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Selected Titles for March 2019    
Welcome to the March newsletter! March came in like a lion. This is "Old Blue V. 2," our bookmobile, which gives you some scale to the pile of snow dumped on us in two storms this month, the second with over a foot of snow! 
This month's offerings feature some selections from the collection of author Dan Reiff, and a nice selection of books from the Old House Journal reference library.
We're looking forward to greeting old and new friends in Portland in a few weeks for the 2019 Old House Trade Show (link:    
Happy browsing!
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New Arrivals
From the Old House Journal library   
Pattern Books 
Construction Methods & Materials
Metal and Hardware 
Brick, Stone, and Mining
New Arrivals
Column Monuments (5 volume set)        
Darling, Janina K. and Daniel D. Reiff                           
[Architecture]. Darling, Janina K. and Daniel D. Reiff. Column Monuments (5 volume set) Commemorative and Memorial Column Monuments from Ancient Times to the 21st Century: A History and Guide. Lewiston, NY: Edwin Mellen Press, 2018. First edition. Quarto, pp 2129, indexed, illustrated with 740 b/w photographs. Boards. New.  
The purpose of this five volume set is to rediscover an aspect of art and architectural history that has been overlooked by earlier scholars. The history, social iconography, and style of more than 400 commemorative columns are investigated, including interesting backstories, opinions and criticism of the artists and architects. They were central artistic and urban features of a great many cities, commemorating events and people, at one time, who were considered of major and lasting importance. The columns speak to the human condition and reveal the desire of ephemeral mortal beings for imperishable memory and a form of immortality. (19359)    $500.00
The Modern Plasterer (complete in 2 volumes)       
Verrall, W.                          
[Building Materials]. Verrall, W. The Modern Plasterer (complete in 2 volumes): A Practical Work on Plastering, Decorative Plasterwork, Rough-Casting, Cement-Washes, Plastic Floors, Artificial Marbles, etc. London: Caxton, n.d. (1920s). First edition. Quarto, pp. 224, 232.  Richly illustrated in color and b/w. Index.  The original edition, not a reprint, and in unusually nice condition for such large volumes that are often frequently referenced in the field. Embossed cloth over boards; gilt lettering. Very good.  
A monumental set on an important building trade!  Very comprehensive, written at a time when "the old trade skills" were much more common.  A wonderful two volume treatment on the subject. (19328)    $195.00
Entretiens sur l'Architecture  (Architectural Interviews)
Plate volume of the five volume set 
Viollet-le-duc, M.                       
[Architecture]. Viollet-le-duc, M. Entretiens sur l'Architecture  (Architectural Interviews) Atlas. Paris: A. Morel & Cie, 1864. First edition. Oblong folio, 36 full page b/w (and one in color) engraved plates. Mild ex-library. Text in French. Previous owner (John M. Jacobus Jr.) signed front end papers in 1954. Jacobus received his masters at Yale in 1954, was a professor of art history at several colleges and universities, including Dartmouth, Princeton, and UC Berkeley. Half-Leather over marbled boards. Good; front cover and first page detached.

The author was an influential French architect who restored many prominent medieval landmarks in France, including those which had been damaged or abandoned during the French Revolution. His major restoration projects included Notre Dame Cathedral and the medieval walls of the city of Carcassonne. This volume is the plate volume of his architectural theory masterpiece. These later writings centered on the relationship between form and function in architecture, and had notable influence on Antonio Goudi and Louis Sullivan. A well-used and loved duplicate volume from the Yale School of Fine Arts. (19356)    $200.00       
Essay on Gothic Architecture
Hopkins, John Henry                       
[Architecture]. Hopkins, John Henry. Essay on Gothic Architecture with various plans and drawings for churches: designed chiefly for the use of the clergy. Burlington, VT: Smith & Harrington, 1836. First edition. Quarto, pp 46 plus twelve plates; glossary of technical terms in Gothic architecture. Cloth over Boards. Good; foxing, heaving ink stain on most pages.  
The author is the bishop of Protestant Episcopal Church in Vermont. The designs are for church buildings in stone; in addition to decorative details there are several complete building designs, which were influential, and copied, especially in Vermont. This copy is complete with the added lithographic title page, lacking in some copies. A charming book with a real feel of rusticity. This book covers the origin, history and cost of Gothic architecture for churches, and discusses monuments, statues, pictures, ceilings, pews, and colors used in Gothic churches. (19330)    $500.00     
Regles de Cinq Ordres d'Architecture  
(The Five Orders of Architecture) 
da Vignola, Giacomo Barozzi                         
[Architectural History]. da Vignola, Giacomo Barozzi . Regles de Cinq Ordres d'Architecture de Miacques Barozzio de Vignole. (The Five Orders of Architecture) Traduction nouvelle, & augmentation de fes oeuvres (New translation and additions to his work). Paris: Chez Pierre Mariette, 1665. Original edition. 12 mo ( 4" x 6") pp 89. Over 50 b/w engraved plates. Missing page 78/79. Text in French. Inscribed in pencil by a previous owner in 1955 on front end paper. Original Vellum. Very good, some soiling; Pages Very Good.  
