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Selected Titles for January 2020
Welcome to the January newsletter! Daughter Kimberly got us tickets to the "Gahden" to see the Celtics on December 27th, in the third row! She started college on a basketball scholarship, and has remained a Celtics fan, even though she now lives and works in Portland, Maine. And the Celtics won!     
In late December, I attended the opening of an exhibition of oil paintings of my friend, Jeff Weaver, at the Center for the Arts at Endicott College, in Beverly, Massachusetts. Here I am at the opening with Jeff (center) and Don Gorvett, both Gloucester artists. The exhibition runs through March 2nd. Link: 
This month's offering feature a large amount of mid-century architecture titles, many published by Reinhold, who championed most aspects of 1950s design.   
Happy browsing!               Steven
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New Arrivals
Hints on Tints and How to Mix Them
Leidel, Henry                       
[Paint]. Leidel, Henry. Hints on Tints and How to Mix Them illustrated by one hundred and seventy-five specimens of tints with an introductory essay on color and colors. New York: Henry Leidel, 1893. First edition. Octavo, pp. 83, illustrated with color chip charts. The back cover has been used as a paint palette, adding an attractive and unique quality to this scarce book. Pictorial Cover. Good; back cover has been painted, front cover soiled, spine fragile.  
Excerpt from the text: "The following characteristic of warm tints is of especial note: With increasing light, the luminosity of the warmer tints grows more rapid than that of the colder tones. In the brightest and strongest sunlight, all tints assume a whitish appearance, without losing their character of warmth or cold. By decreasing light, the warm tints lose their luminosity more rapidly than the cold tones; by continued decreasing of the light, the luminosity of bright red will at a certain stage equal that of a cold violet, and from this down will appear darker than the latter." An exceptionally scarce paint trade piece. (19802)    $375.00               
Das Bauformenbuch [The Design Book]
Brausewetter, A.                      
[Architecture]. Brausewetter, A. Das Bauformenbuch [The Design Book] Die Bauformen Des Burgerlichen Wohnhauses [The Types of Bougeois Residential Building]. Leipzig: F. A. Seeman, 1895. First edition. Folio, portfolio format, index plus 50 full sized b/w plates. German. Laid in is a 22" x 34" architectural drawing dated 1929. Original half-linen wings portfolio; one wing torn . Very good; light foxing.  
Arthur Brausewetter was an architect and professor at the k. k. Staatsgewerbesch ule in Brunn. This is the plate volume covering doors and windows from the multivolume set. Each is an architectural scale drawing with fine detailing of these spectacular features. Very rare in this first edition. (19773)    $200.00              
Neue Architektur [New Architecture]
Brausewetter, A.                      
[Architecture]. Wolfrum, Friedrich. Neue Architektur [New Architecture] eine auswahl der beachtenswertesten neubauten moderner richtung aus Deutschland und Osterreich [a selection of the most noteworthy new buildings of modern direction from Germany and Austria], first series. Leipzig: Friedrich Wolfrum & Co., nd c. 1900. First edition. Folio, portfolio format, originally 64 full page b/w photographic plates, but plate 4 is missing. Text in German. Decorated Boards. Very good; light foxing.  
Beautiful buildings by noted architects such as Karl Fischl, Arthur Wienkoop, Joseph Hoffman, Friedrich von Dietz, Richard Riemerschmied, Martin Dulfer, and many more. Some are exterior photographs, some are interior. Exceedingly rare; there are no others available for sale at this time. (19774)    $300.00               
Neubauten in Wien * Prag * Budapest  
[New Buildings in Vienna * Prague * Budapest] 
Schroll, Anton                       
[Architecture]. Schroll, Anton. Neubauten in Wien * Prag * Budapest * [New Buildings in Vienna * Prague * Budapest] facaden details haustore vestibule [facades details of vestibule homes]. Leipzig: Anton Schroll & Co., 1904. First edition. Folio, portfolio format, 65 full page b/w photographic plates. Text in German. Cover illustration by M. Kammerer. Decorated Boards. Very good; light foxing.  
Beautiful building exteriors by noted architects such as Alois Dlabac, Gebruder Drexler, Vaclav Havel, Karel Horak, Sebastian Hubatsch, and many more. This is the only copy available worldwide at this time. (19775)    $300.00                

Mid-Century Modern
The Cost of a Schoolhouse   
Educational Facilities Laboratories, New York, NY 
[Architecture]. Educational Facilities Laboratories. The Cost of a Schoolhouse. New York: Educational Facilities Laboratories, 1960. Second Printing. Quarto, pp. 144, illustrated with b/w drawings and photographs. Original Wraps. Very good.  
This book examines schoolhouse buildings around the world, and helps those involved in a school building project make wise decisions about construction of a school building, even though they might have little building experience. Decisions about construction affect maintenance costs later, so this book is a helpful guide in thinking out the whole project. (19823)    $30.00
The House and The Art of Its Design  
Kennedy, Robert Woods                                                                        
[Design]. Kennedy, Robert Woods. The House and The Art of Its Design. New York: Reinhold Publishing Corp., 1959. Third Printing. Octavo, pp. 550, indexed, illustrated with b/w drawings and photographs. A previous owner's signature on the front endpaper has been blacked out with marker. Cloth over Boards. Very Good in Very Good DJ.

