Presented here for sale is a selection of 1920s-30s film, theater, political and NEP posters featured in various publications as noted below. Please contact us for further details.
Poster designer unknown with photography by Elizaveta Ignatovich, International Red Day, cir., 1932. Photo imagery used in this poster is found at Elizaveta Ignatovich’s spreads in Prozhektor, 1930 #17 and Proletarskoe foto, 1932 #2. Elizaveta Ignatovich, along with her husband, Boris, and his sister Olga, were part of the Ignatovich Brigade that often used a cropped and angular style in their photographic work. Those individuals’ photos illustrated many publications, largely from the late 1920s through the 1930s. Unrestored, VG. 35 ¾ x 28 ¼”. Tirage 3,705. Price: $6,500. 
Zalensky, A. (?). Poster for Nasha Marka (Our Brand) Cigarettes. 1925. Shows various social groups… soldier, worker, intellectual and wife, peasant, NEP-man. Unrestored, VG. 20 3/4 x 27”. Tirage 7,000. See, Anikst, M., Soviet Commercial Design of the Twenties (1987), p. 98, item 188; The Russian Advertising Poster (2001), p. 90. Price: $6,500.
Shestakov, V. Children of the Proletarian Revolution Were Born to Fight for World Revolution. 1929. Backed on linen, VG. 40-1/8 x 27-1/4”. Tirage, 30,000. See, The Soviet Political Poster 1917-1980. From the USSR Lenin Library Collection (1985), p. 39. Price: $7,000.
Lavinsky, A. The Traitor. 1926. Based on a story by Lev Nikulin, this film is about a sailor who, prior to the October 1917 Revolution, infiltrates a group of Russian sailors sympathetic to the Revolution and betrays them to the police. Film directed by Abram Room. Backed on Japanese paper. VG. 42-1/4 x 28-1/2”. Tirage 10,000. See, Susan Pack, Film Posters of the Russian Avant-Garde (1995), p. 97. Price: $6,500.
Kustodiev, B. Blokha. The Flea. 1925. Yevgeny Zamyatin, playwright with Kustodiev set and costume designs. Backed on linen, NF. 27 1/2 x 42 1/8". Tirage, 2,500. See, Bowlt, J., Catalog Raisonne, Collection of N. D. Lobanov-Rostovskii (1994), p. 169; The Soviet Arts Poster. Theater, Cinema, Ballet, Circus, 1917-1987. From the USSR Lenin Library Collection (1990), p. 23. Price: $7,500.
[Unknown artist] The Three Millions Trial. 1926. Soviet comedy adapted from an Italian story about thieves after hidden money in a wealthy banker's house. Unrestored, VG. 41-7/8 x 28-1/4”. Tirage 10,000. See similar image, Susan Pack, Film Posters of the Russian Avant-Garde (1995), p. 190. Price: $6,500.