Giacomo Barozzi da Vignola was one of the great Italian architects of 16th century Mannerism, and one of three architects who spread the Italian Renaissance style throughout western Europe. His two great masterpieces are the Villa Farnese at Caprarola and the Jesuits' Church of the Gesu in Rome. This book presented Vignola's system for constructing columns in the 5 classical orders derived from Roman precedents. This volume is in remarkable condition - the drawings still clear and sharp. An extremely scarce and invaluable text. A lovely copy, in original vellum binding. (19315)    $675.00  

From the Old House Journal library
Guide for Downtown Improvements: Frankfort, Kentucky
Crossman, W. T. and J. T. Graham                                
[Urban Studies]. Crossman, W. T. and J. T. Graham. Guide for Downtown Improvements: Frankfort, Kentucky. Chicago, IL: The Frankfort Department of Community Development, April 1981. First edition. Oblong folio, pp 28. Illustrated with b/w drawings and photographs. Staplebound wraps. Very good; mild ex-library.  
Downtown Frankfort, the capital of Kentucky, is a small, densely developed business district. This publication concentrates primarily on the appearance and image of Frankfort's historic district, demonstrating how low cost improvements can enhance the appearance of the area, and offering design guidelines to assist property owners and merchants in the improvement of their buildings. Scarce; no other copies currently available anywhere. From the Old House Journal library. (19355)    $40.00
American Luxury Jewels from the House of Tiffany
Falino, Jeannine and Yvonne J. Markowitz (editors)                               
[Jewelry and Accessories]. Falino, Jeannine and Yvonne J. Markowitz (editors). American Luxury Jewels from the House of Tiffany. Woodbridge, Suffolk: Antique Collector's Club, 2001. First edition. Quarto, pp. 207, indexed, illustrated with b/w and color photographs.  Boards. Near Fine in Near Fine Dust Jacket.  
This book chronicles the history of Tiffany from its start in 1842 as a purveyor of modest jewelry and stationery to its current position as the world's preeminent jeweler. Illustrated throughout with photographs from the Tiffany archives, this title shows how the firm developed a singular lavish American style while in the process of meeting the luxury needs of its clientele. You will appreciate the firm's motto, "Good design is good business" after reading this book! From the Old House Journal library. (19342)    $30.00         
The Los Angeles House
Street-Porter, Tim                               
[California]. Street-Porter, Tim. The Los Angeles House Decoration and Design in America's 20th-Century City. New York: Random House, 1995. First edition second printing. Small quarto, pp. 252, indexed, illustrated over 375 color photographs.  Boards. Near Fine in Near Fine Dust Jacket.  
This book is intended as a celebration of the best of Los Angeles, in this case its remarkable heritage of 20th century architecture and residential design, which provides an environment of unsurpassed richness and variety. From the Old House Journal library. (19343)    $20.00       
Palm Springs Weekend
Hess, Alan and Andrew Danish                              
[California]. Hess, Alan and Andrew Danish. Palm Springs Weekend The Architecture and Design of a Midcentury Oasis. San Francisco, CA: Chronicle Books, 2001. First edition. Oblong small quarto, pp. 180, indexed, illustrated with b/w and color photographs.  Boards. Near Fine in Near Fine Dust Jacket.  
This book reveals the eccentric treasures of the commercial, civic and domestic architecture of Pal Springs, a true oasis of progressive design. An unlikely fusion of buildings suited to meet the extreme climate and Modern ideals that gained worldwide popularity, Palm Springs was a virtual laboratory for unique midcentury innovation. Illustrated with hundreds of archival and contemporary photographs, plans and vintage ephemera. From the Old House Journal library. (19341)    $35.00       
Crystal Cove Cottages
Steen, Karen E.; Davick, Laura; and Braselle, Meriam                             
[California]. Steen, Karen E.; Davick, Laura; and Braselle, Meriam. Crystal Cove Cottages Islands in Time on the California Coast. San Francisco, CA: Chronicle Books, 2005. First edition. Quarto, pp. 159, illustrated with color photographs.  Boards. Near Fine in Near Fine Dust Jacket.  
