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Selected Titles for February 2019    
Welcome to the February newsletter! As you can see from our "No Parking" sign, we did get a winter snow after all - but a "complicated" one: 8" of snow, followed by 2" of sleet and subzero temperatures.   
This month's offerings feature some early post-WWII titles, a new Grolier catalog of the collection of our friend Richard Cheek, and a nice selection of books from the Old House Journal reference library.
Once again, we're looking forward to seeing many of you in Portland next month for the 2019 Old House Trade Show (link:    
Happy browsing!
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New Arrivals
From the Old House Journal library   
Pattern Books 
Construction Methods & Materials
Metal and Hardware 
Brick, Stone, and Mining
Paints and Finishes
New Arrivals
Countertop Building Nail Display
Independent Nail & Packing Co., Bridgewater, MA                      
[Hardware]. Independent Nail & Packing Co. Countertop Building Nail Display. Bridgewater, MA: Independent Nail & Packing Co., 1956. First edition. 12" x 18" 4-color cardboard display, with a hole for hanging on a wall, and wings that fold out from the back to create a countertop stand. Cardboard Display. Very good; some soil and foxing; all folded parts of the display are in very good condition.  
A scarce display of nails and other building fasteners, containing 47 samples (3 are missing). We've never had one of these before! The text of the display describes the metal, architectural use, finish, and sizes available. (19280)    $75.00   
Pabco Patterns, 1951
Pabco Products, Inc.                     
[Flooring]. Pabco Products, Inc. Pabco Patterns, 1951. San Francisco: Pabco Products, Inc., 1951. First edition. Quarto, pp 120. Color illustrations on each page. Top right corner of each page ripped off from pp. 99-120; does not affect the color illustrations. Some pencil inscriptions in the text. Cloth over Boards. Very good.  
An absolutely gorgeously rendered book of linoleum and enamel surface floor patterns. This will bring back memories of your grandparents' kitchen, for sure! Very scarce. (19253)    $80.00       
NATCO Vitritile: an Innovation in Building Tile
National Fire Proofing Company, Pittsburgh, PA                      
[Tiles and Pottery]. National Fire Proofing Company. NATCO Vitritile: an Innovation in Building Tile. Pittsburgh, PA: National Fire Proofing Company, nd c. 1930s. First edition. 24" x 36" sheet, with 4-color advertising on one side, and large color sample poster on the other. Broadside. Very good.  
An advertising pamphlet that folds into a more compact 9"x12" form, but truly dazzling when unfolded to its full length. A beautiful advertisement worthy of framing. (19266)    $85.00        
Celebrated Bergeon Ornamental Stamps of Vulcanized Rubber
L. Reusche & Co., New York, NY                   
[Ornamentation]. L. Reusche & Co. Celebrated Bergeon Ornamental Stamps of Vulcanized Rubber for Gold or Color Decoration on China Glass, Enamelled Ware and all Ornamental Purposes. New York: L. Reusche & Co., nd ca 1911. First edition. Oblong quarto, pp 264. b/w illustrations on each page. Decorated Stock Wraps, yellow. Very good; decorative paper spine wrap partially detached, but spine itself is solid.  
An extensive catalog of rubber stamp designs for use on porcelain and glass. An unusual reference for corporate or European logos, as many of the examples are business-related and are in languages other than English (German and Hebrew, for instance). A very attractive book. (19275)    $70.00   
Selling the Dwelling:  
The Books that Build America's Houses, 1775-2000
Cheek, Richard                    
[Books About Books]. Cheek, Richard. Selling the Dwelling: The Books that Build America's Houses, 1775-2000. New York: Grolier Club, 2013. First edition, Limited. Quarto, pp. 288. Illustrated with 749 color illustrations. Limited edition of 1,500 copies. Cloth over Boards. New in new dust jacket.  
A beautifully produced, visually spectacular catalog for the exhibit of the same name, showing at New York's Grolier Club through February of 2014. Written by exhibit curator and architectural photographer Richard Cheek, this book documents the development and influence of the house design book, from early American builders' manuals through the rise of popular pattern books and catalogs for kit homes and house designs. "In this illustrated survey - the first of its kind to showcase the enormous variety and graphic appeal of these materials - Richard Cheek highlights the more visually arresting and socially compelling examples, focusing on books that reveal the character of our country as much as they do the style of our houses." Filled with over 600 examples, this thoroughly researched volume is a significant contribution to the study of American domestic architecture and the influence of published architectural designs on America's homes. (19170)    $60.00          
Playing Soldier:  
The Books and Toys that Prepared Children for War, 1871-1918
Cheek, Richard                    
[Books about Books]. Cheek, Richard. Playing Soldier: The Books and Toys that Prepared Children for War, 1871-1918. New York: Grolier Club, 2018. First edition. Quarto, pp. 471, indexed, illustrated with over 1,200 color photographs.  Cloth over Boards. New in new dust jacket.  
This book was published to accompany the exhibition "Playing Soldier" that was on display at the Grolier Club in New York City in the fall of 2018. If you enjoyed Cheek's 2013 book "Selling the Dwelling," you're going to want to explore this one too. Cheek's obvious bibliomania and interest in the graphic arts of World War I and II led him to military children's books, magazines, posters, postcards, trade cards, and other forms of printed ephemera that connected youth to military life or wartime circumstances. A unique cultural, historic overview of Europe and the United States leading up to WWI. A visual feast and engrossing reading. (19305)    $70.00          

From the Old House Journal library
The Forgotten Rebel:  
Gustav Stickley and His Craftsman Mission Furniture    
Freeman, John Crosby                         
[Furniture]. Freeman, John Crosby. The Forgotten Rebel: Gustav Stickley and His Craftsman Mission Furniture. Watkins Glen, NY: Century House, 1966. Limited edition, #701, signed. Octavo, pp. 112, indexed, illustrated in b/w, signed by author. Original Cloth. Very good; mild ex-library.  
Excellent, early study, by a noted Pennsylvania expert/scholar:  his Winterthur thesis in its signed/limited edition! (19288)    $25.00  
The Art of Stephen Huneck    
Beach, Laura                         
[Art]. Beach, Laura. The Art of Stephen Huneck. New York: Harry N. Abrams, 2004. First edition. Quarto, pp. 224, indexed, illustrated with over 200 color photographs. Cloth over Boards. As New in Fine DJ.  
