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Selected Titles for June 2019
Welcome to the June newsletter! It's the season for classic cars to come out of storage and go to shows. We brought our 1959 Thunderbird to Eliot, Maine for the Thunderama All Vehicle Car Show, and we brought back an award in our show category! My sister would be proud of how much people appreciated her car. My daughter Kimberly joined me for the day, and we enjoyed seeing all the exhibitors and their classic American cars.    
In this newsletter we have another fine selection of titles from the Old House Journal library, some intriguing salesman samples, and quite a few scarce titles we've never seen before.
Happy browsing!
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New Arrivals
From the Old House Journal library 
Architecture and History 
Pattern Books 
Construction Methods & Materials
Metal and Hardware 
Brick and Stone
Paint, Color Theory, and Interior Design
New Arrivals

Ideal Homes in Garden Communities: A Book of House Plans
Garden City Company of California, Los Angeles, CA                                   
[Pattern Book]. Garden City Company of California. Ideal Homes in Garden Communities: A Book of House Plans. New York: Robert M. McBride and Co., 1916. Second edition. Small quarto, pp. 80. Illustrated with b/w watercolors and plans. Decorated Boards. Very good in good dust jacket; 2" missing from dust jacket on the reverse side.  
Beautiful early 20th century pattern book with lengthy descriptions of each home, designed by architects Francis Pierpont Davis and Walter Swindell Davis; architectural engineer Loyall F. Watson, and landscape architect Henry R. Davis. Charing houses with attractive landscape setting are presented in the form of architect's perspective views and plans, covering a wide variety of bungalow and two-story houses in Colonial, English, Spanish and other styles of architecture. This is the first time we've seen a copy in dust jacket. (19502)    $225.00  
Anaglypta & Salamander
Murdison Company, Chicago, IL                                    
[Architecture]. Murdison Company. Anaglypta & Salamander Anaglypta Retail Pattern Book Price List. Chicago, IL: Murdison Company, 1909. First edition. Folio (12"x15.5"), pp. 370, illustrated with b/w photographs of architectural ornaments.  Cloth over Boards. Very good.  
Anaglypta is a range of paintable textured wallcoverings made from paper or vinyl. It was the first washable wall covering and appealed to Victorians because of its sanitary properties, its durability, and ornate effects. This catalog displays backgrounds, panels, high relief centers, friezes, pilasters and many more ornaments. The title page touts their participation in the Paris International Exhibition of 1900. Very scarce, especially in such condition. (19520)    $450.00
Reissmann's Rafter and Polygon Gauge
Reissmann, F.                                   
[Carpentry]. Reissmann, F. Reissmann's Rafter and Polygon Gauge. West Point, NY: Reissmann, 1897. Original edition. Wooden tool, 10.25" x 12.75", with scales printed on it. Blank wooden back. Board. Very Good; some staining and edgewear.  
This tool was produced to simplify certain tasks that carpenters faced: the length, pitch, plumb and side cuts of common, hop, valley and octagon hip rafters; the side bevel for jack rafters against hip and valley rafters and also the side bevel for jack rafters against octagon hip rafters; the mitre cuts for level planceer, gable planceer, crown moulding, sheathing and shingles for hip and valley; and the correct bevel for obtaining the sides and mitres for all polygons between pentagons and dodecagons. A handsome relic from 100 years ago. (19488)    $50.00
19 Marble Samples in a custom cardboard box
Marblcraft Products, Inc., Nashua, NH                                   
[Stone]. Marblcraft Products, Inc. 19 Marble samples in a custom cardboard box. Nashua, NH: Marblcraft Products, Inc., nd c. 1980. Original edition. Case 12" x  4.5" x 5" with 19 round marble samples (4" diameter) Cardboard case w/tile samples. Cardboard Case and Samples in Very Good Condition; cover label missing, box has light edgewear and sunning.  
Marblcraft was a manufacturer of cultured marble products located in Nashua, NH in the 1970s and 1980s. This is a collection of 19 of their marble samples in a very nice custom cardboard case. Most samples have a label on the reverse side with the stone's name and number. An attractive and scarce item; we've never seen one of these before. (19499)    $85.00    
Framed Hat Box Art
[Art]. Anonymous. Framed Hat Box Art. nd c. 1890. Frame is 16.25" x 12.25" and is hand painted to simulate wood grain. Art is supported with a cardboard backing that shows sign of some water damage in the past, but it has not affected the artwork. Paper with wooden, hand grain-painted frame. Good; closed puncture tear at top center from a previous display on a nail before it was framed.

This attractive pastoral scene was once part of a hat box! A brick farmhouse, with barn, fence, and feeding pig, created with a three-color printing process. A lovely piece of 19th century Americana that will display very well. (19500)    $90.00
Architectural Building Blocks and House Plan Book 
Plan-O-Blocks, Inc., Binghamton, NY 
[Architectural Models]. Plan-O-Blocks, Inc. New Horizon In Home Planning, Plan-O-Block Homes, Book No. 47 and Patented Set of Architectural Building Blocks. Binghamton, NY: Plan-O-Blocks, Inc., 1947. Original edition. Quarto, pp 24. b/w perspective renderings and floor plans for cottages, ranch houses, and other small homes. Pictorial Wraps, b/w and boxed set of blocks, window units, etc.. Very good; box cover has duct tape residue and some scrapes.  
This patented building block system was designed to help the clients visualize their new homes. It includes floor plans and house designs which could be used by the architect to build a model, help sell a design scheme, and then be sent to the company for a set of floor plans and specifications. This is a one of a kind set. We've never seen any like it. Extremely scarce and under the radar! (19519)    $85.00
Plaster Works
Teterevnikov, N. N.                                   
[Plastering]. Teterevnikov, N. N. Plaster Works. Moscow: 1930. Second edition. Small octavo, pp. 80, pages uncut. Illustrated with 29 b/w drawings. Text in Russian. Original Wraps. Very good.  
