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Selected Titles for  April 2019
Welcome to the April newsletter! A special greeting to our new friends from the Association of Architecture School Librarians, and new customers from the Old House Trade Show in Portland, Maine. Feel free to forward this email to your subject matter experts in your institutions; we would be happy to include them in future mailings. 
The show in Portland went very well. My daughter Kim was able to join me for the show, and the top photo was taken in front of our booth.  
The bottom photo has Kim at an antique brick display at Richard Irons' booth at the Portland show, illustrating different maker marks and construction details that help people determine the bricks' provenance and age.
In this newsletter we have another fine selection of titles from the Old House Journal library, a beautiful architectural glass sample box, and some truly unusual titles in pattern books, architecture, and building materials.
Happy browsing!
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New Arrivals
From the Old House Journal library 
Pattern Books 
Construction Methods & Materials
Concrete and Cement 
Metal and Hardware 
Brick and Stone
Paint and Color Theory
New Arrivals
L'Art de Charpenterie de Mathurin Jousse
(The Carpentry Art of Mathurin Jousse)            
de la Hire, M.                               
[Carpentry]. de la Hire, M. L'Art de Charpenterie de Mathurin Jousse (The Carpentry Art of Mathurin Jousse) Architect and Engineer of the City of La Fleche; corrects & increases what is most curious in this art, & the most needed machinery for a carpenter. Paris: Chrles-Antoine Jombert, 1751. Third edition. Folio, pp. 212, illustrated with full page plates and b/w illustrations. Many subtle, expert repairs done to tears in the pages. Page 85 is misnumbered, making it appear that several pages are missing, but the book is complete. Text in French. Half leather over linen boards. Very good; .  
Mathurin Jousse (1575-1645) was a master locksmith, architectural theorist, and French technical writer. He was well educated, had extensive knowledge of geometry, and had made a special study of Vitruvius and the great masters in architecture. He was the author of "Secrets of Architecture" (1642), one of the first treatises of stereotomy. The first edition of this book was published in 1627, showing that many techniques were already understood and synthesized well before the 18th century. (19418)    $500.00
Murdison Company, Chicago, IL                            
[Architecture]. Murdison Company. Anaglypta The Aristocrat of Display Accessories. Chicago, IL: Murdison Company, 1926. First edition. Oblong folio (15"x10.5"), pp. 54, illustrated with b/w photographs of architectural ornaments. Price list laid in. Cloth over Boards. Very good.  
Anaglypta is a range of paintable textured wallcoverings made from paper or vinyl. It was the first washable wall covering and appealed to Victorians because of its sanitary properties, its durability, and ornate effects. This catalog displays backgrounds, panels, high relief centers, friezes, pilasters and many more ornaments. Very scarce, especially in such condition. (19360)    $325.00
34 Glass Samples in a Solid Wood Case  
Mississippi Glass Company, St. Louis, MO                          
[Glass]. Mississippi Glass Company. 34 Glass Samples in a Solid Wood Case. St. Louis, MO: Mississippi Glass Co., 1954. Original edition. 5.25" x 10.25" x 5.75" wooden case with company name on front in black painted label, paper label inside cover, and working latch. Labeled glass samples - 8 are 4" x 3.5", 1 is 5" x 3.25", and 25 are 5" x 4". Business card from a representative of Missippi Glass in St. Louis, MO laid in. Solid Wood Case w/metal latch. Glass in Very Good+ Condition, Wood Case - Very Good.  
A collection of 34 patterned, textured, corrugated and wired glass samples in a beautifully lettered wood case, with glass samples described in a label adhered to the underside of the case lid. This glass had many uses including industrial, residential and commercial buildings. Very scarce and in exceptional condition. This is the nicest set we've every had. (19361)    $195.00  
Building Details, Parts 1, 3, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11
Snyder, Frank M                             
[Building Specifications]. Snyder, Frank M. Building Details, Parts 1, 3, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11 (incomplete). New York: Frank M. Snyder, 1906-1913. Original edition. Elephant Folio (16" x 21.5"). each part contains 10 full page plates of building and architectural features plans, several with b/w photos and period ads inside the cover. Part 1 has a water stain on front cover. Part 3's cover is partially detached and has an open tear on the back cover. Part 6 is disbound and the pages are repaired with yellowed cellophane tape. Part 7 is incomplete; only the cover and 1 plate survives. Staplebound Wraps. Very good, with some faults (see description).  
An incomplete, rare original copy of Frank Snyder's ambitious architectural renderings from 1906-13.  Each part features ten drawings from the architect's working drawings, selected for general excellence in design and construction, together with photos of the works as built. The drawings highlight details of aspects of woodwork, metalwork, terra cotta, casement windows, etc. of the architect's major projects of the time, such as University Club and the US Immigrant Station in New York City, and the Union County Court House in Elizabeth, NJ. (19409)    $475.00          
Magazine of Building, Jan-Dec 1951 (2 bound volumes)
Prentice, P. I. (Editor)                            
[Architecture]. Prentice, P. I. (Editor). Magazine of Building, Jan-Dec 1951 (vols 94 and 95; 2 bound volumes). New York: Time, Inc., 1951. First edition. Quarto, each issue over 200 pp., indexed. Illustrated with b/w and color photographs and drawings. Trade advertisements throughout. Mild ex-library. Cloth over Boards. Very good.  
An outstanding collection of building projects and concerns during the Korean War era. Includes Frank Lloyd Wright projects, a rotogarage project, prize-winning homes, escalators, school architecture, an umbrella house, defense housing, prefabrication, a hexagonal theater, a cocoon house, and much much more. Each issue has 200-300 pages, so there's a lot of content in these issues. An Architectural Forum publication. (19389)    $225.00            
Portfolio of Techbuilt House Plans
Techbuilt Inc., Cambridge, MA                                 
[Prefabricated Housing]. Techbuilt Inc. Portfolio of Techbuilt House Plans. Cambridge, MA: Techbuilt Inc., 1961. Original edition. Oblong quarto, pp. 28, plus1-page reprinted newspaper article about Techbuilt, and nine unbound pages of house plans (photo of home exterior on one side, house plan and smaller interior photos on the other), in two-pocket folder with Techbuilt logo on it. Letter from Techbuilt president, and business card from historic preservation consultant laid in. Decorated Stock Portfolio, brown. Very good.  
