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Selected Titles for May 2020
I received sad news last week when I read the NYT obituary ( of our good friend and preservation pioneer Virginia McAlester. "VA," as she always signed her emails, was a passionate book acquirer, all in support of her monumental Knopf publication "A Field Guide to American Houses." In 2016, she came to Boston for a book signing on the publication of the second edition (900 pages!) of her Field Guide. Afterward, she stopped by our shop "to fill in a few gaps (!)." From our January 2020 newsletter, she ordered 5 titles, all on the subjects from the 1950s. She was a passionate advocate for preservation and understanding of our built environment. RIP, VA! 
The second photo is of me with a handmade BoSox coronavirus mask. My daughters both gave me a bad time for modeling it so poorly, but I'm kind of new to this selfie world of today.
We are here at the "world headquarters" in North Reading, hunkered down for the duration. The next newsletters are all done remotely, so it's taking some getting used to, but I hope you'll find a few things that will help you in your work.
You will notice several books that are here once again, mostly because we had multiple copies in stock. A personal favorite of mine, the Cat Ladder title, is in the sale section. I have a few copies left of the first (and only) edition. It's a great gift for that cat person in your life, and when it sells out, it's gone.
Stay safe out there, and happy browsing!               Steven

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Pattern Books 
Construction Methods & Materials
Trade Catalogs  
Brick and Stone
Titles on Sale
New Arrivals
Practical Treatise on Limes, Hydraulic Cements, and Mortars 
Gillmore, Quincy Adams                      
[ Masonry]. Gillmore, Q(uincy). A(dams). Practical Treatise on Limes, Hydraulic Cements, and Mortars  (Professional Papers of the Corps of Engineers, USA, No. 9). New York: D. Van Nostrand Co., 1872. Eleventh Edition (1896). Large 8vo, pp. 334, indexed, plus 9 page Appendix. Cloth over Boards. Very Good+, rear hinge a bit loose; mild exlibrary.
A very scarce and early treatise on the subject; this is the first copy we've offered in over 20 years. A classic engineering treatise on the composition and practical uses of Limes, cements and mortars by Union General Quincy Adams Gillmore, Civil War hero and a leading authority on the subject of building materials. He was the author of eight books on this and related subjects. His initial studies were done from 1858 to 1861, just in time for their practical application on the battlefield. His research and experience was greatly expanded 1870-71, in his role as superintending engineer in the construction of fortifications on Staten Island, New York Harbor. The work is illustrated with charts and drawings. Authoritative and reliable as usual for this series; a long standard and important work. (19947)         $195.00
Illustrated Catalogue of Bricks for all Purposes  
Sayre & Fisher Co., New York, NY                       
[Masonry]. SAYRE & FISHER CO. Manufacturers of Front, Enameled, Building and Fire Brick. Illustrated Catalogue of Bricks for all Purposes. New York: Self Published, printed by Deutsch Litho & Printing Co, Baltimore, ca 1895. First edition. Quarto (7" x 10.5"), pp. 122, with 5 chromo-litho plates of bricks and brick patterns,  1 color map, 22 illustrations of buildings, 21 illus of brick shapes and fireplaces and one 4 page folding panorama of the mile-long (!) company brick shed. Orig Hardcover in giit-stamped cloth-covered  burgundy boards. Good condition, but mild ex-library.  

