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Selected Titles for July 2019
Welcome to the July newsletter! The garden is off to a good start this season, thanks to some new heavy fencing that has been resisting a constant stream of bunnies. They still lurk around, looking for that tiny nook or cranny that will grant them access to the kale, chard, tomatoes, and herbs that we're growing! I've named this bunny Clem, after Clem Labine, who guilt tripped me into feeding this bunny's mother a carrot every day through the winter. 
In this newsletter we have another fine selection of titles from the Old House Journal library, a strong selection of stone and brick-related books, and quite a few scarce titles we've never seen before.
Happy browsing!
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New Arrivals

33 Glass Samples in a Solid Wood Case
Mississippi Glass Company, St. Louis, MO                                      
[Glass]. Mississippi Glass Company. 33 Glass Samples in a Solid Wood Case. St. Louis, MO: Mississippi Glass Co., nd c. 1955. Original edition. 5" x 8.75" x 4.5" wooden case with company name on front in black painted label, and working latch. Labeled glass samples, 4" x 3.5". Solid Wood Case w/metal latch. Glass in Very Good+ Condition, Wood Case - Very Good.  
A collection of 33 patterned, textured, corrugated and wired glass samples in a beautifully lettered wood case, with glass samples described in a label adhered to the underside of the case lid. This glass had many uses including industrial, residential and commercial buildings. Very scarce and in nice condition. (19563)    $195.00  
Documents d'Architecture Moderne
Laurens, H. (Editeur)                                     
[Architectural History]. Laurens, H. (Editeur). Documents d'Architecture Moderne Ensembles et Details. Paris: H. Laurens, nd c. 1905. First edition. Folio (11.75" x 14.75"), 83 loose plates plus title page and six pages (in French) describing the plates, profusely illustrated w/ duotones of architectural exteriors and interiors. Content pages claim 96 plates, but the plates aren't numbered so it's difficult to determine which ones are missing. Portfolio of loose plates. Very Good, portfolio lacking binding, minor edgewear to some plates, occasional spotting to edges not affecting illustrations.  
A lavish and beautiful collection of modern architecture from the turn of the 20th century, with contributions by architects H. Metzendorf, Maurice Dufrene, Buckland and Farmer, F. Schumacher, H. Billing, Alfred Grenander, Henry Wilson, Edgar Wood, Valentin Mink, and many others. Most of the plates are in color, and all of them are beautiful! (19533)    $145.00  
Shoppell's Modern Houses, No. 31, 32, 33, 34
Shoppell, R. W.                                      
[Pattern Book]. Shoppell, R. W. Shoppell's Modern Houses, No. 31, 32, 33, 34. New York: The Co-Operative Building Plan Assoc., 1891. First edition. Folio 11 1/2" x 14 1/2, each issue approximately 60 pp., with b/w perspective drawings and floor plans. Trade advertisements throughout.  Two advertising pages bound in upside down. Ex-library. Decorated Boards. Good w/heavy edgewear; covering on spine is gone, exposing the stitching on the book block.  
A bound copy of four issues of Shoppell's beautiful collection of  nearly 100 Victorian homes, profusely illustrated with perspective drawings of the homes, and trade advertisements for building products, especially for home heating. (19561)    $350.00 
Brick-Scale Tables
Hydraulic-Press Brick Company, St. Louis, MO                                               
[Brick]. Hydraulic-Press Brick Company. Brick-Scale Tables. St. Louis, MO: Hydraulic-Press Brick Company, 1914. Original edition. Oblong small quarto, pp. 32, limited edition and numbered. Cloth over Boards. Very good.  
This book was aimed at eliminating as much of the labor as possible for the draughtsman's preparation of working drawings for ornamental brickwork. The introductory text describes in detail how to use the tables. Scarce! We've never seen this one before. (19550)    $100.00  
Woolworth Building, New York
Prescott, Farnon (photographer)                                    
[New York]. Prescott, Farnon (photographer). Woolworth Building, New York. New York: Self, 1926. Original edition. Albumen photograph on trimmed cardboard mount, 7" x 9". Inscription on the reverse: "Woolworth Building NYC 1926 Photo taken by my father, Farnon Prescott at age of 17" Albumen on cardboard mount. Good; some scrapes; mount trimmed.  
A rare vintage photograph of the Woolworth Building in New York City, an early American skyscraper located at 233 Broadway in Manhattan. The photo was taken when the building was the tallest in the world; it remains one of the 100 tallest buildings in the US, as well as one of the 30 tallest buildings in NYC. (19523)    $50.00  
Tilo Roofing Company, Stratford, Conn. 
[Roofing]. Anonymous. Tilo Roofing Company, Stratford, Conn. Stratford, CT: Self, 1937. Original edition. Albumen photograph (8" x 10") float-mounted to cardboard frame with amateur glue-job and reused cardboard. Water stain on top right corner affects only the frame and not the photograph.  Albumen with cardboard frame. Very good; frame is scraped and stained; mild crack in photograph.  
Tilo Roofing Company operated in Stratford, Connecticut at least into the 1950s. This attractive photograph, probably of its executives since they are all dressed in suits and ties, is a great keepsake of this roofing company. (19524)    $40.00

Preservation and Restoration
Conservation of Historic Brick Structures
N.S. Baer, S. Fitz, and R.A. Livingston (Editors)                                             
[Brick]. N.S. Baer, S. Fitz, and R.A. Livingston (Editors) . Conservation of Historic Brick Structures: Case Studies and Reports of Research. London: Donhead, 1998. First edition. Octavo, pp 504. b/w photographs, drawings, charts and tables throughout. Decorated Boards, blue/black. Good+, some wear along edges and corners.  
A collection of technical studies on brick making, causes of damage and decay, properties of mortar in various historical settings, effects of air polluction, and most importantly - conservation treatments and materials. (18190)    $95.00
The Corrosion and Oxidation of Metals
Evans, Ulick R.                                           
[Metal]. Evans, Ulick R. The Corrosion and Oxidation of Metals First Supplementary Volume. London: Edward Arnold Publishers, Ltd., 1968. First edition. Small quarto, pp. 488, indexed, illustrated with b/w drawings. Cloth over Boards. Very good in good dust jacket.  