The rustic California beach community of Crystal Cove has been a playground for generations of artists, tent campers, beachcombers and families who built and lived in its handmade cottages. This book presents a rich visual history of this community with dozens of paintings, and archival and full-color original photographs. From the Old House Journal library. (19337)    $20.00      
Quaint Furniture in Arts and Crafts
Gray, Stephen (editor)                            
[Furniture]. Gray, Stephen (editor). Quaint Furniture in Arts and Crafts. New York: Turn of the Century Editions, 1988. First edition. Small quarto, pp. 144, illustrated with b/w  photographs and drawings.  Original Wraps. Near Fine in Wraps.  
Stickley Brothers of Grand Rapids brought international influences and sophistication to the Arts and Crafts movement, evidenced in their use of wood and metal inlay and hand-wrought copper detailing on furniture. The four catalogues edited and reassembled here show the work of Stickley Brothers in their earliest and strongest period. From the Old House Journal library. (19335)    $20.00     
The Masons', Bricklayers' and Plasterers' Guide
Lynch, Thomas C.                           
[Masonry]. Lynch, Thomas C. The Masons', Bricklayers' and Plasterers' Guide A book on the art and science of the masons' trade, dedicated to the Bricklayers' and Masons' International Union of America and all subordinate unions. Albany, NY: Riggs Printing House, 1892. First edition. Small quarto, pp. vi, 224. Indexed, illustrated with b/w drawings. Mild ex-library. Cloth over Boards. Very good; light crease on cover.  
The author drew from his own experience as a craftsman, and created this volume for those who learned on the job and might be deficient in the scientific principles and knowledge on which their craft rests. Lynch wanted this to be useful and practical information to help those become more proficient and reliable in their work. From the Old House Journal library. (19334)    $70.00    
Structural Uses of Wood in Adverse Environments
Meyer, Robert W. and Robert M. Kellogg (editors)                           
[Wood]. Meyer, Robert W. and Robert M. Kellogg (editors). Structural Uses of Wood in Adverse Environments. New York: Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1982. First edition. Small quarto, pp. xi, 510. Indexed, illustrated with b/w photographs and drawings. Mild ex-library. Cloth over Boards. Very good in very good DJ.  
Here is a veritable library of information on the design and specification of wood in structures where environment may adversely affect wood's endurance. This book contains 37 articles by leading engineers and wood technologists who assess the current state of the art and analyze the latest research findings. From the Old House Journal library. (19333)    $30.00   
Historic Preservation
Fitch, James Marston                          
[Architectural History]. Fitch, James Marston. Historic Preservation Curatorial Management of the Built World. Boston: McGraw-Hill Book Co., Inc., 1982. First edition. Small quarto, pp. xii, 433, indexed, profusely illustrated in b/w. Mild ex-library. Cloth over Boards. Very good in Very good DJ.  
Written by one of the US's leading authorities on historic preservation, this book focuses on a wide spectrum of strategies available for the adaptation or renovation of old buildings, complexes and districts. It provides a holistic overview of preservation and restoration that will be of interest not only to professionals - architects, renovators, and public officials - but also to anyone concerned with the desolation of our architectural past. From the Old House Journal library. (19332)    $20.00  
The Portland Cement Association's Guide to  
Concrete Homebuilding Systems
VanderWerf, Pieter A. and W. Keith Munsell                           
[Concrete & Cement]. VanderWerf, Pieter A. and W. Keith Munsell. The Portland Cement Association's Guide to Concrete Homebuilding Systems. New York: McGraw-Hill Book Co., Inc., 1995. First edition, fourth printing. Small quarto, pp. xvi, 296, illustrated with b/w photographs and drawings, and some color photographs.  Cloth over Boards. Very good in very good DJ.  
Lumber prices soared in 1992 and 1993, resulting in a surge in alternative building methods, including new concrete homebuilding systems. Many were surprised to discover that CHS homes outperformed wood-frame homes in many areas, and could be aesthetically breathtaking. The result of a study of CHS techniques for several trade associations, this book thoroughly examines CHS archetype, providing in-depth discussion of factors to consider in choosing from among mortared block, mortarless block, poured concrete, or sprayed concrete. From the Old House Journal library. (19336)    $20.00   

Old Orange Houses Volume II (signed) 
Seese, Mildred Parker                          
[New York]. Seese, Mildred Parker . Old Orange Houses Volume II With more than 125 photographs and a greatly extended text. Middletown, NY: Whitlock Press, 1943. First edition. Quarto, pp. 115. Signed by the author on the front endpaper on August 13, 1943. Decorated boards; blue/orange. Good; 1" partial tear at bottom of spine; some water damage to back cover but does not affect text block.  
