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Selected Titles for February 2020
Welcome to the February newsletter! Some months back, I sold a group of industrial images by Sidney Hurwitz to the Currier Museum in Manchester, NH. As partial payment, Sid invited me to his work studio in Boston to pick out a hand-colored engraving. I chose an image from Bethlehem, PA, shown displayed here. We are featuring a wonderful exhibit catalog of Sid's beautiful, evocative images of industrial architecture in this newsletter. 
Apropos of the Currier: they annouced the acquisition of a second Frank Lloyd Wright mid-century modern house, which will be open to the public in April. Link: 
We will be selling books at the Old House and Barn Expo in Manchester, NH on Saturday and Sunday, March 21-22, 2020. For more information about the expo, click here: 
This month's offerings feature a new shipment of the very popular cat ladder book, and a great assortment of building material and trade catalogs. 
Happy browsing!               Steven
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New Arrivals
Arcatecture - Swiss Cat Ladders
Schuster, Brigitte                       
[Ladders]. Schuster, Brigitte. Arcatecture - Swiss Cat Ladders. Basel, Bern, Switzerland: Christoph Merian Verlag, 2019. First edition. Octavo, pp. 320, more than 100 illustrations, mostly in color. Text in English and German. Color Pictorial Wraps. New.  
This is a book to bury yourself in, to look and learn. By using impressive photographs, Brigitte Schuster documents cat ladders in Bern. The book also features an essay on the function and richness of these fantastic devices. This lovingly designed book is aimed at people who are curious about ideas of culture and home, cat lovers and cat ladder designers. It shows simple wooden planks and scaffolding-like structures, spiral staircases and zigzag structures. It serves for finding inspiration for personal projects and reflects a world in which cats and people approach each other on their own paths. This special edition is limited to 1100 copies, available exclusively here! (19757)    $60.00              
Im Reich der Ideale [In the Realm of the Ideal]
Klinzmann, Gustav (Editor)                       
[Decorative Arts]. Klinzmann, Gustav (Editor). Im Reich der Ideale [In the Realm of the Ideal]. Bremen, Germany: Gustav Klinzmann, nd c. 1920. First edition. Quarto, pp. 40 full page plates plus 80 half-page plates of color and design samples. Text in German. Decorated Boards. Very good; rear cover flap detached.  
The author was interested in the use of color in interior design. This particular collection, which has an Art Deco vibe and absolutely brilliant color, featured spray painted artworks that demonstrated a new approach to interior color. A wonderful collection of designs for those interested in color. Very scarce; we've never seen this one before. (19870)    $450.00                 
Elizabethan Architecture and Ornament
Richardson, Charles J.                       
[Architectural History]. Richardson, Charles J. Elizabethan Architecture and Ornament. Boston, MA: G. H. Polley & Co., n.d. . Reprint. Folio, with 55 full page b/w plates. Decorated Boards. Good; cover has small stain and is heavily edgeworn; text block very good.  
Very uncommon. Beautiful, clearly-detailed plates of Elizabethan architectural ornamentation of all kinds from throughout England. Includes detailed work on fireplaces, staircases, entrance halls, ceilings, chimney pieces, etc. Some of the famous properties include Aston Hall, Charlton House, Crewe Hall, Burton Agness Hall, and more. (Note: "Crewe" is spelled correctly on the plates of Crewe Hall but incorrectly ("Crew") on the list of plates.  A gold mine of visual material. (19865)    $225.00               
Encyclopedie du Luminaire [Lighting Encyclopedia], 3 tomes
Henriot, Gabriel                       
[Architecture]. Henriot, Gabriel. Encyclopedie du Luminaire [Lighting Encyclopedia], 3 tomes Formes & decors apparentes depuis l'antiquite jusqu'a 1870 [shapes and decors learned from antiquity until 1870]. Paris: R. Panzani, nd c. 1900. First edition. Folio, portfolio format. One volume of three tomes (antiquity, Middle Ages, and Renaissance) of a two-volume, six-tome set. The three tomes contain 120 plates in total. Text in French. Decorated Boards. Very good; cloth ties broken.  