Many Techbuilt Homes were designed by Carl Koch, called the "Grandfather" of prefab housing. These promotional materials include photographs of several attractive modernist homes built in Massachusetts, including both exterior and interior views. (19402)    $100.00

From the Old House Journal library
Technologies for Prehistoric & Historic Preservation
Congress of the US, Office of Technology Assessment                                     
[Restoration]. Congress of the US, Office of Technology Assessment. Technologies for Prehistoric & Historic Preservation. Washington DC: Office of Technology Assessment, Congress of the US, 1986. First edition. Small quarto, pp. xi, 198, index and appendices, illustrated with b/w photographs. Oversized Paperback. Very good.  
This report presents the primary findings of an assessment reviewing how federal agencies implement federal preservation policy, and showing how the uses of certain methods, techniques, tools and equipment can assist federal, state and local preservation efforts. It examines the use of preservation technologies and identifies research and development needs, and explores how improvements in federal policy and implementation can facilitate the more effective use of technologies appropriate for managing the country;s prehistoric and historic cultural resources. From the Old House Journal library. (19416)    $30.00
The Influence of Japanese Art on Design
Sigur, Hannah                                    
[International]. Sigur, Hannah. The Influence of Japanese Art on Design. Layton, UT: Gibbs Smith, 2008. First edition. Small quarto, pp 222. Beautifully illustrated with color and b/w photographs. Promotional letter from publisher laid in. Cloth over Boards. Near Fine in Near Fine DJ.  
This stunning book explores the story of Japan as the catalyst of modern design in the Gilded Age. Sigur juxtaposes glass, silver and metal arts, ceramics, textiles, furniture, jewelry, advertising and packaging with a specturm of Japanese materials ranging from one-of-a-kind art crafts to mass-produced ephemera, showing the ways that Japanese arts and ideas about Japan set the course to our modern design. From the Old House Journal library. (19415)    $35.00
Great Glass in American Architecture
Wilson, H. Weber                                   
[Glass]. Wilson, H. Weber. Great Glass in American Architecture, Decorative Windows and Doors Before 1920. New York: E.P. Dutton, 1986. First edition. Quarto, pp 122. Beautifully illustrated with 80+ color plates and b/w drawings on every page. Color Pictorial Wraps, crimson. Near Fine in Near Fine DJ.  
A comprehensive survey of the use of decorative glass in buildings from 1840 to 1920. Also described are glass working techniques and innovations, as well as the business aspects of manufacturing colored glass. Superb images bring the various styles from Art Nouveau to Neo-Classical to Arts & Crafts to life!  From the Old House Journal library. (19410)    $30.00 
Creating the Artful Home: The Aesthetic Movement
Zukowski, Karen                                  
[Interiors]. Zukowski, Karen. Creating the Artful Home: The Aesthetic Movement. Salt Lake City: Gibbs Smith, 2006. First edition. Large Octavo, pp. 176, profusely illustrated w/ color and b/w photographs. Cloth over Boards. New in new dustjacket.  
"Impeccable in its scholarship, yet also aware of current trends... vaults across 120 years to make the Aesthetic Movement meaningful for our times..... a paradigm of what I call 'practical scholarship.'" --Clem Labine, founder of Traditional Building and Period Homes magazines (19399)    $30.00
Modern Practical Joinery
Ellis, George                                 
[Carpentry]. Ellis, George. Modern Practical Joinery A Treatise on the Practice of Joiner's Work by Hand and Machine, for the Use of Workmen, Architects, Builders, and Machinists. Fresno, CA: Linden Publishing, 1987/1908. Later printing of Third Edition. Octavo. pp 486. b/w construction details. 600 drawings. 31 photographs. A  smear of glue on the facing page has created a tear on the title page. Paperback. Very good.  
This manual covers basic practices, joints, doors and paneling, windows and shutters, stairbuilding, mouldings, types of woods and much more. An invaluable resource for builders and home owners who enjoy doing their own projects. From the Old House Journal library. (19395)    $30.00           
Handi-Guide on Brick and Structural Tile Wall Assembly
Structural Clay Products Institute, Canton, OH                                
[Brick]. Structural Clay Products Institute. Handi-Guide on Brick and Structural Tile Wall Assembly. Canton, OH: Structural Clay Products Institute, nd c. 1953. Original edition. Quarto, pp 144, indexed, illustrated with b/w construction detail drawings. Staplebound Wraps with cloth spine. Very good.  
This book contains all the construction details that a practicing mason would need for on-the-job reference for home, farm, and light commercial buildings. From the Old House Journal library. (19393)    $40.00          
The Repointing of Historic Masonry Buildings
Mack, Robert C. AIA and Askins, James S.                               
[Masonry]. Mack, Robert C. AIA and Askins, James S. The Repointing of Historic Masonry Buildings. Downers Grove, IL: SERMAC, 1979. Original edition. Quarto, pp 22. b/w photographs and construction detail drawings. Staplebound Wraps. Very good.  
Repointing is the process of removing deteriorated mortar from a masonry joint and replacing the old mortar with new, sound mortar. This information has been written to assist building owners and their restoration contractors understand the purposes, techniques, and potential problems of repointing historic masonry buildings. From the Old House Journal library. (19392)    $75.00         
A Treatise on Masonry Construction
Baker, Ira O.                              
[Masonry]. Baker, Ira O. A Treatise on Masonry Construction. New York: John Wiley & Sons, 1893. Eighth edition. Small quarto, pp. xv, 556, indexed, plus ads, illustrated w/ b/w drawings and diagrams, six foldout plates. Signed by original owner on front endpaper in 1894. Cloth over Boards. Very Good, edgewear, cracking at back hinge.  