The house is the most difficult of all design problems, for within our outside its walls it must perform many of the functions of a restaurant, laundry, hotel, playground, nursery, school room, tailor shop, office, garage, theatre, studio, laboratory, and more. The author points out all of the inter-relationships among areas and zones of the house, lists and charts all of the space requirements and covers the subject thoroughly. This is a fascinating book for the prospective home owner, the architect, or anyone who knows what comfort is and who really understands and values beauty. (19821)    $35.00
Norwegian Wood: The Thoughtful Architecture of Wenche Selmer 
Tostrup, Elisabeth                                                                       
[Architects]. Tostrup, Elisabeth. Norwegian Wood: The Thoughtful Architecture of Wenche Selmer. New York: Princeton Architectural Press, 2002. First edition. Quarto, pp. 208, illustrated with b/w drawings, and b/w and color photographs. Decorated Boards. As New.  
This is the first book on the life and architecture of Wenche Selmer (1920-1998), one of the few women who gained prominence among European architects in the mid-20th century. Fourteen of her beautiful wooden cabins and houses are featured in detailed descriptions, plans, and a wealth of archival images and newly commissioned color photography. These are houses that, while thoughtfully designed and beautifully crafted, were meant first and foremost to be lived in, and it is this accommodation of high design and livability that is largely responsible for their universal appeal. (19817)    $125.00
California Houses of Gordon Drake         
Baylis, Douglas and Parry, Joan                                                                      
[California]. Baylis, Douglas and Parry, Joan. California Houses of Gordon Drake. New York: Reinhold Publishing Corporation, 1956. First edition. Small quarto, pp 92, indexed, illustrated with more than 100 b/w photographs and 2 in full color. Cloth over Boards. Very Good in Very Good dust jacket; some small open tears on dust jacket.  
Gordon Drake was a young designer who died suddenly and tragically in 1952 at the age of 34. The quantity of his work was slight. The quality of his work was great. Gordon Drake's work is distinguished by his use of indoor-outdoor continuity, modular construction, and architecturally-used light and by his sense of restraint. But most of all, his work is distinguished by his own imagination and honesty. A small house design won first prize in the Progressive Architecture competition in 1946. This book brings his name and art to the attention of all people sensitive to great architecture. (19814)    $65.00
Shops and Stores  
Ketchum, Morris Jr.                                                                        
[Architectural History]. Ketchum, Morris Jr. Shops and Stores. New York: Reinhold, 1957. Revised. Quarto, pp. 263, indexed, illustrated with b/w drawings and photographs. Ex-library; front endpaper has been torn out, and title page is library stamped. Cloth over Boards. Very Good in Very Good dust jacket.  
The subject of store design has been developed from the inside out, the same way in which the architectural design of a store grows. This revised edition has been completely reset and redesigned, with new illustrations reflecting changes that took place in the field of store design since the first edition in 1948. Brand new in this edition is the chapter on color. A necessary working tool for the architect, engineer, designer, drafter, merchant, and builder. (19820)    $45.00
Apartment Houses 
Abel, Joseph H. and Severud, Frank N.                                                                        
[Architectural History]. Abel, Joseph H. and Severud, Frank N. Apartment Houses. New York: Reinhold, 1956. Second printing. Quarto, pp. vii, 279, indexed, illustrated with b/w drawings and photographs.  Cloth over Boards. Very Good in Very Good Dust Jacket.  
This book can help three people at once - the owner of the building, who wants to make a profit on the investment; the tenant, who wants a comfortable, attractive home at a reasonable price; and the architect, who wants to design a well-built, distinguished building. This book gives complete information, with the help of 650 illustrations, on overall and specific design problems, on structural systems, on heating, air conditioning, and elevator systems, and on landscaping. Each section has been written by an expert in the field, which adds up to a storehouse of the best information from the foremost experts of the time period in this highly complex field. A wonderful 1950s period piece! (19819)    $55.00
Baker, Geoffrey and Funaro, Bruno                                                                       
[Architectural History]. Baker, Geoffrey and Funaro, Bruno. Parking. New York: Reinhold, 1958. First edition. Quarto, pp. 202, indexed, illustrated with b/w drawings and photographs. Library stamp on front end paper, and dust jacket flaps are taped inside front cover. Cloth over Boards. Very Good; no dust jacket.  
This book offers a concise analysis about the parking problem, and a critical discussion of what others have done about it. Here are photos and plans of parking lots, ramp garages, parking decks, underground garages, and elevator garages. Examples are drawn from large cities and small towns They range from suburban shopping centers to downtown stores, from hotels to drive-in banks, from office buildings to fringe parking lots connected by bus to downtown. Special attention is directed to plans for redevelopment of existing cities. There are suggested zoning requirements for parking and freight dock space. To simplify the layout of parking space, there is a special ten-page section of easy-to-use diagrams and tables that show parking patterns and stall sizes for most advantageous use of a given site under various parking conditions. An essential handbook for architects, engineers and town planners, for merchants and bankers, for city officials, and for members of planning, zoning and parking commissions. (19818)    $45.00
Shopping Centers         
Baker, Geoffrey and Funaro, Bruno                                                                       
[Architectural History]. Baker, Geoffrey and Funaro, Bruno. Shopping Centers Design and Operation. New York: Reinhold, 1951. First edition. Quarto, pp. 288, indexed, illustrated with 470 b/w drawings and photographs. Library stamp on front endpaper. Dust jacket slightly wrinkled. Cloth over Boards. Very Good in Very Good dust jacket.  