A profusely illustrated guide through several centuries of lighting design, from antiquity to the Renaissance, focusing on major stylistic trends that characterized each era. The author also compiled a similarly authoritative survey of modern lighting. (19845)    $200.00              
L'Architecture Civile en France aux XVIIe & XVIIIe Siecles en 6 volumes [Civil Architecture in France in the 17th and 18th centuries in six volumes]
Guerinet, Armand (Editor)                       
[Architecture]. Guerinet, Armand (Editor). L'Architecture Civile en France aux XVIIe & XVIIIe Siecles en 6 volumes [Civil Architecture in France in the 17th and 18th centuries in six volumes]. Paris: R. Panzani, nd c. 1900. First edition. Folio, portfolio format. Volume 1: interior decorations, 117 plates. Volume 2: interior decorations and furnishings, 57 plates. Volume 3: exteriors, 80 plates. Volume 4: exterior decorations, plates 81-153, minus plates 83 and 88. Volume 5: interior decorations, 58 plates. Volume 6: interior furniture, 98 plates. Text in French. Decorated Boards. Very good; all cloth ties intact, some minor chipping and closed tears to pages, does not affect plates.  
A profusely illustrated guide through the 17th and 18th centuries of French architecture, in unusually nice condition for unbound folios. Many examples of grand salons, billiards rooms, drawing rooms, reception halls, bedrooms, toilet rooms, etc. in buildings such as Elysee Palace, Chateau Chantilly, Palace of National Archives, Castle of Rambouillet, Castle of Dampierre, and Castle of Compigne. Exterior photographs include fountains, gates, facades, decorative sculptures, etc. A historically important census of these beautifully detailed buildings. (19856)    $300.00               
Blue Ridge Glass Samples in Wooden Case with 14 glass samples
Blue Ridge Glass Corporation, Kingsport, TN                        
[Glass]. Blue Ridge Glass Corporation. Blue Ridge Glass Samples in Wooden Case with 14 glass samples. Kingsport, TN: Blue Ridge Glass Corp., nd c. 1946. First edition. 7.5" x 6" x 4" Latched wooden case with 14 -  3" x 5" samples of frosted, embossed, and wire-embedded glass. Hardwood Case w/brass fittings, gilt lettering. Very good.  
A very uncommon boxed set of Blue Ridge Glass samples.They include Muralex, Industrex, Reglex, Florex, Pebblex, Luminex, Satinol, Velvex, and other trademarked products by this company. All are in excellent condition, and are labeled. A scarce and invaluable collection! (19842)    $200.00               
Goodyear No Scrub DeLuxe Flooring samples
Goodyear Company, Akron, OH                        
[Flooring]. Goodyear Company. Goodyear No Scrub DeLuxe Flooring samples. Akron, OH: Goodyear Company, nd ca 1950. Original edition. 3" x 5" x 3.75" Cardboard box with 49 3" x 5" samples, with style number and name printed on the back of each sample. Cardboard Box, aqua. Very Good.  
A beautiful set of vinyl flooring samples, housed in its original box, representing many attractive patterns and styles. The colors are soft and muted, and the samples are in excellent condition. A great reference piece for anyone who likes or works with vintage vinyl flooring. (19840)    $120.00             
English Interior Woodwork of the XVI, XVII & XVIIIth Centuries
Tanner, Henry Jr.                        
[Millwork]. Tanner, Henry Jr. English Interior Woodwork of the XVI, XVII & XVIIIth Centuries a series of the best and most characteristic examples of chimney pieces, panelling, staircases, doors, screens, etc. London: B.T. Batsford, 1902. First edition. Elephant Folio (13 X 17), pp. viii, 10. Fifty full plates of well rendered architectural detail drawings. Signed by several previous owners on front end paper. Cloth over Boards, maroon with gilt lettering. Good; professionally rebacked with original spine laid down, cloth cover heavily worn at corners, front cover has an open tear of the cloth; binding and interior very good.  
A study focusing on the wonderful joinery, cabinetry, doorways, cornices, and more in traditional woodwork. Indispensable for interior specialists in wood, architects, designers and builders. A very uncommon title. (19853)    $125.00

Mid-Century Modern
Windows in Modern Architecture        
Baker, Geoffrey and Funaro, Bruno
[Architectural History]. Baker, Geoffrey and Funaro, Bruno. Windows in Modern Architecture. New York: Reinhold, 1948. First edition. Quarto, pp. 144, indexed, illustrated with over 500 b/w drawings and photographs. Book plate from previous owner on front end paper. Cloth over Boards with comb binding. Very good in tattered dust jacket; 1" missing from spine of dust jacket, 2" open tear on back cover of dust jacket.  