A popular and often-reprinted trade manual outlining Baker's principles and methods of masonry construction for students and apprentice masons. Covers materials, preparation, foundations, types of masonry structures (including bridges, culverts, and arches), and specifications. An excellent technical manual, thoroughly illustrated. From the Old House Journal library. (19391)    $60.00        
Building Stone Walls
Vivian, John                             
[Masonry]. Vivian, John. Building Stone Walls. Pownal, VT: Garden Way Publishing, 1984. Seventh printing. Octavo, pp. 108, indexed, illustrated with drawings & b/w photos. Original Wraps. Very Good.  
"There is no such thing as a half-built stone wall. It's either a wall or a stone pile." This book tells you all you need to know to build your own sturdy walls. Carefully detailed, clear drawings show the techniques to follow, and how to avoid problems. If stone is your material, then this is the book for you. From the Old House Journal library. (19390)    $20.00          

Angel Novelty Co. Catalog           
Angel Novelty Co., Fitchburg, MA                              
[Furniture]. Angel Novelty Co. Angel Novelty Co. Catalog Presenting Angel's New Line of Standardized Woodwork for the Home. Fitchburg, MA: Angel Novelty Co., 1952. Original edition. Small quarto, pp.75 plus insert pages, dealer discount sheet, and price list. Illustrated in b/w with some spot color. Metal comb binding in wraps. Very Good.  
Angel offered products such as kitchen cabinets, corner china closets, table and chair sets, French doors, windows and sash, interior and exterior doors, mantels and colonnades, and much more. (13288)    $40.00
Arts & Crafts Design          
Varnum, William H.                             
[Interiors]. Varnum, William H. Arts & Crafts Design A Selected Reprint of Industrial Arts Design. Salt Lake City, UT: Gibbs Smith, 1995. First reprint edition. Small quarto, pp 248, indexed, illustrated with b/w photographs and drawings.  Original Wraps. As New.  
Originally published in 1916 as "Industrial Arts Design," which some took to mean factory production, this new edition is more appropriately titled. This is a look at Craftsman objects: Rookwood pottery, Stickley furniture, Jarvie candlesticks, etc. An enlightening insight into thinking about design before World War I. (19394)    $25.00

Pattern Books
Bungalows Camps and Mountain Houses (signed by Daniel Reiff)
Comstock, William P.; Schermerhorn, Clarence E.; Wrenn, Tony P. (Introduction)   
[Pattern Book]. Comstock, William P.; Schermerhorn, Clarence E.; Wrenn, Tony P. (Introduction). Bungalows Camps and Mountain Houses (Signed by the architectural historian Daniel D. Reiff, author of "Houses from Books"). Washington, D.C.: American Institute of Architects Press, 1990/1915. Republication. Quarto, pp 126. b/w illustrations, floor plans, photographs and architectural drawings throughout. Signed by Daniel D. Reiff inside front cover. Color Pictorial Wraps. Near Fine.  
A beautifully illustrated plan book, depicting the popular bungalow styles which actually emanated from British Colonial India. There is a wealth of historical background as well as descriptions of building materials, furnishings, and design requirements. The author co-wrote "America's Forgotten Architecture." and was an Archivist at the AIA. (18476)    $30.00
90 Houses of the Twenties (signed by Daniel Reiff)
Pedersen, Jens and Reiff, Daniel (Introduction)  
[Pattern Book]. Pedersen, Jens and Reiff, Daniel (Introduction). 90 Houses of the Twenties - Cottages, Bungalows & Colonials (signed by Daniel Reiff). Mineola, NY: Dover Publications, Inc, 2011/1929. Republication. Oblong small quarto, (7" x 10")  pp 128. Illustrated with beautiful color perspective renderings and b/w floor plans on each page. Color Pictorial Wraps. As New.  
A superb collection of home designs in a variety of styles and materials, with an informative introduction by architectural historian Daniel Reiff. The author, Jens Pedersen, probably gathered these designs from building materials associations, manufacturers, and other sources - thus creating his own catalogs for prospective home owners. An extremely attractive and scarce volume of this plan book. (18474)    $30.00
Ideal Homes of the Thirties (Signed by Daniel Reiff)
Plan Service Company (St. Paul, MN) & Reiff, Daniel D. (Introduction) 
[Pattern Book]. Plan Service Company (St. Paul, MN) & Reiff, Daniel D. (Introduction). Ideal Homes of the Thirties (Signed by Daniel Reiff). Mineola, NY: Dover Publications, Inc, 2010/1933. Republication. Oblong small octavo, (6 1/2" x 8 1/2") pp 124. Color photographs, b/w photographs & b/w floor plans on each page. Signed by the author on the title page. Color Pictorial Wraps, blue. Very good.  
A very attractive volume of home designs from the 1930's, originally compiled from building materials companies and manufacturers' associations, by Charles W. Battley, whose business appeared to be publishing and advertising. These plans were apparently popular since his catalogs reached 12 and 13 editions! (18475)    $30.00
82 Distinctive Houses from Architectural Record
Architectural Record, New York, NY                                  
[Pattern Book]. Architectural Record. 82 Distinctive Houses from Architectural Record. New York: F. W. Dodge Corporation, 1952. Original edition. Quarto, pp. 442, indexed, illustrated with b/w photographs and drawings. Cloth over Boards. Very good.  
This collection of houses were selected from Architectural Record between 1948 and 1952, capturing the evolution that occurred in American house design in that period. Many beautiful interior and exterior photographs of mid-Century homes showcase the new use of materials, indoor space, outside space, and light. Scarce! We've never been able to offer a copy of this title before now. (19403)    $75.00
Your Home Horizons and Building Guide
National Homes Inc., St. Petersburg, FL                                
[Pattern Book]. National Homes Inc. Your Home Horizons and Building Guide. St. Petersburg, FL: National Homes, 1945. First edition. Oblong small quarto, pp. 88. Illustrated with b/w and color drawings and plans, plus period advertisements from local businesses. Mild ex-library.  Staplebound Wraps. Very Good.  