This book is divided into two sections. Part I contains supplements to the author's previous 1960 book, each chapter opening with a preamble summarizing the contents of the original chapter and setting out the plan of the supplementary material. Part II is devoted to the adequate treatment of those aspects the author believes to be of particular importance and which he has continued to study since 1960. Included are papers published by him during this period, together with lectures and articles. This supplementary volume is an invaluable addition to the first work by Dr. Evans, to be used both in conjunction with it and as a book on its own. Students of metallurgy and material science will find this book of great interest. (19535)    $55.00
Corrosion Resistance of Metals and Alloys
LaQue, F. L. and H. R. Copson (Editors)                                            
[Metal]. LaQue, F. L. and H. R. Copson (Editors). Corrosion Resistance of Metals and Alloys. New York: Reinhold Publishing Corporation, 1963. Second edition. Small quarto, pp 712, indexed, illustrated with b/w photographs and drawings. Mild ex-library (Cargill Research Library, Minneapolis). Cloth over Boards. Very good, but cocked.  
A technical study of forms of corrosion, rate factors, corrosion testing and control, and corrosion behavior of specific metal and alloy groups, including aluminum, zinc, iron, nickel, stainless steel, copper, and many more. (19536)    $40.00
Deterioration of Materials:  Causes and Preventive Techniques
Greathouse, Glenn and Carl Wessel                                          
[Restoration]. Greathouse, Glenn and Carl Wessel. Deterioration of Materials:  Causes and Preventive Techniques. New York: Reinhold Publishing Corporation, 1954. First edition. Octavo, pp. xvii,  835, extremely well researched, indexed, well illustrated w/ b/w photographs and drawings/diagrams. Cloth over Boards. Very Good.  
One of the first in-depth studies of building materials.  A monumental, ambitious and comprehensive study that provides necessary info to the preservation community about how materials deteriorate, how to diagnose their condition, and how to fix them, as well as directions, bibliographies and sources for further research. (19534)    $45.00  

From the Old House Journal library
Fram, Mark                                                  
[Conservation]. Fram, Mark. Well-Preserved The Ontario Heritage Foundation's Manual of Principles and Practice for Architectural Conservation. Ontario, Canada: Boston Mills Press, 1988. First edition. Quarto, pp. xi, 239. Indexed, illustrated with numerous b/w photographs and architectural drawings. Spiral Bound Wraps. Very good.  
This guide to good conservation practice was assembled because the Ontario Heritage Foundation considers it vital that everyone involved in conserving built heritage have ready access to a common base of knowledge and principles about heritage conservation. Chapters explore the building site, structural systems, exterior and interior features, utilities, maintenance, and much more. From the Old House Journal Reference Library. (19548)    $40.00        
Preserving Historic Lighthouses: An Annotated Bibliography    
Martone, Camille M; McCroskey, Lauren; Park, Sharon C.                                                 
[Lighthouses]. Martone, Camille M; McCroskey, Lauren; Park, Sharon C. Preserving Historic Lighthouses An Annotated Bibliography. Washington, D.C.: National Park Service, 1989. First edition. Octavo, pp. 325. Indexed, illustrated with numerous b/w photographs. Copy from DJ pasted on back cover. Staplebound Wraps. Very good.  
This technical preservation bibliography was developed to assist owners, architects and administrative officials with the planning, review, and implementation of preservation work on historic lighthouses. Preservation work paid with federal funds must meet standards for historic preservation projects to preserve historic character and materials. It is, therefore, important that those planning the work on lighthouses and related structures be aware of how they were built, what materials they contain, and how these materials and features should be preserved. From the Old House Journal Reference Library. (19547)    $40.00       
Gustav Stickley His Craft   
Bartinique, A Patricia                                                 
[Furniture]. Bartinique, A Patricia. Gustav Stickley His Craft A Daily Vision and a Dream. Parsippany, NJ: Craftsman Farms Foundation, 1993. First edition. Quarto, pp. 120, illustrated with b/w photographs. Paperback. Near Fine in Wraps.  
This informative book served as the catalog for a comprehensive exhibition held at Craftsman Farms in Parsippany, New Jersey, from November 15, 1992 to January 31, 1993. Patricia Bartinique authored the text, and other Arts and Crafts authorities have contributed essays to highlight the distinctive elements of Gustav Stickley's designs and finished products. The book includes illustrations of all Gustav Stickley's marks, providing insight into the dating of pieces. Collectors from all over the United States lent rare pieces from their collections for the exhibition. Consequently, the book contains photos of early and rare pieces of Gustav Stickley furniture that most enthusiasts would otherwise never have an opportunity to see. This book is an important record of a unique exhibition that will be a valuable resource for anyone interested in the American Arts and Crafts Movement. From the Old House Journal Reference Library. (19541)    $25.00  
The Forgotten Art of Building a Stone Wall  
Fields, Curtis P.                                                
[Stone]. Fields, Curtis P. The Forgotten Art of Building a Stone Wall: An Illustrated Guide to Dry Wall Construction (Forgotten Arts Series). Dublin, NH: Yankee Books, 1971. First edition. Octavo, pp. 61, numerous b/w photographs and drawings. Paperback. Very Good.  
This book offers practical ways of how to build a tailored stone wall without the use of mortar. Taking safety precautions, finding and working with stones, altering unsatisfactory walls, and building new ones are clearly explained and graphically illustrated. From the Old House Journal Reference Library. (19540)    $25.00             
Made to Last: Historic Preservation in Seattle and King County 
Kreisman, Lawrence                                               
[Architectural History]. Kreisman, Lawrence. Made to Last Historic Preservation in Seattle and King County. Seattle, WA: Historic Seattle Preservation Foundation, 1999. Second edition. Quarto, pp. 225. Indexed, illustrated with b/w photos.  Original Wraps. Near Fine.  