A fine trade catalogue, featuring 5 splendid chromolitho plates of bricks and brick patterns. The last plate shows several wonderful patterns of enamelled brick facades.  Includes testimonials by many noted architects of the era (Peabody & Stern, Ernest Flagg, etc). One of the most interesting and visually attractive trade pieces we've had this year.  Very scarce. (19949) $325.00
Samuel Yellin in Context 
Wattenmaker, Richard J.                       
[Metal]. Wattenmaker, Richard J. Samuel Yellin In Context. Flint, MI: Flint Institute of Arts, 1985. First edition. Octavo, pp. 35. Illustrated with 15 b/w plates. Staplebound White Wraps. New.
An in-depth examination of metalworker Samuel Yellin's work in its broader context, with roots in earlier European wrought ironwork traditions. The b/w plates of his works are spectacular and give a real sense of the depth and breadth of his work. A scarce title, as are all Yellin works. (19941)    $75.00
Samuel Yellin Metalwork at Yale 
Yale University School of Architecture, New Haven, CT                     
[Metal]. Yale University School of Architecture. Samuel Yellin Metalwork at Yale. New Haven, CT: Yale University School of Architecture, 1990. First edition. Tall Octavo, pp. 32. Illustrated with numerous b/w photos. Original Wraps, embossed in two colors. New.
Extremely scarce catalog of the examples of Yellin's work found throughout the Yale University campus, with photographs, a campus map, and essays by Yale University faculty members. The many examples show the mastery of Yellin's work, in context on the Yale campus for all to see and live with. The Yale works are perhaps the culmination of his body of work. (19942) $85.00
Old Savannah Ironwork 
Bragg, Lillian Chaplin                       
[Iron]. Bragg, Lillian Chaplin. Old Savannah Ironwork. Savannah, GA: self published, 1957. First printing. 12 mo (5 3/4 X 9), pp. 42 plus ads, richly illustrated with b/w photographs. Original Wraps. Near Fine in Wraps.
Very uncommon title, here in a very nice copy. (12207)  $50.00
A Rudimentary Treatise on Masonry and Stone-Cutting 
Dobson, Edward                       
[Masonry]. Dobson, Edward. A Rudimentary Treatise on Masonry and Stone-cutting. London: John Weale, 1849. First edition. 12 mo (4 1/4 X 7), pp. xiii, 118, illustrated with 100 b/w illustrations but (as with most copies) lacking the atlas. Signed and dated (1857) on fep by a previous owner. Decorated Boards. Very Good.
A wonderful  and early treatise on the subject.  Like all trade pieces from this era, very scarce. (18915)   $125.00

Architecture and History
The American Vignola Parts I and II   
Ware, William R.     
[Building]. Ware, William R. The American Vignola Parts I and II. Scranton: International Textbook Company, 1904/06. Second & Fifth editions. Quarto, 2 Volumes. Vol. I, pp 46 plus 18 plates in back pocket. Vol. II, pp 52 plus 19 plates in back pocket. Cloth over Boards Dark Blue, w/gilt lettering. Very Good+.  

An excellent library of classical architectural details covering columns, mouldings, arches, roofs, staircases and more. Invaluable for the designer and preservationist. (19951)                $125.00
Houses Without Names  
Hubka, Thomas C.     
[American]. Hubka, Thomas C. Houses Without Names: Architectural Nomenclature and the Classification of America's Common Houses (signed, with an original pen and ink drawing by the author!). Knoxville, TN: University of Tennessee Press, 2013. First edition. Small Quarto, pp. 112. Indexed, Notes, illustrated with b/w photographs and drawings. Glossy Pictorial Wraps. New.
The latest book by Thomas Hubka, author of the well-known book on New England rural vernacular architecture, "Big House, Little House, Back House, Barn." In this book, Hubka points out that there are millions of ordinary, mostly working-class neighborhood houses that do not fall into the standard categories of recognized architectural styles. These un-named homes constitute the largest percentage of American housing in all regions and historic periods, yet continue to go unclassified and thus unrecognized for preservation purposes and ignored in local architectural histories and neighborhood planning schemes. Furthermore, the standard architectural style classification scheme focuses exclusively on the facade and exterior details of a building, ignoring both similarities and differences in interior plan between buildings of the same exterior style. Based on years of field observation, this book provides a working vocabulary for the study and appreciation of America's common houses. A much-needed, thoroughly researched, and thoughtful contribution to the field of architecture and preservation. (15701)  $30.00
Big House, Little House, Back House, Barn 
Hubka, Thomas C.                               
[Architectural History]. Big House, Little House, Back House, Barn: The Connected Farm Buildings of New England -- 20th Anniversary Edition (signed, with an original pen and ink drawing by the author!) Thomas C Hubka. University Press Of New England, 2004. Small Quarto, pp. 226, indexed, glossary, richly illustrated w/ b/w photographs. Paperback. New.  
This classic work on the vernacular farmhouse architecture of New England is an enduring customer favorite. Examples of these stately and functional buildings can still be found in rural areas. Has attained the status of the definitive work on the subject!  (19946)    $30.00

Pattern Books
Sterling Homes   
International Mill & Timber Company, Bay City, MI                                
[Pattern Book]. International Mill & Timber Company. Sterling Homes. Bay City, Michigan: International Timber Company, ca. 1944. First edition. Small quarto, pp. 39, profusely illustrated w/ color drawings and plans. Staplebound Wraps. Very good.  