This beautiful book, the first to survey the career of Stephen Huneck, offers an amazing window into the charming world of this beloved contemporary artist. He draws on the tradition of New England folk art, and this book features the dogs and cats that propelled his art to fame. This profusely illustrated volume is a welcome and rich resource for fans and collectors, history buffs, and those interested in Americana. (19301)    $15.00    
Arts & Crafts Style   
Anscombe, Isabelle                        
[Arts & Crafts Style]. Anscombe, Isabelle. Arts & Crafts Style. Oxford: Phaidon Press Ltd, 1991. First edition. Quarto, pp 232. Illustrated with b/w and color photographs. Cloth over Boards. As New in Fine DJ.  
The Arts and Crafts movement flowered in the 1870s and 80s as a reaction to the decorative excesses of the mid-19th century. At its heart was a search for a return to simplicity, quiet beauty and honesty of construction. This book is a richly illustrated survey of this revolution in aesthetic taste, which draws together its many different strands and looks in particular at how the style was interpreted internationally, throughout Europe and America. (19281)    $25.00  
Toward a Simpler Way of Life    
Winter, Robert (Editor)                         
[California]. Winter, Robert (Editor). Toward a Simpler Way of Life The Arts & Crafts Architects of California. Berkeley, CA: University of California Press, 1997. First edition. Quarto, pp.310, indexed, richly illustrated in b/w photos and drawings. Cloth over Boards. As New in Fine DJ.  
This book celebrates one of the richest and most enduring themes in American architecture - California's Arts and Crafts Movement. If only one word is used to describe virtually every Arts and Crafts house in California, that word is "woodsy": wood shingles outside, wood paneling inside, a wood fire burning in the homey, welcoming fireplace. Most chapters in this impressive and very readable book focus on one building by a particular architect or designer and illustrate that person's development and influences. Familiar architects such as Bernard Maybeck, Charles and Henry Greene, John Galen Howard, and Julia Morgan are here, but so too are less well-known names who were a vibrant part of the Arts and Crafts Movement. The book's contributors also give attention to the builders, contractors, and craftsmen whose skills contributed to the lasting impact of the California Arts and Crafts Movement. Superb illustrations provide examples of elevations, composition details, interior fixtures, and gardens, all designed to promote the "simple living and high thinking" of the Craftsman style, an esthetic that continues to influence architecture today. (19284)    $25.00   
Texas Log Buildings     
Jordan, Terry G.                          
[Texas]. Jordan, Terry G. Texas Log Buildings A Folk Architecture. Austin, TX: University of Texas Press, 1978. First edition. Small quarto, pp. 230, indexed, illustrated with b/w drawings and photographs. Cloth over Boards. Very Good in tattered DJ; mild ex-library.  
Once too numerous to attract attention, the log buildings of Texas now stand out for their simple beauty. The log houses, stores, inns, churches, schools, jails and barns that were so common at one time will soon be too few to permit meaningful research. This book preserves a legacy of folk architecture that might otherwise have been lost. (19289)    $20.00    
Main Street: The Face of Urban America     
Rifkind, Carole                          
[American]. Rifkind, Carole. Main Street: The Face of Urban America. New York: Harper & Row, 1977. First edition. Small quarto, pp. xiii, 267, indexed, richly illustrated w/ b/w photographs. Paperback. Very Good in very good DJ; mild ex-library, small closed tear on back of DJ.  
This book documents the development of urban America, from 1850 to the late 1970s. Vintage photographs capture moments of the American environment as it once existed, and modern photographs illustrate how neighborhoods have been modified for contemporary uses. A vivid profile of growth and change, of architecture and building styles, of life, activity and commerce. (19283)    $20.00   
Signature Architects of the San Francisco Bay Area      
Weinstein, Dave                          
[California]. Weinstein, Dave. Signature Architects of the San Francisco Bay Area. Layton, UT: Gibbs Smith, 2006. First edition. Small quarto, pp.144, richly illustrated with color photographs. Cloth over Boards. As New in Fine DJ; mild ex-library.  
When talk turns to architects who have made their mark in the San Francisco Bay Area, it often stops after two names-Bernard Maybeck and Julia Morgan. Widely admired, they are the stuff of legend. In a new book on the "signature" styles of Bay Area architecture, author and architecture critic Dave Weinstein takes aim at some of the most important yet lesser-known Bay Area architects-in other words, everyone else. What began as an outgrowth of articles he had written for the San Francisco Chronicle about preserving historic buildings is now a definitive work on the architecture of an area that is unlike any other. The fifteen architects profiled here were chosen not because they are the best the area has produced (though several are) but because their stories, taken together, provide a solid history of Bay Area residential architecture. (19285)    $25.00
Los Angeles: The End of the Rainbow       
Ovnick, Merry                           
[California]. Ovnick, Merry. Los Angeles: The End of the Rainbow. Los Angeles, CA: Balcony Press, 1994. Second Printing. Octavo, pp. 384, indexed, richly illustrated with b/w photographs. Original Wraps. Very good in near fine dust jacket; mild ex-library.

A thoughtful, informed account of how images of homes and lifestyles have attracted newcomers whose own values and expectations react with realities to produce newer images attracting ever more waves of immigrants, all contributing to the domestic architecture of Los Angeles. This project is the archaeology of the city's dreams. When you step across the threshold of many Los Angeles homes, you are stepping into one of those dreams, and you need to know what you are looking at. The author shows you what to look for in this delightful and informative book. (19293)    $25.00  
Thonet Bentwood & Other Furniture:
The 1904 Illustrated Catalogue (reprint)       
Thonet Co., Vienna                           
[Furniture]. Thonet Co. Thonet Bentwood & Other Furniture : The 1904 Illustrated Catalogue, With the 1905/6 and 1907 Supplements and Price Lists in German and English. New York: Dover Publications, 1980. Dover reprint. Quarto, pp. ix, 154, with approximately 1700 b/w illustrations of bentwood furniture. Oversized Paperback. Very Good; mild ex-library.  