From the exotic splendor of motion picture palaces to the dignity of neighborhood libraries and from the grandeur of first-family homes to the simple honesty of pioneer cabins, farmhouses, and barns, this book records the many successes and some of the failures of Seattle and its surrounding country in preserving important reminders of its path to the present. From the Old House Journal Reference Library. (19539)    $50.00            
Masonry Conservation and Cleaning
APT Pre-Conference Training Course, Toronto, Canada, Sept. 16-19, 1984
[Masonry]. Association for Preservation Technology. Masonry Conservation and Cleaning APT Pre-Conference Training Course, Toronto, Canada, Sept. 16-19, 1984. Toronto: Association for Preservation Technology, 1984. Original edition. Quarto, c. pp. 400, illustrated with b/w photographs. Signed by Patricia Poore on the front cover. Plastic comb binding. Very good.  
A comprehensive compilation of reprinted articles and technical papers, covering a variety of topics related to masonry conservation and cleaning, including the chemistry of masonry cleaning, controlling damp in masonry buildings, decay in building stones, maintenance and repair of architectural sandstone, and many more. From the Old House Journal Reference Library. (19538)    $80.00            
Old Greenwich Village: An Architectural Portrait
Gross, Steve and Susan Daley                                              
[Architectural History]. Gross, Steve and Susan Daley. Old Greenwich Village: An Architectural Portrait. Washington DC: Preservation Press, 1993. First edition. Quarto, pp. 128. Indexed, richly illustrated with color photos.  Cloth over Boards. Near Fine in Near Fine Dust Jacket.  
The striking color photographs in this volume celebrate the spirit of the Village, the tranquil churchyards and vibrant piazzas, the handsome facades and the cheerful storefronts. An introduction surveys the Village's cultural history and evokes its memorable personalities. A beautifully produced visual survey of the architectural gems of New York City's artistic and avant-garde neighborhood. From the Old House Journal Reference Library. (19537)    $35.00           
Furniture & Interiors of the 1940s
Bony, Anne                                             
[Interiors]. Bony, Anne. Furniture & Interiors of the 1940s. Paris: Editions Flammarion, 2003. First edition. Large Quarto, pp. 223. Richly illustrated with b/w and color photographs. Cloth over Boards. Very Good in Near Fine Dust Jacket.  
A beautiful survey of interior styles of the post-WW II era, which was characterized by simultaneous trends towards modernism and traditionalist design. Bony collects a rich variety of examples of the leading decorative arts styles of the 1940s in this volume. From the Old House Journal Reference Library. (12143)    $75.00          
Furniture & Interiors of the 1960s
Bony, Anne                                             
[Interiors]. Bony, Anne. Furniture & Interiors of the 1960s. Paris: Editions Flammarion, 2004. First edition. Large Quarto, pp. 223. Richly illustrated with b/w and color photographs. Cloth over Boards; water stain on back cover. Very Good in Very Good Dust Jacket; water stain on back side of dust jacket.  
A follow-up to Bony's survey of interior styles of the 1940s, this one featuring the exuberant modernity and experimental styles of the 1960s. From the vivid colors and slick textures of futuristic plastic and vinyl home and office decor to the rustic and hand-made look of back-to-the-earth furnishings, this volume covers the work of a wide variety of designers of the era. From the Old House Journal Reference Library. (12144)    $75.00     
A Glossary of Historic Masonry Deterioration Problems and Preservation Treatments
Grimmer, Anne E.                                              
[Masonry]. Grimmer, Anne E. A Glossary of Historic Masonry Deterioration Problems and Preservation Treatments. Washington DC: Department of the Interior, National Park Service, 1984. First edition. Narrow Octavo, pp. 65. Glossary, reading list. Staplebound Wraps. Near Fine in Wraps.  
A very early and compact publication on the subject, but chock full of details and illustrations.  Ideally suited for the professional. From the Old House Journal Reference Library. (19544)    $55.00           
Main Street Historic District, Van Buren, Arkansas
Guthrie, Susan                                              
[Architectural History]. Guthrie, Susan. Main Street Historic District, Van Buren, Arkansas Using HCRS Grant-in-Aid Funds for Storefront Rehabilitation/Restoration Within a Districtwide Plan. Washington DC: US Department of the Interior, 1980. First edition. Quarto, pp. 31, illustrated with b/w photographs and several fold-out building specification drawings. Staplebound Wraps. Near Fine in Wraps.  
The Main Street of Van Buren, Arkansas is a nine-block commercial area within the larger city. It was developed between 1880 and 1910, and then renovated countless times in the 20th century, but largely by building over the elaborate brickwork, decorative columns, and pressed metal cornices and parapets in ways that left those details virtually intact. An urban development plan was developed in the 1970s with the goal of rehabilitating and restoring the facades without sacrificing the historic architecture. This nicely-illustrated report documents before, during and after the renovations. It's wonderful to see what was uncovered when renovations took place! From the Old House Journal Reference Library. (19545)    $45.00           
Architecture and History
UNICOM Manual No. 1: Design Priciples
National Lumber Manufacturer's Assoc., Washington, DC                    
[Building]. National Lumber Manufacturer's Assoc. UNICOM Manual No. 1: Design Priciples. Washington DC: National Lumber Manufacturer's Assoc., 1964. First edition. Oblong folio (14.5" x 11"), profusely illustrated with plans and construction details. Comb Bound. Very good.   
First of two volumes on the UNICOM Method of House Construction, based on modular design principles. This volume explains the principles of coordinated modular design for house construction. Full of specifications and details, this is a great technical guide to modular house construction. Scarce. (19560)    $75.00
Recent English Domestic Architecture
Macartney, Mervyn E., editor                   
[International]. Macartney, Mervyn E., editor. Recent English Domestic Architecture Being a Special Issue of The Architectural Review. London: The Architectural Review, 1910. First edition. Quarto, pp 198, xxi- xxviii. b&w photographs and floor plans. Illustrated end papers, and many period advertisements. Cloth over boards. Good; front hinge detached.  
A magnificent collection of the work of the best architects of the day, published as a special issue of "The Architectural Review." A handsomely photographed volume of English homes built in that year, accompanied by well-executed floor plans and photographs of both exteriors and interiors. (19532)    $90.00
Small Houses of the Late Georgian Period 1750-1820
Ramsey, Stanley C. (ARIBA)                  
[English]. Ramsey, Stanley C. (ARIBA). Small Houses of the Late Georgian Period 1750-1820. London: Technical Journals, Ltd., 1919. First edition, Second Impression. Quarto, pp. iv, 16 (text) followed by 100 b/w photographic plates on glossy paper.  Cloth over boards. Very Good, no DJ, small tears along hinges.  
