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Selected Titles for November 2019
Welcome to the November newsletter! Daughter Stephanie got tickets for the family to see Steely Dan in Boston's 1852 Orpheum Theatre, a wonderful performance in Boston's most intimate theatre.    
And in honor of the Halloween season, I dipped into the family archive for a shot of daughter Kimberly's costume from yesteryear. Since she posted this snapshot on Facebook, I figured it was safe to share with you all. 
Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend the Association for Preservation Technology conference in Miami this month. I will miss seeing all of you, but I wish you a great conference. I'll be spending Thanksgiving with my family here in New England, and I wish you all good food and friends to share it.  

This month's offering has some great new trade-related materials, plus some sales items for your browsing pleasure.  
Happy browsing!               Steven
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New Arrivals
From the Old House Journal library 
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Titles on Sale
New Arrivals
A New and Compleat System of Architecture Delineated (1749)  
Halfpenny, William                     
[Architectural History]. Halfpenny, William. A New and Compleat System of Architecture Delineated in a variety of plans and elevations of designs for convenient and decorated houses. Together with offices and out-buildings proportioned thereto, and appropriated to the several uses and situations required. As also an estimate of each by the great Square. Prefix'd to these are ten different sorts of piers, with gates of various compositions suitable to the fame; intended for entrances to courts, gardens, &c. As also new architectonic rules for drawing the members, in all kinds and proportions of the orders. And to them are also added a perspective view of the finking pier of Westminster-Bridge, with the two adjoining arches; and a method proposed by trusses &c. to take 3/4 of the weight, or abutment and pressure now on the pier, and discharge it as set forth on the plate. The whole comprised on 47 copper plates, with explanations thereto in common press-work. London: John Brindley, 1749. First edition. Oblong small quarto, pp. 25 plus the copper engraved plates. Four of the 47 plates are missing (plates 7, 8, 9, 11), and two are fold-out size. Pages 6 and 10 have large, closed tears. Full Leather. Good; back cover detached but present, front cover partially detached.  
William Halfpenny (active 1723-1755) was an English architect and builder whose main importance lies in his books, which concentrate on the practical information a builder or building designer would need. Halfpenny's books were often the source for design details in 18th-century American houses, including Mount Clare in Baltimore County, Maryland, and the Chase-Lloyd House in Annapolis, Maryland. This book's engravings are beautifully presented and carefully described in the text. A rare opportunity to obtain a first edition of an important 18th-century text; this is the first time we've offered any titles by this influential architect. (19725)    $900.00             
The Carpenter's New Guide (1805)   
Nicholson, Peter                    
[Carpentry]. Nicholson, Peter. The Carpenter's New Guide: Being A Compete Book of Lines for Carpentry and Joinery Treating fully on practical geometry, soffits, brick and plaister Groins, niches of every description, sky-lights, lines for roofs and domes; with a great variety of designs for roofs, trussed girders, floors, domes, bridges, &c; staircases and hand-rails of various constructions; angle bars for shop fronts, &c.; and raking mouldings; with many other things entirely new. The whole founded on true geometrical principles; the theory and practice well explained and fully exemplified on seventy-eight copper-plates, correctly engraved by the author, including some observations and calculations on the strength of timber. London: J. Taylor at the Architectural Library, 1805. Fourth edition. Small quarto, pp. x, 78, plus 4 pages of publisher's advertisements. Some calculations from a previous owner on the front and rear end papers.  Full Leather. Good; front cover detached, some foxing.  
Peter Nicholson (1765-1844) was a Scottish architect, mathematician and engineer. Largely self-taught, he was apprenticed to a cabinet maker, but abandoned his trade in favor of teaching and writing. This was Nicholson's first book, illustrated with plates he engraved himself. It was notable for containing an original method for the construction of groins and niches of complex, double curved forms. (19727)    $225.00             
Practical Masonry, Bricklaying, and Plastering (1830)   
Nicholson, Peter                    
[Building Trades]. Nicholson, Peter. Practical Masonry, Bricklaying, and Plastering both plain and ornamental; containing a new and complete system of lines for stone-cutting: for the use of workmen; with an ample detail of the theory and practice of constructing arches, domes, groins, niches, stairs, columns, &c, bond, foundations, walls, bridges, tunnels, light-houses, &c. ovens, furnaces, &c. the formation of mortars and cements; including, also, practical treatises on slating, plumbing, glazing, &c. &c. and a full description of the various materials employed in all these arts, illustrated by numerous engravings, by artists of first-rate talent. London: Thomas Kelly, 1830. First edition. Quarto, pp. viii, 232, with over 45 full page plates and b/w illustrations. Four fold-out illustrations, one with a closed tear and complete, one well repaired in the past, and one with half the plate torn away and missing. Signed by original owner in 1830(!) on front endpaper. Title page is partially detached from the book. Full Leather. Very good; light foxing on some plates, lower corner of front cover slightly bent, cover has moderate scrapes and soiling.  
What a treasure! We've never had a copy of this before. This book followed Nicholson's popular "Practical Carpentry, Joinery and Cabinet Making," and Nicholson intended cover  the other building trades as carefully as his other book had covered wood construction. A wonderfully practical treatise of masonry, stonecutting, bricklaying, plaster, and slate in the first half of the 19th century, here in the scarce first edition. (19714)    $275.00            
Fifth Annual Catalog and Price List (1891) 
Berger Manufacturing Co., Canton, OH                   
[Metal]. Berger Manufacturing Co. Fifth Annual Catalog and Price List of Berger's Patent Eave Troughs, Hangers, Corrugated and Plain Conductor Pipes, Ridge Cappings, Cornices, Window Caps, Etc., Steel Roofing, Corrugated Iron Siding, Patent Ceilings and Shutters. Canton, OH: The Berger Manufacturing CO., 1891. First printing. Small quarto, pp. 112, indexed, illustrated with b/w engravings, and a beautiful fold-out color plate. Original Wraps. Very Good; cover stained.