In 1830, a German cabinetmaker named Michael Thonet first began experimenting with the process of bending wood to form various chair parts - back rails, arms, legs, etc. By 1836, he had perfected a method of soaking stacks of thin veneer in hot glue to render the wood pliable enough to be molded into bent forms. Thonet's designs were lightweight, inexpensive and sturdy, and soon became the classic chair associated with European cafes. This book is an unabridged reprint of one of the firm's rarest and finest catalogs, and it is invaluable in identifying and authenticating vintage Thonet bentwood. A wonderful piece, snatched from oblivion! (19287)    $25.00  
Victorian Decorative Art     
Blumin, Leonard                          
[Hardware]. Blumin, Leonard. Victorian Decorative Art A Photographic Study of Ornamental Design in Antique Doorknobs. Mill Valley, CA: Victorian Design Press, 1983. First edition. 12 mo (5 1/2 X 8 1/2), pp. 118 (text), bibliography, over 200 photographic illustrations with explanatory text for each item in the calligraphic hand of Renee Locks.  Paperback. Very Good; mild ex-library.  
The author traces the history of the hardware industry in the United States between 1870 and 1910, and examines many products of the hardware firms active in that period. He tries to sort out who made each design, what it was named, when it was made, and what style or "school" of design it belongs to. A very scarce title and a good source of decorative hardware information. (19286)    $25.00  
The 1912 Quaint Furniture Catalog (reprint)      
Stickley Brothers Company, Grand Rapids, MI                           
[Furniture]. Stickley Brothers Company. The 1912 Quaint Furniture Catalog (reprint). Parchment, MI: The Parchment Press, 1993. First edition. Quarto, pp. xii, 83, illustrated with b/w photographs. Includes its companion piece, an 18-page 1993-1994 price guide for the furniture in the Quaint catalog. Original Wraps. Near Fine in Wraps.  
This reprint of the 1912 Quaint Furniture catalog helps to fill a gap in our knowledge of the Stickley Brothers Company and permits a greater appreciation of its mature work in the Arts and Crafts style. (19291)    $25.00  
Bricks and Brick-Making      
Gurcke, Karl                           
[Brick]. Gurcke, Karl. Bricks and Brick-Making A Handbook for Historical Archaeology. Moscow, Idaho: University of Idaho, 1987. First edition. Octavo, pp. 326, indexed, illustrated w/ b/w photographs. Original Wraps. Very Good; mild ex-library.  
Although historical archaeologists have studied many different classes of artifacts, they have largely neglected bricks, which are often found in abundance at historical sites. The purpose of this study is to provide the information necessary for proper interpretation of kiln-fired clay bricks found at archaeological sites. Much of the emphasis has been placed on manufacturing techniques and the traces these processes leave behind. Brand names or trademarks found on some bricks have also been researched. This has led to the surprising conclusion that during the 19th century, large quantities of firebricks into the Pacific Northwest came from England and Scotland! (19290)    $35.00
Modern Masonry       
Building Research Institute, Washington, DC                            
[Masonry]. Building Research Institute. Modern Masonry Natural Stone and Clay Products; Publication 466. Washington DC: Building Research Institute, 1956. First edition. Small quarto, pp. vi, 163, illustrated with b/w photographs. Original Wraps rebound in boards with cloth spine. Very good; ex-library.  
These are the edited papers and discussions of a research correlation conference on natural stone and clay products conducted by the Building Research Institute in Washington, DC, on September 19 and 20, 1956. The papers are organized into five sections: architectural design; technology of building with masonry; research and new technical developments; costs and maintenance; and building type analysis. A discussion concludes each section. The closing remarks and a list of those who attended the conference is also included. (19294)    $50.00  
The Art and Business of Interior Decoration     
Herts, B. Russell                          
[Interiors]. Herts, B. Russell. The Art and Business of Interior Decoration. Boston: Small, Maynard & Company, 1922. First edition. Octavo, pp. xiv, 134, illustrated with over 50 b/w photo plates. Original Cloth w/gilt title. Very Good, ex-library; plastic cover protector taped to inside cover.  
This book is organized into two sections. The first section is an introduction to the interior decorator's duties and interactions with clients, architects and tradesmen. The second section is devoted to certain specific problems of decoration, and suggestions for how to handle them. An important book that has been reprinted many times, but hard to find in its first edition. (19292)    $35.00  
Peter Harrison:  First American Architect    
Bridenbaugh, Carl                         
[Architectural Monograph]. Bridenbaugh, Carl. Peter Harrison:  First American Architect. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 1949. First edition. Quarto.  pp. xvi, 195.  Illustrated with 41 images.  A - E Appendices, Indexed. Original publisher's blue cloth. Very good, mild ex-library copy.  
One of the first  (1949) of the post war assessments of American nineteenth architecture.  The appendices give interesting source material about Harrison (the contents of his personal library, including his architecture books; his estate's inventory, etc.  An important study, the first of many of its type. (19282)    $25.00  
The Architecture of Additions: Design and Regulation    
Byard, Paul Spencer                          
[Architecture]. Byard, Paul Spencer. The Architecture of Additions: Design and Regulation. New York: W. W. Norton & Company, 1998. First edition. Small quarto, pp. 191, indexed, illustrated with b/w photos & drawings. Cloth over Boards. As New in Fine DJ; mild ex-library.  
This book examines the impact of new building on important existing architecture - from the masterly succession at St. Peter's Church in Rome to Penn Central's proposal for Grand Central Terminal to the Louvre Pyramid and the Studio National at Le Fresnoy, with emphasis on the contributions of modernism and the problems and possibilities of its successors. The author, an architect and lawyer, looks at more than 60 additions, built and unbuilt, for criteria to help protect the public interest in great buildings. (19295)    $20.00  

Two issues of The Western Architect magazine -  
Jan 1926 and Oct 1929
McLean, Robert Craik (Editor)                       
[Western US]. McLean, Robert Craik (Editor). Two issues of The Western Architect magazine - Jan 1926 and Oct 1929. Minneapolis, MN: Western Architect Publishing Co., 1926 and 1929. First edition. Quarto, pp 46, pp 48. Illustrated with b/w photographs, architectural drawings, and plans.  Original Stock Wraps. Very Good.  
Two very scarce issues of this periodical, from the era when Robert Craik McLean was its editor. McLean founded the "Inland Architect" in 1883, and edited its successor, "The Western Architect", for many years. He was one of the founders of the Western Society of Architects and of the Chicago Architectural Club. He knew most of the well known architects of his time personally, and so could write authoritatively about their work and the developments he observed in American architecture, particularly in the mid-west and west. The 1926 issue covers Chicago Union Station in detail (including 16 plates), James Gookin's plan for Chicago's reconstruction, and more. The 1929 issue covers the Boston Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church of Tulsa, Oklahoma; Seminary of our Lady of the Lake in Cleveland, Ohio; Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Minneapolis, and more. The period advertisements are very attractive, too. (19279)    $120.00  
Jacob Weidenmann: Pioneer Landscape Architect
Favretti, Rudy J.                      
