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Selacia's article: Justice Will Prevail on Earth

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Justice Will Prevail on Earth
by Selacia 

A time is coming when justice will prevail on Earth. Can you feel it? Signs are everywhere around you, including the US Supreme Court ruling on marriage equality. This is just one of countless societal issues on the cosmic drawing board for resolution.

Look for many more of them to become center stage and resolve during your lifetime. The key is love, which is more powerful than the hate that has kept people oppressed and in dysfunction. Hate has for centuries fueled fear, prejudice, oppression, wars, and countless atrocities.

Prejudice in DNA

Prejudice is in the mass consciousness of humanity just as love is - we have created that field of mass consciousness over time on this planet. Prejudice is in humanity's DNA, therefore, not only on the mass consciousness level but within lineages of families. One reason you are alive in these moments is to help change that.

The Awakening

What's happening now is the fruition of a very long process of humanity awakening to its true nature, which is love. Looking at it from the perspective of this single lifetime, you understandably may wonder why it's taking so long to address situations that a majority of people see as unjust. From a higher view, however, you can understand the grip of fear and how it has manifested on this planet.

As I describe in "Earth's Pivotal Years," we live during the greatest paradigm shift of all time. We inherited an upside-down world, the dysfunctional structures now falling apart right in front of our eyes.

Do Not Fear

Do not be afraid as our paradigm shift happens. Embrace the turmoil, knowing that change of this magnitude is messy and unpredictable. Embrace your role as a divine changemaker - learning more about what it means to be one and taking constructive action steps to be a bright light in the world.  

The Power of Light

When enough light is generated continually - by enough of the population - the grip of fear begins to lose its power. That's what is happening now. Expect backlash, however, as big changes in world view take time and adjustment. Those still stuck in fear will need to be met halfway and made to feel okay with changes, one by one. Have compassion.

Be patient, but hold steady to your vision for a more loving world. Include this vision in your daily meditations and other spiritual practice. Imagine it as though you are the creator you really are and that it exists now in present time.

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