This book has the history of over 100 of the historical houses in Orange County (NY): who owned them, what happened there, what parts of the house are original, directions on how to get to them, and photos of what they looked like in 1943. Quite an absorbing book for those who are interested in the history of the homes around them. (17214)    $75.00       
Industrial Building and Housing
American Face Brick Association, Chicago, IL                        
[Building as Envelope]. American Face Brick Association. Industrial Building and Housing: Valuable Information for the Designer and Prospective Owner of Factories and Homes for Industrial Workers. Chicago, IL: The Architectural Forum, 1926. First edition. Quarto, pp 112. b/w photographs, architectural floor plans, and renderings. Colored FEP's. Mild ex-library. Color Pictorial Wraps, burgundy,  w/tipped in illustration. Good; spine weak; large scrape on cover.  
An exceptional publication focusing on a variety of building types including housing, constructed in brick. The photographs show the quality of the exterior brick work design and construction in detail. A wonderful resource for designers and historians alike. (19354)    $75.00      

Pattern Books
Our Book of Attractive Small Homes
Zeiger Lumber & Coal Co., Sawyer, MI                             
[Pattern Book]. Zeiger Lumber & Coal Co. Our Book of Attractive Small Homes. Sawyer, MI: Building Age Publishing, nd, c. 1930. First edition. Quarto, pp 64, contains exterior illustrations and the floor plans for 64 homes.  Staplebound wraps with cloth spine. Very Good; some pencil marks and a previous owner's name in ink on the cover.  
These small homes were intended to be practical and attractive for all weather zones. The exteriors are detailed to have great curb appeal. A charming handbook of small house designs from the early 20th century. (19358)    $55.00
Popular Homes and Plans
House Plan Headquarters                            
[Pattern Book]. House Plan Headquarters. Popular Homes and Plans Ranch Homes Split-Levels Expansions. New York: House Plan Headquarters, 1987. 88th edition. Quarto, pp 64. indexed, illustrated with b/w drawings and floor plans for over 50 homes. Some pencil inscriptions in the margins. Staplebound Wraps. Very good.  
The plans in this collection were prepared by distinguished architects. There's a balanced selection of ranch, split-level, two-story and expansion plans in all the popular styles and sizes. (19357)    $40.00        
Homes of Today
Standard Homes Plan Service                           
[Pattern Book]. Standard Homes Plan Service. Homes of Today. Fuquay-Varina, NC: Standard Homes Plan Service, Inc., nd c. 1991. Original edition. Quarto, pp 35. Illustrated with b/w drawings & floor plans. Order form and reply envelope bound in. Cover stamped by H. L. Borden Lumber Company, Strasburg, VA. Staplebound Wraps. Very Good.  
A varied selection of modest-sized homes from the late 20th century (3 bedrooms, 1.5-2 baths, 1175-1670 square feet), most with classic design and shutters. Nicely illustrated and described. (19350)    $40.00         
125 Pacific Homes
Pacific Ready-Cut Homes, Inc., Los Angeles, CA                          
[Pattern Book]. Pacific Ready-Cut Homes, Inc. 125 Pacific Homes California's Choicest Designs. Los Angeles, CA: Pacific Ready-Cut Homes, Inc., 1923. Original edition. Small quarto, pp 160, illustrated with b/w drawings and floor plans.  Staplebound Wraps. Very good; light edgewear.  
This company promised to lower building costs by standardizing sizes and using machine labor. They had a permanent exhibit of 50 sample homes on 81st Street in Los Angeles, and they were noted in this book. A clever way to really see it before you built it! In addition to the 125 home plans promised in the title, there are some unusual structures included, such as a real estate office, a gas station, a bank, a library, and a barn. Scarce; we haven't seen a copy of this before. (19345)    $140.00        
Book of Plans for Everybody
Gordon, Van Tine and Company, Davenport, IA                         
[Pattern Book]. Gordon, Van Tine and Company. Book of Plans for Everybody. Davenport, IA: Gordon, Van Tine and Company, 1907. Original edition. Small quarto, pp 66, illustrated with b/w drawings and floor plans. Order blank and return envelope laid in. Envelope has left a prominent acid stain on the order blank. Staplebound Wraps. Very good; cover soiled.  
Gordon Van Tine sold millwork, windows, paints and roofing to the consumer, and some of their line is advertised here, but the bulk of this book is devoted to plans for low and medium priced houses, barns, and outbuildings. Scarce; we haven't seen a copy of this before. (19344)    $80.00      
The Radford Ideal Homes
The Radford Architectural Company, Chicago, IL                        
[Pattern Book]. The Radford Architectural Company. The Radford Ideal Homes 100 Houses Illustrated. Chicago. IL: The Radford Architectural Company, 1909. Eleventh edition. Small quarto, pp 110, index. b/w illustrations and plans, plus Radford advertisements bound in. Decorated Cloth over Boards, tan w/embossed design. Very good, small stain on front cover, tiny tear on spine.  