[Architectural Monograph]. Favretti, Rudy J. Jacob Weidenmann: Pioneer Landscape Architect. Hartford, CT: Cedar Hill Cemetery Foundation, 2007. First edition. Quarto, pp. 192, illustrated 24 color illustrations, 22 duotones, and 10 b/w plans and sketches. Mild ex-library markings. Cloth over Boards. Very good in very good dust jacket.  
This volume presents an account of Weidenmann's life (1829-1893) with particular emphasis on his distinguished career. His practice began in New York and the surrounding region immediately after his migration from Switzerland in 1856. Two of his grandest projects remain in Hartford, Connecticut - Bushnell Park and Cedar Hill Cemetery - both still faithful to his plan and still in use. The Grand Stair Plaza, at the Iowa State Capitol in Des Moines, stands as a monument to his work in the Midwest. Weidenmann's nineteen year alliance with Frederick Law Olmsted is carefully recorded, as are his own private commissions and numerous writings. Each commission is brought to life with client anecdotes, and most are well illustrated with plans, sketches, and drawings. (19255)    $35.00   
Photogrammetric Recording of Cultural Resources
Borchers, Perry E.                       
[Conservation]. Borchers, Perry E. Photogrammetric Recording of Cultural Resources. Washington DC: Office of Archaeology and Historic Preservation, National Park Service, 1977. First edition. Quarto, pp. 38, bibliography, illustrated with b/w photos and drawings. Staplebound Wraps. As New.  
Photogrammetry is the science of measuring by means of photography. It is an efficient and quick method for recording structures before demolition or restoration. This report was prepared for federal agencies and state and local governments, and disseminated information concerning professional methods and techniques for preserving, improving, restoring and maintaining historic properties. Examples in the text include the Lemon Building in Washington DC; the Pueblo of Tesuque; and Trinity Church in New York City, among others. (19311)    $65.00   
Saylor, Henry H.                       
[Architecture]. Saylor Henry H. Bungalows Their Design, Construction and Furnishing, with Suggestions Also for Camps, Summer Homes and Cottages of Similar Character, Illustrated by Photographs and Plans. New York: McBride, Winston & Co., 1911. First edition. Quarto, pp 173. Illustrated profusely with b/w photographs and plans. A 1912 gift inscription in pencil on title page. A previous owner signed the inside of the front cover in ink in 1966. Original Cloth over Boards, brown,  w/embossed design & lettering. Very good.  
A wonderful and scarce first edition of this volume describing the history and characteristics of the American bungalow from the Haynes houses to bungalow communities in Southern California to Mid-western and Eastern styles. There are separate chapters on the foundation systems, building materials, interior finishes, lighting, furnishing, and more. (19277)    $110.00 
Rural Architecture
Allen, Lewis F.                        
[Architectural History]. Allen, Lewis F. Rural Architecture: Being a Complete Description of Farm Houses, Cottages, and Out Buildings comprising Wood Houses, Workshops, Tool Houses, Carriage and Wagon Houses, Stables, Smoke and Ash Houses, Ice Houses, Apiary or Bee House, Poultry Houses, Rabbitry, Dovecote, Piggery, Barns and Sheds for Cattle, &c, &c, &c, together with Lawns, Pleasure Grounds and Parks; The Flower, Fruit and Vegetable Garden.  Also, Useful and Ornamental Domestic Animals for the Country Resident, &c. &c., &c. Also, the Best Method of Conducting Water into Cattle Yards and Houses. New York: Saxton, 1852. First edition. Small octavo, pp. xv, 384 plus 10-page publisher's catalog bound in; illustrated w/ b/w engravings and plans. Signed by the publisher on front end paper. Cloth over Boards, heavy wear. Good; water staining, small splits at the hinges.  
A scarce and sought after book covering rural building needs and practices comprehensively, and w/ fine illustrations. Most of the designs are after the style of Downing, referred to as the Bracketed Mode. From the library of Old House Journal. (19278)    $85.00  

Pattern Books
The Model Architect
Sloan, Samuel                      
[Pattern Book]. Sloan, Samuel. The Model Architect containing original designs for cottages, villas, suburban residences, etc. accompanied by explanations, specifications, estimates, and elaborate details prepared expressly for the use of projectors and artisans throughout the United States. Philadelphia, PA: E. S. Jones & Co., January 1852. Original edition. Folio, pp. 16, illustrated with b/w drawings. Period advertisements inside front and rear cover.  Paperback journal. Fair; heavy water stains, bent and broken page corners, foxing; cover detached.  
Sloan's architectural books are always a visual treat for the fan of Victorian architecture, and this oversized magazine showcases three of his popular designs: two cottages and a villa. The text includes floor plans for each design, and detail drawings for the architectural embellishments. (19265)    $200.00   
Detail, Cottage and Constructive Architecture
Bicknell, A. J.                        
[Pattern Books]. Bicknell, A. J. Detail, Cottage and Constructive Architecture. New York: A.J. Bicknell, 1873. First edition. Large Quarto (11 x 14), contains 75 large lithographic plates "showing a great variety of designs for cornices, brackets, windows, window caps, doors, piazzas, porches, bay and dormer windows, observatories, towers, chimney tops, balconies, canopies, scrolls, gable and sawed ornaments, fences, stairs, newels, architraves, mantels, plaster finish, etc., etc." 45 perspectives, elevations and plans of modern designs, 18 elevations of summer houses, villas, sea-side cottages and country houses, 14 designs for street and store fronts, with inside finish for stores and banks. Original Brown Decorated Cloth. Fair; heavy cover wear, loose hinge, missing title page.  
Acceptable copy of an important and scarce title, covering full range of architectural details and design. (19307)    $200.00  
Shoppell's Modern Houses, No. 74
Shoppell, R. W.                       
[Pattern Book]. Shoppell, R. W. Shoppell's Modern Houses, No. 74. New York: The Co-Operative Building Plan Assoc., 1902. First edition. Folio 11 1/2" x 14 1/2, pp. 52 with b/w perspective drawings and floor plans. Trade advertisements throughout.  Decorated Wraps. Good w/heavy wear & tearing along edges.  