A lovely example of product literature from this important manufacturer of sheet metal goods. New to this catalog over the fourth edition are cornices, metallic shingles, and patent ceilings. Also contains gutters, roof ventilators, ornamental roof cresting and finials, window and door caps, steel roofing, corrugated sheet iron, fireproof doors and shutters, sheet metal ceilings, and more. (19711)    $275.00           
Products of Tompkins-Kiel Marble Company (1911)     
Tompkins-Kiel Marble Company, New York, NY                                                                    
[Building Trades]. Tompkins-Kiel Marble Company. Products of Tompkins-Kiel Marble Company. New York: Tompkins-Kiel Marble Company, 1911. Original edition. Oblong quarto, pp. 175. Full color 6" x 8" marble tile sample on each page. Leatherette, bound w/cloth ties. Good.  
An outstanding source of information about the many colors, patterns and qualities of marble. A very scarce and valuable volume. These catalogs were designed to be expanded as new products became available. An extensive record of the marbles and stone available at the time. Their marble and stone products were installed in such buildings as the California Palace of the Legion of Honor, G.A. Applegarth architect; The Seaman's Bank Entrance, Wall Street, New York, B.W. Morris architect; Farmers Loan & Trust Company Banking & Office Building, Fifth Ave. & 41st St., New York, Napoleon Gray Marble and Premier Levanto, Starrett & Van Vleck architects; the Johns-Manville Building, New York, Ludlow & Peabody, Architects; and others. (19724)    $395.00
83 Glass Samples   
Advance Glass Company, Newark, OH                   
[Glass]. Advance Glass Company. 83 Glass Samples. Newark, OH: Advance Glass Co., nd post 1922. Original edition. 5" x 6" x 4" leatherette case with Mississippi Glass name on front in gilt letters, with front that tips forward for easier access. Contains 44 1" x 3" samples (one with a corner broken off and missing; two samples don't have labels), and 39 2" x 3" samples (2 cracked and repaired, 2 with no labels), and 3 detached labels. Leatherette on boards case. Very good.  
A collection of 83 glass samples - plain and colored, variegated, opal, embossed - shipped in a vintage Mississippi Glass case. The Advance Glass Company has its roots in Utica, Ohio, where it had been Cathedral Glass. After a fire destroyed the building in 1922, the company moved to Newark and changed its name to Advance Glass. The company supplied glass for skylights and cathedral use. Rare! This is the first time we've been able to offer samples from this company. (19729)    $195.00              
The Modern Plasterer (complete in 2 volumes)  
Verrall, W.                   
[Building Materials]. Verrall, W. The Modern Plasterer (complete in 2 volumes): A Practical Work on Plastering, Decorative Plasterwork, Rough-Casting, Cement-Washes, Plastic Floors, Artificial Marbles, etc. London: Caxton, n.d. (1920s). First edition. Quarto, pp. 224, 238.  Richly illustrated in color and b/w. Index.  The original edition, not a reprint. Front hinge splitting, one plate detached (but present) on volume II. Embossed cloth over boards; gilt lettering. Very good.  
A monumental set on an important building trade!  Very comprehensive, written at a time when "the old trade skills" were much more common.  A wonderful two volume treatment on the subject. (19715)    $195.00            
The New Servant: Electricity in the Home 
Whitton, Mary Ormsbee                  
[Interiors]. Whitton, Mary Ormsbee. The New Servant: Electricity in the Home. Garden City, NY: Doubleday, Page & Co., 1927. First edition. Octavo, pp. 326, illustrated with b/w drawings. Decorated Cloth over Boards. Very good.  
This book documented the new electric household machinery that was issued in the first few decades of the 20th century, and discussed how American women could reorganize their entire system of housework, either on a servantless basis, or adapted so that the domestic employee would find the work more attractive. Chapters include wiring the home, selecting machines, cost and care of machines, home illumination, and some intriguing chapters such as "an hour a week" wash day, and when to cook by current. Certain to be entertaining reading! Very scarce; this is the first copy we've ever offered of this title. (19705)    $40.00          

From the Old House Journal library
Architectural Year Book Philadelphia 1913   
Philadelphia Chapter of the American Institute of Architects
[Pennsylvania]. Philadelphia Chapter of the American Institute of Architects. Architectural Year Book Philadelphia 1913. Philadelphia, PA: Philadelphia Printing and Publishing, 1913. First edition. Quarto, pp. 172, illustrated with full page b/w photographs and architectural sketches. Indexed advertising section. Stamped by a previous owner on front endpapers. Boards. Good; back strip partially missing, heavy edgewear to cover.  
Year book of the 19th architectural exhibition held by the Philadelphia Chapter of the American Institute of Architects and the T Square Club, April 20-May 11, 1913 in the galleries of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. Collegiate buildings, public and ecclesiastical buildings, decorative designs, domestic and landscape architecture, Colonial architecture of Philadelphia, beautifully photographed and drawn. From the Old House Journal reference library. (19712)    $45.00
Follies of Europe: Architectural Extravaganzas  
Holmes, Caroline
[European]. Holmes, Caroline. Follies of Europe: Architectural Extravaganzas. London: Garden Art Press, 2008. First edition. Quarto, pp. 256, indexed, bibliography, illustrated with color photographs. Cloth over Boards. Very Good in Very Good DJ; closed tear on back cover.  
