Selected Titles for September 2021
After my week long trip out west, we've been hard at work trying to get back on our monthly schedule. The timing of this newsletter will allow us to put another one out before Thanksgiving, and the big holiday season. I sold and bought material at Papermania in Hartford last month. It was great to see so many colleagues, after a year-plus hiatus with the virus and its implications.

We here in New England have had a good summer, weather-wise. Our garden is doing well: I can barely keep up with the tomatoes and kale/leafy veggies, and am expecting a large crop of Brussels sprouts. Not bad for a small foundation garden. The photo shows one day's harvest after I returned from Seattle in late August.
My two daughters helped me celebrate my birthday this month; the photo is of Kim with the classic 1959 Thunderbird in convertible weather! We had a great dinner in Boston, and ended up at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum the next day.

On a sad note: I had to move on from my cargo van, "Old Blue, Version Two." I have had a large cargo van for over twenty years, starting with "Old Blue" (see the photo of it, down in Frederick, Maryland with me and preservation pioneer Clem Labine). In the last decade or so, I migrated over to a white colored version, and took her to events almost monthly. With the virus changing everything, I find I no longer need such a large vehicle, and will be downsizing to my Volvo wagon.

This month's newsletter has (I hope) something for everyone. We are featuring a nice selection of uncommon WWII and postwar pattern books.

As always, happy browsing!
New Arrivals
Arte Italiana Decorativa e Industriale
Boito, Camillo
[International]. Boito, Camillo. Arte Italiana Decorativa e Industriale A monthly periodical published under the patronage of the Ministry of Agriculture, Industry and Commerce. Milan: Ulrico Hoepli, 1892. First edition. Folio (12.5" x 17.5"), pp. ~150 of text, with ~125 plates, some in color, and several oversized and folded. Text in Italian. Portfolio with loose plates. Fair; pages are brittle and chipping, text is folded and soiled.

A striking collection of chromolithographic plates published by the Italian magazine of Decorative and Industrial art "Arte Italiana Decorativa e Industriale" between 1892 and 1895, with text from the original publications as well. Imagery from well-known architectural sites in Rome and Milan. Some plates laid in may not be part of the original publication (Japanese and Egyptian imagery), but it is not clear. (20630)   $175.00
Portfolio of Plans Modern Single Homes
Grieme, Henry W. [Architect]
[Pattern Book]. Grieme, Henry W. [Architect]. Portfolio of Plans Modern Single Homes. Cleveland, OH: Henry W. Grieme, nd c. 1924. Original edition. Folio (11" x 14"), pp. 121, illustrated with b/w perspective drawings and floor plans. Stiff Wraps, with two-hole bindings with paper fasteners. Good; cover partially detached, heavily edgeworn and soiled; text block has pencil inscriptions on some pages, some quite heavy.

A portfolio of thirty designs by this architect who designed several public buildings and factories in his birth town of Amsterdam, NY. His work on the Matt and Dora Horvat residence in 1924 helps to establish when he was operating in Cleveland and when this book might have been published. He taught mathematics at Case University during WWI. This portfolio contains mainly Colonial and Dutch Colonial designs. Very rare; this is our first time offering any portfolio by this architect. (20674)   $225.00
15" Advertising Ruler with Artistic Finish
F. L. McGibbon Real Estate & Timber, Lewiston, ME
[Building Trades]. F. L. McGibbon Real Estate & Timber. 15" Advertising Ruler with Artistic Finish. Lewiston, ME: F. L. McGibbon, nd, c. 1920. Original edition. Wooden ruler with double metal edge, artistic finish and gilt lettering. "When you think TIMBER, think McGibbon / F. L. McGibbon Real Estate & Timber Lewiston, Me." The ruler was made by American Manufacturing Concern in Falconer, NY. Advertising wooden ruler. Very Good.

This handsome ruler has a custom swirling finish in a darker color on the wood, and gilt lettering, with advertising for McGibbon on the front, and lumber tables on the back. An unusual advertising item from the early 20th century. (20633)   $35.00
Klimt und Freunde [Klimt and Friends]
Studer, Daniel and Tobias G. Natter
[Art]. Studer, Daniel and Tobias G. Natter. Klimt und Freunde [Klimt and Friends]. Schwellbrunn, Switzerland: Format0st, 2021. First edition. Quarto, pp. 414, notes, bibliography, catalog directory; illustrated with color photographs. Text in German. Decorated Boards. New.