A practical handbook of basic plastering theory, intended for the do-it-yourself laborer rather than the professional. Part of a series of books called "Behind the Working Machine." Very unusual! We've never seen a copy before. (19518)    $85.00
Water Closets
Brown, Glenn                                  
[Plumbing]. Brown, Glenn. Water Closets A Historical, Mechanical, and Sanitary Treatise. New York: Industrial Publication Company, 1884. Revised. 12mo, pp. 158, indexed, plus 31st edition of publisher's catalog (April 1885) bound in. Illustrated with b/w drawings. One ad page and title page detached but present. Cloth over Boards. Very Good.  
This was an important work for architects, builders, plumbers, sanitary engineers, and home owners in the 1880s. Over 250 engravings were drawn expressly for the book by the author. The author covers all sorts of water closets, including ancient, modern, pan, plunger, hopper and more, plus attachments, supply valves, and tanks. Very rare; this is the first time we've located a copy. (19486)    $50.00

The Appearance of the Form
Habraken, N. John                                         
[Engineering]. Habraken, N. John. The Appearance of the Form four essays on the position designing takes between people and things. Cambridge, MA: Atwater Press, 1985. First edition. Small quarto, pp. 163, illustrated with b/w drawings. Paperback. Very Good.  
The four essays in this book consider how the countless physical objects that we live with appear in our human culture. For millennia use and making were inseparable, even when the latter knew specialization. In that age old mode of working things emerged as the product of collective understandings and shared images. Only recently what we now know as 'designing' appeared as a specific professional intervention. Designers produce 'appearances' of new things - in the way of drawings, models and descriptions - to arrive at an instruction for the making of them. As such, designing places itself between use and inhabitation on the one hand and making on the other. Evidence suggests that designing cannot replace the historic mode of creating objects, and is most beneficial when likewise rooted in a social body. (19496)    $25.00  
The Automated Architect
Cross, Nigel                                        
[Engineering]. Cross, Nigel. The Automated Architect Human and Machine Roles in Design. New York: Methuen, Inc., 1977. First American edition. Small quarto, pp. 178, indexed, illustrated with b/w diagrams and drawings. Cloth over Boards. Very Good in Very Good DJ.  
This book tried to anticipate what computer-aided design systems would be like, and what their impact would be on architects and other designers. The book is written from a social and human orientation, in contrast to the machine orientation of almost all other work in the field at that time. It was intended for architects who wanted to understand, anticipate, and prepare for the impact of computers on their work. A comprehensive list of computer applications in architectural design, and a classified bibiliography make the book a valuable reference work.
 (19493)    $25.00  
Soft Architecture Machines
Negroponte, Nicholas                                       
[Engineering]. Negroponte, Nicholas. Soft Architecture Machines. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1975. First edition. Small octavo, pp. 239, illustrated with b/w photographs and drawings. Cloth over Boards. Very Good in Very Good DJ.  
This book is an offspring of Negroponte's "The Architecture Machine," published by The MIT Press in 1970. As is usually the case where computer systems are involved, the new generation is several orders of magnitude more powerful than even its remarkably mind-extending parent. The general assumption of this book is that the architect is an unnecessary and even detrimental middleman between individual, continuously changing needs and the continuous incorporation of those needs into the built environment. The book proposes a new kind of architecture without architects, and even without surrogate architects. It looks toward a distant future not only beyond the architect but beyond architecture as we know it. Here architecture machines are not simply used as aids in the design of buildings; they serve as buildings in themselves. Humans will live in living, intelligent machines or cognitive physical environments that can immediately respond to human needs or wishes or whims. The possibilities are unlimited and a challenge to any imagination.
 (19492)    $30.00  

From the Old House Journal library
Molesworth: The Pioneer of Western Design
Winchell, Terry                                            
[Furniture]. Winchell, Terry. Molesworth: The Pioneer of Western Design. Salt Lake City, UT: Gibbs Smith, 2005. First edition. Quarto, pp. 233, illustrated with color photographs. Cloth over Boards. Near Fine in Near Fine Dust Jacket.  
This is the quintessential monograph of the legendary Thomas Molesworth, his life and work. As the first thoroughly detailed and complete guide, it explores Molesworth's journey to becoming one of the leading western furniture designers. With a career spanning over 30 years, his influence is profound and sweeping - an influence that extends into today, inspiring a new generation of artists and collectors. From the Old House Journal library. (19510)    $75.00         
Classic Houses of Portland, Oregon 1850-1950
Hawkins, William J. III and William F. Willingham                                           
[Northwestern US]. Hawkins, William J. III and William F. Willingham. Classic Houses of Portland, Oregon 1850-1950. Portland, OR: Timber Press, 1999. First edition. Oblong Octavo, pp. 591. Illustrated with numerous b/w photos, drawings, and plans. Boards. As New in Very Good DJ.  
An impressive catalog of Portland's residential architecture from the mid-19th to mid-20th centuries, describing and showing over 300 of the city's most important homes. A wonderful look at the city's architectural history. From the Old House Journal library. (19509)    $35.00        
Biedermeier to Bauhaus
Sangl, Sigrid                                          
[Interiors]. Sangl, Sigrid. Biedermeier to Bauhaus. New York: Harry N. Abrams, Inc., 2000. First edition. Quarto, pp. 191, indexed, illustrated with 265 color photographs. Cloth over Boards. Very Good in Very Good Dust Jacket.  
This volume will delight anyone interested in interior design. Tracing the evolution of these electic European styles from their roots in the Renaissance through the early twentieth century, it reveals a strikingly creative decorative tradition that has been admired and imitated the world over. The author was given privileged access to private houses, many of which have never been photographed before, spanning the Baltin to the Alps and Dusseldorf to Dresden, these astonishingly varied and authentic interiors are seen as different strands of a complex but characteristic decorative heritage. From the Old House Journal library. (19508)    $20.00       
Irving J. Gill: Architect, 1870 - 1936
Rand, Marvin                                         
[Architectural Monograph]. Rand, Marvin. Irving J. Gill: Architect, 1870 - 1936. Layton, UT: Gibbs Smith, Publisher, 2006. First edition. Quarto; pp. 240.  Richly illustrated and documented. Hardcover. New in new dustjacket.  