A complete reference book on window design, ranging from solar heat to skylights, from picture windows to factory monitors, from daylight control to spring balances. A chapter on glass properties and types features Mississippi glass, glass block, and structural use of glass. More than half the pages are filled with photographs and annotated detail drawings of windows in existing buildings of every type. Each was selected from the work of the most forward-looking architects and engineers of the era. (19854)    $125.00
Small Commercial Buildings       
Snibbe, Richard W.    
[Architectural History]. Snibbe, Richard W. Small Commercial Buildings A pictorial collection of one hundred projects for small business built during the last fifteen years on four Continents, with a challenging Introduction, foreword by Pietro Belluschi and critical commentary of each design. New York: Reinhold, 1956. First edition. Quarto, pp. 136, indexed, illustrated with b/w drawings and photographs.  Cloth over Boards. Very Good in tattered and tape-repaired dust jacket.  
This is a pictorial selection of designs from the United States, South America, England, France, Germany, Sweden, and Italy. Almost all the examples shown, apartments, motels, shops, showrooms, banks, clinics, theatres, factories, offices, restaurants, service stations, etc., are accompanied by scaled drawings. This book is primarily directed to the layman as a guide; critical comment has been made for the express purpose of educating the layman to "see" - that is, to look around and ask questions of the owner or architect for the job.  It supplies an invaluable check list to the design of buildings which would be an asset to the community. (19838)    $100.00
TV Stations      
Duschinsky, Walter J.   
[Architectural History]. Duschinsky, Walter J. TV Stations A Guide for Architects, Engineers and Management. New York: Reinhold, 1954. Revised. Quarto, pp. 136, indexed, illustrated with b/w drawings and photographs.  Cloth over Boards. Very Good in Very Good dust jacket.  
This is the first book dealing with the planning and design of television stations. Designing for this complex industry involves a complete understanding of program planning and production, of technical operations and administration, and of the problems arising from the use of live talent and film. Supplementing the text are 135 illustrations, showing TV equipment of all types, station facilities, and plant layouts. (19825)    $100.00
Doctors' Offices & Clinics     
Kirk, Paul Hayden and Sternberg, Eugene D.  
[Architectural History]. Kirk, Paul Hayden and Sternberg, Eugene D. Doctors' Offices & Clinics medical & dental. New York: Reinhold, 1955. First edition. Quarto, pp. 2618, indexed, illustrated with b/w drawings and photographs.  Cloth over Boards. Very Good; no dust jacket.  
A book on the architectural problems of buildings in which physicians conduct their professional activities was long overdue. Physicians do not receive formal training which qualifies them to draw architectural plans for professional office buildings or group practice facilities; most architects, of necessity, have little practical experience in such special purpose buildings. This book discusses strategically located waiting rooms, adequate examination and treatment rooms, laboratory space, space for clinic records, expansion planning, and more. This book contains a great deal of practical importance to physicians and dentists. (19824)    $60.00
The Key to Color Harmony in Your Home        
The Glidden Company, Rensselaer, NY     
[Design]. The Glidden Company. The Key to Color Harmony in Your Home. Rensselaer, NY: The Glidden Company, 1946. First edition. Oblong quarto, pp. 47, color illustrations. Staplebound Wraps. Very Good.  
Illustrations of interior rooms, and color sample charts, are used to suggest color palettes for ceilings and walls, given the color of the floors. Suggestions are also made about decorating with color in general, such as painting the floor with a pattern, or using certain colors in draperies, furniture, or accessories to harmonize with the wall and floor colors. A snapshot of 1940s interior design. (19843)    $60.00
From the Old House Journal library
Richmond Ranges
The Richmond Stove Company, Norwich, CT 
[Metal]. The Richmond Stove Company. Richmond Ranges. Norwich, CT: The Richmond Stove Company, nd. c. 1880. Original edition. Quarto, pp 12, illustrated with b/w engravings. A previous owner put 3-ring holes in the publication and used string to tie it to a handmade cardboard cover. Staplebound Wraps. Very good.  