The St. Gallen Historical and Ethnological Museum opened in 1921, and this richly illustrated catalog marks the 100th anniversary of its opening, with in-depth insights into the subject of Klimt and the community in which he was immersed. The art metropolis of Vienna shows some striking parallels to St. Gallen around 1900. This was a time of embellishment that dominated everything, bringing about changes in the cityscape and enabling a lively artistic and cultural life. In Vienna it was the last phase of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, a heyday for architecture and fine arts. Architects like Otto Wagner and Adolf Loos dominated the scene, and painters like Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele had a decisive influence on art life. The art of the Vienna Secession and the Austrian Art Nouveau are no strangers to St. Gallen. Especially in the embroidery and fashion industry, which is so important for St. Gallen, they continue to provide artistic inspiration to this day. An important new arrival, which we are proud to be making available. (20627)   $90.00
Robert Indiana Beyond LOVE
Haskell, Barbara
[Art]. Haskell, Barbara. Robert Indiana Beyond LOVE. Seattle, WA: Marquand Books, Inc., 2013. First edition. Quarto, pp. 285, indexed, illustrated with b/w and color photographs. Cloth over Boards. As New in Fine DJ.

This catalogue was published on the occasion of the exhibition "Robert Indiana: Beyond LOVE" at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City in the fall of 2013. The popularity of Robert Indiana's LOVE works made the Pop artist a household name - and torpedoed his reputation, precipitating his self-imposed exile from the New York art world that had once acclaimed him and eclipsing the breadth and emotionally powerful content of the rest of his dynamic, conceptually charged work. This book is a compelling reassessment of the artist's contributions to American art during his long and prolific career. (20638)   $25.00
Delirious New York
Koolhaas, Rem
[New York]. Koolhaas, Rem. Delirious New York. New York: Oxford University Press, 1978. First edition. Quarto, pp. 263, illustrated with b/w and color photographs. Museum of Modern Art exhibit publication laid in. Cloth over Boards. Very Good in Very Good DJ.

This book serves as a retroactive manifesto for Manhattan between 1850 and 1960, analyzing the development of architecture and urban design throughout New York's history from the founding of New Amsterdam by the Dutch, to the design of the Headquarters of the United Nations by Le Corbusier. The book proves above all, that Manhattan has been, from the beginning, devoted to the most rational, efficient and utilitarian pursuit of the irrational. An impressive documentation of original materials and unpublished projects provides the evidence for this architectural manifesto, which reads, in its insistent tracing of subconscious clues and themes, like a psychological thriller. The Museum of Modern Art had an exhibit on the author's work, "Rem Koolhaas and the Place of Public Architecture," from November 3, 1994 to January 31, 1995, and an article about the exhibit is laid in. This book is as close to a "cult book" as any we've offered before. (20675)   $600.00
The Great Price Wrecker Catalog Number 172
Harris Brother Co., Chicago, IL
[Building Materials]. Harris Brothers Co. The Great Price Wrecker Catalog Number 172 Everything for the Home Workshop and Field - Everything to Wear and Eat. Chicago: Harris Brothers Co., 1915. First edition. Small quarto, pp. 974, illustrated with b/w and color drawings. Paperback. Fair; many rips, stains, and soiled pages; back cover and three pages have 3" open corner tear.

Building materials, furniture and furnishings, plumbing and heating, ladies and men's apparel, machinery and equipment, and home plans. So much to read and admire! The book is in rough shape, but all editions are exceedingly rare, and this is the oldest edition we've ever had. (20664)   $75.00
The Cathedral of Commerce - Woolworth Building, New York
Edwin A. Cochran; S. Parkes Cadman (Foreword)
[New York]. Edwin A. Cochran; S. Parkes Cadman (Foreword). The Cathedral of Commerce - Woolworth Building, New York - The Highest Building In The World. New York: Broadway Park Place Co., 1917. First edition. Quarto, pp. 31, illustrated with b/w and color illustrations. Decorated Wraps, beige w/gilt design & lettering. Good; dark stain on margin of covers, and some internal pages.