The folly has given Europe a superb legacy of idiosyncratic, often experimental architecture, ranging from the Baroque and Rococo through Art Nouveau to the present day. Built for pleasure and conceived with passion and self-indulgence, these wonderful buildings reflect and celebrate the individuals who created them. From the magnificent power of Sanssouci in Potsdam, to the quixotic Italianate village of Portmeirion in Wales; from a contemporary fernery made of wine bottles at Westonbury Water Gardens, Pembridge, to the Villa Padierna's Teatro in Marbella all are testament to imagination and eccentricity. From the Old House Journal reference library. (19710)    $75.00
Traditional Details for  
Building Restoration, Renovation, and Rehabilitation  
Ramsey, Charles George, Harold Reeve Sleeper, and John Belle
[Restoration]. Ramsey, Charles George, Harold Reeve Sleeper, and John Belle. Traditional Details for Building Restoration, Renovation, and Rehabilitation from the 1932-1951 Editions of Architectural Graphic Standards. New York: John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 1991. First edition. Quarto, pp. 285, indexed, bibliography, illustrated with b/w drawings. Cloth over Boards. Very Good in Very Good DJ; 1" closed tear on front cover, 1" open tear on back cover.  
A comprehensive source of traditional architectural details for anyone working with old structures Compiling the most useful material from the first four editions of Architectural Graphic Standards published between 1932 and 1951, this book brings back into circulation hundreds of architectural illustrations and standards that have once again become relevant to design work. From the Old House Journal reference library. (19709)    $60.00
Illustrated catalogue of American hardware of the  
Russell and Erwin Manufacturing Company (1865, reprint) 
Russell and Erwin Manufacturing Company, New York, NY
[Hardware]. Russell and Erwin Manufacturing Company, New York, NY. Illustrated catalogue of American hardware of the Russell and Erwin Manufacturing Company: An unabridged reprint of the 1865 edition and a new introd. by Lee H. Nelson. Association for Preservation Technology : Foundation for Preservation Technology, 1980. Reprint. Quarto, pp 436.  richly illustrated with mid-nineteenth century hardware (cabinet hardware, farm implements,  kitchenware, etc)   Paperback. Very good.  
A scarce reprint of an even scarcer original Russell and Erwin trade catalog, giving a unique view into life in nineteenth century America. From the Old House Journal reference library. (19708)    $55.00
The American Practice of Gas Piping and Gas Lighting in Buildings
Gerhard, William Paul
[Interiors]. Gerhard, William Paul. The American Practice of Gas Piping and Gas Lighting in Buildings. New York: McGraw-Hill Book Co., Inc., 1908. First edition. Small quarto, pp. 306, indexed, no illustrations. Cloth over Boards. Very good; lettering on spine faded.  
This book covers only the gas installation and utilization in the residence, not the lighting of public streets, alleys, parks and squares. The author explains how gas-fitting should be done so that illumination is maximized, and other uses and advantages of gas are mentioned. Safety and testing are also covered. From the Old House Journal reference library. (19707)    $45.00
Colour in the Home
Duveen, Edward J.
[Interiors]. Duveen, Edward J. Colour in the Home with notes on architecture, sculpture, painting, and upon decoration and good taste. London: George Allen & Co., Ltd., nd c. 1918. First edition. Quarto, pp. 168, indexed, illustrated with color drawings. Small ex-library marks on many pages and on every plate. Gift presentation inscription to the New York School of Applied Design for Women on front endpaper. Cloth over Boards. Poor; spine almost completely missing, several loose pages.  
Chapter titles are: "Taste"; "Of Colour"; "Definitions and Relations of Colours"; "Semi-Neutral Colours"; "Harmony of Colours"; "Decoration"; and "Styles of Decoration."  A well-loved and often referenced book from the library of the New York School of Applied Design for Women, but it still has a lot of life left in it! From the library of Old House Journal. (19703)    $30.00
Architecture and History
Modern Architectural Designs and Details
Comstock, William T. (Publisher)                                 
[Architectural History]. Comstock, William T. (Publisher). Modern Architectural Designs and Details containing eighty finely lithographed plates, showing new and original designs in the Queen Anne, Eastlake, Elizabethan, and other modernized styles, giving perspective views, floor and framing plans, elevations, sections, and a great variety of miscellaneous exterior and interior details of dwellings of moderate cost. Also, a number of designs of low priced cottages in the various popular styles, adapted to the requirements of seaside and summer resorts, and suburban and country places. Also, several designs for modern store and office fronts, counters, shelving, etc., etc., comprising original drawings by a number of prominent architects of different localities, prepared expressly for this work. New York: William T. Comstock, 1881. First edition. Folio, 80 full-page plates plus 10 pages of advertising and color paint chart. Preface and table of contents in both English and German. One plate has a small closed tear, and another has a missing corner, which does not affect the illustration. Decorated embossed cloth over boards. Good; covers detached but present.  
