2020 - A banner year for SelecTech
If nothing else, 2020 was memorable. That can mean a wide variety of things depending on who you ask. For SelecTech, 2020 was a banner year. 

“2020 certainly offered many challenges,” commented Tom Ricciardelli, President of SelecTech. “I’m proud to say despite COVID, travel restrictions and all the other curveballs the year threw at us, we were able to increase sales 10%. By working hand in hand with our sales partners, we developed new content, offered learning courses, and supported their efforts with blog and email campaigns, helping us sell more flooring.”

For a more detailed recap for SelecTech’s 2020, check out this article from Circuits Assembly.
Installing flooring over carpet
Floor prep can be costly both in time and money. Fortunately, our interlocking tiles can be installed over more flooring—including existing carpeting. Here, SelecTech President Tom Ricciardelli demonstrates how easy it is.
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