Considered by the author to be one of the first architectural practitioners of modernism in America, the book is an impressive assemblage of material on the author.  Drawing on his writings in Stickley's Craftsman and way beyond, the book points to a grand era of American vernacular design.  From the Old House Journal library. (19507)    $30.00      
The California Garden
French, Jere Stuart                                         
[Landscape Architecture]. French, Jere Stuart. The California Garden. Washington, D.C.: Landscape Architectural Foundation, 1993. First edition. Small quarto, pp. 256, indexed, illustrated with color photographs. Cloth over Boards. Very Good in Very Good Dust Jacket.  
This is the first truly comprehensive account of garden design in The Golden State, and is a glowing description of the beauty and magic of well-conceived "outdoor rooms" and the many variations in function and form with which California's landscape architects have endowed them. From the large turn-of-the-century estates to small city lots, good design and sensible use of space are explained and illustrated. From the Old House Journal library. (19506)    $30.00     
Inaugural issue of Tiller Magazine (Vol 1 Number 1)
Claney, Jane B. and Thomas, Susan D. (associate editors)                                        
[Arts & Crafts Style]. Claney, Jane B. and Thomas, Susan D. (associate editors). Inaugural issue of Tiller Magazine (Vol 1 Number 1) A bimonthly devoted to the Arts and Crafts Movement. Bryn Mawr, PA: The Artsman, September-October 1982. First edition. Small quarto, pp 41, illustrated with b/w and color drawings and photographs. Only 1000 copies published. Original Wraps. Very good.  
The premiere issue of Tiller was devoted to architecture and the architects of the Arts and Crafts Movement. Articles include a history of an Arts and Crafts structure in Albany that had been used as a doctor's residence and office; the constructional theory of furniture making; and the Craftsman interior. Very rare. From the Old House Journal library. (19505)    $40.00    
The Machine Age in America 1918-1941
Wilson, Richard Guy; Pilgrim, Dianne H.; Tashjian, Dickran                                       
[Technology/Trades]. Wilson, Richard Guy; Pilgrim, Dianne H.; Tashjian, Dickran. The Machine Age in America 1918-1941. New York: Harry N. Abrams, Inc., 1986. First edition. Quarto, pp. 375, indexed, over 400 illustrations, including 55 plates in full color. Decorated Cloth over Boards. Very Good in Very Good Dust Jacket.  
This volume was published in tandem with an exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum in 1986, that later traveled to the Museum of Art in Pittsburgh, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and the High Museum of Art in Atlanta in 1987 and 1988. The exhibit, and the book, captures the mood, the energy, of an age in transition - the years between the two world wars. Although there were vast differences between the decades encompassed - prosperity in the 1920s, depression in the 1930s - the machine was the principal motivating force in each. America, on the verge of a new art, and ultimately a new culture, had come into her own at last. From her great achievements in technology and industry would arise not simply a modern style, but an entirely new way of life. From the Old House Journal library. (19504)    $25.00   
Living with History
Jakubovich, Paul                                      
[Architectural History]. Jakubovich, Paul. Living with History A Guide to the Preservation Standards for Historically Designated Houses in Milwaukee. Milwaukee, WI: City of Milwaukee, 1997. First edition. Oblong quarto, pp. 116, illustrated with b/w drawings. Color Pictorial Wraps. Very Good.  
This publication is intended to help property owners better understand the Historic Preservation Commission's preservation guidelines for locally-designated houses by illustrating the do's and don'ts for some of the more common exterior rehabilitation projects. An impressive volume on the subject.  From the Old House Journal library.
 (19491)    $25.00  

Architecture and History
Re: CP      
Price, Cedric                
[Architecture]. Price, Cedric. Re: CP. Basel, Switzerland: Birkhauser, 2003. First edition. Octavo, pp. 185, illustrated with b/w and color drawings and photographs. Paperback. Very Good.  
Cedric Price believes that cooking is a good model for architecture, where ideas can be tested - and given immediate user feedback - within a single sitting. In this book, Price has collected some of his favorite "recipes," drawn from his experiences of working on his own projects, as well as observations on work by others. (19498)    $45.00
John Habraken: Oeuvreprijs (Oeuvre Award) 1996     
Premsela, Benno (Chair)               
[Architecture]. Premsela, Benno (Chair). John Habraken: Oeuvreprijs (Oeuvre Award) 1996. Amsterdam: Netherlands Foundation for Fine Arts, Design and Architecture, 1996. First edition. Small quarto, pp. about 70, illustrated with color drawings. Text in Dutch and English. Paperback. Very Good.  
Since 1992, the Oeuvre Awards presented by the Netherlands Foundation for Fine Arts, Design and Architecture have expressed public appreciation for artists who have long served the arts with an exceptional body of work. Every two years, a maximum of six awards are presented to visual artists, designers or architects whose work as a whole has been of outstanding significance for Dutch art, design or architecture. John Habraken was honored for his work in architectural and urban design. (19497)    $25.00
Industrialized Housing Feasibility Study    
Herrey, Antony and Litle, William A.              
[Architecture]. Herrey, Antony and Litle, William A. Industrialized Housing Feasibility Study. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1971. First edition. Quarto, pp. 480, illustrated with b/w photographs and drawings. Ink signature by previous owner on front cover. Spiral Bound Wraps. Very Good.  