A beautiful snapshot of Victorian architectural details at the height of its popularity, by this important architectural designer and publisher. From the library of author Daniel D. Reiff. (19726)    $75.00
Examples of Gothic Architecture (3 volumes)
Pugin, Augustus                                 
[Architectural History]. Pugin, Augustus. Examples of Gothic Architecture (3 volumes) Selected from Various Ancient Edifices in England: consisting of plans, elevations, sections,and parts at large; calculated to exemplify the practical construction of the admired class of architecture - Complete Set of 3 volumes, with bookplate of Viscountess Wolseley. Edinburgh: John Grant, 1895. Large quarto, Vol 1 pp.  214 leaves of plates (1 color, 5 double, including plans);  Vol 2  pp. xiv, 4, 66; 73 plates including two in color;  Vol. 3: pp. viii, ca. 80 + ca 60 plates. Each volume bears the bookplate of Viscountess Wolseley, an influential English gardening author and instructor. Cloth over Boards, gilt lettering on spine. Very Good.

Volume I contains plates from chapels and churches in Oxford, London, Herts, Surrey, Kent, and Norfolk. Volume II contains plates from castles and chapels in Norfolk, Oxford, Sussex, Monmouthshire, Gloucestershire, and Somersetshire. Volume II contains plates from vicars' dwellings. the chapel and library, and the common hall and chain gate in Somersetshire. A handsome set with a prestigious provenance. (17943)    $225.00
Two issues, USSR in Construction
Mazzocchi, Gianni (Editor)                                
[Russian]. Piatakoff, G. (Editor in chief). Two issues, USSR in Construction. Moscow: The State Publishing Union of RSFSR, 1931. Original Edition. Folio, two volumes (issues #9 and #11), pp. 40, 41, illustrated with b/w photographs. Staplebound Original Wraps. Very good.  
Two issues of an illustrated monthly propoganda magazine, with text in English, featuring photographs spotlighting the achievements of the USSR in 1931, fourteen years after the revolution. Issue 11 focuses on the achievements in Leningrad in industry, education, culture, factories, shipbuilding, public utilities, and more, whereas issue 9 focuses on similar achievements in Moscow. (19719)    $225.00
Six issues of Domus magazine, 1959-1964
Mazzocchi, Gianni (Editor)                                
[International]. Mazzocchi, Gianni (Editor). Six issues of Domus magazine, 1959-1964. Milan: Editoriale Domus, 1959-1964. First edition. Quarto, each issue about pp. 56, illustrated with b/w and color photographs. Issues include March 1959, May 1959, November 1963, February 1964, November 1964, April 1965. Text in Italian. Original wraps. Good; covers are soiled, spines are splitting, but all issues intact and text block very good.  
Domus is an architecture and design magazine headquartered in Milan. These issues highlight the great vitality in architecture, the arts and design in that era, and are beautifully illustrated. A treasure for those who enjoy mid-century Modern from an Italian point of view, which was very influential back then. (19702)    $95.00
Selected Resources of the Island of Nantucket
Zube, Ervin H. (Project Coordinator)                               
[Massachusetts]. Zube, Ervin H. (Project Coordinator). Selected Resources of the Island of Nantucket An Inventory and Interpretation, a Collaborative Study. Amherst, MA: University of Massachusetts, 1966. Oblong quarto, pp. 135, illustrated with b/w drawings and photographs. Spiral Bound Wraps. Very Good; a UMass card is stapled to the inside of the front cover.  
This report was based upon field work undertaken in 1966 by personnel from the Massachusetts Department of Natural Resources and Division of Fisheries and Game, and the University of Massachusetts. The major objectives of the study were: To inventory selected resources on the Island; to identify resource complexes and have value greater than that of the individual resources; to look for relationships between the natural resource base and existing and/or future land use patterns; and to identify resources individually or collectively which require some form of protection or management program for retention or enhancement of their intrinsic values. (19696)    $35.00
The Building Review (San Francisco), Jan-Jun 1923, Bound Volume
Allen, Harris (Editor)                               
[Architecture]. Allen, Harris (Editor). The Building Review, Jan-Jun 1923, Bound Volume. San Francisco, CA: Building Review Company, 1923. First edition. Quarto, about pp. 400. Illustrated with b/w specification drawings and full page b/w photographic plates. Trade advertisements throughout. Mild ex-library. Cloth over Boards. Good; slight bend to bottom right corner of cover; soiled cover; text block very good.  
An interesting assortment of articles focused on California architecture, including a series on small Western homes; the work of Allison & Allison architects; school architecture; school kitchens; the problems and importance of city surveying; Heway Terrace in San Francisco; industrial development; work by Lewis P. Hobart; a new building for George Tay Company, a mercantile firm in San Francisco; conditions in the common brick industry, and much more. Hundreds of photographs illustrate the articles. A valuable resource for anyone interested in California architecture in the 1920s. (19699)    $150.00       
Sunset Western Ranch Houses
Editorial Staff of Sunset Magazine, in collaboration with Cliff May                              
[Building as Envelope]. Editorial Staff of Sunset Magazine, in collaboration with Cliff May. Sunset Western Ranch Houses. San Francisco: Lane Publishing, 1947. Second Printing. Octavo, pp. 160,  illustrated w/ b/w drawings, floorplans, photographs and halftones. Mild ex-library stamps. Cloth over Boards. Very Good in Good  DJ (some edge tears, mild water stain on back cover of DJ).  
Not a coincidence that this was a product of the West coast, the birthplace of the ranch house.  A very early piece on this singularly American vernacular architectural style.  Scarce in this dust-jacketed condition. (19694)    $45.00
Scenic Beauties of Southern California
Burns, L. L.                             