A beautiful collection of Victorian and turn of the century homes, profusely illustrated with perspective drawings of the homes, and trade advertisements for building products. (19306)    $125.00 
Hoosier Kitchen Plan Book
Hoosier Manufacturing Co., Newcastle, IN                    
[Pattern Book]. Hoosier Manufacturing Co. Hoosier Kitchen Plan Book. Newcastle, IN: American Society for Better Housing, Inc., nd c. 1922. First edition. Small quarto, pp 31. Illustrated with b/w drawings and photographs. Staplebound Wraps. Very good; some soiling and foxing on cover.  
In order to create a fund of information as to what constitutes a well-ordered kitchen, and to enlist the best thought in the country on the subject of proper kitchen planning, the Hoosier Manufacturing Company offered prizes for the best plans for a small-family model kitchen. Over 300 architects submitted plans to the competition, and the plans printed in this publication are the plans deemed most economical and at the same time pleasing in appearance. (19297)    $70.00          
Dencroft Portable Buildings
Dencroft Ltd, Yorkshire, England                   
[Pattern Book]. Dencroft Ltd. Dencroft Portable Buildings. Yorkshire: Dencroft Ltd, nd ca 1940. First edition. Oblong small quarto, pp 20. Illustrated with b/w and color drawings. Staplebound Wraps. Very good.  
Dencroft offered steel-framed buildings with walls made of corrugated asbestos, aluminum alloy, timber, glass, or steel, with windows, doors, and shelving.  People used them as garages, greenhouses, or general storage. The catalog also offered several kinds of ornamental gates. A separate 10-page price list with dimensions of all the buildings is included. A rare view into mid-century English portable buildings. (19270)    $75.00         
Gordon-Van Tine Homes
Gordon-Van Tine Co., Davenport, IA                    
[Pattern Book]. Gordon-Van Tine Co. Gordon-Van Tine Homes. Davenport, IA: Gordon-Van Tine Co., 1926. First edition. Octavo, pp. 142, illustrated with plans and b/w drawings. Order form laid in. Original Color Pictorial Wraps. Very good.  
A beautiful and scarce edition of this home plan catalog from Gordon-Van Tine, gorgeously illustrated. Includes line drawings and photos of houses and plans, with a beautiful color section on interiors and articles on how to build. With plans for garages, cottages, homes of various sizes, as well as heating systems, baths, stairways, lighting, etc. A real gem. (19272)    $110.00        
The Country Life Book of Small Houses
Smithells, Roger (Editor)                      
[Pattern Book]. Smithells, Roger (Editor). The Country Life Book of Small Houses. London: Country Life, Ltd., 1939. First edition. Quarto. pp. 92, with period advertisements bound in. Richly illustrated with b/w photos and floor plans.  Cloth over Boards. Very good in tattered, tape-repaired dust jacket.  
Very good source book on small homes in the 1930s. A remarkable and interesting book on the subject, written by the editor of England's Country Living, a highly regarded expert on many subjects. (19298)    $75.00   

Modern Homes
Sears, Roebuck & Co., Chicago, IL                     
[Pattern Book]. Sears, Roebuck & Co. Modern Homes. Chicago: Sears, Roebuck & Co., 1936. First edition. Quarto, pp. 64. Thoroughly illustrated with b/w photos. Includes cover letter and order forms. Staplebound Wraps. Good; cover detached, some closed tears; 2" scrape on back cover.  
A wonderful pattern book from the days when Sears sold affordable kit houses. Features a beautiful color cover. From a great period in U.S. home building, showing a variety of popular home styles and floor plans. (19273)    $85.00  
Duncan, Kenneth F.                      
[Pattern Book]. Duncan, Kenneth F. Homes. New York: American Society for Better Housing, Inc., 1936. First edition. Quarto, pp 110. b/w perspective rendering and floor plans on each page. Trade advertisements in the back. Decorated Wraps, teal. Very good.  
Homes include those designed by architects Harvey Stevenson, Randolph Evans, William Platta, Wesley Bessell, and Henry Chapman, among others. The center pages offer standard specifications for residential construction. (19296)    $80.00  
Plans of Modern Homes, Number 307
Chicago Millwork Supply Company, Chicago, IL                     
[Pattern Book]. Chicago Millwork Supply Company. Plans of Modern Homes, Number 307. Chicago, IL: Chicago Millwork Supply Co., 1913. First edition. Oblong quarto, pp 60. b/w illustrations and floor plans on each page, for homes, garages, cottages, and barns.  Decorated Stock Wraps. Good; cover detached with some small open tears.  
One of the largest mill work supply companies in the Midwest, also designed and produced materials for homes in the early 1900's. Framing materials, girders, posts, joists, sheathing, boards, building paper, flooring, siding, windows, doors, finishing materials, stairs, cabinetry, etc, were all supplied by this one company! This pattern book features floor plans, but also has a few pages devoted to its building supply trade. (19274)    $110.00 
Summer Living
Fredonia Builders Supply Co., Inc., Fredonia, NY                       
[Pattern Book]. Fredonia Builders Supply Co., Inc. Summer Living. Fredonia, NY: Fredonia Builders Supply Co., Inc,, 1947. First edition. Oblong quarto, pp 32, indexed. Illustrated with spot color b/w perspective drawings and floor plans. Staplebound Wraps. Very good; cover soiled.  
Who doesn't dream of having a summer home? These cottages, log cabins, boat houses, tourist cabins, and piers are attractive and economical. They also offered plans to build a garden seat, outdoor grill, rustic bridge, picnic table, lawn chair, minnow live-box, and a diving raft. Another aspect of the post-WWII building boom. (19299)    $75.00   
Home Builders Book of Low Cost Homes
Brown-Blodgett, Inc., St. Paul, MN                       
[Pattern Book]. Brown-Blodgett, Inc. Home Builders Book of Low Cost Homes Containing 36 Designs of Low-Cost Houses; Two-Story Houses, One-Story Houses and Bungalows. St. Paul, MN: Brown-Blodgett, Inc., 1947. Original edition. Quarto, pp 32, indexed. Illustrated with b/w photographs and floor plans on each page.  Staplebound Wraps. Very good.  