This study was an outgrowth of MIT's housing program in Cambridge, where they were developing 1,000 dwelling units at four sites in Cambridge for low-income citizens of the city not affiliated with MIT. The practical difficulties of producing large numbers of inexpensive dwelling units in a high-cost urban area led MIT to search for better solutions. A graduate seminar at MIT in the fall of 1969 investigated the feasibility of industrialized housing systems in MIT's housing program. The seminar concluded that sufficient evidence of feasibility existed to justify a more intensive study, leading to this report. MIT was deeply aware of the serious and deteriorating housing situation at the beginning of the 1970s in the nation generally, thus the focus was enlarged from Cambridge to the entire Northeast. A valuable reference for those interested in the history of low-cost urban housing. (19495)    $35.00
A Modulkoordinalt Epitesi Rendszer  
(The Modular Coordinated Building System)   
Bohonyey, Janos and Palvolgyi, Ervin             
[Architecture]. Bohonyey, Janos and Palvolgyi, Ervin. A Modulkoordinalt Epitesi Rendszer (The Modular Coordinated Building System). Budapest: Muszaki Konyvkiado, 1981. First edition. Small quarto, pp. 283, indexed, illustrated with b/w photographs and drawings. Text in Hungarian. Decorated Boards. Very Good.  
This book takes stock of the development and domestic practice of modular coordinated building systems and design methodology, referring to the international dimension of the subject. It provides an overview of building systems, the coordination module, design of modular coordinated building systems and subsystems, and documentation of building systems and subsystems. (19494)    $45.00
The Historic American Buildings Survey: Wisconsin Architecture  
Perrin, Richard W.E., F. A.I.A.             
[Architectural History]. Perrin, Richard W.E., F. A.I.A. The Historic American Buildings Survey: Wisconsin Architecture A Catalog of Buildings Represented in The Library of Congress, with Illustrations from Measured Drawings. Washington, D.C.: United States Government Printing Office, 1965. First edition. Oblong small quarto, pp. 80, illustrated with b/w photographs, drawings and floor plans. Cloth over Boards with Drawing. Very Good.  
An intelligently organized survey of Wisconsin buildings from traditional timber construction to masonry and stone.  An interesting variety of building styles and types are shown here: A Greek Revival limestone mill, half-timber and stone barns, and handsome clapboard homes.  This book holds a wealth of pictorial information for those interested in restoring buildings. From the library of author Daniel D. Reiff.
 (19489)    $15.00
Bricks and Brownstone: The New York Row House, 1783-1929 
Lockwood, Charles            
[American]. Lockwood, Charles. Bricks and Brownstone The New York Row House, 1783-1929; An Architectural and Social History. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1972. First edition. Quarto, pp. xxv, 262, indexed, illustrated with b/w drawings and photographs. Cloth over Boards. Very Good in DJ; closed tear repaired with cellophane tape.  
This is the first book to examine the architectural styles of the New York row house, the way of life of the families who lived in these unique houses, and the outstanding neighborhoods of a rapidly growing and changing city. A charming and nostalgic evocation of bygone days in a town house or "brownstone" in 19th century America's richest, most powerful, and most cosmopolitan city. Withe the aid of photographs and engravings (over half of them are 100 years old), the author presents the history of the various row house architecture, and discusses and illustrates the features of the styles. An important contribution to New York's brownstone revival. From the library of author Daniel D. Reiff. (19487)    $40.00

The Origin of the Skyscraper
Tallmadge, Thomas E. (Editor)           
[Architectural History]. Tallmadge, Thomas E. (Editor). The Origin of the Skyscraper Report of the Committee appointed by the Trustees of the Estate of Marshall Field for the Examination of the Strucutre of the Home Insurance Building. Chicago, IL: Alderbrink Press, 1939. First edition. Small quarto, pp. 32, illustrated with b/w photographs and a fold-out wall plan. Signed by a previous owner on the front cover in ink. Autographed by the editor on the title page. Staplebound Wraps. Good; cover detached, repaired with cellophane tape.  
The purpose of the committee was to investigate thoroughly the construction of the Home Insurance Building located on the northeast corner of Lasalle and Adams Streets, Chicago, as evidenced during the wrecking of the building in 1931. The purpose of the inquiry was to determine the true relation of this building and its architect to the origin and development of the type of construction known as "skeleton." The building was originally designed and built in 1884, and two stories were added in 1890. (19481)    $85.00
The Little Book of Bells
Hatch, Eric; illustrated by Eric Sloane          
[American History]. Hatch, Eric. The Little Book of Bells. New York: Duell, Sloan and Pearce, 1964. First edition. Small quarto, p. 85, appendix, illustrated with b/w drawings by cultural history author and artist Eric Sloane. Original Cloth. Very Good in Very Good DJ.  
This delightful little book traces the story of bells through the ages, from the ancient Crotal, ancestor of modern sleigh bells, to the electronic carillon. It includes a little history, a quantity of factual information about the nature and manufacture of bells, and some noteworthy legends. At times humorous, at times romantic, it is always informative, and provides a rich treasure trove of lore on an off-beat, fascinating subject. (19475)    $20.00
The Frank Lloyd Wright Newsletter Vol  2 - Vol 5
Heinz, Thomas (editor)          
[Wright]. Heinz, Thomas (editor). The Frank Lloyd Wright Newsletter Vol  2 - Vol 5, complete, including the elusive "Oak Park River Forest Park" map. Oak Park, IL: The Frank Lloyd Wright Association, 1979-1982. First printing. Octavo, each issue approximately pp. 12, illustrated with b/w photos, 13 issues covering 1979 (4), 1980 (4), 1981 (3 issues; third issue covered two quarters), and the first half of 1982 (2). Staplebound Wraps. As New.  