[Western US]. Burns, L. L. Scenic Beauties of Southern California The Land of Winter Sunshine, Fruits and Flowers. Los Angeles: Benham Co., 1909. First edition. Oblong small quarto, pp. 62, illustrated with color-tinted plates. Leather with string binding. Good; cover spotted and stained, first and last page stained by the leather covers, else very good text block.  
A view book of scenes around southern California, including the Los Angeles County Court House, Hotel Redondo, the Hollywood home of painter Paul de Longpre, the mission arches about the Glenwood Mission Inn in Riverside, and many more. Will have you dreaming about the variety of climate and scenery in California! (19693)    $60.00
Small Country Houses of To-Day
Weaver, Lawrence (Editor)                               
[Architecture]. Weaver, Lawrence (Editor). Small Country Houses of To-Day. London: Country Life Library, nd c. 1911. First edition. Quarto, pp. 224, indexed, illustrated with b/w photographs. Publisher's catalog bound in. Previous owner signed the front end paper in pencil in 1911. Cloth over Boards. Very Good; 1" split at bottom of spine.  
Contributions from over 40 designers, each highlighting one or more homes in England that they designed and built, accompanied by photographs of the interior and exterior and their floor plans. A lovely book that would appeal to anyone who enjoys English country homes. (19701)    $55.00  
The House and its Equipment
Weaver, Lawrence (Editor)                               
[Architecture]. Weaver, Lawrence (Editor). The House and its Equipment. London: Country Life Library, nd c. 1915. First edition. Quarto, pp. 212, indexed, illustrated with b/w photographs. Publisher's catalog bound in. Previous owner signed the front end paper in pencil in 1915. Cloth over Boards. Very Good.  
Contributions from 23 writers approaching all questions relating to the house and its equipment, aiming to enlarge the interest in the practical equipment and decorative amenities of the home.The first section deals with treatment of various rooms and the different means of beautifying them by plaster work, paneling, and furniture. The next section is devoted to practical questions about topics such as drainage, utilities, lightning conductors, and dry rot. The third section deals with the garden, including plantings, statuary, iron gates and railings, tennis courts, and more. One of Weaver's most uncommon books, here for the first time. (19700)    $125.00
Altogether American: Robert Mills Architect and Engineer 
Liscombe, Rhodri Windsor                                
[Architects]. Liscombe, Rhodri Windsor. Altogether American Robert Mills Architect and Engineer. New York: Oxford University Press, 1994. First edition. Small quarto, pp. 372, indexed, illustrated with b/w photographs. Cloth over Boards. Very good in Very good dust jacket.

This book relates the fascinating life and career of Robert Mills (1781-1855), the first native-born and American-trained architect. Although he designed the Washington National Monument, an enduring symbol of the United States, few know his name or contribution to American and architectural history. His career also provides an account of the beginnings of an independent American architecture and of the sociopolitical and cultural development of the republic before the Civil War. From the library of author Daniel D. Reiff. (19723)    $45.00
The Technology of Historic American Buildings
Jandl, H. Ward  (Editor)                               
[Building Trades]. Jandl, H. Ward  (Editor). The Technology of Historic American Buildings Studies of the Materials, Craft Processes, and the Mechanization of Building Construction. Washington DC: Foundation for Preservation Technology (APT), 1983. First edition. Quarto, pp.  224, indexed, illustrated with b/w drawings and photographs.  Case studies of many building materials and technologies by noted experts in their fields. Glossy Pictorial Cover, white. Very good.  
An extremely scarce and early document of historic preservation, by a noted luminary of the field, Ward Jandl.  Features an intro by Hugh Miller and 7 case study articles, by respected practitioners in their specialty, on major building materials and trades:  including architectural terra cotta, balloon framing, hand forged iron, cast iron in architecture, decorative metal roofing and nineteenth century "economical" painting. From the library of author Daniel D. Reiff. (19721)    $60.00

Pattern Books
Small Home Service: 4 Brochures
Small Home Service                                
[Pattern Book]. Small Home Service. Small Home Service: 4 Brochures: Enjoy the Protection of Your Own Home; Homes of Moderate Cost; Cape Cod Cottages; Select Homes. Small Home Service, 1942, 1941. First edition. 1) Quarto, pp 32. 2) Oblong small quarto, pp 39. 3) Oblong quarto, pp 12. 4) Folio, pp 50. All with many delightful colored renderings and floor plans. Distributed by Delaware County Lumber Co, Muncie, IN. Black Portfolio w/4 Softcover books, Color Pictorial Wraps. Very good; bottom right corner of front cover torn away.  
An exceptionally uncommon collection of 4 booklets from the Small House Service:3 house plan books of cottages and small colonial homes, one of Cape Cod cottages from the 1940's, put together by the Delaware County Lumber Company in Muncie, Indiana. A great resource for designers, architects and historians. (16828)    $140.00
Your Own Home  June, 1946  Vol. 1, No. 1
Wills, Royal Barry                               
[Architecture]. Wills, Royal Barry. Your Own Home  June, 1946  Vol. 1, No. 1 12 new Home Design by Royal Barry Wills. Wilkes Barre, PA: Style Publications, Inc., 1946. Original edition. Small octavo, pp 50. w/b/w drawings and floor plans, color graphics. Staplebound Wraps. Good.  