Attractive WWII-era pattern book containing floor plans for single-family homes, and many photographs of home interiors such as kitchens and living rooms. This could be great inspiration if you're currently renovating a mid-century home. Very unusual; we haven't had a copy of this before. (19400)    $80.00
Better Homes at Lower Cost Book No. A-48
Standard Homes Company, Washington, DC                               
[Pattern Book]. Standard Homes Company. Better Homes at Lower Cost Book No. A-48 Standardized to Avoid Waste. 120 Alternate Floor Plans. America's Best Planned Small Homes. All Illustrations from Photographs. Washington DC: Standard Homes, 1948. First edition. Oblong Quarto,12.5" x 9"  pp. 30. Illustrated with b/w paintings and plans. Some pencil calculations on back cover, and a previous owner's name inscribed in pencil on the front cover. Staplebound Wraps. Very Good.  
Scarce early post-war pattern book containing 31 designs for single-family homes, each presented with alternate floor plans, for a total of 120 plans. Charming descriptive copy for each design. (19398)    $60.00
Homes of Bill Ding
Rowley Coal & Lumber Co., Middletown, NY                                   
[Pattern Book]. Rowley Coal & Lumber Co. Homes of Bill Ding. Middletown, NY: Rowley Coal & Lumber Co., nd c. 1930. Original edition. Quarto, pp 86, illustrated with b/w and color perspective drawings and house plans. Questionnaire on p 87, referenced in the introduction, is not present. Signed by previous owner in pencil on the cover. Cardboard covers, staplebound, with cloth spine. Very Good.  
Outstanding illustrations make this a wonderful peek into the favored designs of the 1930s. Unusually charming and original. (19388)    $50.00
The Book of Houses
Dean, John P. and Simon Breines                                  
[Pattern Book]. Dean, John P. and Simon Breines. The Book of Houses. New York: Crown Publishers, 1946. First edition. Quarto, pp 143. with 150 b/w photographs and 100 plans, as well as many other illustrations. Signed by a previous owner inside front cover.  Cloth over boards. Very Good.  
This book goes beyond a typical pattern book, and also includes articles on estimating costs, making the most of your lot, remodeling, prefabrication, and many more. A wonderful snapshot of post-WWII architectural style and interior design. From the collection of author Daniel D. Reiff. (19387)    $50.00
Low Cost Suburban Homes
Wright, Richardson (Editor)                                 
[Pattern Book]. Wright, Richardson (Editor). Low Cost Suburban Homes A Book of Suggestions for the Man with the Moderate Purse. New York: Robert M McBride & Company, 1920. Second edition. Small quarto, pp. 120. Illustrated with b/w drawings, photographs and floor plans. Decorated cloth over boards. Very good.  
This book was intended for those who wanted a comfortable house with a modest price. It supplies simple, direct plans that serve the needs of those with a small family. Interior design and decoration is also addressed and illustrated. Scarce; we haven't had a copy of this before. From the collection of author Daniel D. Reiff. (19386)    $95.00
Your Next Home
Common Brick Manufacturers' Association of America, Cleveland, OH 
[Pattern Book]. Common Brick Manufacturers' Association of America. Your Next Home Photographs and Plans of Fifty-Eight Beuatiful Homes Every One Built and Lived in. Cleveland, OH: Common Brick Manufacturers'' Association of America, 1925. Original edition. Small quarto, pp. 63. Illustrated with b/w photographs and floor plans. Staplebound Wraps. Very good+.  
This aim of this book was to help the family who wanted to build an economical, beautiful home of common brick. Instead of perspective drawings from an architect's sketch, this book is illustrated with photographs of actual homes. A wonderful resource for those interested in 1920s brick homes. From the collection of author Daniel D. Reiff. (19385)    $95.00
Modern American Homes
von Holst, H.V.                                 
[American]. von Holst, H.V.  Modern American Homes. Chicago: American Technical Society, 1913. First edition. Oblong folio (13 X 9 1/2), pp. 108 b/w photographic plates with floor plans (Each plate is really a page with b/w illustration and text.)  Brown Half-Leather, title on cover. Good; water damage to text block.  
A scarce title with page after page of period homes, with an especially high number of bungalows in wood and stucco. The primary emphasis is on bungalows of all kinds, but there are cement plaster houses, Adirondack camps and boathouses, and occasional mansions. (19379)    $150.00
Picturesque California Houses
Newsom, Samuel and Joseph C.                               
[California]. Newsom, Samuel and Joseph C. Picturesque California Houses A Volume of 40 Plates, Plans, Details and Specifications of Houses. Los Angeles, CA: Hennessey & Ingalls, Inc., 1978. Reprint of 1884 publication. Oblong folio, pp. vii, 7, plus 35 b/w plates. (Yes, subtitle says 40 plates, but the volume only has 35 plates, the index only has 35 plates, and no pages are missing.) Cardboard Covers. Near Fine in Wraps.  
Of all the pattern books published during the late 19th century on the West Coast, the most sumptuous were those published by the brothers Samuel and Joseph Cather Newsom, architects of San Francisco, Oakland, and Los Angeles. This is a reprint of their first pattern book. The 35 plates in this book contain drawings for 37 dwellings and cottages. Of these, 19 are for individual houses that were built, including the Boyd House in Eureka and the Swett House in Stockton, and the 19 houses are identified in the new introduction to this reprinted edition. (19378)    $95.00
Liberty Homes
Lewis Mfg. Co., Bay City, MI                              
[Pattern Book]. Lewis Mfg. Co. Liberty Homes. Bay City, MI: Lewis Mfg. Co., nd c. 1940. Original edition. Quarto, pp. 48 plus bound-in order form and decorated mailing envelope. Illustrated with numerous hand-tinted photos, b/w photos, and blue & white plans. Staplebound Wraps. Very good+.  
Beautiful color kit house catalog from the Lewis Manufacturing Co. of Michigan. Lewis began selling homes in 1913 and sold 60,000 over the course of its 60 year history. Features a beautiful color cover and its original mailing envelope. Scarce! (19369)    $95.00
Ready Made Buildings
Sears Roebuck and Co., Chicago, IL                               
[Pattern Book]. Sears Roebuck and Co. Ready Made Buildings. Chicago, IL: Sears Roebuck and Co., nd c. 1910. Original edition. Oblong small quarto, pp. 32; illustrated with b/w perspective drawings and home plans.  Staplebound Wraps. Very good; cover nearly detached.  