This publication urged the reader to choose owning a home, and creating wealth, over renting a home. The designs in this book were selected to be starter homes of modest cost. A nicely illustrated book of attractive, early post-war home plans. (19300)    $65.00   
How to Plan, Finance and Build Your Home
The Architects' Small House Service Bureau, Denver, CO                        
[Architecture]. The Architects' Small House Service Bureau. How to Plan, Finance and Build Your Home. Denver, CO: The Architects' Small House Service Bureau, 1922. First edition. Folio (10 1/2 X 15 1/2), pp. 86 plus 36-page advertising section bound in; illustrated with b/w perspective drawings and house plans. Previous owner signed front end paper. Decorated boards with cloth spine. Very Good; cover has moderate corner and edge wear.  
For those who wanted a small, economical home, hiring an architect was considered a luxury. Plan books prepared by architects were always in demand, because they allowed someone on a strict budget to choose a home of class and character at a very small cost. The drawings are just lovely. Very scarce title.  (19308)    $95.00  
Chicago Tribune Book of Homes
Bargelt, Louise, Editor, Chicago Tribune                        
[Pattern Book]. Bargelt, Louise, Editor, Chicago Tribune. Chicago Tribune Book of Homes Containing nineteen prize winning plans and eighty other plans  submitted in the $7,500 Competition conducted by the Home Builders' Department of the Chicago Tribune. Chicago: Chicago Tribune, 1927. First edition. Quarto, pp. 110, illustrated with b/w perspective drawings and floor plans. Former owner stamped front end paper with his name. Decorated boards with cloth spine. Very Good; sunning and edgewear to cover.  
This book contains a variety of styles popular in the 1920s: New England Colonial; Southern Colonial; English cottage; ornate French; Italian; and Spanish. Nice copy of a scarce item. (19309)    $60.00  

Construction Materials & Methods
Lumber, Doors, Windows and Hardware
J. C. Robinson, St. George, ME                    
[Doors]. J. C. Robinson. Lumber, Doors, Windows and Hardware Roofing, Insulation Board and Cement Masons' Supplies, Building Materials. St. George, ME: Kelmscott Press, January, 1939. Octavo, pp. 152, illustrated with b/w drawings and photographs. Some pencil marks on cover and in text block. Spiralbound wraps. Very good.  
A comprehensive trade catalog containing blinds and shutters; frames; screens; windows; cabinets; doors, exterior and interior; louvres; mantels; porch and stair materials; windows, and more. (19254)    $75.00          
Dealer's Catalog Number 101  
Iroquois-Millwork Corporation, Albany, NY                     
[Millwork]. Iroquois-Millwork Corporation. Iroquois-Morgan Woodwork: Dealers' Catalog Number 101, 1940. Albany, NY: Iroquois Millwork Corp., 1940. First printing. Quarto, pp. 168. b/w detailed renderings, exterior elevations, construction details and interior perspectives. Trade paperback w/illustrated covers. Very Good.  
Illustrations of entries, doors, sashes, mouldings, columns, railings, stairs, fireplaces and cabinetry. This has an extensive collection of architectural millwork items, wonderful for contractors, architects and home owners (17768)    $50.00

Dealer's Catalog Number 102 
Iroquois-Millwork Corporation, Albany, NY                     
[Millwork]. Iroquois-Millwork Corporation. Iroquois-Morgan Woodwork: Dealers' Catalog Number 102. Albany, NY: Iroquois Door Corp., 1942. Original edition. Quarto, pp. 166, indexed. b/w detailed renderings, exterior elevations, construction details and interior perspectives. Trade paperback w/illustrated covers; spiral bound. Good; cover chipping at edges, spine cocked.  
A very extensive catalog with illustrations of entrances, exterior and interior doors, frames, window units, blinds and shutters, mouldings and trim, porch materials, stair parts, and kitchen cabinetry. One of the best millwork catalogs we've seen! (17769)    $65.00
Price List: February 10th, 1897
A. Teachout & Company                        
[Doors]. A. Teachout & Company. Price List: February 10th, 1897 Wholesale Dealers in Doors, Sash, Glazed Windows, Glass, Blinds, Mouldings, Balusters, Newel Posts, Etc.; Hardwood Mantels a Specialty. Cleveland, OH: O. S. Hubbell Printing Company, February 10, 1897. First edition. 16mo, pp. 84, illustrated with blue engravings and drawings. Some pencil inscriptions. Business card for Thomas & Young of Cleveland, manufacturers of hardwood interiors and office fixtures, laid in. Original Wraps; hole punched in top left corner with string loop for hanging. Very good; small portion of spine torn away; some soiling.  
A comprehensive trade catalog with tabbed pages for easy browsing. Most of the catalog is devoted to windows, doors and sashes, but other items include blinds, stair work, porch work, gable brackets, interior moulding, and shingles. Scarce; we've never had a catalog from this company before. (19256)    $65.00     
Austral Windows, Wardrobes, Folding Partitions
Austral Sales Corp., New York, NY                       
[Windows]. Austral Sales Corp. Austral Windows, Wardrobes, Folding Partitions Catalog Number Thirty. New York: Austral Sales Corp., nd. c. 1935. First edition. Quarto, pp. 125, illustrated with b/w specification drawings and photographs. Previous owner signed the cover in pencil. District representative stamped front end paper. University of the State of New York, State Education Department, Rules of Cubage  (typed manuscript) laid in. Staplebound wraps. Very good.  
Austral's product line is introduced, with some specification drawings and photographs to illustrate the descriptions. Most of the catalog is devoted to exterior photographs of schools that used Austral's products, from New England to Japan. (19257)    $60.00     
Ambler Asbestos Price List
Asbestos Shingle, Slate And Sheathing Co., Ambler, PA                        
[Roofing]. Asbestos Shingle, Slate And Sheathing Co. Ambler Asbestos Price List Made by Asbestos Shingle, Slate And Sheathing Company; A. I. A. File 12 f 1. Ambler, PA: Asbestos Shingle, Slate And Sheathing Co., 1927. First edition. Octavo, pp. 40, illustrated with color and b/w drawings and photographs. Staplebound Wraps. Very Good.  
Includes directions for several different methods of installation of roofing shingles, such as honeycomb, straight laid, and French diagonal. Samples of the colors are printed in the text, and several exterior photographs of buildings with Ambler products are included to showcase the quality of the building materials, including an interior view of the Bureau of Power and Light for Los Angeles. A fascinating window into early 20th-century use of asbestos. (19261)    $65.00     
Concrete: Its Use in Building
Potter, Thomas                        
[Concrete & Cement]. Potter, Thomas. Concrete: Its Use in Building and the construction of concrete walls, floors, etc. London: E. & F. N. Spon, 1877. Original edition. Small octavo, pp. xvi, 193, indexed, includes publisher's advertising section. Two pull-out, folding illustrations, and some b/w drawings. Cloth over Boards. Very good; water stain on spine, some foxing in text block.  