A major collection of exterior architectural elevations and details, doorways, porches, portico's, facades, as well as entire groups of row houses. The houses are located in London, Surrey, Yorkshire, and elsewhere in the English countryside. (19530)    $80.00
Small Houses of the Late Georgian Period 1750-1820
Volume II: Details and Interiors 
Ramsey, Stanley C. and Harvey, J.D.M.                   
[Georgian]. Ramsey, Stanley C. and Harvey, J.D.M. Small Houses of the Late Georgian Period 1750-1820; Vol II Details and Interiors with 50 photographs by F.R. Yerbury, Secretary of the Arch. Assoc. London: The Architectural Press, 1923. First edition. Quarto, pp. 19 (text) followed by 100 b/w photographic plates on glossy paper.  Hard Cover, Navy, w/gilt lettering. Very Good, no DJ, small tears on spine.  
A major collection of interior images (ornamental plaster, stairways, doorways) of the period.  Uncommon title, especially the second volume (of images). (19531)    $80.00

Buy both volumes, (24) and (25) for $140 total! 
Timber Castles
Higham, Robert and Barker, Philip                 
[International]. Higham, Robert and Barker, Philip. Timber Castles. Mechanicsburg, PA: Stackpole Press, 1995. First US Edition. Small quarto, pp. 390. Indexed, bibliography, illustrated with b/w drawings and photos. Cloth over Boards. Very Good in Very Good DJ.  
Some of the greatest medieval castles survive only as earthworks and in pictures and written accounts of that time, because they were made of timber. The authors, who have excavated in detail the timber castle at Hen Domen in Wales, have brought together evidence of all kinds to produce the first comprehensive survey of this neglected and little-known type of fortification. This book includes examples and illustrations from all over Europe. (19526)    $45.00

Pattern Books
Plan Book #42   
Dura-Bilt Ready Cut Homes, North Tonawanda, NY                    
[Pattern Book]. Dura-Bilt Ready Cut Homes. Plan Book #42. North Tonawanda, NY: Bennett Homes & Lumber Co., 1936. Original edition. Small quarto, pp 24, illustrated with b/w drawings and floor plans.  Staplebound Wraps. Very good.  
Dura-Bilt homes were advertised to be the most durable and easiest-to-erect home for the price. Their design details included modern fire-stop construction, short studs in place of full length studs, straight grain rafters, triple studding at outside wall corners, and double studding at door and window openings. This plan book offered a selection of attractive homes and garages for their customers to consider. (19529)    $55.00
Picturesque Designs for Mansions, Villas, Lodges, &c.  
Richardson, C.J.                   
[Pattern Book]. Richardson, C.J. Picturesque Designs for Mansions, Villas, Lodges, &c. With Decorations Internal and External, Suitable to Each Style. London: Atchley and Co., 1870. First edition. Octavo, pp. 402. Indexed, with errata and 2 pages of publisher's ads bound in. Illustrated with approx. 500 b/w engravings. Full Leather with Gilt Decoration and Lettering, Professionally Rebound with original cover and spine elements incorporated.. Very Good; light foxing on first few pages and ad pages, else interiors clean and bright.  
A profusely illustrated book containing numerous plans for cottages, villas and mansions, with elevations and floor plans. This was a very popular pattern book in its day, and was reprinted in both the U.S. and England as "The Englishman's House". Published a year before Richardson's death, the Errata page refers to his prolonged illness. Uncommon in this edition. (10875)    $130.00
Fireproof Homes of Period Design    
USG/Architectural Forum, Chicago, IL                      
[Pattern Book]. USG/Architectural Forum. Fireproof Homes of Period Design, Seventy-Two Designs for Fireproof Homes From a National Competition Among Architects, Draftsmen and Architectural Students Approved by The American Institute of Architects and conducted by The Architectural Forum. Chicago, IL: United States Gypsum Co., 1925. First edition. Quarto, pp 112. Each design is shown with a b/w perspective drawing, detailed sketches, finished floor plans. Includes the Twenty-Eight Prize Designs Selected by a Jury of the Following Eminent Architects; Dwight J. Baum, Edwin H. Brown, F. Ellis Jackson, William T. Warren & Julian Peabody. Heavy Stock Covers w/Embossed Design, beige. Very Good+.  
These competition designs incorporated a USG material called Structolite, which could be faced with stucco, stone, brick or wood. The styles are Spanish, Colonial, Modern American & English. The last 12 pages include specifications and building details. This is an uncommon and wonderfully illustrated publication! (18627)    $125.00
Weston's Book of Homes
A. Weston Lumber Co., Olean, NY                  
[Pattern Book]. A. Weston Lumber Co. Weston's Book of Homes. Olean, NY: A. Weston Lumber Co., 1925. Original edition. Quarto, pp 184, contains b/w and color exterior illustrations and the floor plans for over 100 homes. Informational articles and period advertisement for flooring, heating, insurance, lumber and other building supplies throughout. Original Wraps. Very Good.  
Home designs in American Colonial, New England, English Colonial, Dutch Colonial, English Manor, Italian, Spanish and Mission styles are featured in this attractive 1920s pattern book. Brick and stucco exteriors are well represented. From the collection of author Daniel D. Reiff. (19525)    $95.00

Construction Materials & Methods
Cement, Concrete and Bricks
Searle, Alfred B.           
[Concrete & Cement]. Searle, Alfred B. Cement, Concrete and Bricks. London: Constable & Company, 1913. First edition. Octavo, pp. 412. Indexed, illustrated with b/w drawings and photographs. Ex-library. Cloth over Boards. Very good.  
