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Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all our mothers! From your family at Calvo's SelectCare. 
May Weekday Workout Schedule

Check out free classes with our fitness partners.  No Gym membership required and free to all SelectCare members.

Click to download Weekday Workout
Want to Quit Smoking?

Learn to identify the root causes and triggers of smoking and tactics to manage those cravings.
Dr. Horinouchi's Wellness Clinic will be offering a free Smoking Cessation Workshop for interested Calvo's SelectCare members.
Classes are on a first come, first serve basis, so contact Dr. Horinouchi Wellness Clinic at 646-9333 for more details.
7 Day Shape Up

Need a starting point to change your diet and learn to eat and live healthy?  The SDA Wellness Clinic is offering a Shape Up course with meals for 7 days!  SelectCare members get this course for almost half off the regular program price.

Give yourself a chance to change your tastebuds and cravings.

Contact the SDA Wellness Center at 648-2521.  Don't wait, make a change today!

Diabetes Education

The SDA Wellness Center has scheduled more free Diabetes Education Workshop to help focus on preventing the costly complications associated with poorly controlled diabetes.
Contact the SDA Clinic for more information.

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