Sixty-three neighborhood, community, and regional shopping centers are minutely described and illustrated in this book. Parking had never before been analyzed so completely; the authors called upon every expert in the field for their views. This book contains information on siting, pedestrian circulation, freight handling, reflections on glass, lighting, signs, and every other problem, major or minor, involved in the design and operation of a successful center. A must for architects, engineers, designers, and city planners. Quite forward-looking for a 1951 study! (19816)    $70.00
Theatres & Auditoriums        
Burris-Meyer, Harold and Cole, Edward C.                                                                      
[Architectural History]. Burris-Meyer, Harold and Cole, Edward C. Theatres & Auditoriums. New York: Reinhold, 1949. First edition. Quarto, pp. viii, 228, indexed, illustrated with b/w drawings and photographs. Cloth over Boards. Very Good in Very Good dust jacket; review copy.  
This book provides a basic understanding and complete details about all kinds of productions; architecture, design, and specific problems are studied so that theatres and auditoriums may be more intelligently planned. This is the first book which undertakes to derive plan (size, shape, arrangement and equipment) from an analysis of function and employs critical and constructive comment. Detailed consideration is given to the production of the show, whether legitimate, operatic or movies, and to the demands of theatrical presentation in different situations. Particular attention is given to advanced trends in play production and to technological developments, especially in regard to lighting and sound control. The book contains many illustrative sketches selected to emphasize features seldom understood by a person unfamiliar with theatrical processes. (19803)    $40.00
Baker, Geoffrey and Funaro, Bruno                                                                       
[Architectural History]. Baker, Geoffrey and Funaro, Bruno. Motels. New York: Reinhold, 1955/1960. Fourth printing. Quarto, pp. iv, 264, indexed, illustrated with over 600 b/w drawings and photographs. Cloth over Boards. Very Good in Very Good dust jacket; ex-library stamp on title page.  
The motel business came of age with the publication of this book. The old roadside cabin was replaced by a newer building type - the well designed motel - and the beauty and efficient use of space which is possible was never more apparent than in this book. Hundreds of motels are shown in photos and plans, along with complete information on the design essentials of site, buildings, and furnishings. Motel operators will learn what management practices are most popular with the public. In addition, they will see photos and scaled drawings of signs to attract interest, access roads and entrances to invite the motorist in, parking lots and carports to increase convenience and ease of traffic movement, gardens and outlooks oriented away from the road and toward the view to give quiet and privacy, and restaurants, play areas, and swimming pools to supply added attraction. (19808)    $50.00
Sourcebook of Modern Furniture       
Habegger, Jerryll and Osman, Joseph H.                                                                     
[Furniture]. Habegger, Jerryll and Osman, Joseph H. Sourcebook of Modern Furniture. New York: W. W. Norton & Company, 1997. Second edition. Quarto, pp. 576. Indexed, illustrated with b/w photographs.  Cloth over Boards. Very Good in Very Good dust jacket.  
A guide to the most influential furniture and lighting designs of the twentieth century, comprised of  over 1200 illustrated entries, cataloguing the most distinctive and important creations of renowned designers and architects. Arranged by type of furniture or fixture, each illustration is accompanied by the essential details of the design: date, designer, model name or number, manufacturer, materials, and physical dimensions. From the Old House Journal reference library. (19794)    $60.00
From the Old House Journal library
Instructions for the Adornment and Embellishment of  
Dwelling Houses, Entitled Interior Decoration       
Davis, Owen W.
[Paint]. Davis, Owen W. Instructions for the Adornment and Embellishment of Dwelling Houses, Entitled Interior Decoration. London: Windsor & Newton, Ltd., n.d. (catalog in rear dated 1887). Second edition. 12mo, pp. 97 plus 36 page illustrated artist's supplies catalog in rear. Glossary, 29 b/w in-text illustrations and 2 color plates. Original Wraps, stored in custom protective case. Fair; Front cover missing, spine worn/torn, first signature loose, stain to top corner on rear pages and cover, several pages foxed and with small stains.  

An interesting late 19th - early 20th century guide to interior house painting and decoration, published by a major art supply company. The illustrations are quite fine and detailed. From the Old House Journal Reference Library. (15086)    $90.00
Radford's Portfolio of Plans       
Radford, William A.
[Pattern Book]. Radford, William A. Radford's Portfolio of Plans; a standard collection of new and original designs for houses, bungalows, store and flat buildings, apartment houses, banks, churches, schoolhouses, barns, outbuildings, etc., together with estimates of cost. Chicago: Radford Architectural Co., 1909. First edition. Octavo, pp. 316, Illustrated with drawings, photographs and floor plans. Index plus a publisher's catalogue at the rear. Over 300 designs.  Marbled boards over red leather. Fair, pieces of backstrip missing, edgeworn.  
As with all of Radford's titles, industry-defining and highly influential.  It has become very scarce. (7578)    $95.00
A Complete History of the New York and Brooklyn Bridge  
from its Conception in 1866 to its Completion in 1883
Green, S. W.                                     
 New York]. Green, S. W. A Complete History of the New York and Brooklyn Bridge from its Conception in 1866 to its Completion in 1883 with portraits and sketches of the lives of John A. Roebling, Washington A. Roebling, Henry C. Murphy, J. S. T. Stranahan, William C. Kingsley, Seth Low. Copiously Illustrated with Original Drawings Never Before Published. New York: S. W. Green's Son, 1883. Original edition. Small quarto, pp. 96 plus 8 pages advertisements, illustrated with b/w drawings. Ex-library. Housed in a custom archival box.  