A charming monthly magazine with articles about home-buying, kitchen design, building outdoor furniture and housekeeping.  A nice bungalow plan and "southwest" ranch house are included. One of the first post war pieces done by Royal Barry Wills, an iconic architect of this period. (16175)    $60.00
Houses for Good Living
Wills, Royal Barry                               
[Pattern Book]. Wills, Royal Barry. Houses for Good Living. New York: Architectural Book Publishing, 1946. Fourth printing, revised and enlarged. Quarto, pp. 112, sumptuously illustrated w/ b/w photographs and plans. Cloth over Boards. Very Good.  
An uncommon title by America's champion of a neo-Colonial architectural aesthetic, with many intimate insights into the mind of the master designer. A lovely book, scarce in any condition. The revised and enlarged edition is particularly hard to find. (11125)    $45.00
Better Houses for Budgeteers
Wills, Royal Barry                               
[Pattern Book]. Wills, Royal Barry. Better Houses for Budgeteers. New York: Architectural Book Publishing Co., 1945. Third Printing. Octavo, pp. 102, illustrated w/plans & drawings in duotone. Original Black Cloth. Very Good; 1" scrape to front cover.  
A scarce and practical volume of cost saving recommendations for architects and builders. The quick thumb-nail sketches to save money on building ideas are interesting because many of them suggest incorporating asbestos instead of other materials, because of the relative costs. Like other R.B. Wills books, the small house and cottage designs are both practical and attractive. (19622)    $45.00
Timely Income Units
The Bungalowcraft Company                              
[Pattern Book]. The Bungalowcraft Company. Timely Income Units Apartment Houses, Garage Houses, Duplexes, Motels. Los Angeles, CA: The Bungalowcraft Company, nd c. 1955. First edition. Quarto, pp 26, illustrated with b/w perspective drawings of house exteriors, and floor plans. Staplebound Wraps. Good; cover creased and soiled, text block creased.  
An unusual topic for a pattern book! A nice selection of practical income-producing dwellings with 2 to 10 units, including apartment houses, duplexes, triplexes, motels, houses and garages. (19697)    $90.00

Construction Materials & Methods

Roofing Tiles
California Pottery Company, San Francisco, CA      
[Roofing]. California Pottery Company. Roofing Tiles. San Francisco, CA: California Pottery Company, nd c. 1920s. First edition. Quarto, pp. 4, color cover with b/w drawings and photographs inside. Pamphlet. Very good.

Describes and pictures five types of clay roofing tile: California Spanish Tile, Escornada Tile, Medium Sierra, California Pan Tile, and Italian Pan Tile. Diagrams show the design features of individual tiles while line drawings depict their appearance when assembled on the gable of a roof. The pamphlet states of the tiles: "they are without question not only the most beautiful of all roofing materials, but also the most practical. More than this, the tiles will outlast the very building they cover ..." The pamphlet's color cover pictures a lovely Mediterranean-style home. (19718)    $55.00
Hope's Sashes
Henry Hope & Sons, Ltd., London     
[Windows]. Henry Hope & Sons, Ltd. Hope's Sashes List No. 143. London: Curwen Press, 1937. Revised. Fold-out Brochure.  pp 3. Fully illustrated in b/w. Several Full-size Details.  Pamphlet w/Stock Covers. Very Good; some soiling and crease on front cover.  
Hope's Metal Window Sash line.  Scarce trade piece. (19695)    $30.00               

Stucco Interior Plastering - Graffito
Universal Atlas Cement Company, Chicago, IL    
[Plaster]. Universal Atlas Cement Company. Stucco Interior Plastering - Graffito A. I. A. File No. 21-D-1. Chicago, IL: Universal Atlas Cement Company, 1926. Reprint. Quarto, pp 136, illustrated with b/w photographs. Staplebound Wraps. As New.  
Everything you need to know about stucco, issued by the Atlas Portland Cement Company in 1926, but offered in reprint for a more affordable price. Contents include general notes on design; proportions, mixing, and applying stucco; stucco on masonry walls; back-plastered stucco; stucco on metal lath over sheathing; remodeling with stucco; table of quantities of mortar; coloring and texture; interior plastering; graffito; and specifications for stucco. An important reference book. (19692)    $30.00              

Metal and Hardware
General Catalog of Hardware, Iron and Steel
Caverhill, Learmont & Co., Montreal and Winnipeg                      
[Hardware]. Caverhill, Learmont & Co. General Catalog of Hardware, Iron and Steel and House Furnishing Goods. Montreal and Winnipeg: Caverhill, Learmont & Co., 1909. First edition. Quarto, pp 1342, indexed, illustrated with b/w engravings. Half-Leather. Very good.  
This is a gorgeous catalog! Caverhill Learmont was a wholesale shelf hardware merchant. The business was established in 1854 and became the largest hardware establishment in Canada. Sections in this catalog for mechanics' tools; tools for contractors, lumbermen and farmers; steamfitters, engineers, and water works goods; heavy hardware; builders' hardware; household goods and sundres; cutlery and plated ware; miscellaneous hardware, oils and glass; and sporting goods. (19728)    $375.00                 
Metals in America's Historic Buildings
Gayle, Margot and David W. Look; John G. Waite                    
[Metal]. Gayle, Margot and David W. Look; John G. Waite. Metals in America's Historic Buildings Uses and Preservation Treatments. Washington DC: U.S. Dept. of the Interior, Heritage Conservation and Recreation Service, Technical Preservation Services Division, 1980. First edition. Quarto, pp. 170. Includes notes and bibliography. Illustrated with b/w photos.  Decorated Wraps, Black. Very good.  