Chapters include raw materials for cements, concretes and bricks; methods of  manufacturing; chemical and physical changes in preparation of these materials; testing their properties, and more. One of the first books written by someone with scientific training who could adequately study and discuss the constitution of the materials and the chemical and physical changes that occur during manufacturing. Very scarce; no other copies available anywhere. (19564)    $80.00
Cements, Limes and Plasters
Eckel, Edwin Clarence          
[Plastering]. Eckel, Edwin Clarence. Cements, Limes and Plasters. London: John Wiley & Sons, 1922. Second edition. Small quarto, pp. xxxi, 655, indexed, illustrated with b/w drawings. Cloth over Boards. Very good; ex-library.  
This exceptionally detailed volume presents a wealth of information drawing on the author's own research as well as the work of all the eminent international authorities in the field of lime mortars and cements. It captures the fascinating development of building materials from the nineteenth century through the first quarter of the twentieth century. Of particular interest is the way in which it chronicles the demise of hydraulic cement, followed by the brief meteoric rise in popularity of natural cements, then subsequently their rapid eclipse by Portland cement. This book will be an invaluable resource not only to everyone involved in conservation of traditional buildings but also those concerned with the early modern buildings constructed from Portland cement. (19553)    $110.00
Armstrong's 1953 Linoleum 
Armstrong Cork Co., Lancaster, PA           
[Building Materials]. Armstrong Cork Co. Armstrong's 1953 Linoleum (trade catalog). Lancaster, PA: Armstrong Cork Co., 1953. First edition. Quarto, pp 233, indexed. Color illustrations and charts on every page. Patterned free end papers. Cloth over Boards, beige. Good, 3 pages have small sections cut out; one page torn with significant portion missing.  
A colorful and extensive catalog of linoleum finish materials including flooring, tiles, wall coverings, bases, counter-tops, asphalt, plastics, and more. A very nice resource book for designers and builders interested in re-creating the 1950's "Moderne" look. (16809)    $75.00
The Carpenter and Joiner's Assistant
Nicholson, Peter           
[Carpentry]. Nicholson, Peter. The Carpenter and Joiner's Assistant containing practical rules for making all kinds of joints, and various methods of hingeing them together; for hanging of doors on straight or circular plans; for fitting up windows & shutters to answer various purposes; with rules for hanging them; for the construction of floors, partitions, soffits, groins, arches for masonry; for constructing roofs in the best manner from a given quantity of timber; for the placing of bond timbers; with various methods for adjusting raking pediments, enlarging and diminishing of mouldings; taking dimensions for joinery, and for setting up shop fronts; with a new scheme for constructing stairs and hand-rails, and for stairs having a conical well-hole, &c. &c. to which are added examples of various roofs executed, with the scantlings, from actual measurements, with rules for mortices and tenons, and for fixing iron straps, &c. also extracts from M. Belidor, M. du Hamel, M. de Buffon, &c. on the strength of timber, with practical observations. London: J. Taylor at the Architectural Library, 1810. Third edition, revised and corrected. Small quarto, pp. x, 81, indexed, plus 79 plates, some of which fold out. Signed by a previous owner on front endpapers in 1823. Full Leather. Good; covers detached but present; foxing as typical of this period; some cellophane tape to attach title page to text block.  
A well-loved example of an early edition of this carpentry classic, which was considered to be a supplement or second part to "The Carpenter's New Guide," Nicholson's earlier publication. Improvements in soffits and niches are some of the features of this edition that Nicholson seemed very proud to offer. Very scarce; this is the first copy we've ever offered, in any edition. (19559)    $275.00
Plasterer's Manual
Portland Cement Association, Chicago, IL         
[Masonry]. Portland Cement Association. Plasterer's Manual Concrete for Permanence. Chicago: Portland Cement Association, 1958. Original edition. Octavo, pp. 47, illustrated with b/w photos and specification drawings. This copy was circulated by Henry Cowell Lime & Cement Company in San Francisco. Staplebound Wraps. Very Good.  
A guide in the proper practices to be used with Portland Cement stucco and plaster. Many photos are included to demonstrate the exact techniques described. A must for every professional tradesman. (19543)    $45.00
The New Practical Builder and Workman's Companion 
Nicholson, Peter        
[Building Trades]. Nicholson, Peter. The New Practical Builder and Workman's Companion. Philadelphia: Thomas Kelly, 1823. First edition. Quarto, pp. 596, indexed, illustrated with b/w drawings, diagrams and schematics. Full Leather. Very good in period 19th century binding. Complete in one volume.  
An important 19th century trade reference manual, full of practical details for the builder. Nicholson was a prolific British author, teacher, architect, mathematician and engineer.  He is known for inventing several draughtsman's tools and for his theoretical work on the skew arch. He produced 27 works on technical and engineering subjects, including this one. This is one of his later works, full of technical details and useful information. (18055)    $425.00

Metal and Hardware
Goldblatt's Catalogue and Handy Book 1927
Goldblatt Tool Co., Kansas City, MO            
[Tools]. Goldblatt Tool Co. Goldblatt's Catalogue and Handy Book 1927. Kansas City, MO: Goldblatt Tool Co., 1927. First edition. 12mo, pp. 240. Illustrated with b/w drawings. Staplebound Wraps. Good; heavily soiled cover with open puncture.  
A wonderful 1920s period trade catalog for plasterers, bricklayers, tile-setters, stonemasons, and other "trowel trades", including trowels, corner blocks, floats, blades, picks and hammers, levels, crawlers, mixers, brushes, ladders, power tools, and more. Profusely illustrated. Scarce. (19562)    $60.00
A Museum of Early American Tools
Sloane, Eric           
[Americana]. Sloane, Eric. A Museum of Early American Tools. New York: Wilfred Funk, Inc., 1964. First edition. Quarto, pp. 108, indexed, with many wonderful illustrations by the author. Cloth over Boards. Very Good; mild ex-library markings.  
This absorbing and profusely illustrated book describes in detail scores of early American tools and the wooden and metal artifacts made with them. Informally and expressively written, the text covers building tools and methods; farm and kitchen implements; and the tools of curriers, wheelwrights, coopers, blacksmiths, coachmakers, loggers, tanners, and many other craftsmen of the pre-industrial age. Scores of pen-and-ink sketches by the author accurately depict "special tools for every job," among them a hollowing gouge, hay fork, cornering chisel, apple butter paddle, boring auger, mortising chisel, a holding dog, hauling sledge, winnowing tray, reaping hooks, splitting wedge, felling axe, propping saw horse, and other traditional implements. Sure to be prized by cultural historians, this volume will delight woodcrafters interested in making their own tools and thrill general readers with its store of Americana. (19527)    $25.00
Colonial Ironwork in Old Philadelphia
Wallace, Philip B.            