Half leather with marbled boards. Fair; cover detached but present; text block very good.
"The tide of travel begins to flow back and forth over the great structure which now unites the largest and the third largest cities of the Union, the Atlantic pulsing between." The book reads like an adventure novel, exploring the tensions and challenges that the engineers encountered in the 17 years it took to bring the bridge to completion. This volume has been well loved, and awaits a new audience to entertain and educate. From the Old House Journal reference library. (19791)    $325.00
A Description of the New York Central Park      
Cook, Clarence C.
[New York]. Cook, Clarence C. A Description of the New York Central Park. New York: Benjamin Blom, Inc., 1972. Reprint. Octavo, pp. 206, illustrated w/drawings, reprint of the 1869 original. Cloth over Boards. Very Good.  
Central Park receives millions of visitors every year, tourists and locals alike. A Description of the New York Central Park, published in 1869, is recognized today as the most important book about the park to appear during its early years. The lively, often wry, text was written by Clarence C. Cook, a distinguished Victorian art critic, while the illustrations were drawn by the popular Albert Fitch Bellows. The author and artist examine many sites in the park that survive to this day as well as features that have vanished over time. Even the reprint of this classic is very scarce! From the Old House Journal reference library. (19801)    $55.00
The Men Who Made Central Park     
Graff, M. M.
[New York]. Graff, M. M. The Men Who Made Central Park. New York: Greensward Foundation, Inc., 1982. Original edition. Octavo, pp 42, indexed, illustrated with b/w photographs. Staplebound Wraps. Very good.  
The men who created Central Park were visionaries endowed with the highest order of artistry and dedication. The six men are profiled in this reference guide, and the events that led to their design and construction are described. The author enjoyed a career both as a tree advocate for public parks, and a private consultant for landscape and garden design. From the Old House Journal Reference Library. (19790)    $45.00
American Vernacular Design, 1870-1940: An Illustrated Glossary     
Gottfried, Herbert
[Architecture]. Gottfried, Herbert. American Vernacular Design, 1870-1940: An Illustrated Glossary. New York: Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1985. First edition. Quarto, pp. xvii, 270, indexed, illustrated with b/w drawings. Paperback.Very Good in Wraps.  
Vernacular architecture - that is, traditional architecture passed on to successive generations of builders and designers through the use of particular building elements and styles - forms the backbone of much contemporary architectural design. American vernacular design developed most rapidly from 1870 to 1940 as a result of the Industrial Revolution and the consequent standardization of components. This book is an illustrated glossary of the architectural elements that were most commonly used between the Civil War and World War II and of the generic building types into which these elements were most commonly incorporated. Whether you restore historical American architecture, are interested in the sociological implications of building design, sell houses built during this period, or just want to identify the houses and their components in your neighborhood, you'll find valuable information in this handy reference. From the Old House Journal reference library. (17064)    $30.00
Observations on the Forgotten Art Of Building A Good Fireplace    
Orton, Vrest
[Masonry]. Orton, Vrest. Observations on the Forgotten Art Of Building A Good Fireplace The Story of Sir Benjamin Thompson, Count Rumford, an American Genius, & his Principles of Fireplace Design which have Remained Unchanged for 174 Years. Dublin, NH: Yankee, 1974. Second edition. Octavo, pp. 60, illustrated w/ b/w diagrams and engravings. Paperback. Very Good+.  
Most modern architects and masons do not how to design or build a fireplace in the 18th century manner that will always be a source of beauty and delight and never smoke, if built right. The author sets forth in this volume the basic principles of fireplace design established in 1795, so that masons can build fireplaces the right and handsome way, or alter bad fireplaces so they will be good fireplaces. From the Old House Journal Reference Library. (14659)    $20.00
Architecture and History
House Architecture (2 volume set)
Repton, Humphry                                    
[Architecture]. Stevenson, J. J. House Architecture (2 volume set). London: Macmillan, 1880. First edition. Small Quarto, pp. 383 (volume 1) and 303 (volume 2). Indexed, illustrated with nearly 200 b/w wood block engravings. Boards with Gilt Lettering and Decoration. Very good; moderate front cover wear.  
Stevenson was a British architect of the late-Victorian era, and the first architect to produce designs in the Queen Anne style. The first volume focuses on architecture: what constitutes good architecture, the conditions necessary for producing good architecture, selecting an architectural style for your house, Gothic architecture, Greek architecture, Classical or Renaissance architecture, Italian architectural styles, and more. The second volume focuses on house planning, covering topics such as living rooms, servants' quarters, halls and stairs, town houses, materials, construction, heating, ventilation, lighting, water, sewage, bells, speaking tubes, lifts, and much more. A rare opportunity to own a first edition copy of this important two-volume set. (19785)    $200.00
Spanish Details
Bottomley, William Lawrence                                     
[Architectural History]. Bottomley, William Lawrence. Spanish Details. New York: William Helburn Inc., 1924. First edition. Folio, 104 plates of b/w photographs and architectural drawings; color frontispiece. Cloth over Boards, gilt lettering. Very good; mild ex-library markings, cover flaws.  