An excellent, practical guide to the preservation of architectural metalwork. Part I is "A Historical Survey of Metals" by Margot Gayle and David W. Look. Part II is the extensive "Deterioration and Methods of Preserving Metals" by John G. Waite. Taken together, the two parts argue for a heightened awareness of the metals in our buildings and call for more investigation of proper installation, maintenance, and conservation practices. From the library of author Daniel D. Reiff. (19722)    $45.00                
Copper Flashings and Weatherings, and  
Additional Copper Flashings and Weatherings  
(2 volumes; original plus supplement)
Copper Development Association, London, England                   
[Metal]. Copper Development Association. Copper Flashings and Weatherings, and Additional Copper Flashings and Weatherings (2 volumes) A Practical Handbook:  C.D.A. Publication No. 42 and 42A. London, UK: Copper Development Association (UK), 1948, 1949. Second impression. Small quarto, pp 105, 31. Illustrated with b/w photos and construction details. Volume I is tan boards with green cloth covered spine, inside is clean and tight. Supplement is staplebound wraps in similar colors. Boards with Green Cloth Spine. Very Good.  
A practical guide to the use of copper sheets and strips as flashings and weatherings.  Topics covered include physical properties of copper, constructing joints and seams, gutters, drips and dormer coverings. An invaluable resource for builders! We've never had the supplement before. (19720)    $85.00                
Sheet Copper Work For Building
Copper Development Association, London, England                   
[Metal]. Copper Development Association. Sheet Copper Work For Building A Practical Handbook. London: Copper Development Association, 1938. Later printing. Small quarto, pp 71, illustrated with b/w construction details. Some pencil inscriptions on some pages. Spiral Bound Cloth over Boards. Very good; stain on back cover.  
A very nice manual on copper roofing, flashings and other uses for this valuable material.  Includes building requirements, sizing, and very good detailing. Invaluable for builders! (19717)    $75.00               
The Behaviour of Copper on Exposure to the Elements
Copper Development Association, London, England                   
[Metal]. Copper Development Association. The Behaviour of Copper on Exposure to the Elements CDA Publication #7. London, England: Copper Development Association, 1934. Fourth impression, 1948. Octavo, pp 4, no illustrations. Staplebound Wraps. Very good.  
This article was reprinted from Journal of the Royal Institute of British Architects, April 28, 1934. Discusses what happens to copper when it is exposed to the air, water, and decaying organic matter. Scarce! We are offering this title for the first time. (19716)    $35.00              
Architectural, Structural, Ornamental Iron and Steel; Catalog A
Manchester Iron Works, St. Louis, MO                  
[Iron]. Manchester Iron Works. Architectural, Structural, Ornamental Iron and Steel; Catalog A. St. Louis, MO: Manchester Iron Works, 1916. First printing. Oblong octavo (10 X 6 1/2), pp. 64, indexed, well illustrated. Original Wraps. Very Good.  
Featuring many different types of ornamental ironwork (grills, railings, stairs,  benches, chimney braces, store front columns, etc). A lovely trade piece. (924)    $75.00             
Architecture's Portfolio of Elevator Doors
Charles Scribner's Sons, New York, NY                   
[Elevators/Escalators]. Charles Scribner's Sons. Architecture's Portfolio of Elevator Doors. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1930. First edition. Quarto, pp. 8, removed from May 1930 issue of Architecture magazine and 3-hole punched. none. Very Good.  
A lovely assortment of Art Deco-styled elevator doors by well-known firms such as Bliss & Fairweather, Walker & Eisen; John Mead Howells; Ely Jacques Kahn; Krokyn & Browne; Bakewell & Brown; Arthur Loomis Harmon; Cass Gilbert and more. (19698)    $45.00             
Copper Work Tools and Materials
Belcher & Loomis Hardware Co., Providence, RI                  
[Art]. Belcher & Loomis Hardware Co. Copper Work Tools and Materials for All Kinds of Flat and Raised Work and Enameling. Providence, RI: Belcher & Loomis Hardware Co., n.d. (ca. 1920). Original edition. Octavo, pp. 38. Illustrated with b/w photos and etchings. Pictorial Wraps. Very Good; creased along middle of catalog, interiors Very Good.  
A thoroughly illustrated trade catalog for copper workers and enamelers, in very good condition. (15172)    $35.00             
Brick and Stone
The Brickbuilder and Architectural Monthly, 9 issues, 1912-1915    
Rogers and Manson Co.                                                                   
[Brick]. Rogers and Manson Co. The Brickbuilder and Architectural Monthly, 9 issues, 1912-1915. Boston: Rogers and Manson Co., 1912-1915. First edition. Folio, each issue approx. pp. 50. Richly illustrated with b/w photos, plans, details. October 1914 (no cover), "The Brick Church and the Parish House (1915, no cover), September 1912 (cover detached), February 1915 (cover detached), November 1914 (cover detached and torn), October 1914 (cover detached), December 1912 (cover detached), October 1912 (cover detached), February 1914 (cover detached). Original Wraps. Fair; covers detached or missing, text blocks very good.  
Reading copies of this building materials trade magazine. Articles about architectural terra cotta, homes on Nantucket, college buildings, architectural acoustics, ecclisiastical buildings, lighting in public buildings, Spanish buildings, domestic stairways, and more. (19706)    $150.00
A Practical Treatise on Mining, Land and Railway Surveying, Engineering, &c.   