This quarterly newsletter was published by the Frank Lloyd Wright Association for its membership. Topics include house histories, furnishing, book reviews, and letters to the editor. The map describes over 80 homes of historical interest, and places them on a map of Oak Park and River Forest. Beautiful typography. (2247)    $140.00

Pattern Books
Designed for Concrete
Portland Cement Association, Chicago, IL                 
[Pattern Book]. Portland Cement Association. Designed for Concrete 55 selected designs from the 1936 Pencil Points - Portland Cement Association Architectural Competition for the design of firesafe concrete homes. Chicago: Portland Cement Assoc., 1936. First edition. Quarto, pp 48. Profusely illustrated with b/w photographs, site plans, floor plans, and  perspective sketches throughout. Staplebound Wraps, green/black. Very Good.

A selection of designs for fire-safe concrete homes. Bauhaus modern, stone faced Old English, Spanish and a variety of other styles are depicted in homes built across the  United States. (19515)    $60.00
Main Line Homes
Thomas Development Corporation, Syracuse, NY               
[Pattern Book]. Thomas Development Corporation. Main Line Homes More Living for the 1960s. Syracuse, NY: Main Line Homes, nd, c. 1960. Original edition. Oblong small quarto, pp 34, contains exterior illustrations and the floor plans for 19 homes. Original salesman's business card stapled to front cover. Original Wraps. Very Good.

Main Line Homes was one of the nation's largest manufacturers of pre-cut, panelized houses in the 1940s and 1950s.This catalog showcased their line of attractive homes, from small to sprawling, with some pages devoted to interiors and finishing details. Rare, and in very nice condition. (19485)    $55.00
The Book of Beautiful Homes
Borzner, Andrew Charles (Architect), Philadelphia, PA             
[Pattern Book]. Borzner, Andrew Charles (Architect). The Book of Beautiful Homes Houses, Bungalows and Twin Houses, Volume VIII. Philadelphia, PA: Andrew Charles Borzner, 1932. First edition. Quarto, pp. 134.  Illustrated with elevations, floor plans, etc.  Staplebound Wraps. Good; cover detached, multiple edge tears.  
This catalog presents 130 artistic and practical house designs, including numerous interesting Spanish house designs. At the time of its writing, this volume contained the most comprehensive collection of unusual American homes that had ever been published, and approximately 80% of the houses illustrated had been erected. Scarce; we've never seen a copy of this before. (19483)    $65.00
Honor Bilt Modern Homes
Sears, Roebuck & Co., Chicago, IL            
[Pattern Book]. Sears, Roebuck & Co. Honor Bilt Modern Homes. Chicago: Sears, Roebuck & Co., 1930. First edition. Quarto, pp. 130. Thoroughly illustrated with b/w and color drawings.  Staplebound Wraps. Very good; 1" tear to bottom of back spine, but binding and pages intact.  
A wonderful pattern book from the days when Sears sold affordable kit houses. From a great period in U.S. home building, showing a variety of popular home styles and floor plans. A section on millwork showed options for cabinetry, stair rails, doors, breakfast nook, and fireplace surround. A highly-sought Sears pattern book in unusually nice condition. (19482)    $110.00
50 House Plans for 1950
Matern, Rudolf A.  (Architect)           
[Pattern Book]. Matern, Rudolf A.  (Architect). 50 House Plans for 1950 From the Portfolio of Rudolf A. Matern Architect 50 House Designs of Proven Popularity. Long Island, NY: House Plan Guild, Inc., 1949. Original edition. Quart, pp. 50, illustrated with b/w perspective renderings and floor plans on each page. Distributed by House Plan Guild, Long Island, NY. Color Pictorial Wraps, brown/yellow. Very good; cover detached.  
Rudolf A. Matern was a popular mid-century architect who designed and popularized such features as "TV alcoves," 2 story interior atrium spaces, blended indoor outdoor spaces, and shed roofs. Although most of the homes in this booklet appear quite traditional, the floor layouts are beginning to use more open planning. (19480)    $40.00
Radford's Blue Ribbon Homes
Radford, William A.          
[Pattern Book]. Radford, William A. Radford's Blue Ribbon Homes. Chicago, IL: Radford Architectural Company, 1924. Original edition. Quarto, pp 160. Indexed, illustrated with b/w photographs and floor plans. Color Pictorial Wraps. Very Good.  
Presented in this book are 155 good home building designs. There are homes shown that range all the way from three to ten rooms; of every style of architecture that has been found best through the experience of architects and builders; that give the home builder the maximum in beauty and convenience for the minimum of expense. A splendid collection of house plans in a wide enough variety to suit every taste: bungalows, cottages, pretentious residences, summer homes - built of every kind of materials - suitable for cities, towns and villages are shown. (19479)    $55.00
Home Designs
Bowes, C. L.         
[Pattern Book]. Bowes, C. L. Home Designs Copy issued by George G. Kenyon Lumber Company, Syracuse, NY. Hinsdale, IL: Bildor Swift Homes, Inc., 1926. Original edition. Quarto, pp. 184, contains b/w photographs of house exteriors, floor plans, and period advertisements. Staplebound Wraps with cloth spine. Good; small tears to backspine; heavy edgewear, but binding still operational and intact; some ink calculations on back cover.  
Architect designed family homes with customized features and flexible arrangements in one, two, three and four bedroom plans, with or without basements, in a nicely illustrated plan book. Includes an informational background of Swift Homes' factory in Elizabeth, PA. (19478)    $60.00
The Key to Your Future
Bildor Swift Homes, Inc., Syracuse, NY        
[Pattern Book]. Bildor Swift Homes, Inc. The Key to Your Future Happiness Security Comfort. Syracuse, NY: Bildor Swift Homes, Inc., 1957. Original edition. Oblong quarto, pp 32 plus 8-page foldout of house plans and prices; color perspective renderings and floor plans on each page.  Staplebound Wraps. Very Good; small open tear to front cover.  
Architect designed family homes with customized features and flexible arrangements in one, two, three and four bedroom plans, with or without basements, in a nicely illustrated plan book. Includes an informational background of Swift Homes' factory in Elizabeth, PA. (19476)    $50.00

Construction Materials & Methods

The Modern Plasterer (complete in 2 volumes)
Verrall, W.       