The characteristic qualities of Spanish architecture are its dignity, austerity and distinction contrasted with a romantic sense and a vividness of imagination. Large, simple wall surfaces bring out the rich concentration of decoration around doorways, windows and arcades. This collection of plates divides itself into various groups, such as patios, doorways, windows, ironwork and other decorative motives. Examples have been selected from the 15th to the 18th centuries with particular emphasis laid on types that are especially applicable to modern work in this country. Very scarce; this is the first time we've been able to offer a copy for sale. (19806)    $125.00
Byzantine Architecture and Ornament
Le Comte Melchior de Vogue of Paris and others                                     
[Architectural History]. Le Comte Melchior de Vogue of Paris and others. Byzantine Architecture and Ornament. Boston, MA: George H. Polley & Co., 1890. First edition. Folio, 52 plates of b/w photographs and drawings. Decorated Boards. Good; front cover detached; text block very good.  
Marie-Eugène-Melchior, vicomte de Vogüé was a French diplomat, Orientalist, travel writer, archaeologist, philanthropist and literary critic. This book contains clear photographs and detailed drawings of buildings and their architectural details. An important survey of architecture of the Eastern Roman Empire in the 19th century. (19805)    $250.00
The Art of Landscape Gardening
Repton, Humphry                                    
[Landscape Architecture]. Repton, Humphry. The Art of Landscape Gardening Including His Sketches and Hints on Landscape Gardening and Theory and Practice of Landscape Gardening. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1907. First edition. Octavo, pp. 252, illustrated w b/w diagrams and plates, some fold-out "before and after" landscapes, plus color frontispiece w/ half-plate to show before and after landscaping. Gift inscription to Maria Agassiz in 1914 by Charles L. Peirson, colonel and brevet brigadier general in the Union Army of the Civil War. He was taken prisoner in 1861 by the Confederate Army, and was traded for Colonel Lee in 1862. Cloth over Boards. Very Good; corners bumped/rubbed, interiors Very Good.  
Repton was the last great English landscape designer of the 18th century. He produced designs for the grounds of many of the foremost country houses in England, Scotland and Wales. This is the first volume of a series of classics in landscape architecture which have been undertaken at the suggestion and with the cooperation of the American Society of Landscape Architects. Attractive copy, very nice frontispiece and illustrations. (19782)    $120.00
Japanese Homes and their Surroundings
Morse, Edward S.                                   
[International]. Morse, Edward S. Japanese Homes and their Surroundings. Boston, MA: Ticknor and Company, 1886. First edition. Small quarto, pp. 372, indexed, illustrated with 300+ b/w drawings by the author. Signed on front endpaper by T. B. Aldrich in 1886. Thomas Bailey Aldrich was an American writer, poet, critic and editor. He is notable for his long editorship of The Atlantic Monthly, Boston's most important magazine. Decorated Boards. Very Good; back hinge starting to split, spine edgewear.  
A detailed study of traditional Japanese domestic architecture, including the associated furnishings. This is an important study for the explanation of the architectural design within its cultural context. More than three hundred detailed illustrations by the author provide accurate information on types of houses, interiors of both ordinary and teahouse rooms, floor plans, roof detailing, methods of structure and construction, gardens, decorations, tools, furniture, and fittings. (19780)    $120.00
Del Teatro Olimpico
[The Olympic Theatre of Andrea Palladio in Vincenza]
Montenari, Giovanni                                    
[International]. Montenari, Giovanni. Del Teatro Olimpico [The Olympic Theatre of Andrea Palladio in Vincenza]. Padua, Italy: Giovambattista Conzatti, 1733. First edition. Octavo, pp. 84, with four fold-out copper engravings (originally 5; one is missing). Text in Italian. Mild ex-library, with several bookplates by previous 20th-century owners. From the collection of Count Antonio Cavagna Sangiuliani di Gualdana, an Italian historian. Full Leather, marbled endpapers. Very good.  
The Teatro Olimpico is a theatre in Vincenza, northern Italy, constructed in 1580-1585. The theatre was the final design by the Italian Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio and was not completed until after his death. The tromp-l'oeil onstage scenery, designed by Vincenzo Scamozzi, to give the appearance of long streets receeding to a distant horizon, was installed in 1585 for the very first performance held in the theatre, and is the oldest surviving stage set still in existence. It is one of only three Renaissance theatres remaining in existence. The other two are based in large measure on the Teatro Olimpico. It is still used several times a year. See Cicognara, 767: "Greatly commendable work." A very scarce 18th century title, held in a family collection for centuries. (19781)    $475.00
Junge Franzosische Architektur [Modern French Architecture]
Ginsburger, Roger                                  
[Architecture]. Ginsburger, Roger. Junge Franzosische Architektur [Modern French Architecture]. Leipzig: Meister der Baukunst, 1930. First edition. Octavo, pp. 123, illustrated with b/w photographs. Inscribed by French architect Pierre Barbe in 1943 with an original drawing on front endpaper. Text in German. Decorated Cloth Over Boards. Very good.  
A great classic of the genre with many photographs, illustrating work by Le Corbusier, Lurcat, Mallet-Stevens, Ginsburger, Guevrekian, and more. (19778)    $175.00

Pattern Books
Radford's Artistic Homes: 250 Designs
Radford Architectural Company, Chicago, IL                                 
[Pattern Book]. Radford Architectural Company. Radford's Artistic Homes: 250 Designs. Chicago: Radford, 1908. First edition. Small quarto, pp. 264 plus advertisements, illustrated with b/w drawings and plans. Cloth over Boards. Very Good, moderate soiling to covers, light scuffing to spine.  