A comprehensive examination of the use of concrete in building, from directions on how to make concrete, to floor construction, concrete-mixing machinery, cost, disadvantages, roofs, and external treatment of concrete buildings. (19260)    $85.00     
Factories and Warehouses of Concrete
Association of American Portland Cement Manufacturers, Philadelphia, PA 
[Concrete]. Association of American Portland Cement Manufacturers. Factories and Warehouses of Concrete. Philadelphia, PA: Association of American Portland Cement Manufacturers, 1911. First edition. Octavo, pp. 223, indexed. Illustrated with b/w photographs. Previous owners have left a personalized impression and an address sticker inside the front cover and on the front end paper. Original Wraps. Very good.  
This book presents examples of factories and warehouses of reinforced concrete construction for those intending to build industrial buildings, and gives important facts concerning these buildings, with the intention to increase the number of reinforced concrete buildings and thus improve building construction in the United States. The book is arranged in groups of four pages. On the first of the four pages is a typical example of a building, and on the second page follows a description, giving facts of interest. On the third page appears an interior view together with a letter from the owner of the building. On the fourth page is a group of photographs of buildings used for similar purposes. These four page units are arranged in alphabetical order by the industries they represent. The last four pages of the book are devoted to showing the effect of fire on reinforced concrete buildings. (19276)    $110.00     
The Chemistry of Pottery 
Langenbeck, Karl                         
[Tiles and Pottery]. Langenbeck, Karl. The Chemistry of Pottery. Easton, PA: Chemical Publishing Co., 1895. First edition. 16mo, pp. vi, 197, illustrated with b/w drawings, indexed, publisher's catalog bound in. Some pencil marks in the text block. Cloth over Boards; gilt lettering. Good; cover stained and warped by water; text block not affected.  
The author was superintendent of the Mosaic Tile Company in Zanesville, Ohio; former superintendent of Rookwood Pottery; and chemist of the American Encaustic Tiling Company. Pottery glazes, red ware, Rockingham and yellow ware, stoneware, Majolica, enameled tile, white enameled brick, terra cotta, and more are analyzed and tested. Scarce! We haven't offered a copy of this book before. (19262)    $55.00     
Glass For Every Industry  
Hires Turner Glass Company, Philadelphia, PA                          
[Glass]. Hires Turner Glass Company. Glass For Every Industry. Delhi, India: Franklin Printing Co., 2016/1919. Reprint. Small quarto, pp 170. b/w photographs, construction details, tables and charts, on every page. Color Decorated Boards w/Dust Jacket. New in New DJ.  
A detailed and extensive early catalog for a myriad of glass products from "lighthouse quality" glass to safety glass, commercial building windows, automobiles, plate glass mirrors, curved glass, x-ray glass, wire glass, and more. There are many historic photographs of commercial buildings, conservatories, hotels, residences, and other uses. This is a very good resource for preservationists, historians, builders, or architects. (17812)    $50.00      

Plastering Plain & Decorative
Millar, William                     
[Plastering]. Millar, William. Plastering Plain & Decorative A Practical Treatise on the Art & Craft of Plastering and Modelling. New York: Dodd, Mead, and Company, 1927. Fourth Edition, revised and enlarged. Quarto (9 x 11). pp. xiii, 347. 125 full page plates and 500 illustrations in the text.   With introductory chapter by G. T. Robinson. Appendices (standard plastering specifications), indexed.   Cloth over Boards. Good; small tear at backspine; soiled cover, discolored end papers; some foxing in text block.  
After all these years, still the industry standard and unsurpassed.  Of increasing scarcity, in any condition and edition; even the 20th century reprint is hard to find.  Any professional plasterer will confirm that it is the indispensable reference for the tradesman.  The most ambitious treatment of the subject, both historically and technically, beautifully illustrated and referenced.  Present copy is solidly bound, and ready for another 80 years of service. (19263)    $225.00
Lot of Terra Cotta Publications
National Terra Cotta Society                      
[Terra Cotta]. National Terra Cotta Society. Lot of Terra Cotta Publications. New York: National Terra Cotta Society, 1931. First edition. Clute: Quarto, pp. 8, illustrated with b/w photographs. Lockhardt: pp. 12, illustrated with b/w photographs and specification drawings. Plates: subset from "Terra Cotta Standard Construction" (plates 1, 3, 4, 12, 16, 17, 19, 20, 21, 22, 27). Staplebound Wraps and Individual Plates. Very good; some corner bends on the plates.  
This lot contains two reprints from 1931 related to terra cotta: "Using Terra-Cotta as Terra-Cotta" by Eugene Clute (reprinted from April 1931 issue of Architecture) and "Architectural Terra Cotta" by William F. Lockhardt (reprinted from January 1931 issue of General Building Contractor). Both articles are well illustrated. To round out the lot, we offer an incomplete set of the plates from "Terra Cotta Standard Construction." These can complete your set, or work well for framing. (19310)    $75.00

Metal and Hardware
Illustrated Catalog (No. 6) of the United States Supply Company
United States Supply Company, Omaha, NE                        
[Hardware]. United States Supply Company. Illustrated Catalog (No. 6) of the United States Supply Company Manufacturers and dealers in wind mills and pumps, tanks, feed mills, shellers and horse powers, and supplies for plumbers, steam and gas fitters, water and gas works, railroads and contractors. Omaha, NE: United States Supply Company, 1895. First edition. Small quarto, pp. xv, 424. Richly illustrated with b/w drawings, indexed. Book plate attached to inside front cover. Cloth over Boards, gilt lettering. Good; rear hinge partially detached, one signature loose.  
A scarce hardware catalog from a Nebraska company, featuring supplies that any farmer or contractor would find useful. From the library of preservationist Michael Lynch. (19268)    $125.00
Brown Brothers Catalog for 1881
Brown Brothers & Co., Providence, RI                         
[Hardware]. Brown Brothers & Co. Catalog for 1881 Successors to Butler, Brown & Co., manufacturers of Shaw's U. S. standard ring travelers, belt hooks, wire goods, etc., and dealers in supplies for cotton, woolen, silk, jute & flax mills. Providence, RI: Brown Brothers & Co., September 1881. First edition. Small octavo, pp.252. Richly illustrated with b/w drawings, indexed. Book plate attached to inside front cover. Cloth over Boards, gilt lettering. Good; water staining on cover, rear hinge starting to split.  