At the time of publication, the Richmond ranges embraced five distinct patterns and 152 different sizes and styles, believed to be the most extensive line of ranges under one name produced by any foundry in the country. The detailed illustrations display the elaborate decorations on the stoves beautifully. From the Old House Journal reference library. (19827)    $60.00
Red Tile Style: America's Spanish Revival Architecture 
Gellner, Arrol  
[Architecture]. Gellner, Arrol. Red Tile Style America's Spanish Revival Architecture. New York: Viking Studio, 2002. First edition. Quarto, pp. 224, illustrated with color photographs. Cloth over Boards. Near Fine in Near Fine DJ.  
Virtually no other form of American architecture is as widespread or as popular as the Spanish Revival style. From bungalows and mansions to gas stations and government buildings, its influence - and its fans - can be found everywhere. Yet there has never been a single comprehensive survey of this diverse category of design. In this book, the author describes the rich history and fertile permutations of Spanish Revival architecture. Packed with more than 250 lush color photographs, this handsome volume ranges from the style's origins in the Spanish colonial churches of the Southwest to its emergence as a commercial form in late-nineteenth-century railroad stations to the nationwide explosion in popularity sparked by the 1915 Panama-California Exposition in San Diego. Learned, lucid, and pleasing to the eye, this book explores the far-reaching Spanish Revival influence in today's architecture in all its variations and adaptations. For the serious student and architecture fan alike, this book is truly a landmark. From the Old House Journal reference library. (19832)    $35.00
Architecture and History
Sidney Hurwitz: Five Decades (signed by Hurwitz)
Hills, Patricia (Introduction)                                  
[Architectural History]. Hills, Patricia (Introduction). Sidney Hurwitz: Five Decades (signed by Hurwitz). Boston, MA: Boston University Art Gallery, 2009. First edition. Square small quarto, pp. 32, illustrated with b/w and color reproductions of Hurwitz's watercolors and etchings. Autographed by Sidney Hurwitz on the title page. Color Pictorial Wraps. As New.  
The Boston University Art Gallery and the Boston University School of Visual Arts co-presented the first major retrospective exhibition of Sidney Hurwitz, Professor Emeritus of Art at Boston University in 2009. The exhibit featured prints and etchings spanning the last five decades of the artist's career, ranging from early woodcuts and figure studies of the late 1950s to the intricately rendered etchings of industrial architecture for which he has become well-known and continues to pursue. This illustrated catalogue of the show features an essay by Patricia Hills, Professor of American Art at Boston University, entitled "Sidney Hurwitz's Meditations on the Industrial Age." A rare opportunity to get a signed copy of the catalog. (19868)    $25.00
The Encyclopedia of Ornament  
Shaw, Henry                                   
[Architecture]. Shaw, Henry. The Encyclopedia of Ornament. Edinburgh: John Grant, 1898. Later printing. Quarto, 2-page preface, 59 beautiful colored original  plates (one loose plate), in various print mediums, many hand-colored, depicting tiles, stained gl;ass panels and borders, capitala and columns, draperies, ironwork, ornaments in wood and plaster, etc.   Cloth over Boards. Very good; some cover soiling, loose plate is edgeworn.  
A selection of the purest and best specimens of ornament of all kinds and of all ages: architectural ornaments, stained glass, painted tiles, wood carvings, wood panels, ironwork, ornamental drapery, velvet hangings, lace and needlework, book bindings, and jewelry and plate designs. One of the most beautifully illustrated books we've offered.  A pleasant copy in vivid coloration. (19869)    $175.00
The Little Red Schoolhouse
Sloane, Eric                                   
[American History]. Sloane, Eric. The Little Red Schoolhouse A Sketchbook of Early American Education. Garden City, NY: Doubleday, 1972. First edition. Quarto, pp. c. 35 not numbered pages with many illustrations in Sloane's distinctive style.  Trade Cloth over Boards. Very Good in Very Good (Price-Clipped) DJ.  
A sweet book which outlines an evocative history of early American schools, from an era of fond memory and a different-valued way of life.   Many illustrations of items which were an essential part of early American school culture, photos of early letters and notes, and descriptions of elements which were a part of daily life. (19850)    $35.00

Pattern Books
The Home Designer:  
An Illustrated Monthly Dedicated To Better Home Environment
Dixon, Walter W. (Editor)                                 
[Pattern Book]. Dixon, Walter W. (Editor). The Home Designer, An Illustrated Monthly Dedicated To Better Home Environment The California Complete Homes Exposition Number. Oakland, CA: Dixon & Hillen, October 1922. First edition. Quarto, pp 44, illustrated with b/w photographs and period trade advertisements. Pictorial Wraps. Good; open tear to top corner of front cover, cover detached.  