One of Radford's less common titles, valuable and influential as all Radford's publications are. (8475)    $75.00 
Good Houses
Russell F. Whitehead, Architect                                
[Pattern Book]. Russell F. Whitehead, Architect. Good Houses - Typical Historic Architectural Styles For Modern Wood-Built Homes. St. Paul, MN: Weyerhaeueser Forest Products, 1922. First edition. Quarto, pp 63. with two-toned photographs and b/w floor plans. Illustrated by Birch Burdette Long, who worked with Frank Lloyd Wright, Albert Fellheimer, and Henry Bacon. Cardboard Covers, light grey. Good; cover and front page detached, but present.  
In this volume of wood homes, 17 houses of "distinct architectural style" are adapted. They include New England Colonial, American Prairie Style, and Bungalow Types. This is a unique and uncommon plan book, well illustrated, with historical explanations. (19779)    $75.00
Custom Homes Built By Le*Wood Homes
Le*Wood Homes, Richmond, VA                                 
[Pattern Book]. Le*Wood Homes. Custom Homes Built By Le*Wood Homes. Richmond, VA: Le*Wood Homes, nd ca 1955. First edition. Oblong octavo, pp 24, illustrated with color drawings and floor plans. Color Pictorial Wraps, green/yellow. Very Good.  
Mid-century design elements abound in this sweet little pattern book. Colonial, ranch, car ports, and more! (19792)    $45.00     

Construction Materials & Methods

The Carpenters' and Builders' Guide          
Plummer, Peter W.                
[Carpentry]. Plummer, Peter W. The Carpenters' and Builders' Guide being a hand-book for workmen, also a manual of reference for contractors, builders, etc. Portland, ME: Hoyt, Fogg, and Donham, 1885. Later printing. Small octavo, pp. 72, glossary of architectural terms, illustrated with 4 b/w plates. Signed on the front end paper by a previous owner, and stamped on the inside front cover by another previous owner. Decorated Boards. Very Good.  
A standard for every tradesman and apprentice in his day.  The first part addresses building materials, and methods for making estimates. The system of hand-railing, as given in this work, is the invention of the author. (19822)    $75.00
The Cabinet Maker: A Journal of Designs         
Charles, R.               
[Millwork]. Charles, R. The Cabinet Maker: A Journal of Designs Uphosterers, Cabinetmakers, Decorators, Carvers, Gilders, and Others. London: 1866. First edition. Folio, pp b/w detailed drawings on each page. Ex-library markings on front end paper. Cloth over Boards, Dark Brown. Fair, spine partially torn, pages in good condition.  
An extensive and in depth collection of details, many of the Art Nouveau Style, of panels, grills, ornamentation, and furniture. Lovely in the quality of its draftsmanship. A very uncommon book and a wonderful resource for designers, historians and preservationists. (16606)    $350.00
The Modern Plasterer (complete in 2 volumes)        
Verrall, W.              
[Building Materials]. Verrall, W. The Modern Plasterer (complete in 2 volumes): A Practical Work on Plastering, Decorative Plasterwork, Rough-Casting, Cement-Washes, Plastic Floors, Artificial Marbles, etc. London: Caxton, n.d. (1920s). First edition. Quarto, pp. 224, 232.  Richly illustrated in color and b/w. Index.  The original edition, not a reprint, and in unusually nice condition for such large volumes that are often frequently referenced in the field. Embossed cloth over boards; gilt lettering. Good; soiled covers, loose frontispiece.  
A monumental set on an important building trade!  Very comprehensive, written at a time when "the old trade skills" were much more common.  A wonderful two volume treatment on the subject. (19813)    $195.00
A Treatise on Lightning Conductors       
Lyon, Lucius             
[Meteorology]. Lyon, Lucius. A Treatise on Lightning Conductors; Compiled from a Work on Thunderstorms, by S. W. Harris, F.R.S., and Other Standard Authors (Original First Edition). New York: George P. Putnam, 1853. First edition. Small Octavo, pp. 191. 18 interior b/w figures. Signed by a previous owner in 1863 on the front end paper. Original Brown Cloth. Good +, shelf wear and light stains to cover, tight interior, some pencil marks.  
A scarce early book on the subject of natural and artificial lightning and electricity, focused on the protection of houses, ships, and other property. (12619)    $120.00
Elementary Principles of Carpentry and a Treatise on Joinery      
T. Tredgold (C.E.) & E.W. Tarn (Editor)            
[Carpentry]. T. Tredgold (C.E.) & E.W. Tarn (Editor). Elementary Principles of Carpentry and a Treatise on Joinery. London: Crosby Lockwood and Son, 1900. Seventh Edition. 12 mo, pp 312, indexed. 71 figures in b/w. + 66 pages of publisher's advertisements. Original Cloth on Boards, beige w/embossed  emblem & lettering. Very Good.  