An early kit house catalog from Sears, for buildings that could be assembled with only a wrench, hammer, and screwdriver. The catalog includes single family homes plus some other domestic structures such as a play house, a chicken house and a garage. Includes several pages of ads for other home products from Sears, such as paint, cabinets, and chairs. Very unusual; this is the first time we've been able to offer a copy. (19370)    $175.00

Construction Materials & Methods
Catalogue No. 10
Architectural Decorating Company, Chicago, IL                                         
[Plastering]. Architectural Decorating Company. Catalogue No. 10 Manufacturers of Artistic Relief Ornamentation in Exterior Composition Portland Cement, Interior Plaster Composition Carvings. Chicago, IL: Architectural Decorating Company, 1909. Original edition. Quarto, pp. 229, indexed, many b/w photographs and illustrations. Decorated cloth over boards. Good+; cover is worn and stained but text block clean and bright.  
This catalogue offered a wide selection of designs from the classic schools to the modern. Column capitals, landscape vases, caps and brackets, mouldings, gable ornaments, circular panels and more, all beautifully photographed. A comprehensive style guide for the time period. (19026)    $125.00
Roof Tiling
Dobson, C. G.                                        
[Roofing]. Dobson, C. G. Roof Tiling Comprising a short history of the craft, an outline of modern English methods of manufacture and of modern practice, some hints on the choice of a tile and on the writing of specifications for roof tiling, and an explanation of the methods of measurement of roof tiling, written for the use of quantity surveyors, their assistants, and members of the building profession generally. London: Crosby Lockwood and Son, 1931. First edition. Octavo.  pp. xvi, 147.  b/w illustrations, 20 color plates.  Appendix, bibliography, index. Cloth over Boards. Very good.  
An extremely capable treatment on the subject.  Very technical for the professional but practical as well.  Impressively illustrated.  For architects, contractors or tradesmen. (19414)    $85.00
Builders' Reliable Estimator and Contractors' Guide
Hodgson, Fred T.                                      
[Building Trades]. Hodgson, Fred T. Builders' Reliable Estimator and Contractors' Guide: A Complete Guide for Pricing All Builders' Work It contains many tables, rules and useful memoranda. The rules given in this work, show how to measure all kinds of work, before and after construction. How to estimate the cost of any work. How to tell the time the work should take to complete. Tells how much work a man should perform in a day and how much material the work in hand will require. Guide to correct measurements is found in the second part of the work. This shows how all kinds of odd, crooked and difficult measurements may be taken, to secure correct results. Chicago: Frederick J. Drake & Co. for Sears, Roebuck & Co., 1911. Revised. Octavo, pp. 261 (Hodgson's Estimator and Contractor's Guide), 261 (Guide to Correct Measurements) plus rear section of house plans and publishers' ads (not numbered; about 70 pages). Special exclusive edition printed expressly for Sears, Roebuck & Company, Chicago. Cloth over Embossed, Decorated Boards. Very Good. No DJ.  
A nice copy of this builder's and contractor's reference guide. The fold-out chart, usually damaged in a book this size, is in excellent condition. From the collection of author Daniel J. Reiff. (19384)    $45.00
Building with Assurance plus Price Supplement (2 volumes) 
Morgan Sash & Door Company, Chicago, IL                                     
[Millwork]. Morgan Woodwork Organization. Building with Assurance. New York: Morgan Woodwork Organization, 1921. First edition,  numbered and limited. Quarto, pp. 439. Indexed, color and b/w illustrations. Full Leatherette with Pictorial Design. Very Good.  
A beautiful piece, part pattern book and part trade catalog, with 24 home designs in color, suggestions for house features and decorating ideas, and hundreds of millwork illustrations, stained glass, doors, interior fittings, etc. Morgan intended this to be a complete guide and catalog for the prospective home builder, answering "all the perplexing questions that stand between you and your ideal home." One of the nicest catalogs of its type. Uncommon. ** Plus: ** Morgan Sash & Door Company. Price Supplement to Building with Assurance. Chicago: Morgan Sash & Door Company, 1924. Second edition. Octavo, pp. 104, indexed, tabbed pages, b/w illustrations. First page is ripped out, but present. Staplebound Wraps. Very good.  
The Morgan line included windows and sash, exterior and interior doors, stair work, porch work, garage doors, mouldings, trim, cabinet work, paneling, leaded glass, and more. Better illustrations than a typical price supplement. (19383)    $80.00
The Building Trades Pocketbook
ICS Staff                                    
[Building Trades]. (ICS Staff). The Building Trades Pocketbook A handy manual of reference on building construction including structural design, masonry, bricklaying, carpentry, joinery, roofing, plastering, painting, plumbing, lighting, heating, and ventilation. Scranton, PA: International Textbook Co., 1899. First edition. 24 mo, pp. iv, 380, xvi, indexed, illustrated with b/w drawings, covers virtually all aspects of construction. Signed by previous owner on front end paper. Built-in expandable pocket inside back cover for reader to insert notes. Full Leather. Very Good.  
You can't pack any more information into such a small package without needing a microscope! From the collection of author Daniel D. Reiff. (19381)    $50.00
Diagnosing and Repairing House Structure Problems
Seaquist, Edgar O.                                   
[Restoration]. Seaquist, Edgar O. Diagnosing and Repairing House Structure Problems. New York: McGraw-Hill Book Co., Inc., 1980. First edition. Small quarto, pp x, 255, indexed. Illustrated with b/w drawings and photographs. Boards. Near Fine in Near Fine DJ.  
This practical, plain-speaking book brings together essential information on the causes of all kinds of damage, distress, and deterioration problems in the home, and guides the homeowner toward the making of repairs that are in keeping with the nature of the problem and reasonable in terms of time and money expended. The entire range of structural problems is covered, from foundation to roof, interior walls to porches and patios, and from the aesthetic to the absolutely essential. A very attractive copy. (19374)    $25.00
Home Builders Catalog 
Home Builders Catalog Company, Chicago, IL                                   
[Building Materials]. Home Builders Catalog Company. Home Builders Catalog 1926, A Reference Work for Building Contractors and Home Owners Containing Authentic Information on Building Materials and Home Equipment and Hundreds of Illustrations and Plans of All Types of Small Homes. Chicago, IL: Home Builders Catalog Co., 1926. First edition. Quarto, pp 1032, indexed. b/w photographs, some colored renderings, floor plans, and illustrations on virtually every page! Cloth over Boards, brown, w/Gilt design & lettering. Good, w/some tears along edges.  