An outstanding compilation of early twentieth century home designs, with detailed exterior perspective renderings and precisely drawn floor plans. Styles range from simple cottages to Victorian dwellings to carriage houses. A very nice copy! From the collection of author Daniel D. Reiff. (19340)    $50.00      
The Homebuilder
National Homebuilders Institute                       
[Pattern Book]. National Homebuilders Institute. The Homebuilder. Chicago?: National Homebuilders Institute, 1923. First edition. Quarto, pp 122, illustrated with b/w perspective renderings of homes and their floor plans. Cloth over Boards. Very good in plain brown paper DJ.  
A home pattern book, plus indepth articles on all aspects of buying, building and outfitting a home. Very scarce; we've never seen a copy of this before. From the collection of author Daniel D. Reiff. (19339)    $110.00     
Sears House Designs of the Thirties
Sears, Roebuck and Co.                      
[Pattern Book]. Sears, Roebuck and Co. Sears House Designs of the Thirties. Mineola, NY: Dover Publications, 2003. Dover reprint. Quarto, pp. 83, indexed, illustrated with b/w perspective drawings and house plans. Oversized Paperback. As new.  
A reprint of a 1932 publication created for a Paris exposition, this book features measured floor plans for 68 Sears homes. Over 200 illustrations displayed interiors and exteriors for their handsome residences. An invaluable sourcebook for restorationists, this handsome volume will also be of use to people interested in preserving homes of the period. It will be welcomed by anyone who relishes a glimpse of America's architectural past. (19326)    $25.00    
Honor Bilt Modern Homes
Sears, Roebuck and Co., Chicago, IL                       
[Pattern Book]. Sears, Boebuck and Co. Honor Bilt Modern Homes. Chicago: Sears, Roebuck and Co., 1929. Second Printing. Quarto, pp 122, illustrated with b/w and sepia-toned perspective renderings of homes and their floor plans. A 1929 Sears sales letter laid in. Pictorial Wraps. Very good. 
Considering how popular the Sears kit houses became, it is surprising how scarce the pattern book catalogs are.  A nice trade piece, which presents much more than just the house kits (hardware, lighting, heating, etc). From the collection of author Daniel D. Reiff. (19338)    $110.00     

Construction Materials & Methods
Architectural Design in Concrete    
Bennett, T. P.                                 
[Building Materials]. Bennett, T. P. Architectural Design in Concrete. New York: Oxford University Press, 1927. First edition. Quarto, pp. 24 and 100 full page b/w plates of concrete in architecture. Cloth over Boards. Very good; some corner wear.
Quite an ambitious publication, showing how prolific concrete was as a building material.  Features some very important European projects from the 1920s, many of which no longer exist. (19352)    $100.00      
Wood-Inhabiting Insects in Houses   
Moore, Harry B.                                
[Wood]. Moore, Harry B. Wood-Inhabiting Insects in Houses: Their Identification, Biology, Prevention and Control. Washington DC: U.S. HUD, Agriculture & Forestry, 1979. Quarto, pp 133. b/w drawings, diagrams and tables throughout.  Decorated Wraps, white. Very good.  
An extensive and detailed technical publication about insects, their damaging effects on wood structures, and prevention, inspection, and control. Termites, beetles, bees, ants, and weevils are among the insects considered. Very uncommon and a great resource. (19351)    $40.00     
Electric Wiring and Lighting in Historic American Buildings  
Ferro, Maximilian L. and Melissa L. Cook                               
[Electrical]. Ferro, Maximilian L. and Melissa L. Cook. Electric Wiring and Lighting in Historic American Buildings Guidelines for Restoration and Rehabilitation Projects. New Bedford, MA: AFC/A Nortek Company, 1984. First edition. Quarto, pp 102. Illustrated with b/w drawings and photographs . Original Wraps. Near Fine.  
Electricity is frequently considered to be a problematic presence in historic structures - a vital part of making the building usable, but potentially a major destructive factor. This book covers the history of insulation, past and present wiring systems such as knob and tube, and rewiring historic buildings. The topic of lighting is also explored in detail, including illustrations of many historic fixtures. Extremely useful, well organized and easy to understand. (19349)    $30.00    
Fireproof Houses of NATCO Hollow Tile and How To Build Them 
National Fire Proofing Company, Pittsburgh, PA                              
[Masonry]. National Fire Proofing Company. Fireproof Houses of NATCO Hollow Tile and How To Build Them Typical Homes and Garages of NATCO Hollow Tile. Pittsburgh, PA: National Fire Proofing Co. (NATCO), 1910. Fourth edition. Small quarto, pp 93. With b/w photographs and floor plans throughout. Almost 20 pages of construction details depicting tile types and wall details. Grey Cardboard Covers, w/illustration. Very Good; some scrapes to cover.  