A very thorough and detailed guide to these subjects - covering the properties of timber, seasoning timber, decay and preservation, structural theory, framing, and much more. One of the most extensive examinations of joinery that we've seen. Another uncommon and informative volume in this series! (18897)    $80.00
Annual Report for the Celotex Corporation, 1937     
Celotex Building Products, Chicago, IL           
[Building Trades]. Celotex Building Products. Annual Report for the Celotex Corporation, 1937. Chicago. IL: Celotex Building Products, 1937. First edition. Quarto, pp. 26, illustrated with b/w photographs. Staplebound Wraps. Good; soiled cover, several pages have mild flaws due to being stuck together and pulled apart.  
Displays the company's balance sheet and statement of profit and loss for the year. The president's letter to the stockholders acknowledged that there was little residential construction during the depression, but felt that there would be a gradual increase of building activity in the coming year. Half of the report is devoted to photographs and description of their facilities, recent projects, and current trends. Scarce due to its ephemeral nature; this is the first time we've been able to offer a copy for sale. (19800)    $40.00
American Cements    
Cummings, Uriah          
[Plastering]. Cummings, Uriah. American Cements. Boston, MA: Rogers & Manson, 1898. First edition. Octavo, pp. vii, 299, illustrated with b/w drawings. Signed by original owner on front endpaper in 1901. Cloth over Boards. Very good.  
We recently offered a reprint of this title for sale; this is a chance to get a copy of the first edition. The author recognized that changes and advances in the industry created a need for investigation and publication of facts about these new products, documenting the claims and merits of  rock cements. Quicklime, hydraulic lime, hydraulic cement, silicates, alkalies, chemical combinations, American and European cements, ancient Greek and Roman mortars, chemistry of cements, various methods of testing, and many more topics are explored. (19795)    $125.00
Handbook for Lumber and Building Material Dealers   
Northeastern Retail Lumbermen's Association, Rochester, NY          
[Millwork]. Northeastern Retail Lumbermen's Association. Handbook for Lumber and Building Material Dealers. Rochester, NY: Northeastern Retail Lumbermen's Association, 1929. Original edition. Small quarto, pp 238, indexed, illustrated with b/w drawings. Presentation copy personalized to Frank Parker in gilt on the cover, compliments of Driscoll Brothers; probably the lumber company in Ithaca, New York. Cloth over Boards. Very good; gilt and bottom of spine and front cover worn.  
This volume was prepared for the use of merchants handling lumber and building materials, and assembled reliable data relating to some of the more common building materials and their uses so that the dealer could find it quickly. Chapters on lumber, mouldings, shingles, cement, concrete, mortar, stucco, building tile, brick, plaster, insulation, glass and mirrors, hardware, nails, sash weights, paint, varnish, stain, and more. Includes some period advertising as well. A handy, compact reference guide. (19789)    $80.00
Ornamental Iron & Bronze  
Winslow Brothers Company, Chicago, IL         
[Metal]. Winslow Brothers Company. Ornamental Iron & Bronze. Chicago, IL: Winslow Brothers Company, 1910. First edition. Quarto, pp. 234, illustrated with b/w photographs, many full page.  Cloth over Boards with leather spine. Very good; small dark stain on cover.  
An important piece of ornamental ironwork trade literature from a bygone era, both aesthetically pleasing and technically precise. Featuring store fronts, entrances, marquises, canopies, elevator enclosures, elevator cars, staircases, railings, electroliers, standards, lamps, lanterns, entrance doors, gates, bronze tablets, and building facades, all illustrated with absolutely beautiful photographs of their work in identified buildings with named architects. One of the most impressive ornamental iron trade pieces we've ever offered. (19787)    $325.00
Stresses in Masonry 
Chatley, Herbert         
[Masonry]. Chatley, Herbert. Stresses in Masonry. London: Charles Griffin & Co., 1909. First edition. 12mo, pp. viii, 146, indexed, illustrated with b/w drawings. Ex-library stamps and cards pasted in. Embossed boards. Very good.  
At the time this book was written, there were numerous elementary treatises on steel work, but nothing had been produced about the stresses in masonry. This volume was the first to be published on this topic. The author discusses strength of stone, and the stresses particular to walls, columns, piers, brackets and cantilevers, simple arches, vaults and skew arches, domes, retaining walls, dams, artificial stone and concrete, and reinforced concrete. (19783)    $75.00
Stucco Interior Plastering - Graffito
Universal Atlas Cement Company, Chicago, IL         
[Plaster]. Universal Atlas Cement Company. Stucco Interior Plastering - Graffito A. I. A. File No. 21-D-1. Chicago, IL: Universal Atlas Cement Company, 1926. Reprint. Quarto, pp 136, illustrated with b/w photographs. Staplebound Wraps. As New.  
Everything you need to know about stucco, issued by the Atlas Portland Cement Company in 1926, but offered in reprint for a more affordable price. Contents include general notes on design; proportions, mixing, and applying stucco; stucco on masonry walls; back-plastered stucco; stucco on metal lath over sheathing; remodeling with stucco; table of quantities of mortar; coloring and texture; interior plastering; graffito; and specifications for stucco. An important reference book. (19692)    $30.00
Sapolin Latex House Paint and Sapolin Fashion Color Interior Paints
Sapolin Paints Inc., New York, NY          
[Paint]. Sapolin Paints Inc. Sapolin Latex House Paint and Sapolin Fashion Color Interior Paints. New York: Sapolin Paints Inc., 1969. Original edition. Small quarto, two fold-out paint charts, one for exterior paint colors and one for interior paint colors. Ephemera. Very good.  
