. Partner with their team of designers and expert technicians for guidance and support to help you get the job done right.
Popular topics include:
  • Evaluation of project drawings and designs
  • Preparation of application, drawings, and specifications for submittal
  • Integrating stormwater management products to meet specifications
  • Stormwater calculations
  • Installation advice
  • Proven sustainability solutions
  • Best stormwater practices to save cost.
Call the NDS technical line at 888-825-4716 at NDSpro.com/submityourdesign 
Protect Your Systems with the Time-Tested Zurn 720A PVBs
The Zurn Wilkins 720A Pressure Vacuum Breaker delivers years of unparalleled service in high hazard back-siphonage conditions, preventing contaminated water from entering the potable supply.

The 720A is available in 1/2" - 2" sizes, and can be installed in left or right-hand orientation for installation versatility.

Zurn Wilkins products designed for long term reliability and repair, not for replacement, with affordable repair kits readily available at our stores. With simple internal components, the 720A is to maintain and repair. The bronze bonnet provides superior durability and a higher level of freeze resistance, while the UV resistant polymer canopy resists cracking.

Choose the reliability and superior protection of the 720A for your next installation.
Kichler Products in Centennial Brass: Luxury That Lasts
Most of the benefits of landscape lighting are associated with nighttime - adding aesthetic appeal to the home and landscape and improving safety and security.
But it's worth pointing out that Kichler Lighting products look great during the day, too. They look amazing with natural and man-made elements, such as statues or gates.
Kichler Lighting's goal is to create fixtures that are as beautiful during the day as at night - and will stay beautiful for many years. Centennial Brass is a good example. It is one of our most popular finishes - and looks rugged, stylish and luxurious at all hours of the day.
CENTENNIAL BRASS Kichler Lighting's Centennial Brass finish is created by dipping the fixture in a chemical bath, which causes a chemical reaction. It is not coated or painted. Then follows a buffing process to bring out the gold and brown highlights of the brass. The cast brass material is solid and durable, and it will maintain an attractive appearance in any climate or environment.
GRACEFUL AGING You want your fixtures to last, not break down after just a couple years. Not only are Kichler® Centennial Brass fixtures durable, but they actually get more attractive with age. Each brass product develops a patina over time, adding beauty and character to its distinctive design. How your fixture ages depend on your climate and environment - some fixtures get darker, while others develop a blue-green patina like on the Statue of Liberty. Brass resists corrosion so these lights will look great for years to come.
WIDE CHOICE The classic Centennial Brass finish is available on a broad range of fixtures, ranging from in-ground and accent lights to decorative hanging lights perfect for outdoor kitchens. A popular choice for Centennial Brass is path lighting, which is especially visible at daytime. Kichler Lighting offers dozens of distinctive path lighting designs, ensuring that you will find a great fixture for your next job. Your clients will enjoy the vintage look, and you'll love being able to trust the long-term beauty and durability of Kichler Centennial Brass products.

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