Sterling homes offered an economical home of high quality by doing all their milling off site, and shipping the precut framing to the construction site for assembly. Some people elected to assemble their houses themselves, and Sterling supplied directions for those who wanted to do that. This pattern book illustrated dozens of Sterling homes with floor plans so that customers could select their ideal house. It's unusual to have a pattern book in color. This is a nice snapshot of home design in the 1940s. Our featured picture of the "Dresden," an interesting name for a WWII era American house! (19952) $80.00
The Home Designer, July, 1923  
Dixon, Walter W. (Editor)                                 
[Pattern Book]. Dixon, Walter W. (Editor). The Home Designer, An Illustrated Monthly Dedicated To Better Home Environment Homes in Los Angeles, California;  Los Angeles Investment Co, Builders. Oakland, CA: Dixon & Hillen, July, 1923. First edition. Quarto, pp 40, illustrated with b/w photographs and period trade advertisements. Pictorial Wraps. Near fine; mild center fold crease.
An exceptionally important issue of this series, featuring ca. 20 pages of houses designed and built  by the famous "Los Angeles Investment Co. Builders."  Features "A Small Home of Unusual Charm," "Homes Designed for Wide Lots," "Use of Awnings,"  Bungalows, Colonials, etc." A very scarce volume of California architect-designed homes: The extensive local trade literature rounds out this issue to make it a unique snapshot of 1920s Southern California Building.  This is truly a collector's item for anyone who appreciates the unique beauty of California architecture of the 1920's. (19945)  $135.00

Construction Materials & Methods
The Magic of Scagliola (Limited edition publication)        
Hayles, David                  
[Plastering]. Hayles, David. The Magic of Scagliola (Limited edition publication). Oxford, NY: David Hayles, 2015. First edition, limited to 100 copies. Quarto, pp 326. Color photographs on every page. Color Pictorial Boards. New.  
Scagliola, a plastering technique used to create the look of marble is the life work of author and expert preservationist David Hayles. He recently won the prestigious Askins Award from the Preservations Trades Network. This beautiful volume contains techniques and "recipes" developed over the centuries from the Benedictine monks to public buildings in America. Stunning photographs on each page. (17306)    $90.00  
American Cements     
Cummings, Uriah                 
[Concrete & Cement]. Cummings, Uriah. American Cements. LaVergne, TN: General Books, 2020. Reprint. Small quarto, pp. 148. Cloth over Boards. As New.   
This edition is a reprint of the first edition, published by Rogers & Manson of Boston in 1898. Topics include chemistry of cement, method of calculating chemical combinations, various methods of testing, manufacture of rock cement in the United States, crushing and milling machinery, uses of cement, and more. Far less expensive than the scarce original printing! (19939)    $65.00
A Treatise and General Primer on the Properties of
Early American Paint     
Historic Paints Ltd.                
[Paint]. (Historic Paints Ltd). A Treatise and General Primer on the Properties of Early American Paints Including also  A Summary and Descriptionof Pigments, Copious Descriptions of their Manufacture and Application...and also A Brief Description of their Aging Characteristics. Meredith, New York: Historic Paints, Ltd, 1994. First edition, reprinted. Octavo, pp. 32.  Richly illustrated with sepia toned images from the period.  As the title sets forth,  with chapters on "The Manufacture of Early Paints,"  "Types of Paint,"   "the Preparation and Application of Paint,"  "Of Colors and Pigments,"  and "Modern Paints."  With an extensive bibliography of titles on the history of paint. Original decorated wraps. New.
As the text begins:  "The only new ideas are those that have been forgotten." An extremely ambitious (and successful!) little pamphlet.  Very useful for the paint professional as well as the period homeowner, looking for a good and reliable overview on the subject of historical paints.  Belongs in every preservationist's library and should be actually read (!) from cover to cover. (9802)                $15.00