[Metal]. Wallace, Philip B. Colonial Ironwork in Old Philadelphia. New York: Architectural Book Publishing, 1930. First edition. Quarto, pp. 147, sumptuously illustrated with b/w photographs and plans. Four pages of photographs from a 1927 article in Architecture magazine about antique ironwork laid in. Cloth over Boards. Very Good, no DJ.  
An important book and wealth of visual information on this element of Philadelphia's rich architectural heritage. Includes numerous scale drawings of railings, gates, balconies, badges, boot-scrapers, and other interesting features. (19528)    $70.00
Brick and Stone
A Practical Treatise on the Manufacture of Brick, Tiles, Terra Cotta
Davis, Charles Thomas                                                      
[Masonry]. Davis, Charles Thomas. A Practical Treatise on the Manufacture of Brick, Tiles, Terra Cotta, Etc. including hand-made, dry-clay, tempered-clay, soft-mud, and stiff-clay bricks, also front, hand-pressed, steam-pressed, re-pressed, ornamentally shaped, and enamelled bricks, drain tiles, straight and curved sewer- and water-pipes, fire-clays, fire-bricks, glass pots, terr-cotta, roofing tiles, flooring tiles, art tiles, mosaic plates, and imitation of intarsia or inlaid surfaces, comprising every important product of clay employed in architecture, engineering, the blast furnance, for retorts, etc., with a history and the actual processes in handling, disintegrating, tempering, and moulding the clay into shape, drying naturally and artificially, setting, burning with coal, natural gas, and crude oil fuels, enamelling in polychrome colors, composition and application of glazes, etc., including full detailed descriptions of the most modern machines, tools, kilns, and kiln roofs used. Philadelphia: Henry Carey Baird, 1889. Second edition, thoroughly revised. Octavo, pp. xxxi, 501 (plus publisher's 32 pp. catalog), indexed, illustrated with b/w engravings. Cloth over Embossed Boards, gilt lettering. Very good; library binding.  
This second edition was deemed necessary to present the state of brick and tile making as it existed in the United States. The record-breaking length of the subtitle lists all the topics covered in this scholarly and thorough work. (19558)    $250.00  
Rudimentary Treatise on the Manufacture of Bricks and Tiles (Part I)
Dobson, E.                                                     
[Brick]. Dobson, E. Rudimentary Treatise on the Manufacture of Bricks and Tiles (Part I) containing an outline of the principles of brickmaking, and detailed accounts of the various processes employed in the making of bricks and tiles in different parts of England. London: John Weale, 1850. Original edition. 12mo, pp. 104, indexed. Illustrated with 83 b/w drawings. Cloth over Boards. Good; cover detached with cellophane tape remnants from a previous amateur repair job.  
This volume is written in a simple and practical style, in order to be accessible to those who needed the information the most. The author gives a clear description of the actual manufacture of bricks and tiles, and explains the leading differences which existed in brickmaking operations in various parts of England in the mid-19th century. (19557)    $100.00  
Paving Brick and Paving Brick Clays of Illinois
Rolfe, C.W., Purdy, R.C., Talbot, A.N. and Baker, I.O.                                                    
[Brick]. Rolfe, C.W., Purdy, R.C., Talbot, A.N. and Baker, I.O. Paving Brick and Paving Brick Clays of Illinois Bulletin #9. Urbana, IL: University of Illinois, 1908. Original edition. Small quarto, pp. 316, indexed. Illustrated with b/w drawings and photos. Original Wraps. Good; cover missing; ex-library.  
This volume discussed the qualities of clays which can be manufactured into satisfactory pavers, the means in determining those qualities, and the methods of testing. The authors believed this report would be inspiring to the paving brick industry, and point the way to improvements in methods of testing and manufacturing. (19556)    $75.00  
The Granites of Maine
Dale, T. Nelson                                                   
[Stone]. Dale, T. Nelson. The Granites of Maine. Washington DC: U.S. Dept. of the Interior, 1907. Original edition. Small quarto, pp. 202, indexed. Illustrated with b/w drawings and photos, including fold-out map in an envelope bound in. Original Wraps. Good; cover nearly detached.  
The material for the local details and descriptions given in this report was collected in three months in 1905, during which time the author visited 129 quarries and prospects. Granite was an important resource in Maine in the early 20th century; Vermont and Massachusetts were the only other states whose granite production approached that of Maine, so this study was a very anticipated study of a resource in high demand throughout the nation. (19555)    $85.00  
Modern Stone-Cutting and Masonry
Siebert, John S. and Biggin, Frederic Child                                                  
[Stone]. Siebert, John S. and Biggin, Frederic Child. Modern Stone-Cutting and Masonry with special reference to the making of working drawings. New York: John Wiley & Sons, 1904. First edition; second thousand. Small quarto, pp. 47, illustrated with b/w drawings, including two fold-out plates in excellent condition. Cloth over Boards. Very good; ex-library.  
The authors aimed to collect material that had direct application in engineering and architectural practice, and make it available for the student's use. The tools of the mason and stone cutter, and the techniques of stone-cutting and masonry are described with illustrations for easier understanding. The gothic buttress, arches, intersecting arches, arch-culverts, railroad bridge masonry, canal-lock masonry, and architectural stonework are covered in this volume. (19554)    $75.00  
Problems in Stone Cutting In Four Classes
Warren, S. Edward                                                 
[Stone]. Warren, S. Edward. Problems in Stone Cutting in four classes. I. Plane-Sided Structures. II. Structures Containing Developable Surfaces. III. Structures Containing Warped Surfaces. IV Structures Containing Double-Curved Surfaces. For students of engineering and architecture. New York: John Wiley and Sons, 1906. "Fourth Thousand". Octavo, pp. xi, 126, includes 10 fold-out plates of stone cutting application and specifying (one is torn, but present). Signed by its original owner on front endpaper, a third-year engineering student in the class of 1908 at Ohio State University. Original Brown Cloth. Very Good.  