A beautifully illustrated volume describing the opening of the Woolworth Building by then President Wilson, depicting its facade, its place on the New York skyline at the time, its appearance when illuminated at night, and also describing its various engineering and safety features. There are also historic photographs of the grand arcade, boiler room, and Mr. Woolworth's private office. (18881)   $50.00
New Orleans Decorative Ironwork
Muse, Vance and Jenkins, Mary Z. [Editors]
[Metal]. Muse, Vance and Jenkins, Mary Z. [Editors]. New Orleans Decorative Ironwork. Los Angeles, CA: The Knapp Press, 1984. First edition. Octavo, pp. 16, illustrated with color photographs. Perfect Bound. Very Good.

Wrought iron and cast iron virtually define New Orleans and unite the French Quarter and the American Garden District. Even newcomers are struck by the abundance of the decoration: everywhere there are window grilles, gates, balcony railings, entire verandas of iron ... "Iron lace," the immortal metaphor, fairly swathes New Orleans and draws us into its veil. This book offers a private tour of the finest wrought iron and cast iron in the city. Structural or purely ornamental, ironwork graces New Orleans' most distinguished architecture. (20653)   $50.00
Old Lawrenceville (Formerly Maidenhead, New Jersey)
Early Houses and People - privately printed and signed by the author
Tyler, Donald H.
[New Jersey]. Tyler, Donald H. Old Lawrenceville (Formerly Maidenhead, New Jersey) Early Houses and People signed by the author. Lawrenceville, NJ: Tyler, Donald H., 1965. First edition. Small quarto, pp. xx, 106, illustrated with b/w photographs. Decorated Cloth over Boards. Very Good.

If you look at the village of Lawrenceville and wander around the open country area north of it to the Township line, you will discover many early American houses. Twenty four of them are in the Village and thirty-three in the rural area to the north, ranging from simple farm tenant houses to mansions. The first purpose of the book is to study and record the history of the old houses, who first owned the land on which they were built, date of construction, early owners and successive families through which ownership passed. The second purpose is to capture the flavor of living in Lawrenceville around the turn of the 20th century before it changed in character and size when two trolley lines were built in 1899, connecting Trenton and Princeton and running through Lawrenceville and the farming area. Suburban living came to Lawrenceville and with it a ten-fold multiplication of homes within 25 years. This lovely privately-printed book is signed by the author and quite scarce. (20641)   $45.00
Wooden Fences
Nash, George
[Building Trades]. Nash, George. Wooden Fences Photographs by James Blair. Newtown, CT: Taunton, 1997. First edition. Small quarto, pp. 231, indexed, illustrated with color photographs. Hardcover. Near Fine in Near Fine Dust Jacket.

Wooden fences are a prominent and beautiful feature of the American landscape. This inspiring, lavishly illustrated book takes you on a tour of some of the most picturesque examples. The author traces the evolution of the American wooden fence from Colonial times to the present, discussing the various types of fences and explaining how to design a fence to meet every conceivable need - including how to be a good neighbor. Everything you need to know to build a fence is here, from laying out the fence to digging postholes, anchoring the posts, and installing gates and fence boards. There's even a troubleshooting guide for maintenance and repair. (10353)   $30.00
Colonial Architecture for Those About to Build
Wise, Herbert C. and H. Ferdinand Beidleman
[Building]. Wise, Herbert C. and H. Ferdinand Beidleman. Colonial Architecture for Those About to Build Being the Best Examples, Domestic, Municipal and Institutional, in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware, with Observations upon the Local Building Art of the Eighteenth Century. Philadelphia and London: J. B. Lippincott Company, 1913. First edition. Small quarto, pp. 270, illustrated with over 200 b/w photographs. Decorated Cloth over Boards. Very Good.

An amazing source for early American building facts, such as: "The price of imported Holland bricks was in 1661 4 pounds 16 shillings per thousand, payable in beaver skins." All the structures selected for the book were built before 1807, and all photographs were taken between 1911 and 1913. (20639)   $55.00
San Francisco Victorians
Vail, Wesley D.
[California]. Vail, Wesley D. San Francisco Victorians An Account of Domestic Architecture in Victorian San Francisco 1870-1890. Sebastopol, CA: Wabash Press, 1978. Revised second edition. Quarto, pp. 164, illustrated with vintage b/w photographs and drawings. Color Pictorial Wraps. Very Good.