Another attractively illustrated book of concrete masonry  homes finished with stucco. This volume features larger residences and apartment houses from this era, mostly located in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. (19348)    $90.00   
Building Material Catalog             
Houston Brothers Company, Pittsburgh, PA                             
[Building Materials]. Houston Brothers Company. Building Material Catalog. Pittsburgh, PA: Houston Brothers Company, 1905. Original edition. Small quarto, pp 176, indexed, illustrated with b/w drawings and photographs. Original Wraps. Very good; moderate edgewear.  
Houston Brothers offered wholesale builders' supplies, and also manufactured fine ground lime, sewer pipes, and cement. They are still operating as Houston-Starr today, making this company Pittsburgh's oldest building material supplier. This catalog is illustrated with the products for sale, and also photographs of buildings that used Houston Brothers supplies in their construction. A wonderful snapshot of Pittsburgh history. (19347)    $70.00  
J-M Asbestos Roofing and Waterproofing Specifications            
H. W. Johns-Manville Co., New York, NY                            
[Roofing]. H. W. Johns-Manville Co. J-M Asbestos Roofing and Waterproofing Specifications for the Modern Architect, Engineer and Builder. New York: H. W. Johns-Manville Co., 1913. Original edition. Octavo, pp 56, illustrated with b/w drawings and photographs. String-tied binding. Very good; moderate edgewear.  
Asbestos built-up roofing, prepared roofing, and shingles were featured here. In addition there are sections on waterproofing and mastic flooring. Many photographs illustrate buildings that used J-M materials in their construction. An attractive documentation of this rigid, durable, fireproof, and now obsolete roofing material. (19346)    $70.00  
Modern Plumbing           
Sears, Roebuck & Co., Chicago, IL                            
[Plumbing]. Sears, Roebuck & Co. Modern Plumbing. Chicago, IL: Sears, Roebuck & Co., 1922. Original edition. Quarto, pp. 56. Richly illustrated with color cover and interior b/w drawings. Color Pictorial Staplebound Wraps. Very good; edgewear and some creases on cover.  
A brightly colored, beautifully illustrated catalog of Sears plumbing fixtures, furnaces, boilers, and more. Chock full of vivid period illustrations, a real gem! (19331)    $95.00
Beautiful Homes of Concrete Masonry         
Portland Cement Association, Chicago, IL                            
[Concrete & Cement]. Portland Cement Association. Beautiful Homes of Concrete Masonry. Chicago: Portland Cement Assoc., 1915. First edition. Quarto, pp 31.  Sepia toned b/w photographs and floor plans of house designs on each page. Decorated Stock Covers, brown. Very good, with mild edge chipping.

A collection of attractive, architect designed homes - built with concrete masonry units, and finished in stucco, brick veneer, and stone facing.  Styles include "old Spanish," "English," bungalows, and "old French." The homes are in Coral Gables, Dallas, Denver, Atlanta, New Rochelle, and elsewhere across the United States. A lovely and very uncommon plan book in nice condition. (18790)    $55.00
Practical Hints to Builders and Those Contemplating Building        
National Sheet Metal Roofing Co.                           
[Building]. National Sheet Metal Roofing Co. Practical Hints to Builders and Those Contemplating Building Facts Worth Considering relating to foundation, cellar, kitchen, chimney, cistern, brick-work, mortar, heating, ventilation, the roof, and many items of interest to builders. New York: W. J. Pell, 1888. Original edition. 12mo, pp 64. Illustrated with b/w engravings and house plans. Staplebound Wraps. Good; cover missing.

The object of this little book is to give to builders a few practical hints that can be used in their endeavors to erect a home that is proposed to be durable, comfortable and healthy. Includes floor plans for eight gorgeous Victorian homes. (19329)    $60.00
Bright ideas to brighten your home      
Armstrong Cork Co., Lancaster, PA                         
[Flooring]. Armstrong Cork Co. Bright ideas to brighten your home: 50 lovely decorating ideas and color schemes presented by Art Linkletter - featuring Armstrong Vinyl Accolon, America's top-quality, low-cost floor covering low cost - easy - and fun to do. Lancaster, PA: 1960. Oblong small quarto, pp 20. Color illustrations on each page. Decorated Wraps, white, orange. Very Good+.  