An exceptionally lovely and very scarce volume of California architect-designed homes, including bungalows, Spanish style and European styles. Arrticles include conversion from adobe to brick, color in the dining room, inexpensive small homes, homes with tile roofs, and more. This is truly a collector's item for anyone who appreciates the unique beauty of California architecture of the 1920's. (19828)    $85.00
Small Homes
National Plan Service                               
[Pattern Book]. National Plan Service. Small Homes. Huntington, NY: National Plan Service, nd, c. 1935. First edition. Oblong folio, pp. 48, contains beautiful b/w drawings (some in color) of home exteriors, and floor plans. A previous owner neatly penned his name and address on the front cover, and the cover also bears the stamp of Huntington Builders' Supply Company in Huntington and Long Island, NY. Original Wraps. Good; cover is stained and edgeworn, text block very good.  
These small homes prioritized attractive architectural appeal and low cost. There are a variety of styles and sizes, but the exteriors are practical and simple. An attractive handbook of small house designs of the early 20th century. (19861)    $65.00
Sterling Homes
International Mill & Timber Company, Bay City, MI                               
[Pattern Book]. International Mill & Timber Company. Sterling Homes. Bay City, Michigan: International Timber Company, 1954. First edition. Obling small quarto, pp. 39, illustrated w/ color drawings and plans. Order form laid in. Staplebound Wraps. Very good.  
Sterling homes offered an economical home of high quality by doing all their milling off site, and shipping the precut framing to the construction site for assembly. Some people elected to assemble their houses themselves, and Sterling supplied directions for those who wanted to do that. This pattern book illustrated dozens of Sterling homes with floor plans so that customers could select their ideal house. It's unusual to have a pattern book in color. This is a nice snapshot of home design in the 1950s. (19841)    $75.00
Lindstrom, J. W.                                  
[Pattern Book]. Lindstrom, J. W. Bungalows. Minneapolis, MN: Colwell Press, Inc., nd c. 1930. Second edition. Small quarto, pp. 80, b/w and color illustrations. A previous owner lightly stamped the front and back cover. Front cover and first page have one corner torn away. Staplebound Wraps with cloth tape spine. Very good; one corner of front cover torn away.  
One in a series of pattern books published by this Minneapolis architect, this edition offers plans for dozens of single family homes. Each house is described and illustrated with plans and with a perspective drawing of the exterior. If you are looking to restore a bungalow typical of the Midwest city and suburban architecture of the 1930s, this book would be a valuable resource for you. (19836)    $150.00
Woodward's Country Homes   
Woodward, George E. and F. W. Woodward                                  
[Pattern Books]. Woodward, George E. and F. W. Woodward. Woodward's Country Homes. New York: Stephen Hallet, 1866. Fourth thousand. Small octavo, pp. 166, illustrated with b/w drawings. Delves into the actual building of country homes (i.e. more than just a pattern book). Hitchcock 1425. Cloth over Boards, brown with gilt lettering. Very Good.  
In the 1860s, the cities were becoming increasingly crowded. This book was written for people who wanted to live in the more rural areas an hour outside the cities, where "land can be purchased at reasonable rates, and where all the advantages of health and beauty, of retirement, pure air and attractive scenery can be enjoyed for less money." These beautiful Victorian homes were designed of timber and stone, materials easily sourced in most areas, and offered comfortable living at modest prices. There are also designs for a stable, a rural church, a carriage house, an ice house, a school house, and more. Scarce. A beautiful little pattern book. (19829)    $80.00

Construction Materials & Methods
Stucco and Decorative Plasterwork in Europe    
Beard, Geoffrey                  
[Plastering]. Beard, Geoffrey. Stucco and Decorative Plasterwork in Europe. New York: Harper & Row, 1983. First US edition. Quarto, pp.  224, illustrated with b/w and color photographs.  Text  notes, bibliography, dictionary of stuccoists and plasterers, indexes of persons and places. Boards. Near Fine in Near Fine Dust Jacket.  