Since the original addition of “San Francisco Victorians” in 1964, several notable works have been published that systematically catalog and photographically display the genre. The intent of this book is not to repeat these efforts, but to delve further into a Victorian design so that the reader can more fully appreciate the creative efforts of the 19th century as expressed in these fine wooden buildings. Beautifully illustrated with period photograph and artwork. From the Old House Journal reference library (20629)   $35.00
Architecture and History
The House and its Equipment
Weaver, Lawrence (Editor)
[Architecture]. Weaver, Lawrence (Editor). The House and its Equipment. London: Country Life Library, nd c. 1915. First edition. Quarto, pp. 212, indexed, illustrated with b/w photographs. Publisher's catalog bound in. Previous owner signed the front end paper in pen. Cloth over Boards. Very Good.

Contributions from 23 writers approaching all questions relating to the house and its equipment, aiming to enlarge the interest in the practical equipment and decorative amenities of the home.The first section deals with treatment of various rooms and the different means of beautifying them by plaster work, paneling, and furniture. The next section is devoted to practical questions about topics such as drainage, utilities, lightning conductors, and dry rot. The third section deals with the garden, including plantings, statuary, iron gates and railings, tennis courts, and more. (20651)   $100.00
Cabin Fever: Sheds and Shelters, Huts and Hideaways
Boyer, Marie-France
[Architecture]. Boyer, Marie-France. Cabin Fever: Sheds and Shelters, Huts and Hideaways. London: Thames and Hudson Ltd, 1993. First edition. Small quarto, pp. 112, index, illustrated with color photographs. Cloth over Boards. As New in Fine DJ.

Cabins fulfill the longing in all of us to indulge again in childhood reveries of secret hideaways, built of branches and leaves or whatever is at hand, to enter our own private world, to commune with nature and, even more basically, with our own selves. The search for solitude and the need to throw off the trappings of worldly life have produced some of the world's most romantic and beguiling buildings. A book with universal appeal. (20647)   $30.00
Designing for People - signed by the author
Dreyfuss, Henry
[Architectural Monograph]. Dreyfuss, Henry. Designing for People - signed by the author. New York: Simon & Schuster, 1955. First edition. Small quarto, pp. 240, illustrated with margin drawings and b/w photographs. Cloth over Boards. Very Good.

Henry Dreyfuss was one of America's foremost industrial designers. At the peak of his career, he flew about 100,000 miles a year, mostly in planes he designed himself. He had a West Coast office in South Pasadena, and an East Coast office near the Plaza Hotel in New York City. He was one of Broadway's most successful stage designers by the time he was in his mid-twenties, while he was pioneering in the then-fledgling profession of industrial design. He had a lifelong abiding and intense interest in the daily lives of human beings, and he wandered the world being empathic with service-station workers, ceramic designers, children, animals, proprietors of snack bars, ship officers, home owners, and apartment renters. Perhaps this is why his book is so aptly titled! (20643)   $60.00
Conversations Regarding the Future of Architecture
Peter, John [Editor]
[Architecture]. Peter, John [Editor]. Conversations Regarding the Future of Architecture. Louisville, KY: Reynolds Metals Company, 1956. First edition. 33 1/3 vinyl record album, ex-library, appears to be in good playing condition, but untested. Decorated Album Sleeve. Very Good.

This recording was compiled from informal conversations tape recorded over the period of a year in the offices and homes of seven US architects. Contributors are: Ernest Kump, an architect on the Pacific Coast; Gordon Bunshaft, partner and chief designer with Skidmore, Owings and Merrill; Eero Saarinen, internationally famed architect who designed the GM Technical Center; Philip Johnson, architectural historian and architectural chairman of the NY Museum of Modern Art; Mies Van Der Rohe, architect with European and American projects; Walter Gropius, founder of Bauhaus in Germany and chairman of the Harvard School of Design; and Richard Neutra, West Coast architect. (20632)   $95.00
The Complete Book of Shaker Furniture
Rieman, Timothy D., Burks, Jean M.
[Furniture]. Rieman, Timothy D., Burks, Jean M. The Complete Book of Shaker Furniture. New York: Harry N. Abrams, 1993. First edition. Quarto, pp. 400, index, illustrated with 1000+ photographs and renderings including 117 color plates. Hardcover w/DJ. Near Fine in Near Fine Dust Jacket.