A variety of hardware, beautifully illustrated. From the library of preservationist Michael Lynch. (19269)    $75.00
Catalogue of Columbia Steel Roofing
The Columbia Roofing Company, Canton, OH                       
[Roofing]. The Columbia Roofing Company. Catalogue of Columbia Steel Roofing Pressed standing seam roofing; V crimped and three crimped roofing; corrugated roofing and siding; beaded siding and ceiling; steel weather boarding; sheet steel pressed brick; steel imitation rock-face brick; valleys, gutters, ridge roll; eave troughs, conductors, etc. Canton, OH: The Columbia Roofing Company, 1894. Original edition. 16mo, pp 64, illustrated with b/w drawings, indexed. Original Stock Wraps, dark brown. Very good.  
A scarce late 19th century trades publication of metal building products - very nicely illustrated. (19267)    $175.00
The Tinman's Manual and Builder's and Mechanic's Handbook
Butts, I. R.                        
[Metal]. Butts, I. R. The Tinman's Manual and Builder's and Mechanic's Handbook Designed for Tinmen, Japanners, Coppersmiths, Engineers, Mechanics, Builders, Millwrights, Smiths, Masons, Slaters, Plasterers, Painters, Glaziers, Pavers, Plumbers, Surveyors, Gaugers, &c., &c.; with Compositions and Receipts for other useful and important purposes in the Practical Arts. Boston: I. R. Butts and Co., 1860. First edition. Small octavo. pp 204, with publisher's sales list bound in. Illustrated with b/w diagrams. Publisher's original cloth over decorative boards.. Very good; pencil notation inside rear cover.  
An early American work on sheet metal fabrication. Chock full of  technical  trade information of the mid nineteenth century, with dozens of fascinating tables (weights of materials, strength and elasticity of the various woods, metals, etc), pages of receipts (secret trade tips) for painters, joiners, carpenters.  Quite an amazing title.  Very scarce. (19271)    $150.00

Brick, Stone, and Mining
Slate and its Uses
Genuine Bangor Slate Company, Inc., Easton, PA                      
[Slate]. Genuine Bangor Slate Company, Inc. Slate and its Uses A Handy Book of Information for all Interested in Building. Easton, PA: Genuine Bangor Slate Company, Inc., 1908. Third edition. Oblong small octavo, pp. 81, illustrated with b/w photographs. Original Wraps. Good; front cover detached.  
Building is a once-in-a-lifetime affair. You pay for only one foundation, one set of walls. Why buy half a dozen perishable roofs during the life of the building, when you can put on a Genuine Bangor slate roof that will outlive the building? This publication gave the persuasive argument for slate roofs, and illustrated their booklet with many beautiful buildings with slate roofs. (19259)    $150.00
Stone Magazine, December 1907
Hoyt, Frank W. (Editor)                      
[Stone]. Hoyt, Frank W. (Editor). Stone Magazine, December 1907 Vol. XXVIII Number 7. New York, NY: Frank A. Lent, December 1907. Original edition. Small quarto, pp. 48, illustrated with b/w photographs. Beautifully illustrated period advertisements. Paperback journal. Near Fine in Wraps.  
Hummelstown brownstone; largest single shaft of stone (quarried in Connecticut and shipped by rail); manufacture and quarrying of slate; classification of Carrara marble; carved stone at auction; volcanic ash cement; Arkansas granites: these are just some of the topics in this period magazine. (19264)    $70.00 

Paints and Finishes
Everybody's Paint Book
Gardner, F. B.                      
[Paint]. Gardner, F. B.  Everybody's Paint Book A Complete Buide to the Art of Outdoor and Indoor Painting, designed for the special use of those who wish to do their own work, and consisting of practical lessons in plain painting, varnishing, polishing, staining, paper-hanging, kalsomining, etc., as well as directions for renovating furniture, and hints on artistic work for home decoration, together with a full description of the tools and materials used. Precise directions are given for mixing paints for all purposes. New York: M. T. Richardson, 1888. First edition. 12 mo. pp iv, 186. illustrated with black-and-white plates. Glossary, index, publisher's ads. Publisher's pictoral cloth. Very Good.  
A very good treatment on the subject for the tradesman.  Amazingly practical, with hundreds of  tricks of the trade. (19258)    $60.00
Catalogue of Celebrated Whiting's Brushes No. 45
John L. Whiting, J.J. Adams, Boston, MA                        
[Paint]. John L. Whiting, J.J. Adams. Catalogue of Celebrated Whiting's Brushes No. 45. Boston, MA: John L. Whiting-J.J. Adams Co., 1910. First edition. 12 mo, pp 257. Color frontspiece and tiltle page. 11 pages of color photographs of brush products. b/w illustrations on each page. Red Cardboard Covers, w/gilt condition. Binding Good-, Pages in Good Condition.  
From the "largest brush factory in the world" this catalog features glaziers', graining, paint, varnish, radiator brushes and other tools, as well as paints, varnishes and glues. Handsomely illustrated, with trademarks, specifications and prices. There is also a section on artists' supplies. (17699)    $50.00
Exterior Decoration: Victorian Colors for Victorian Houses
Dornsife, Samuel J.                         
[Victorian]. Dornsife, Samuel J. Exterior Decoration: Victorian Colors for Victorian Houses A Treatise on the Artistic Use of Colors in the Ornamentation of Buildings and A Series of Designs, Illustrating the Effects of Different Combinations of Colors in Connection with Various Styles of Architecture. Philadelphia: Athenaeum of Philadelphia, 1976/1885. Republication. Oblong Folio, pp 95. 20 Color plates including a reproduction of an early paint card from 1871. Leatherette, black w/Dust Jacket. Very Good+ in Good DJ.  
A reprint by the Philadelphia Athenaeum of an iconic paint treatise by Dornsife in the 1880s. Color documentation is one of the most difficult problems facing the owner of a period house who wants to paint it authentically. The Athenaeum found color cards issued by manufacturers of ready-mixed paint, and used their information to create a 50-color paint chip chart tipped in. (19312)    $130.00