A "Sweet's" catalogue for the residential builder, with insulation, flues, asbestos shingles, cedar products, elevators, windows, plumbing equipment, surface treatments, and much more. The 2nd half of the content contains residential floor plans with photographs and colored renderings.  Also Garage plans and photographs. Styles ranging from colonial to half-timbered to Mission. Products include door hardware, woodworking machines and paints.  A veritable wealth of product information in one large volume. (18273)    $160.00

Concrete and Cement
Concrete Block List
Joseph M. Ripley, Inc., Jacksonville, FL                             
[Concrete]. Joseph M. Ripley, Inc. Concrete Block List. Jacksonville, FL: Joseph M. Ripley, Inc., nd c. 1960. First edition. Quarto, pp. 10. Illustrated with b/w drawings and hand lettering.  Staplebound Wraps. Very good; some foxing on cover.  
An unusual price list, in that it included no advertising about the company! Each block is meticulously drawn, and its measurements noted. Each page also includes a drawing with some of the products in use, such as a patio paved with patio stone. Unusual; we've never had anything from this company before. (19373)    $60.00

Permanent Farm Construction
Portland Cement Co., Chicago, IL                            
[Concrete]. Portland Cement Company. Permanent Farm Construction A Manual on Farm Concrete. Chicago, IL: Portland Cement Company, nd c. 1920. First edition. Small quarto, pp. 72. Illustrated with b/w drawings and photographs. Stamped by Charlottesville Lumber Co., Charlottesville, VA on the front and back cover. Staplebound Wraps. Very good.  
Concrete is valuable in farm construction for sanitary, durable, easy to clean floors in barns, poultry houses, granaries and other farm structures. For fruit and vegetable storage cellars, storm shelters, and other farm construction built partly or entirely underground, concrete is used because it does not rot or rust, and rates and mice can be kept away from food storage. This attractive, thorough treatise outlines all that a farmer would need to know about concrete usage in farm buildings, including cement asbestos roof shingles, cement gates, and cement chimney caps. (19372)    $35.00

Concrete for the Farmer
Universal Portland Cement Co., Chicago, IL                            
[Concrete & Cement]. Universal Portland Cement Co. Concrete for the Farmer. Chicago, IL: Universal Portland Cement Co., 1914. First edition. Octavo, pp. 79. Illustrated with b/w drawings and photos throughout. Glossy Pictorial Wraps. Very good; significant spine wear, but intact.  
A nice copy of the first edition of Universal Portland Cement Co.'s popular manual on concrete use for the farm and farmhouse. Describes dozens of practical applications of cement, including the basic (basement, walls, tanks, and floors) and the miscellaneous (ice houses, garages, poultry houses, grape arbors, dams, etc.). An interesting look at construction needs by farmers in the early 20th century. (19371)    $35.00

Metal and Hardware
Corrosion and Metal Artifacts
Brown, B. Floyd and others (Editors)                                       
[Metal]. Brown, B. Floyd and others (Editors). Corrosion and Metal Artifacts A Dialogue Between Conservators and Archaeologists and Corrosion Scientists. Washington, D.C.: National Bureau of Standards, 1977. First edition. Quarto, pp 244. Illustrated with b/w and color photographs. Original Wraps. Very good; signed by previous owner neatly on the cover.  
This book is the formal report of the proceedings of the seminar on Corrosion and Metal Artifacts. The volume contains the tutorial lectures on the aspects of corrosion science and engineering of relevance to conservators and archaeologists and, background lectures which are addressed to corrosionists with activities and problems in the conservation of metallic artistic artifacts. The report also contains the full discussion of the structured questions distributed before the meeting, and a list of the attendees. (19156)    $65.00
Illustrated Catalogue
Corbin Cabinet Lock Co., New Britain, CT                                      
[Hardware]. Corbin Cabinet Lock Co. Illustrated Catalogue Manufacturers of cabinet locks, padlocks, trunk, suit case locks and trimmings, miscellaneous hardware, automobile locks for all purposes, keys and key blanks, post office outfits and supplies. New Britain, CT: P. & F. Corbin, 1922. First edition. Quarto, pp. 683, richly illustrated w b/w engravings of locks and keys offered. Mild ex-library. Cloth over Boards. Very Good; slight water damage to cover.  
Corbin Cabinet Lock was founded in 1882 in Connecticut, and moved to Illinois in 2003, where it is still a manufacturer and supplier of padlocks, cabinet door locks, desk drawer locks, and many more. This voluminous early catalog is beautifully illustrated with engravings of their product line. A beautiful compilation of early 20th century hardware. (19407)    $325.00
General Catalog #9
Seattle Hardware Company, Seattle, WA                                     
[Hardware/Tools]. Seattle Hardware Company. General Catalog #9 Shelf hardware; automobile merchandise; builders' hardware and paints; stoves, furnaces and house furnishing goods; mechanics', machinists', shop and lumbering tools; mill, mine, farm and cannery tools and supplies; heavy hardware; sheet and bar metals; cutlery and sporting goods; electric wiring supplies; fishing tackle. Seattle, WA: Seattle Hardware Co., nd ca 1915. Original edition. Quarto, pp xxxii, 1898, II. Tabbed index, illustrated with b/w engravings. Embossed boards. Very Good+.  
Seattle Hardware was established in 1883. This extensive, early catalog demonstrates how well this company was doing after only one generation. A very attractive copy, considering these extremely large catalogs (almost 2000 pages long!) are often mishandled and damaged. (19408)    $150.00
Catalog of United States Steel American Nails
American Steel & Wire Company, Cleveland, OH                                    
[Building Trades]. American Steel & Wire Company. Catalog of United States Steel American Nails with specifications and data covering staples, wire, barbed wire, tacks, poultry netting, spikes, etc. Cleveland, OH: American Steel & Wire Company, 1939. Original edition. 16mo, pp. 128, indexed, illustrated with b/w drawings. Spiral Bound Wraps. Very good.