A comprehensive survey of the entire 150-year range of Shaker design arranged to show the work of 14 Shaker communities, this book combines lavish illustrations, informative background essays, updated research largely based on original sources, and detailed construction analyses. Surely destined to become the standard in its field. (20628)   $35.00
Scottish Vernacular Furniture
Cotton, Bernard D.
[International]. Cotton, Bernard D. Scottish Vernacular Furniture. New York: Thames & Hudson, 2008. First edition. Quarto, pp. 304, indexed, 544 illustrations, 412 in color. Cloth over Boards. New in new dustjacket.

Part of the appeal of vernacular furniture is that to understand it, we must look closely at social history and lifestyles that range from self-sufficient to sophisticated. If not always high art, vernacular furniture proves beyond question that limited resources need not exclude aesthetic quality, nor need the functional imperative exclude beauty and charm. To appreciate some Scottish vernacular furniture, we have to enter with sympathy into the world of crofters in a bleak landscape up to 200 years ago, a world that has ceased to exist. Other furniture comes from a setting of prosperous Lowland houses. These examples often represent the life and death of a community, the vital evidence of a vanished culture. (20657)   $35.00
Stone Roofing: Conserving the materials and practice of traditional stone slate roofing in England
Wood, Chris [Editor]
[Roofing]. Wood, Chris [Editor]. Stone Roofing: Conserving the materials and practice of traditional stone slate roofing in England Volume 9, August 2003. London: English Heritage, 2003. First edition. Quarto, pp 156, illustrated with b/w drawings and color photographs. Perfect Bound. Near Fine.

This volume is devoted to the traditional stone slates found on some of England's most attractive and historically important buildings. The first paper presents an overview of the problems of supplying traditional roofing material, following the closure of the many quarries which provided stone slates to local communities over the centuries. The second paper is an extensive overview of the stone slate industry in England, organized geographically and geologically. The third paper is a case study of the reroofing of the church of St. Michael and All Angels, Pitchford, Shropshire. (20644)   $40.00
L'Art De Vivre Decorative Arts and Design in France, 1789-1989
Aakre, Nancy
[Decorative Arts]. Aakre, Nancy. L'Art De Vivre Decorative Arts and Design in France, 1789-1989. London: Thames and Hudson, 1989. First edition. Quarto, pp. 256, indexed, illustrated with b/w and color photographs and drawings. Hardcover. Near Fine in Near Fine Dust Jacket.

This lavish volume covers two centuries of French decorative arts, from jewelry and costume design to furniture, silver, porcelain and wallpapers. All the objects reproduced have been carefully selected to document the tradition of excellence in craftsmanship that has always been identified with France. The 447 illustrations range from gilt-bronze-mounted furniture from the time of Napoleon to the recent innovative designs of Philippe Starck. A beautiful work of reference for anyone interested in design and in French traditions in the decorative arts. (12686)   $40.00
Old House Journal Reference Library
Revelations of New England Architecture: People and Their Buildings
Grossman, Jill and Curt Bruce
[New England]. Grossman, Jill. Revelations of New England Architecture: People and Their Buildings. New York: Grossman Publishers, 1975. First edition. Quarto, pp. xii, 179, indexed, illustrated with b/w photographs. Original Cloth. Very Good in Good DJ.

The architecture of new England is a story: a story of lives lived for a purpose, buildings built to accommodate that purpose, of a distinctive unity of spiritual and physical environment. Their book is a revelation of the richness of our human past, as seen through the striking architectural evidence that remains. The authors explore 200 years of New England architecture in each of six states, and all manner and style of building that survive from that era. Together, words and pictures provide a narrative that goes behind the leaded windows, runs deeper than the downward thrust of a center chimney, plumbs beneath the sloping roof of a saltbox. Through those windows, gathered around that chimney, below that roof, we find the New Englanders who married form and function more wholly, more effectively than has been done anywhere else in America. From the Old House Journal reference library. (20673)   $30.00
Long Island Architecture
Krieg, Joann P. [Editor]
[New York]. Krieg, Joann P. [Editor]. Long Island Architecture. Interlaken, NY: Heart of the Lakes Publishing, 1991. First edition. Quarto, pp. 168, illustrated with b/w photographs. Perfect Bound. Very Good.