The author traces stucco decoration from its classical beginnings to its rediscovery in the Renaissance, from its miraculous flowering in Baroque and Rococo forms to its harmonious application in the Adam style, and from its use for soaring Gothic-Revival ornament to its last flickers of vitality in Art Nouveau. The illustrations offer abundant witness to the virtuosity of the stuccoist, and to an art of surpassing richness. (19863)    $100.00
The Art of The Plasterer    
Bankart, George P.                  
[Plastering]. Bankart, George P. The Art of The Plasterer An account of the decorative development of the craft chiefly in England from the XVIth to the XVIIIth [16th-18th] century with chapters on the stucco of the classic period and of the Italian renaissance also on Sgraffito Pargetting Scottish Irish and modern plasterwork. London: B.T. Batsford Ltd, 1908. First edition. Quarto, pp. 350, indexed, illustrated with over 400 b/w & color plates. Ex-library. Cloth over Boards, library binding. Very good; sunned spine.  
A comprehensive treatise of the decorative bearing of the plasterer's art, as opposed to its mechanical side. Describes the development of the plasterer's art, and illustrates the richness of the examples still left to us in Great Britain. The sturdy library binding makes this a very good working copy.  A scarce title. (19860)    $170.00
Monolithic Concrete Buildings    
Portland Cement Association, Chicago, IL                  
[Concrete & Cement]. Portland Cement Association. Monolithic Concrete Buildings. Chicago, IL: Portland Cement Association, nd c. 1929. Original edition. Small quarto, pp. 48, illustrated with b/w photographs. Business letter on Portland Cement Association letterhead by the manager in 1929 laid in. Staplebound Wraps. Very good.  
A comprehensive examination of the use of concrete in building. W. E. Hart, the manager who wrote the laid-in letter, stated that this booklet "has been prepared to illustrate the use of an age-old material in expressing new thoughts and ideas of current architecture." All of the buildings featured are located in California, most in Los Angeles: Wilshire Boulevard Christian Church, National Bank of Commerce, Sears Roebuck, American Storage, First Baptist Church, and more. A beautiful handbook of 1920s design in reinforced concrete. Very scarce. (19852)    $110.00
The Bridgeport Plumrite Bulletin, Vol. 1, No. 1    
Bridgeport Brass Company, Bridgeport, CT                  
[Plumbing]. Bridgeport Brass Company. The Bridgeport Plumrite Bulletin, Vol. 1, No. 1. Bridgeport, CT: Bridgeport Brass Company, 1931. First edition. Quarto, pp. 8, illustrated with b/w photographs and drawings. Staplebound Wraps. Very Good.  
A trade magazine "in the interests of Bridgeport Plumrite pipe and plumbers' brass goods." The cover featured the Empire State Building, which was the world's highest structure at the time. Bridgeport Brass supplied the brass pipe used in the water lines for the Empire State Building. Other buildings featured in this brochure that used Plumrite are the St. Regis Hotel (NY), Old Sherry Hotel (NY), Vanderbilt Chateau (NY), City Hall (Buffalo, NY), R. J. Reynolds (Winston-Salem, NC), Ohio Bell Telephone (Cleveland),  Chrysler (NY)., and more. A nice example of the first issue of this publication. (19851)    $45.00
Terra Cotta Stores and Store Fronts, plus 3 other titles from the series   
National Terra Cotta Society, New York, NY                 
[Masonry]. National Terra Cotta Society. Terra Cotta Stores and Store Fronts, plus 3 other titles. New York: National Terra Cotta Society, 1930. First edition. Quarto, each pp. 15, illustrated with b/w photographs. Illustrated Wraps. Very good; some soiling to covers.  
Four brochures: "Terra Cotta for your New School," "Terra Cotta for Small Apartments," "Terra Cotta Stores and Store Fronts," and "Terra Cotta Buildings Superior for Floodlighting." Each booklet includes many photographs of buildings with terra cotta detailing, and the text shares advice on surface finishes, color, texture, maintenance, lighting, cleaning and more. An attractive series. (19846)    $130.00
Architectural Woodwork  
Architectural Woodwork Institute, Chicago, IL                
[Wood]. Architectural Woodwork Institute. Architectural Woodwork. Chicago, IL: Architectural Woodwork Institute, 1962. First edition. Quarto, twelve staplebound wrap documents, pp. 10-20 each, illustrated with b/w photographs and specification drawings. Three-ring bound. Very good.  