This company made nails for all purposes: basket, barrel, hinge, roofing, fence, clinch, finishing, and many many more.  Includes a manual of carpentry bound in, covering topics such has how to make blueprints and how to estimate millwork. A very attractive edition of this important company's product line. From the collection of author Daniel D. Reiff. (19382)    $65.00
Signs, Streets, and Storefronts
Treu, Martin                            
[Building as Envelope]. Treu, Martin. Signs, Streets, and Storefronts A history of Architecture and Graphics Along America's Commercial Corridors. Baltimore, MD: The Johns Hopkins Univ Press, 2012. First edition. Small quarto, pp 384, indexed. 39 Color photographs of store front facades and streets. b/w photographs throughout the volume. Hard Cover with Dust Jacket. New in New DJ.  
This book addresses more than 200 years of signs and place-marking along America's commercial corridors. From small-town squares to Broadway, State Street, and Wilshire Boulevard, Martin Treu follows design developments into the present and explores issues of historic preservation. Treu considers common architecture and its place-defining business signs as well as influential high-style design examples by taste-making leaders. Combining advertising and architectural history, the book presents a full picture of the commercial landscape, including design adaptations made for motorists and the migration from Main Street to suburbia.The dynamic between individual businesses and the common good has a major effect on the appearance of our country's Main Streets. Several forces are at work: technological advances, design imagination and the media, corporate propaganda, customer needs, and municipal mandates...  A must-read for city planners, town councils, architects, sign designers, concerned citizens, and anyone who cares about the appearance and vitality of America's commercial streets, this heavily illustrated book is equally appealing to armchair historians, small-town enthusiasts, and lovers of Americana. (18378)    $45.00          
Brick and Stone
  Stone Magazine, November 1934
Lent, Frank A. (President)                                        
[Stone]. Lent, Frank A. (President). Stone Magazine, November 1934 Vol. LV Number 11. New York, NY: Frank A. Lent, November 1934. Original edition. Quarto, pp. 39, illustrated with b/w drawings and photographs. Beautifully illustrated period advertisements. Paperback journal. Very good.  
This magazine, devoted to the architectural uses of stone, is always interesting reading. Two feature articles in this issue include "The Future of the Stone Building Industries" and "The Language of the Natural Stone Industry: A Dictionary of Names and Terms." (19427)    $70.00
  A Historical Treatise on Early Builders' Marks
Fort, George F.                                       
[History]. Fort, George F. A Historical Treatise on Early Builders' Marks. Philadelphia, PA: McCalla & Stavely, 1885. First edition. Small octavo, pp. 148, illustrated with b/w drawings. A 1904 bookplate is attached to the inside front cover. Cloth over Boards. Very good; moderate edgewear, small tear at top of spine.  
This book is a contribution to Masonic literature, throwing light on the manners and modes of thought of the organized body of men to whose dexterity Mediaeval Europe owes her superb cathedrals. It offers a glimpse of the inner life by which the building guilds were animated, showing their classification and attendant customs. The lines of transmission of marks used by the stone-cutters are traced out, and the system or key by which they were combined is described in the text and illustrated by diagrams. (19412)    $90.00
Practical Masonry, Bricklaying, and Plastering
Nicholson, Peter                                       
[Building Trades]. Nicholson, Peter. Practical Masonry, Bricklaying, and Plastering both plain and ornamental; containing a new and complete system of lines for stone-cutting: for the use of workmen; with an ample detail of the theory and practice of constructing arches, domes, groins, niches, stairs, columns, &c, bond, foundations, walls, bridges, tunnels, light-houses, &c. ovens, furnaces, &c. the formation of mortars and cements; including, also, practical treatises on slating, plumbing, glazing, &c. &c. and a full description of the various materials employed in all these arts, illustrated by numerous engravings, by artists of first-rate talent. London: Thomas Kelly, 1854. First edition. Quarto, pp. viii, 232, with over 45 full page plates and b/w illustrations. Embossed cloth over boards. Very good; light foxing on some plates.  
What a treasure! We've never had a copy of this before. This book followed Nicholson's popular "Practical Carpentry, Joinery and Cabinet Making," and Nicholson intended cover  the other building trades as carefully as his other book had covered wood construction. A wonderfully practical treatise of masonry, stonecutting, bricklaying, plaster, and slate in the first half of the 19th century. (19413)    $375.00
A Rudimentary Treatise on Masonry and Stonecutting
plus two more titles bound in one volume 
Dobson, Edward; Burnell, George R.; Heather, J. F.                                      
[Masonry]. Dobson, Edward. A Rudimentary Treatise on Masonry and Stonecutting in which the principles of masonic projection and their application to the construction of curved wing walls, domes, oblique bridges, and Roman and Gothic vaulting are concisely explained. In three sections. Section I. - On the Construction of Vaults and Arches. Section II. - On Masonic Projection. Section III. - On Practical Stonecutting. London: John Weale, 1856. Second edition, corrected. 12mo. pp 132, illustrated with 49 b/w wood engravings. Signed on the title page by a previous owner in ink. Half-Leather with marbled boards. Good; heavy cover wear; back hinge starting to crack; soiled.  
" A Rudimentary Treatise on Masonry and Stonecutting" is only the beginning. There are two other titles bound into this volume. The second is " Rudimentary Treatise on Limes, Cements, Mortars, Concretes, Mastics, Plastering, etc." by George R. Burnell, 3rd edition revised, published by John Weale in 1857, pp 120. The third is " A Treatise on Mathematical Instruments, in which their construction, and the methods of testing, adjusting, and using them, are concisely explained" by J. F. Heather, sixth edition, published by Virtue Brothers in 1863, pp. 170, indexed, illustrated with b/w engravings and 2 plates.These added titles are also signed on their title pages by the previous owner in ink. A compact and attractive volume packed with valuable information. (19396)    $250.00
A Manual of Face Brick Construction     
American Face Brick Assn., Chicago, IL                            
[Pattern Book]. American Face Brick Assn. A Manual of Face Brick Construction. Chicago: American Face Brick Assn., 1920. First edition. Quarto, pp. 115. Illustrated with numerous color drawings and b/w photos, drawings and plans. Staplebound in Decorated Boards. Good; covers and several pages detached but present.  