Papers presented at Long Island Studies Conference, "Building Long Island: Architecture & Design; Tools & Trades," June 9-10, 1989. The papers were organized into three categories: Planning, 19th Century Architecture, and 20th Century Architecture, and offer a serious consideration of regional planning, parkway uses, and the Island's built environment. Here are essays that provide historical and social contexts, critical evaluations of the Long Island works of some outstanding architects, and the original perspective of practicing architects. From the Old House Journal reference library. (20672)   $35.00
Architecture in Early New England
(Old Sturbridge Village Booklet Series)
Ipswich Historical Commission
[New England]. Cummings, Abbott Lowell. Architecture in Early New England (Old Sturbridge Village Booklet Series). Sturbridge, MA: Old Sturbridge Village, 1984. Third edition. Octavo, pp. 40, illustrated with b/w photographs. Staplebound Wraps. Very Good.

An examination of buildings in Old Sturbridge Village and other locations around New England. Nice booklet with fine photographic examples and attention to architectural detail. From the Old House Journal reference library. (20671)   $15.00
Something to Preserve:
A Report on Historic Preservation by the Acquisition of Protective Agreements on Buildings in Ipswich, Massachusetts
Ipswich Historical Commission
[New England]. Ipswich Historical Commission. Something to Preserve A Report on Historic Preservation by the Acquisition of Protective Agreements on Buildings in Ipswich, Massachusetts. Boston, MA: Thomas Todd Company, 1975. First edition. Small quarto, pp. xiv, 111, illustrated with b/w photographs. Perfect Bound. Very Good.

We cannot know where we are likely to be tomorrow unless we know where we were yesterday and the day before. Preserving some evidence of where we have been so that each new generation may re-examine the interpretations of the last: that was the chief purpose of the Ipswich Historical Commission and this publication. Sixteen early homes of prime quality were secured for the future by covenant, and profiled in this book. From the Old House Journal reference library. (20670)   $40.00
The Masonry Architecture of Ulster County, New York:
An Evolution, 1665-1935
Larson, Neil
[New York]. Larson, Neil. The Masonry Architecture of Ulster County, New York An Evolution, 1665-1935. Kingston, NY: Bard College Press, 1986. First edition. Quarto, pp. 56, illustrated with b/w photographs and drawings. Spiral Bound Wraps. Very Good.

These essays were assembled for the 1986 Annual Meeting of the Vernacular Architecture Forum held in Kingston, NY on May 7-10, 1986. Essays include "The Settlement and Architecture Emanating from Kingston along the Esopus, Wallkill, and Shawangunk Valleys," "Nieuw Dorp, the First Venture Beyond the Stockade," "New Paltz, A Huguenot Settlement," "The Federal Period Brick Houses of Josiah DuBois and Hendrikus DuBois," and "Bruynswick, A Dutch Community of Farms." From the Old House Journal reference library. (20669)   $35.00
Ethnic and Economic Diversity Reflected in
Columbia County (NY) Vernacular Architecture
Larson, Neil
[New York]. Larson, Neil. Ethnic and Economic Diversity Reflected in Columbia County (NY) Vernacular Architecture. Kingston, NY: Bard College Press, 1986. First edition. Quarto, pp. 45, illustrated with b/w photographs and drawings. Spiral Bound Wraps. Very Good.

These essays were assembled for the 1986 Annual Meeting of the Vernacular Architecture Forum held in Kingston, NY on May 7-10, 1986. Essays include "Settlement Patterns in Columbia County, Slicing Up the Territorial Pie," "Claverack, a Dutch Village on the Van Rensselaers' Lower Manor," "The Luykas Van Alen House at Kinderhook," "The Konradt Lasher House," "Spencertown, A Connecticut Village," "Richmond Hill, A Livingston Family Farm," and "The Jacob Camer House on the Van Rensselaers' Lower Manor." From the Old House Journal reference library. (20668)   $35.00
Land Marks: Architecture and Preservation in Gloucester
Gloucester Development Team, Inc., Gloucester, MA
[New England]. Gloucester Development Team, Inc. Land Marks: Architecture and Preservation in Gloucester. Gloucester, MA: Gloucester Development Team, Inc., 1979. First edition. Oblong octavo, pp. 43, indexed, illustrated with b/w photographs, maps and drawings. Staplebound Wraps. Very Good.