Hoskold, H. D.                                                                   
[Stone]. Hoskold, H. D. A Practical Treatise on Mining, Land and Railway Surveying, Engineering, &c. containing the errors of the magnetic needle; practical geometry and trigonometry; with description, use, and adjustments of the miners' new transit theodolite; also, a new plan of setting out underground railway curves; underground levelling; construction of longitudinal, transverse, and geological sections of mines, etc. with tables of distances from planes of the meridian and latitude, tables of natural sines, secants, tangents, ratios of inclined planes, etc. illustrated by numerous plates and woodcuts. London: Atchley and Co., 1863. Fourth edition. Small quarto, pp. xx, 249, illustrated with 8 folding plates; missing frontispiece. Cloth over Boards. Very good; 1/2" damage to top of spine.  
The author created a complete system of practical geometry, as relating to the surface and underground surveying of mines, for the student of mineral surveying. Practical solutions to the various problems which occurred to the author during his own practice are presented here in the hopes that it would introduce a more accurate system for correct plans and statistical records of all subterranean drivages and excavations. The author was a mining engineer and surveyor. (19704)    $95.00
Titles on Sale

Building Construction (text and portfolio volume)
Prof. Henry Adams, M.I.C.E.           
[Building]. Prof. Henry Adams, M.I.C.E. Building Construction (text and portfolio volume) Comprising Notes on Materials, Processes, Principles, and Practice. London: Waverley Book Company, Ltd., n.d., c. 1911. Special Edition. Small quarto, pp 592 , about 2,300 Engravings. Large folio (12"x18") contains 23 color plates (plate B, brickwork, is missing). Leatherette, Red w/gilt lettering. Very good.  
This is an extraordinarily in-depth treatment of architectural building principles from the five orders to materials, structures, specific chapters on brickwork methods, carpentry, staircase construction, trusses, and beams, to name a few of the topics covered.  An invaluable resource for builders and designers. The color plates feature window sashes, stonewalling, joints and joinery, iron roofs, fireproof floors, and more. (18748)    $120.00
Sweet's Architectural Catalogue; Twentieth Annual Edition  
(complete in one volume)
Sweet's Catalog Service          
[Building Materials]. Sweet's Catalog Service. Sweet's Architectural Catalogue; Twentieth Annual Edition (complete in one volume) A Completely Indexed Catalogue Filing System of Building Materials, Supplies and Equipment. New York: Sweet's Catalog Service, 1925-25. Twentieth Edition. Octavo, pp. 2855, illustrated.  The last year of the single volume edition. Original Green Cloth. Very Good;  binding in exceptionally good condition for this title.  
Complete Sweet's catalog  - an amazing amount of trade literature in one volume.  An early example of the definitive building products catalogue from the teens and twenties.  From the library of "Old House Journal."  One can only imagine how frequently the visuals stored herein were utilized in magazine articles.  Very scarce! (18188)    $325.00
Everybody's Paint Book
Gardner, F. B.         
[Paint]. Gardner, F. B.  Everybody's Paint Book A Complete Guide to the Art of Outdoor and Indoor Painting, designed for the special use of those who wish to do their own work, and consisting of practical lessons in plain painting, varnishing, polishing, staining, paper-hanging, kalsomining, etc., as well as directions for renovating furniture, and hints on artistic work for home decoration, together with a full description of the tools and materials used. Precise directions are given for mixing paints for all purposes. New York: M. T. Richardson, 1888. First edition. 12 mo. pp iv, 186. illustrated with black-and-white plates. Glossary, index, publisher's ads. Publisher's pictorial cloth. Very Good.  
A very good treatment on the subject for the tradesman.  Amazingly practical, with hundreds of  tricks of the trade. (19258)    $45.00
Genuine Economy in Home Building
Hydraulic-Press Brick Company, St. Louis, MO        
[Brick]. Hydraulic-Press Brick Company. Genuine Economy in Home Building. St. Louis, MO: Hydraulic-Press Brick Company, 1913. First edition. Small quarto. pp 62, illustrated with b/w and color photographs. Decorated Cardboard Covers. Very good.  
This booklet was prepared in the hope of increasing appreciation for brick in American home building, and spreading the realization that brick is the most economical home-building material. The beautiful illustrations make this advertising booklet quite compelling! (19465)    $35.00
The Application of Copper and Common Sense
Revere Engineering Staff, Rome, NY       
[Metal]. Revere Engineering Staff. The Application of Copper and Common Sense Design Principles and Installation Techniques of Sheet Copper Construction. Rome, NY: Revere Copper and Brass Inc., nd c. 1965. Original edition. Quarto, pp. 86, illustrated in b/w with spot color.  "Revere ... all you need to know to build better with copper" (1985, pp. 14) laid in. Original Wraps with cloth spine. Very good.  
This publication was prepared by Revere engineers for the guidance of the building industry in designing sheet copper components for advanced structures. It explains the most recently developed and accepted techniques in the application of sheet copper, to take full advantage of its inherent attributes. It also furnishes basic specifications for durable, trouble-free installations. (19650)    $55.00                
Kawneer - The Light Sealair
Aluminum or Bronze Double-Hung Window
The Kawneer Company, Niles, MI      
[Windows]. The Kawneer Company. Kawneer - The Light Sealair Aluminum or Bronze Double-Hung Window. Niles, MI: Kawneer Co., nd ca 1940's. Original edition. Quarto, pp 7. b/w drawings and photographs on each page. Order form laid-in. Decorated Wraps, blue. Good, w/split spine.  
A very scarce mid-century trade publication depicting modern design applications of metal windows in homes. (18400)    $30.00