These brochures were distributed to the New England chapter members of the Architectural Woodwork Institute in 1962, but the topical brochures are dated 1954-1958. Topics include guide specifications for architectural woodwork; cabinet work; wood frames and windows; wall paneling; exterior and interior solid core flush doors; plywood paneling; school cabinets under-window; wood frames and windows in modern schools; and development of wood windows in the exterior of buildings. A nice collection attractively bound. (19839)    $80.00
Latin Tiles 
Gladding, McBean & Co., San Francisco, CA               
[Masonry]. Gladding, McBean & Co. Latin Tiles. San Francisco: Gladding, McBean & Co., 1919. First edition. Quarto, pp. 88, illustrated w/ b/w photographs. Rubber stamped by an architectural firm inside the front cover and on the front endpaper. Cloth over Boards. Good; water stain in text block near lower spine.  
Gladding, McBean is a ceramics company in Lincoln, California. It is one of the oldest companies in California (1875), and it dominated the architectural terra cotta industry in California and the western states in the early 20th century. The full-page photographs in this volume illustrate the use of their tiles in places such as Mission San Juan, San Miguel Mission, Willam H. Crocker House (Hillsborough, CA), Hobart Building (San Francisco), Water Temple (Sunol, CA), City Hall (Burlingame, CA), and many more.  An important book for any fan of architectural terra cotta. (19826)    $140.00
Sheet Copper Work For Building  
Copper Development Association, London                
[Metal]. Copper Development Association. Sheet Copper Work For Building A Practical Handbook. London: Copper Development Association, 1946. Later printing. Small quarto, pp 71, illustrated with b/w construction details. Ex-library stamps and labels. Boards with cloth spine. Very good.  
A very nice manual on copper roofing, flashings and other uses for this valuable material.  Includes building requirements, sizing, and very good detailing. Invaluable for builders! (19862)    $60.00

Trade Catalogs

Hope's Makers of Fine Windows 1818-1951, Publication No. 260
Henry Hope & Sons, Ltd., Smethwick, Birmingham, UK                              
[Windows]. Henry Hope & Sons, Ltd. Hope's Makers of Fine Windows 1818-1951, Publication No. 260 A catalogue of metal windows for drawing-office use, giving specifications, sections and useful information on design, fixing & glazing. Smethwick, Birmingham, UK: Henry Hope & Sons, Ltd., December 1951. First edition. Folio, pp. 152, indexed, illustrated with b/w photos and drawings, with some color. Decorated Boards. Very Good, no DJ as issued, small stains on cover's spine.  
A remarkably beautiful Hope's window catalog, the largest and most comprehensive we've seen. Gorgeous, large illustrations and installation diagrams include casements, hardware and fittings, leaded glass, gearing, and specialty windows. The final 65 pages are b/w photos of public buildings and residences in the UK, Europe, Asia, South America, Canada, and the US where Hope's windows were installed.  A truly impressive catalog from a company known for its high quality marketing pieces. Quite scarce. (19864)    $185.00
Dealers Price Book Number 95
Iroquois Millwork Corporation, Albany, NY                              
[Millwork]. Iroquois Millwork Corporation. Dealers Price Book Number 95. Albany, NY: Iroquois Millwork Corp., 1932. First printing. Small quarto, pp. 156, indexed, illustrated with b/w drawings with some spot color. Thumb tabs on the pages for easy browsing. Original Wraps. Very good.  
Illustrations of entries, doors, sashes, mouldings, columns, railings, stairs, fireplaces and cabinetry. This has an extensive collection of architectural millwork items, wonderful for contractors, architects and home owners. (19867)    $50.00
Truscon Standards
Truscon Steel Company, Youngstown, OH                             
[Windows]. Truscon Steel Company. Truscon Standards A Complete Line of Steel Building Products for Permanent Construction * Maintenance Products * Pressed Steel. Youngstown, OH: Truscon Steel Co., 1930. First edition. Quarto, pp. 24, illustrated with b/w drawings and photographs. A 1930 letter from the Truscon vice president laid in. Color Pictorial Wraps, dark green stock. Very good; small stain on front cover.