A valuable resource for those who are renovating their 1960s-era home, and want to use colors that are authentic to the time period. The exterior paint chart holds 14 colors, and the interior paint chart holds 33 colors grouped into five coordinating color palettes. (19793)    $25.00
Deck Brand Cotton Roof Deck Sample
Louis Deck, New York, NY        
[Roofing]. Deck, Louis Jr. Deck Brand Cotton Roof Deck Sample. New York: Louis Deck Jr, nd c. 1950. Original edition. 4.25" x 6" cotton roof deck sample, printed with advertising information. Treated cotton sample. Very good; quarter fold marks.  
"Louis Deck, Jr. announces the presentation for your approval of Deck cotton roof deck / a positive waterproof membrane for repairing a foot or a mile of any type of roof, flashing, skylight, etc. The cotton is pregnated with a specially prepared preservative while being placed on the job under our personal supervision / Consultations & advice on all building maintenance / 4705 - 45th St. Woodside, L.I. [Long Island] New York, N.Y. Phone: Stillwell 4-5192" A scarce relic from an obscure decking company, evidently not in business any longer. (19776)    $40.00

Trade Catalogs
Alphabetical Price List of Parts No. 17 Machine
Singer Manufacturing Co., New York, NY                           
[Trades/Textiles]. Singer Manufacturing Co. Alphabetical Price List of Parts No. 17 Machine Balance wheel at right hand. Bed 16 1/2 inches in length, 10 1/2 inches from needle to base of arm. Oscillating shuttle mechanism. New York: Singer Manufacturing Co., 1896. First edition. Octavo, pp. 68, indexed, illustrated with b/w engravings. Another sheet of parts is attached inside with paper clips. A previous owner's name is stamped on the title page. Original Wraps. Good; spine and last page repaired with cloth.  
The Singer Model 17 sewing machine was popular at the turn of the 20th century, and this pamphlet lists all its parts for repair. A handy resource for those who own this model. (19812)    $20.00                       
Architectural Interior and Exterior Woodwork Standardized
Curtis Companies Inc., Clinton, IA                          
[Millwork]. Curtis Companies Inc. Architectural Interior and Exterior Woodwork Standardized The Permanent Furniture for Your Home. Clinton, IA: Curtis Companies, Inc., 1920. First printing. Quarto, pp. 238, illustrated with b/w and color drawings. Cloth over Boards. Very good.  
A nice early 20th century trade catalogue with an abundance of product drawings, including doors, windows, furniture, moldings, mantels, and more. The products are illustrated in the context of the room in which they are intended, which gives us a great peek into room design and ornamentation in post-WWI homes. (19810)    $75.00                      
Lally Columns
Lally Column Company, Cambridge, MA                         
[Metal]. Lally Column Company. Lally Columns. Cambridge, MA: Lally Column Company, 1922. Original edition. Small quarto, pp 48, illustrated with b/w drawings and photographs. Staplebound Wraps. Very good.  
This is the first time we've been able to offer a trade catalog of lally columns, from any company! This catalog was distributed on the 25th anniversary of the founding of the company. Many specification drawings and cross sections of lally columns to examine, plus photographs of buildings equipped with lally columns, and photographs of buildings destroyed by fires, but with their lally columns intact. Interesting to read and browse; highly recommended. (19798)    $60.00                     
Whitehead Work Saving Kitchens Incorporating Gas Appliances
Whitehead Metal Products Company, New York, NY                        
[Kitchens]. Whitehead Metal Products Company. Whitehead Work Saving Kitchens Incorporating Gas Appliances. New York: Whitehead Metal Products Company, 1937. Original edition. Quarto, pp 18, illustrated with b/w drawings with spot color. Color Pictorial Wraps. Very Good.  
An attractive advertising brochure for Whitehead kitchen sinks and many different types of cabinetry, including a towel drier cabinet and a plate warming cabinet! The company even offered a hot water heater! The illustrations would be very helpful to anyone restoring a 1930s kitchen. Unusual! (19788)    $50.00                    
Universal Millwork Design Book No. 20
American Sash & Door, Kansas City, MO                       
[Millwork]. American Sash & Door. Universal Millwork Design Book No. 20. Kansas City, MO: American Sash & Door, 1920. Original edition. Small quarto, pp 396, indexed, illustrated with b/w and color drawings, including some chip charts for veneer panels. Cloth over Boards. Very good; moderate staining to spine and front cover.  
This extensive catalog includes wood doors, windows (including church windows and stained glass), cupolas, ceiling beams, colonnades, pergolas, store fronts, stair parts, mantels, porch parts, railings, moldings, brackets, cabinetry, and much more. Scarce; we have not seen this one before. (19786)    $85.00                   
Southern Universal Catalog / Mill Work Design No. 5
Southern Sash, Door and Millwork Manufacturer's Association, Atlanta, GA 
[Doors]. Southern Sash, Door and Millwork Manufacturer's Association. Southern Universal Catalog / Mill Work Design No. 5. Atlanta, GA: Foote & Davies Company, 1923. Original edition. Small quarto, pp. 25, indexed, illustrated with b/w line drawings and halftones. Decorated cloth over boards. Good; front hinge split, moderate spine and cover wear.  
Marvelously illustrated trade catalog with extensive sections on doors, paneling, moldings, porch spindles, stairs, breakfast nooks, store fronts and more. Many beautiful details to enjoy. (19784)    $85.00                  
Brick and Stone