A scarce early 20th century pattern book promoting the use of brick as a durable and attractive building material. Features numerous fine color renderings of houses with accompanying descriptions and floor plans. (19397)    $50.00  
English Precedent For Modern Brickwork    
The Architectural Forum, New York (Editors)                           
[English]. The Architectural Forum, New York (Editors). English Precedent For Modern Brickwork - Plates and Measured Drawings of English Tudor and Georgian Brickwork, with a few recent versions by American Architects in the spirit of the old work. Chicago, IL: The American Face Brick Association, 1924. First edition. Quarto, pp 99. b/w photographs, elevations & details of English residential architecture. Beautiful color frontispiece. Complimentary plate by Fischer Lime & Cement Co. in Memphis on the title page. Cardboard Covers w/tipped-in Illustration. Very good; spine starting to split.  
Tudor, Georgian, and American styles in residential architecture are depicted with beautiful black & white photographs and crisp architectural drawings. A wonderful book for designers, historians and builders - showing some of the best examples of brick facades on one book. Very hard to find! (19376)    $60.00 
Brunskill, Ronald and Alec Clifton-Taylor                          
[Masonry]. Brunskill, Ronald and Alec Clifton-Taylor. Brickwork. London: Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1982. First paperback edition. Octavo, pp. 160, indexed, richly illustrated in 150 b/w photos & 60 diagrams, surveys history of English brickwork throughout the centuries, includes glossary. Paperback. Very Good.  
A thorough survey of English brickwork through the centuries, including manufacturing and building techniques, patterns, and the development of brickwork styles. A useful reference on the subject. (19375)    $20.00
Brick, Stone, and Plaster; ICS #31F  
Lowndes, William B.                         
[Masonry]. Lowndes, William B. Brick, Stone, and Plaster; ICS #31F Common Brickwork, Face and Ornamental Brickwork, Architectural Terra Cotta, Hollow Tile, Building Stone, Plastering. Scranton, PA: International Textbook Co., 1925. Later edition. Octavo, pp. viii, approx. 450; 346 illustrations with 11 in color. Original Cloth w/gilt lettering on spine. Near Fine.  
Very professional text, well drawn and aimed at the tradesman of the early twentieth century. Most apprentices learned their trades from these texts. Beautiful renderings of ornamental masonry, excellent instructions for building methods, many still applicable today, especially in restoration work. (19362)    $65.00  

Recommended Practice for Engineered Brick Masonry   
Brick Institute of America, Reston, VA                          
[Masonry]. Brick Institute of America. Recommended Practice for Engineered Brick Masonry. Reston, VA: Brick Institute of America, 1986. Second edition. Octavo, pp. 337, indexed, illustrated with b/w drawings and photographs. Original Wraps. Near Fine.  
This manual was written primarily for the practicing structural engineer, to assist in the design of brick masonry structural elements and systems. Practicing architects and students of engineering and architecture will also find it useful. (8535)    $30.00


Paint and Color Theory
Decorative Designs of All Ages for All Purposes
Hasluck, Paul N. (Editor)                            
[Paint]. Hasluck, Paul N. (Editor). Decorative Designs of All Ages for All Purposes
 With Numerous Engravings and Diagrams. London: Cassell, 1899. First edition. 12 Mo (4 x 7), pp. 160, indexed, richly illustrated w/ b/w drawings. Pictorial Cloth over Boards. Good; split front hinge, crease in cover.  
Very scarce first edition! Offers designs from a variety of places and times in world history (Greek, Assyrian, Roman, Celtic, Renaissance, and more). (8141)    $55.00
Colour Schemes for Old Australian Houses
Evans, Ian; Lucas, Clive; Stapleton, Ian                             
[Paint]. Evans, Ian; Lucas, Clive; Stapleton, Ian. Colour Schemes for Old Australian Houses. Sydney: Flannel Flower Press, 1985. Second Printing. Oblong small quarto, pp. 108, illustrated with b/w drawings and photographs, and a color paint chart. Signed by previous owner on front endpaper. A six-page article clipped from "Fine Homebuilding" (Apr/May 1989) laid in, titled "Two Hundred Years of the Australian Verandah" by Brooks Heard. Oversized Paperback. As New.  
This book solves one of the most difficult restoration problems of the present time. Written by three experts on restoration, this book contains 42 exterior schemes plus 24 room schemes and is illustrated by sketches by Ian Stapleton of types of houses built in Australia between 1820 and 1930. Both the colours and the manner in which they are used are completely authentic. Historical accuracy has also been an important factor in the choice of stencils and wallpapers. (19401)    $35.00
Harmony in the Home
Benjamin Moore & Co., New York, NY                            
[Paint]. Devoe & Raynolds Co., Inc. Harmony in the Home with the aid of Devoe Velour Finish. New York: Devoe & Raynolds Co., Inc., 1917. First edition. 24mo, pp. 23, illustrated with color drawings. Staplebound Wraps. Good; back cover has minor damage due to being pasted down on another paper surface (perhaps a scrapbook page).

Harmony is a proper relationship between color, character and comfort. This booklet examines decorations of walls and woodwork, comparing them to older ideas of harmony, and illustrates how harmony can be achieved more easily and in a more sanitary way with paint instead of wallpaper. (19380)    $20.00

Color Styles for Your Home
Benjamin Moore & Co., New York, NY                            
[Paint]. Benjamin Moore & Co. Color Styles for Your Home A little book for home makers and home lovers - presented in a spirit of helpfulness, and created around the truth that the color and charm of our surroundings affect the happiness of our daily lives. New York: Benjamin Moore & Co., 1937. First edition. Octavo, pp. 21, illustrated with color drawings. Staplebound Wraps. Very good; cover detached.  
Home is our haven and our harbor, and we use color for change, freshness and beauty. This booklet was intended to guide the reader with pictures and "written color recipes" to bring beauty and uplifted spirit into the home by updating the color in the home. (19377)    $15.00