Originally published in 1875, this manual was composed with the idea of representing every class of structures, and every principal variety of surface, so as to make it most widely useful to the student in solving any problem. Great reference work for the professional's library. (19552)    $120.00  
Maginnis, Owen B.                                                
[Brick]. Maginnis, Owen B. Bricklaying. New York: Owen B. Maginnis, 1900. Revised. Small quarto, pp. 85, illustrated with over 200 engravings. Cloth over Boards; gilt lettering. Good; front endpaper detached but present; rear hinge detaching; title page repaired with yellowed cellophane tape.  
This book contains extensive, detailed explanations of the most approved methods of bricklaying as applied at the beginning of the 20th century. The author drew heavily on serial and individual articles written for the most important magazines and journals devoted to the profession and trade, as well as on his own experience in building construction for 20 years. A practical and thoroughly valuable resource. (19551)    $95.00  
The Granites of Connecticut
Dale, T. Nelson                                              
[Stone]. Dale, T. Nelson. The Granites of Connecticut. Washington DC: U.S. Dept. of the Interior, 1911. Original edition. Small quarto, pp. 137, indexed. Illustrated with b/w drawings and photos, including a fold-out geological survey map in color. Signed on the cover by several early owners, including Gordon College professor of geology Edwin K. Gedney. Original Wraps. Very good; mild water stain to the top of the text block; several small cosmetic tears at the spine.  
Scarce Department of Interior vocational publication on the origin, nature, and classification of the granites found in Connecticut. This bulletin treats its subject from both the scientific and the economic standpoint, and strives to make the scientific portions intelligible to the general reader. Thoroughly illustrated, and full of useful technical information. (19542)    $85.00  

Stone Magazine, October 1936
Lent, Frank A. (President)                                               
[Stone]. Lent, Frank A. (President). Stone Magazine, October 1936 Vol. LVII Number 10. New York, NY: Frank A. Lent, October 1936. Original edition. Quarto, pp. 40, illustrated with b/w drawings and photographs. Beautifully illustrated period advertisements. Paperback journal. Very good.  
This magazine, devoted to the architectural uses of stone, is always interesting reading. Articles in this issue discuss artificial sun, the wire saw, masonry of arches, marble deposits of Newfoundland, and more. (19546)    $70.00

Titles on Sale
L'Art de Charpenterie de Mathurin Jousse  
(The Carpentry Art of Mathurin Jousse)
de la Hire, M.                                                   
[Carpentry]. de la Hire, M. L'Art de Charpenterie de Mathurin Jousse (The Carpentry Art of Mathurin Jousse) Architect and Engineer of the City of La Fleche; corrects & increases what is most curious in this art, & the most needed machinery for a carpenter. Paris: Charles-Antoine Jombert, 1751. Third edition. Folio, pp. 212, illustrated with full page plates and b/w illustrations. Many subtle, expert repairs done to tears in the pages. Page 85 is misnumbered, making it appear that several pages are missing, but the book is complete. Text in French. Half leather over linen boards. Very good.  
Mathurin Jousse (1575-1645) was a master locksmith, architectural theorist, and French technical writer. He was well educated, had extensive knowledge of geometry, and had made a special study of Vitruvius and the great masters in architecture. He was the author of "Secrets of Architecture" (1642), one of the first treatises of stereotomy. The first edition of this book was published in 1627, showing that many techniques were already understood and synthesized well before the 18th century. (19418)    $375.00
Honor Bilt Modern Homes
Sears, Roebuck & Co., Chicago, IL                                                     
[Pattern Book]. Sears, Roebuck & Co. Honor Bilt Modern Homes. Chicago: Sears, Roebuck & Co., 1930. First edition. Quarto, pp. 130. Thoroughly illustrated with b/w and color drawings.  Staplebound Wraps. Very good; 1" tear to bottom of back spine, but binding and pages intact.  
A wonderful pattern book from the days when Sears sold affordable kit houses. From a great period in U.S. home building, showing a variety of popular home styles and floor plans. A section on millwork showed options for cabinetry, stair rails, doors, breakfast nook, and fireplace surround. A highly-sought Sears pattern book in unusually nice condition. (19482)    $90.00
Radford's Blue Ribbon Homes
Radford, William A.                                                    
[Pattern Book]. Radford, William A. Radford's Blue Ribbon Homes. Chicago, IL: Radford Architectural Company, 1924. Original edition. Quarto, pp 160. Indexed, illustrated with b/w photographs and floor plans. Color Pictorial Wraps. Very Good.  
Presented in this book are 155 good home building designs. There are homes shown that range all the way from three to ten rooms; of every style of architecture that has been found best through the experience of architects and builders; that give the home builder the maximum in beauty and convenience for the minimum of expense. A splendid collection of house plans in a wide enough variety to suit every taste: bungalows, cottages, pretentious residences, summer homes - built of every kind of materials - suitable for cities, towns and villages are shown. (19479)    $50.00
Modern American Homes
von Holst, H.V.                                                   
[American]. von Holst, H.V.  Modern American Homes. Chicago: American Technical Society, 1913. First edition. Oblong folio (13 X 9 1/2), pp. 108 b/w photographic plates with floor plans (Each plate is really a page with b/w illustration and text.)  Brown Half-Leather, title on cover. Good; water damage to text block.  
A scarce title with page after page of period homes, with an especially high number of bungalows in wood and stucco. The primary emphasis is on bungalows of all kinds, but there are cement plaster houses, Adirondack camps and boathouses, and occasional mansions. (19379)    $110.00
The Architecture of Georgia
Nichols, Frederick D.                                                  
[Architectural History]. Nichols, Frederick D. The Architecture of Georgia. Savannah, GA: Beehive Press, 1976. First edition. Quarto, pp. 436, Indexed, richly illustrated with b/w photos and drawings. Cloth over Boards. Very good in edgeworn and tattered dust jacket.  