A delightful and charming trades piece presented by one of America's favorite entertainers of the 1960's, featuring color schemes in window boxes, living areas, bedrooms and bathrooms. (16867)    $35.00
Modern Building (6 volumes)     
Searles-Wood, H. D. and Adams, Henry (editors)                        
[Building]. Searles-Wood, H. D. and Adams, Henry (editors). Modern Building (6 volumes). London: Gresham Publishing, 1921. Quarto, pp. 147 (vol I), 162 (vol II), 163 (vol III), 164 (vol IV), 144 (vol V), 181 (vol VI). Indexed, illustrated with b/w drawings and photographs. Cloth over Boards. Very good.  
Under their joint editorship, Searles-Wood and Adams assembled contributions from many noted specialists in an effort to cover every aspect of practical building. Volume I was devoted to water supplies, site conditions, town planning, and more. Volume II covered plan and design, steel-framed construction, structural mechanics, and more. Volume III was devoted to sanitary plumbing, fittings and law. Volume IV covered drainage, sewage, inspection, earth-material walling, and more. Volume V was devoted to gas, electric lighting, reinforced concrete, and more. Volume VI covered concrete block building, foundations, estimating, heating, ventilation, and more. A monumental effort, and scarce in the US. This is the first time we've been able to offer a complete set. (19325)    $90.00
Architectural Interior and Exterior Woodwork Standardized    
Curtis Companies Inc., Clinton, IA                       
[Millwork]. Curtis Companies Inc. Architectural Interior and Exterior Woodwork Standardized The Permanent Furniture for Your Home. Clinton, IA: Curtis Companies, Inc., 1920. First printing. Quarto, pp. 238, richly illustrated in b/w and color. Cloth over Boards. Very good; back end paper torn with missing portion.  
A nice early 20th century trade catalogue w/ an abundance of product drawings, including doors, windows, furniture, moldings, mantels, and more. The products are illustrated in the context of the room in which they are intended, which gives us a great peek into room design and ornamentation in post-WWI homes. (19321)    $75.00
Plaster Ornaments   
The Decorators Supply Company, Chicago, IL                      
[Plaster]. The Decorators Supply Company. Illustrated Catalogue of Plaster Ornaments Cast in Plaster for Interiors and in Composition for Exteriors Catalog 121. Chicago: Decorators Supply, n.d. (1920s). First printing. Folio (9.5 x 13). pp 396, indexed, with thousands of ornamental samples depicted. original dark green illustrated embossed cover. Very Good; some light water damage.  
Very good overview of a major manufacturer's offerings of ornamental plaster features, plus ceilings, grilles,friezes, cornices, panels, columns, etc.  Profusely illustrated with b/w photographs. (19320)    $75.00
National Builders Catalog 1931  
Home Builders Catalog Company, Chicago, IL                      
[Building Materials]. Home Builders Catalog Company. National Builders Catalog 1931; formerly Home Builders Catalog A reference work for contractors, building material dealers and builders, containing manufacturers' catalogs and data on materials and equipment, articles analyzing the problems of home construction, illustrations and plans of small homes and garages. Chicago, IL: Home Builders Catalog Co., 1931. Fifth Edition. Quarto, pp 368, indexed. b/w photographs, some colored renderings, floor plans, and illustrations on virtually every page. Cloth over Boards, burgundy w/Gilt design & lettering. Very good; some cover soiling.  
A "Sweet's" catalogue for the residential builder, with insulation, flues, asbestos shingles, cedar products, elevators, windows, plumbing equipment, surface treatments, and much more. The 2nd half of the content contains residential floor plans with photographs and colored renderings.  Also Garage plans and photographs. Styles ranging from colonial to half-timbered to Mission. Products include door hardware, woodworking machines and paints.  A veritable wealth of product information in one large volume. (19319)    $85.00
Building with Assurance 
Morgan Woodwork Organization, Oshkosh, WI                     
[Millwork]. Morgan Woodwork Organization. Building with Assurance. Oshkosh, WI: Morgan Woodwork Organization, 1923. Second edition,  numbered and limited. Quarto, pp. 439. Indexed, color and b/w illustrations. Full Leatherette with Pictorial Design. Very Good; cover soiling.  