This book is a report on the Gloucester Architectural Inventory, intended to identify and document the more significant architectural and historical resources of central Gloucester. The buildings included represent a wide range of architecture: small scale and large scale, simple and elaborate, workers' cottages and fishery owners' mansions. This publication explains Gloucester's architectural styles, describes its neighborhoods, and identifies resources for preserving these assets. From the Old House Journal reference library. (20667)   $50.00
Catalogue of the Architectural Exhibition Philadelphia
January 14th-February 2nd 1899 - housed in custom box
T Square Club, Philadelphia, PA
[Architecture]. T Square Club. Catalogue of the Architectural Exhibition Philadelphia January 14th-February 2nd 1899. Philadelphia: The T Square Club, 1898. First edition. Small quarto, pp. 222. Index of exhibits, illustrated with b/w photos and plans, numerous advertisements. Decorated Wraps. Good; cover and one page detached, cover edgeworn and repaired with tape; housed in a custom box.

A wonderful late 19th century architectural exhibition catalog, showing numerous award-winning designs. This volume debuted a new design for their annual catalog, by reproducing photographs, working drawings and subjects of recent architectural interest that were not available for the exhibition, or were in unsuitable condition. There was an interesting series of letters on the topic "An Unaffected School of Modern Architecture in America - Will it Come?" which included letters from professors at Columbia, Harvard, UPenn, and Cornell. Exhibits were displayed from the Chicago Architectural Club, the College of Architecture at Cornell University, the St. Louis Architectural Club, and the School of Architecture at UPenn. There is also a section of advertisers in architecture and the building trades. A beautiful piece, with excellent visuals. From the Old House Journal reference library. (20666)   $65.00
Architecture is Elementary
Winters, Nathan B.
[Architectural History]. Winters, Nathan B. Architecture is Elementary Visual Thinking Through Architectural Concepts. Salt Lake City, UT: Gibbs M. Smith, Inc., 1986. Ninth printing. Quarto, pp. xv, 256, glossary, time line, illustrated with b/w drawings by the author. Oversized Paperback. Very Good.

This is a self-instruction book that concisely and coherently discusses the principles of architectural design. The concepts open the reader to a broad world of visual thinking. Stimulating lessons challenge the lay person and trigger creative responses from even the most sophisticated designers. The author's masterful ink drawings are works of art which clarify the concepts of the book. From the Old House Journal reference library. (20665)   $20.00
The Arts and Crafts Lifestyle and Design
Hitchmough, Wendy and Martin Charles
[Interiors]. Hitchmough, Wendy and Martin Charles. The Arts and Crafts Lifestyle and Design. New York: Watson-Guptill Publications, 2000. First edition. Small quarto, pp. 192, indexed, illustrated w/ color photographs. One page was neatly cut out and replaced, since this was a working copy for Old House Journal. Hardcover. As New in Fine DJ.

This book takes a detailed tour of the foremost examples of the Arts and Crafts Movement, visiting such signature estates as Greene and Greene's Gamble House in Pasadena, and Philip Webb's Standen in East Grinstead, West Sussex. Through such diverse domestic spaces as the living hall and the butler's pantry, photographs and text reveal how a room's function determined the selection and placement of furniture, textiles, wallpaper, ceramics, and other objects. Profiling the work of William Morris, and of those who propelled his vision, this handsome book explores the individual interpretations that gave the style its substance. Striking, original photography spotlights the skillfulness of the work, and the accompanying text tells how social currents and artistic ideals shaped the values of the renegade architects. From the Old House Journal reference library. (7728)   $20.00
Construction Methods and Materials
Doors & Entryways
Spence, William P.
[Doors]. Spence, William P. Doors & Entryways. New York: Sterling Publishing Co., Inc., 2001. Second Printing. Small quarto, pp. 160, indexed, illustrated with color photographs and drawings. Perfect Bound. As New.