[Building Materials]. Verrall, W. The Modern Plasterer (complete in 2 volumes): A Practical Work on Plastering, Decorative Plasterwork, Rough-Casting, Cement-Washes, Plastic Floors, Artificial Marbles, etc. London: Caxton, n.d. (1920s). First edition. Quarto, pp. 224, 232.  Richly illustrated in color and b/w. Index.  The original edition, not a reprint, and in unusually nice condition for such large volumes that are often frequently referenced in the field. Embossed cloth over boards; gilt lettering. Very good.  
A monumental set on an important building trade!  Very comprehensive, written at a time when "the old trade skills" were much more common.  A wonderful two volume treatment on the subject. (19516)    $195.00
Practical Masonry, Bricklaying, and Plastering; plus
Practical Builder's Perpetual Price-Book (2 titles in 1 volume)
Nicholson, Peter      
[Building Trades]. Nicholson, Peter. Practical Masonry, Bricklaying, and Plastering both plain and ornamental; containing a new and complete system of lines for stone-cutting: for the use of workmen; with an ample detail of the theory and practice of constructing arches, domes, groins, niches, stairs, columns, &c, bond, foundations, walls, bridges, tunnels, light-houses, &c. ovens, furnaces, &c. the formation of mortars and cements; including, also, practical treatises on slating, plumbing, glazing, &c. &c. and a full description of the various materials employed in all these arts, illustrated by numerous engravings, by artists of first-rate talent. London: Thomas Kelly, 1847. First edition. Quarto, pp. viii, 180, with over 45 full page plates and b/w illustrations. Bound with "The Practical Builder's Perpetual Price-Book; Elucidating the Principles of Correctly Ascertaining the Average Value of the Different Artificer's Works Usually Employed in Building; With the Customs of Measuring and Valueing in the Various Parts of the United Kingdom, &c. &c. &c.," pp. 180 plus five plates. Decorated Boards. Once a pretty grand binding, the spine elaborately gilt with the original owner's name: H. W. Gollop 1849. Good; covers detached but present; some minor foxing; 4" of leather on spine is gone.  
What a treasure! The first book followed Nicholson's popular "Practical Carpentry, Joinery and Cabinet Making," and Nicholson intended cover the other building trades as carefully as his other book had covered wood construction. A wonderfully practical treatise of masonry, stonecutting, bricklaying, plaster, and slate in the first half of the 19th century. We've never seen the second title before. It explains how the various materials are measured and priced so that a contractor could estimate costs accurately. (19514)    $450.00
The Carpenters' Steel Square, and Its Uses (2 volumes)
Hodgson, Fred T.     
[Tools]. Hodgson, Fred T. The Carpenters' Steel Square, and Its Uses (2 volumes). New York: Industrial Publication Company, 1893/1890. Third edition. Volume 1: 12 mo, pp. viii, 98. Illustrated with nearly 100 woodcuts.  16 pages of trade advertisements at the back. Volume 2: 12 mo, pp. xiv, 80, also well illustrated with numerous engravings and diagrams. Original Cloth, black w/gilded pictorial title on front & embossed design. Very good.  
A very early and scarce Hodgson set, one which shows the full functionality of the carpenter's steel square, such as obtaining the lengths and bevels of all kinds of rafters, hips, groins, braces, brackets, pulins, collar beams, and jack-rafters. The square's use in solving mechanical problems in constructive carpentry, joinery, sheet work, cut stone, and brick work is covered in volume two. A very attractive set in unusually nice condition. (19503)    $55.00
Two issues of Popular Home magazine
United States Gypsum, Chicago, IL    
[Building Materials]. United States Gypsum. Two issues of Popular Home magazine (winter 1944 and spring building preview 1945) January-February 1959, Vol. 16, No. 1. Chicago, IL: United States Gypsum, 1944-1945. First edition. Quarto, pp 14 and 22, illustrated with b/w and color drawings and photographs. Staplebound Wraps with Illustrated Covers. Good; covers detached and repaired with cellophane tape.  
An outstanding selection of techniques for the use of plaster, laminated millwork, lighting coves and much more.  Ideas for remodeling homes and hallways, outdoor barbeques, painting, children's closets, dormers, hallways.  Practical and very attractive postwar period piece with many applications for current use. (19484)    $20.00
ICS #41B - Joinery, Stair Building, Ironmongery, Plastering, etc
ICS Staff    
[Carpentry]. ICS Staff. ICS #41B - Joinery, Stair Building, Ironmongery, Plastering, Glass and Glazing, Painting and Decorating, Electric Wiring and Bells. London: International Correspondence Schools, Ltd, nd c. 1910. Reprint. Octavo, pp. vi, approx. 480 w/many drawings & illustrations throughout, including color plates and a foldout floor plan. Boards. Very Good+.  
As with all of the ICS trades-related titles, good solid professional text, well illustrated and aimed at the tradesman of the early twentieth century. Most apprentices learned their trades from these texts. This is an uncommon title, in uncommonly excellent condition. (19472)    $65.00

Metal and Hardware
Cast Iron Decoration: A World Survey
Robertson, E. Graeme and Joan Robertson          
[Metal]. Robertson, E. Graeme and Joan Robertson. Cast Iron Decoration: A World Survey. New York: Whitney Library of Design, 1994. First paperback edition. Quarto. pp 336. Indexed, illustrated with b/w photographs. Glossy Pictorial Wraps. Very good.  