This is the first complete survey of Georgia architecture between the Revolution and the Civil War, and presents the best of 14,000 miles of travel throughout Georgia, nearly 500 new photographs and rare historic views of 250 of Georgia's most important and beautiful buildings. Laid in is a 1978 letter by Mills Lane of Beehive Press to his friend Charlie, to whom he was giving the book. The letter is quite moving; here's a quote from it: "We're trying to do a good thing for Georgia, documenting this state's social and cultural history. We're having a terribly hard time trying to sell our books. I think we live in a dark age. There may be more education and more cultural activity, but the level of achievement seems to get lower and lower always. I have become something of a cultural Tory." A unique glimpse into the struggles of authors and publishers to reach their audience. (19436)    $35.00
Picturesque California Houses
Newsom, Samuel and Joseph C.                                                   
[California]. Newsom, Samuel and Joseph C. Picturesque California Houses A Volume of 40 Plates, Plans, Details and Specifications of Houses. Los Angeles, CA: Hennessey & Ingalls, Inc., 1978. Reprint of 1884 publication. Oblong folio, pp. vii, 7, plus 35 b/w plates. (Yes, subtitle says 40 plates, but the volume only has 35 plates, the index only has 35 plates, and no pages are missing.) Cardboard Covers. Near Fine in Wraps.  
Of all the pattern books published during the late 19th century on the West Coast, the most sumptuous were those published by the brothers Samuel and Joseph Cather Newsom, architects of San Francisco, Oakland, and Los Angeles. This is a reprint of their first pattern book. The 35 plates in this book contain drawings for 37 dwellings and cottages. Of these, 19 are for individual houses that were built, including the Boyd House in Eureka and the Swett House in Stockton, and the 19 houses are identified in the new introduction to this reprinted edition. (19378)    $60.00
Signs, Streets, and Storefronts
Treu, Martin                                                  
[Building as Envelope]. Treu, Martin. Signs, Streets, and Storefronts A history of Architecture and Graphics Along America's Commercial Corridors. Baltimore, MD: The Johns Hopkins Univ Press, 2012. First edition. Small quarto, pp 384, indexed. 39 Color photographs of store front facades and streets. b/w photographs throughout the volume. Hard Cover with Dust Jacket. New in New DJ.  
This book addresses more than 200 years of signs and place-marking along America's commercial corridors. From small-town squares to Broadway, State Street, and Wilshire Boulevard, Martin Treu follows design developments into the present and explores issues of historic preservation. Treu considers common architecture and its place-defining business signs as well as influential high-style design examples by taste-making leaders. Combining advertising and architectural history, the book presents a full picture of the commercial landscape, including design adaptations made for motorists and the migration from Main Street to suburbia.The dynamic between individual businesses and the common good has a major effect on the appearance of our country's Main Streets. Several forces are at work: technological advances, design imagination and the media, corporate propaganda, customer needs, and municipal mandates...  A must-read for city planners, town councils, architects, sign designers, concerned citizens, and anyone who cares about the appearance and vitality of America's commercial streets, this heavily illustrated book is equally appealing to armchair historians, small-town enthusiasts, and lovers of Americana. (18378)    $35.00
The Home Harmonious
Phelan, Charles W. (Director)                                                 
[Pattern Book]. Phelan, Charles W. (Director). The Home Harmonious 1927 Edition of the WNAC Book of Homes. Boston, MA: Station WNAC Home Builder's Department, 1927. First edition. Quarto, pp. 32, illustrated with b/w drawings and photographs. Stamped on the cover by the architect of the Home Harmonious project. Staplebound Wraps. Good; cover is partially detached.  
The "Home Harmonious" was a joint project between Massachusetts radio station WNAC and contractors, developers, and building suppliers to educate listeners about home building and buying.  They claimed the "Home Harmonious" was the first "radio-built home," but it appears the only thing radio-related about the home was a large niche built into the living room wall for a radio to reside! This pattern book displays home plans, articles about home construction, and radio promotions. A rare pairing of radio and architecture in the first decade of commercial radio. (19203)    $45.00
Fortune Magazine, April 1933
Contains article: "Mass-Produced Houses in Review"                                                
[Architecture]. Luce, Henry R. (Editor). Fortune Magazine, April 1933. New York: Time, Inc., April 1933. First edition. Folio, pp. 132, illustrated with b/w drawings and photographs.  Original Wraps. Near Fine in Wraps.  
This is an absolutely beautiful magazine in very remarkable condition. On page 52, there is a long article entitled "Mass-produced Houses in Review," which reviewed the progress of the prefabricated house, which by 1933 could be seen, entered and purchased. Some of the featured companies and architects are Robert W. McLaughlin Jr, of American Houses, Inc, New York; Sears Roebuck; Walter L. Fisher of General Houses Inc in Chicago; Armco in Cleveland; Pierce Foundation; Columbian Steel Tank Co. of Kansas City; and National Steel Homes of California. Other companies that were expanding into prefabricated housing, but didn't have a production line already in place, are also listed as companies to watch. (19251)    $30.00
Gargoyles, Chimeres, and the Grotesque in French Gothic Sculpture
Bridaham, Lester Burbank, preface by Ralph Adams Cram                                               
[International]. Bridaham, Lester Burbank, preface by Ralph Adams Cram. Gargoyles, Chimeres, and the Grotesque in French Gothic Sculpture. New York: Architectural Book Publishing Co., 1930. First edition. Folio, pp. xvi, 208, profusely illustrated w/ b/w photographs. Cloth over Boards; water stain on top right corner of front cover and top left corner of back cover, but dust jacket and text block unaffected. Very Good in Very Good DJ.  
Nice copy of the definitive photographic study of these fascinating architectural details.A very scarce book in its original 1930 incarnation.  No reprint does this material justice! (19201)    $175.00
The Country Life Book of Small Houses
Smithells, Roger (Editor)                                              
[Pattern Book]. Smithells, Roger (Editor). The Country Life Book of Small Houses. London: Country Life, Ltd., 1939. First edition. Quarto. pp. 92, with period advertisements bound in. Richly illustrated with b/w photos and floor plans.  Cloth over Boards. Very good in tattered, tape-repaired dust jacket.
Very good source book on small homes in the 1930s. A remarkable and interesting book on the subject, written by the editor of England's Country Living, a highly regarded expert on many subjects. (19298)    $35.00