A beautiful piece, part pattern book and part trade catalog, with 24 home designs in color, suggestions for house features and decorating ideas, and hundreds of millwork illustrations, stained glass, doors, interior fittings, etc. Morgan intended this to be a complete guide and catalog for the prospective home builder, answering "all the perplexing questions that stand between you and your ideal home." One of the nicest catalogs of its type. Uncommon. (19317)    $55.00
Index of Building Products and Service List  
Advertised in Good Housekeeping  
Good Housekeeping, New York, NY                      
[Building Materials]. Good Housekeeping. Index of Building Products and Service List Advertised in Good Housekeeping Effective Date December 15, 1951 through January 15, 1951 [sic]. New York: Hearst Publications, 1951. Original edition. Quarto, pp. 22. Indexed. Staplebound Wraps. Very Good; heavy crease from being folded.  
A typewritten compilation of the products that were advertised in Good Housekeeping magazine and covered by the Good Housekeeping Consumer's Guaranty, which provides replacement or refund if not as advertised. Scarce! We've never had a copy of this before, from any era. (19318)    $25.00

Metal and Hardware
Wholesale Hardware  
Buhl Sons Co., Detroit, MI                           
[Hardware]. Buhl Sons Co. Wholesale Hardware Mill, factory and railway supplies, mechanics' tools, iron and steel, plumbing supplies, valves, pipe and fittings. Abrasive wheels, belting, etc.  Automobile accessories and electrical supplies, building paper, roofing, metals and tin plate. Builders' hardware, glass, white lead, linseed oil and turpentine. Detroit, MI: Buhl Sons Co., 1924. First edition. Small octavo, pp. xxxvii, 1116, indexed. Richly illustrated with b/w engravings.  Cloth over Boards. Very good.  
A comprehensive hardware catalog from an ambitious Detroit company that strove to offer everything a contractor could need. Over a thousand pages long, with beautiful engravings throughout, from the days when the company's address was simply "at the foot of Adair Street." (19324)    $125.00
Illustrated Price List (1890) 
Fairbanks, Morse & Co., Omaha, NE                          
[Hardware]. Fairbanks, Morse & Co. Illustrated Price List of Fairbanks' Standard Scales, Engines and Boilers, Steam Pumps, Trucks and Baggage Barrows, Eclipse Wind Mills, Pumps and Pipe, Water Tanks, &c. , &c. Omaha, NE: Fairbanks, Morse & Co., 1890. First edition. Small octavo, pp. 427. Richly illustrated with b/w engravings. Marbled endpapers.  Leather bound. Good; back cover detached, but present.  
A scarce hardware catalog from a Nebraska company, featuring supplies that any farmer or retailer would find useful. (19323)    $110.00
Ferros de Lisboa (Lisbon's Iron)
Caeiro, Baltazar de Matos                         
[Metal]. Caeiro, Baltazar de Matos. Ferros de Lisboa (Lisbon's Iron). Portugal: Baltazar Caeiro, 1999. First printing. Quarto, pp. 143, bibliography, illustrated with color photographs. Bilingual text in Portuguese and English. Front endpaper embossed by former owner. Cloth over Boards. Very good in very good dust jacket; 1" portion of DJ missing from top of spine.  
A thorough census of ironwork across the city of Lisbon, Portugal, accompanied by color photographs of the ironwork. A pleasure to browse, and hard to find in the US. This is the first time we've been able to offer this title. (19322)    $50.00

Brick, Stone, and Mining
The Book of Brick Homes
The Home Plan Book Company, St. Paul, MN                        
[Pattern Book]. The Home Plan Book Company. The Book of Brick Homes. St. Paul, MN: Home Plan Book Company, nd c. 1955. First edition. Quarto, pp 24. indexed, illustrated with b/w photographs and floor plans for 36 homes. Stamped by A. C. Ochs Brick & Tile Company, Springfield, MN. Staplebound Wraps. Very good; some pencil inscriptions on the cover.  
This plan book is devoted exclusively to the charms and comforts of brick homes. Popular styles such as Georgian, English Colonial, Early American and Cape Cod have been adapted with beautiful brick exteriors, adding economical permanence to these classic designs. (19353)    $55.00

Quarry and Kiln
Grindle, Roger L.                       
[Stone]. Grindle, Roger L. Quarry and Kiln The Story of Maine's Lime Industry. Rockland, ME: Courier-Gazette Inc., 1971. First edition. Octavo, pp. 331, indexed, illustrated with b/w photographs. Cloth over Boards. Very good in very good dust jacket.  
This thorough study fills several important niches in Maine history. It gives a detailed analysis of the workings of a major Maine industry about which there was little before. It fits into the history of Maine coastal shipping. And it is a very real addition to the social and economic history of Rockland and its neighbors. The author made a day-by-day search through the files of the local newspapers, a process which not only furnishes hundreds of details, but also gives the feel of the passing years. It well deserves a place in libraries, not only in Maine but elsewhere. (19316)    $65.00