A unique work of pictorial reference, supported by introductory texts, glossary and bibliography, which will be equally valuable to art historians, architects and designers- and to anyone who cares for man's cultural heritage as reflected in the adornment of his architecture.  One of the best studies of its type to come out in years. (19517)    $35.00
Cooper, Jones and Cadbury Illustrated Catalogue and Price List
Cooper, Jones and Cadbury, Philadelphia, PA         
[Plumbing]. Cooper, Jones and Cadbury . Cooper, Jones and Cadbury Illustrated Catalogue and Price List (Cover states "Haines, Jones & Cadbury, Philadelphia. 1885") Manufacturers of every description of brass work for plumbers, gas and steam fitters, engine builders, railroad and water companies. Dealers in plumbers' materials. Philadelphia: Cooper, Jones and Cadbury, 1884. First edition. Quarto, pp 272, numerous b/w lithographs, index.  Original brown decorated linen.. Good. No DJ, as Issue.  
A very early Philadelphia building trades piece.  Beautifully illustrated:  at times merely functional products, but many with a beautiful aesthetic component, such as ornate and complicated faucets, chain-stays,  soap cups, fountains and fountain jets, etc. (11029)    $475.00
Oil Lamps and Iron Ponies
Shaw, Frederic; Fisher, Clement; Harlan, George H.        
[Transportation]. Shaw, Frederic; Fisher, Clement; Harlan, George H. Oil Lamps and Iron Ponies A Chronicle of the Narrow Gauges. San Francisco, CA: Bay Books Limited, 1949. First edition. Small quarto, pp. 187, illustrated with b/w photographs. Cloth over Boards. Very good.  
Fascinating history of eight of the leading Western narrow gauge railways and the men who built them. Covers the Ilwaco Railroad, the Sumpter Valley, the North Pacific Coast, the South Pacific Coast, the Nevada County Narrow Gauge, the Lake Tahoe, the Pajaro Valley Consolidated and the Pacific Coast Railways. Illustrated throughout with black and white photos and schematic diagrams (many measured from the actual locomotives depicted). With maps of all eight railroads. (19511)    $20.00
Antique Hardware of Quality, Catalog B
Detroit Hardware Manufacturing Company, Detroit, MI       
[Hardware]. Detroit Hardware Manufacturing Company. Antique Hardware of Quality, Catalog B A.I.A. - File No. 27B. Detroit, MI: Detroit Hardware Manufacturing Company, 1927. First printing. Quarto, pp 36 plus six-page price list issued June 1, 1927 laid in; illustrated with b/w photographs. Staplebound Wraps. Very good.  
This well-illustrated catalog included the more important items in Detroit's antique hardware line: special hardware produced from sketches from their clients, produced in cast nickel, silver, and cast bronze, with several different tooling options. From the library of author Daniel D. Reiff. (19490)    $65.00
Beautiful Protection for the Home
Pittsburgh Steel Company, Pittsburgh, PA      
[Metal]. Pittsburgh Steel Company. Beautiful Protection for the Home Revealing the Improved Designs of Pittsburgh Perfect Lawn Fence. Pittsburgh, PA: Pittsburgh Steel Company, nd c. 1920. First edition. Quarto, pp. 13, illustrated with b/w photographs. Staplebound Wraps. Very Good; rubber band remnant adhered to front cover.  
The increased popularity of automobiles and population of towns and cities made the enclosed lawn very desirable by the 1920s. This catalog illustrates Pittsburgh Steel's fencing products as installed on farms and homes, and several pages of drawings showing the designs in details, with prices and specifications. Unusual! This is the first time we've been able to offer this title. (19477)    $45.00
Masback Hardware Company Catalog No. 48
Masback Hardware Company, New York, NY     
[Hardware]. Masback Hardware Company. Masback Hardware Company Catalog No. 48. New York: Masback Hardware Company, nd c. 1923. Original edition. Small quarto, pp. 362, indexed, illustrated with b/w and color drawings. Cloth over Boards. Very Good.  
A nicely illustrated hardware catalog from a large wholesale company that operated in New York City for over a century. They carried everything from screws to tools to kitchen utensils. Attractive use of color when most catalogs were only issued in black and white. (19474)    $50.00
Brick and Stone
The Marble-Workers' Manual (reprint)
Booth, M. L. (translator, from French)                                             
[Stone]. Booth, M. L. (translator, from French). The Marble-Workers' Manual (reprint) designed for the use of marble-workers, builders, and owners of houses, containing practical information respecting marbles in general; their cutting, working, and polishing; veneering of marble; painting upon and coloring of marble; mosaics; composition and use of artificial marble, studdos, cements; receipts, secrets, etc., etc. New York: Sheldon, Blakeman & Co., 1856/c. 1990. Reprint. Octavo, pp 254, with fold-out b/w illustration; mild ex-library. Cloth over Boards. Very Good in Very Good DJ.  
This book was intended to place information and models needed by skillful marble workers within their reach, with the hope that it would draw forth essays and attract attention to the art. Topics covered include general qualities and defects of marble, cutting and polishing, plated marbles, stuccos, mosaic paintings, and terraces. An attractive volume. (19521)    $30.00
The Commercial Marbles of Western Vermont
Dale, T. Nelson                                              
[Stone]. Dale, T. Nelson. The Commercial Marbles of Western Vermont. Washington DC: U.S. Dept. of the Interior, 1912. Original edition. Small quarto, pp. 170. Illustrated with b/w drawings and photos, including several fold-out geological survey maps in color. Signed on the title page by the original owner in 1914, J. G. Lind, a well-known geologist in Ogden, Utah. Original Wraps. Very good.  
Scarce Department of Interior vocational publication on the subject. Its objective was twofold: to bring the science of geology to bear upon the problems of the marble industry in western Vermont, and briefly to make known the more important scientific results obtained in the course of mapping the marble belts in that part of the state and in the study of its marbles. Thoroughly illustrated, and full of useful technical information. (19522)    $75.00
The Slate Roof Bible (signed by the author)
Jenkins, Joseph C.                                            
[Slate]. Jenkins, Joseph C. The Slate Roof Bible Everything You Need To Know About the World's Finest Roof. White River Junction, VT: Joseph Jenkins, Inc., 2016. Third edition. Quarto, pp iv, 374, indexed. Hundreds of illustrations, including color photographs, b/w construction details, and tables. Signed by the author. Decorated Boards w/Dust Jacket. New with New DJ.  
This is a 21 chapter, indexed and referenced book which includes detailed  step-by-step repair instructions plus sources for slate roofing tools, equipment, materials and new and used slate.  There is new information on international slates from Europe, Asia and elsewhere. Practical and informative, it is the bible of its industry. (17731)    $50.00
Brick Pavement
Harrison, Peter J.                                            
[Landscape Architecture]. Harrison, Peter J. Brick Pavement:  the Architects' & Builders' Companion, Demonstrating the Most Valuable Designs of Brick viz, Colonades, Porticoes, Courtyards... Richmond, VA: Peter Joel Harrison (Self published), 1994. First edition. ISBN: 0963620517. Sm Quarto (8" x 10.5"). pp. 163, 131 plates. Index of Terms. Marbled paper endpapers. Hardcover. As New.  
This title and the two others done by Harrison in this series ("Fences" and "Gazebos") are among the most elegant and beautifully designed and produced that we have offered.  The full page plates (designs of brick applications from throughout the United States) are breathtaking in their elegance and simplicity. (11292)    $40.00
Stone Magazine, April 1933
Lent, Frank A. (President)                                           
[Stone]. Lent, Frank A. (President). Stone Magazine, April 1933 Vol. LIV Number 4. New York, NY: Frank A. Lent, April 1933. Original edition. Quarto, pp. 47, illustrated with b/w drawings and photographs. Beautifully illustrated period advertisements. Paperback journal. Very good; cover soiled and detached.  
This magazine, devoted to the architectural uses of stone, is always interesting reading. Articles in this issue discuss stone entrances, stone for decoration, earthquake and better buildings, building stones of California, and more. (19471)    $70.00

Paint, Color Theory, and Interior Design
The Complete Book of Floorcloths        
Cooper, Kathy; Hersey, Jan                                     
[Paint]. Cooper, Kathy; Hersey, Jan. The Complete Book of Floorcloths Designs & Techniques for Painting Great-Looking Canvas Rugs. Asheville, NC: Lark Books, 1997. First edition. Small quarto, pp 144, indexed. Illustrated with color photographs.  Cloth over Boards. Very good in very good dust jacket.  
The floorcloth is rapidly gaining popularity as a fashionable alternative to an area rug. A painted canvas rug is lightweight, durable, and economical, and it offers a simple way to add a splash of color and pattern to any room of your home. This book advises on tools and materials, and explains the ten easy steps to make a basic floorcloth. Richly illustrated and easy to follow. (19513)    $35.00
The Home Decorator       
Sherwin-Williams Paints, Cleveland, OH                                    
[Paint]. Sherwin-Williams Paints. The Home Decorator. Cleveland, OH: Sherwin-Williams Paints, 1937. First edition. Octavo, pp. 34, illustrated in color, covers both interior and exterior. Staplebound Wraps. Very Good.  
This pamphlet introduces the reader to a couple that wants to spruce up their house, and takes us through each room and why they made the decisions they did when they chose colors for their walls and ceilings. Beautiful period illustrations of all rooms of the home. A very attractive reference for renovators of 1930s homes. (5015)    $28.00
Color Schemes for the Home and Model Interiors      
Frohne, Henry W.; Jackson, Alice F. and Bettina                                   
[Interiors]. Frohne, Henry W.; Jackson, Alice F. and Bettina. Color Schemes for the Home and Model Interiors. Philadelphia, PA: J. B. Lippincott Company, 1924. Revised. Quarto, pp 99. Illustrated with b/w and color photographs. Ex-library. Decorated Wraps, khaki. Good; split hinges.  
In its day, this volume provided the home maker with practical guidance in selecting and arranging the furnishing in the home. Chapters include principles of color harmony, the art of selecting furniture, color harmonies applied to home decoration, and room arrangements. A good resource for those restoring or decorating a 1920s home. (19512)    $35.00
Paint Colors for Your 19th Century House     
Cambridge Historical Commission, Cambridge, MA                                  
[Restoration]. Cambridge Historical Commission. Paint Colors for Your 19th Century House. Cambridge, MA: Cambridge Historical Commission, 1978. Revised. Octavo, pp. 19. Illustrated with b/w photos. Staplebound Wraps. Very good.  
A handy and useful guide to historical color schemes for various styles of 19th century houses, from the Cambridge, MA Historical Commission. This guide refers to product numbers of the Benjamin Moore paint company. From the Old House Journal library. (13496)    $25.00
Painting Your House Inside and Out    
Krims, Bonnie Rossier; Ostrow, Judy                                 
[Paint]. Krims, Bonnie Rossier; Ostrow, Judy. Painting Your House Inside and Out Tips and Techniques for Flawless Interiors and Exteriors. San Diego, CA: Thunder Bay Press, 2003. First edition. Quarto, pp. 302, illustrated with color photographs and paint color charts. Paperback. Near Fine in Wraps.  
From tips on avoiding common and costly pitfalls to step-by-step plans for getting the results you want, this is every homeowner's key to exquisite color balance for the home. With practical advice on everything from preparing surfaces to choosing colors and equipment, from understanding paint properties to mastering painting techniques, this is the only book you will need for all of your painting projects. (15990)    $20.00
The Small House   
Northend, Mary Harrod                                
[Interiors]. Northend, Mary Harrod. The Small House Its Possibilities. New York: Dodd, Mead and Company, 1923. First edition. Octavo, pp. 243, illustrated with b/w photos. Decorated Cloth over Boards. Very Good.  
The author was seized by the lure of the small house, finding the step saving and work saving left more time to indulge in nature or in educational study. With the proper use of light and color in finish, upholstery and hangings, the small home "awakens joy and gladness." Chapters discuss roof, windows, porch, staircase, books, furniture, fireplace, bathroom, kitchen, lighting, and more. (19473)    $35.00