Choose and install doors and entryways that not only provide access, but that also convey a great initial impression of your home. They can extend a warm and interesting invitation to enter, and enhance an architectural style and design. The challenge is selecting the functional type that reflects the feeling you want to create, from French to pocket doors. Factor in practical needs like energy efficiency, durability of materials, security, and the type of hardware that fits best. Then find out how to install both interior and exterior doors. Even provide shielding, such as overhangs and solar-control glazing films. Doors and entryways are major decisions for all homeowners. This book helps to ensure that yours suit your needs and preferences. (20655)   $25.00
The Woodworker's Pocket Book
Hayward, Charles H.
[Wood]. Hayward, Charles H. The Woodworker's Pocket Book Metricated edition. London: Evans Brothers Ltd, 1977. Fifth printing. 16mo, pp. 126, indexed, illustrated with b/w drawings. Hardcover. Very Good.

Many topics are included in this small but mighty pocket guide, including plywood and laminated boards, veneers, abridge list of softwoods and hardwoods, manufactured boards, useful chemicals, wood finishing recipes, glues, screws, metal fittings, tools, basic joints, mouldings, and much more. (20654)   $30.00
Graining: Ancient and Modern
Wall, William E. (preface by J. M. Ratcliffe)
[Paint]. Wall, William E. (preface by J. M. Ratcliffe). Graining: Ancient and Modern. London: Charles Griffin and Company Limited, 1988. Reprint of 1905 edition. Small quarto, pp. xiv, 135, indexed, illustrated with b/w and color photographs. Cloth over Boards. Near Fine in Near Fine DJ.

Eminently practical, this book draws on the author's unequalled experience in America in the 1880s - a period when such specialist work was at its height. This rare book was reprinted without substantive change to meet today's revived interest in these classic crafts. Here is explained the art of imitating in paint the graining of different kinds of timber. Step by step the book covers all modern needs, from choosing materials to the imitation of more than 30 different woods. One section alone covers 14 ways of imitating quartered oak! A scarce book with a remarkable quantity of color illustration of wood grains. A thorough and engaging treatment of the subject. (20652)   $30.00
Formwork for Concrete
Hurd, M. K.
[Concrete & Cement]. Hurd, M. K. Formwork for Concrete Special Publication Number 4. Detroit, MI: American Concrete Institute, 1963. First edition. Quarto, pp. xi, 339, indexed, illustrated with b/w drawings and photographs. Cloth over Boards. Very Good.

This publication was born of a concern for improving the safety and quality of formwork for concrete construction. It provides a how-to-do-it manual useful to form designers, contractors, engineers, and architects. The volume was prepared in cooperation with the Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute and the Portland Cement Association, and other trade associations. (20646)   $60.00
Making Floors
McClure, Abbot
[Flooring]. McClure, Abbot. Making Floors. New York: McBride, Nast & Co., 1915. First edition. 16mo, pp. 64, illustrated with b/w drawings and photographs. Cloth over Boards. Very Good.

Chapters include: concrete, tile, mosaic, stone and brick floors; wooden floors, new and remade; patent, composition and miscellaneous floors; floor finishes and the care of floors. A practical guidebook for the property owner who wants to select a product suitable for the traffic in the room, and wants to see it installed correctly. (20642)   $95.00
Build with Fluresit Hardener and Water Proofer for Concrete
The American Fluresit Co., Cincinnati, OH
[Concrete & Cement]. The American Fluresit Co. Build with Fluresit Hardener and Water Proofer for Concrete. Cincinnati, OH: The American Fluresit Co., nd c. 1927. First edition. Quarto, pp. 16, illustrated with b/w photographs. Staplebound Wraps. Very Good.

Fluresit is a chemical preparation that sets up a chemical action which continues throughout the hardening of concrete. The effect of the process makes concrete waterproof, acid-proof, much denser, and consequently much stronger. This booklet illustrates buildings that used Fluresit in their construction, describes directions for use, and how to repair leaks and cracks in existing concrete and masonry walls, in addition to explaining how the process was tested. The booklet concludes with a page of reviews by customers. (20640)   $50.00
Townsend, Gilbert
[Carpentry]. Townsend, Gilbert. Carpentry A Practical Treatise on Simple Building Construction, Including Framing, Roof Construction, General Carpentry Work, Exterior and Interior Finish of Buildings, Building Forms and Working Drawings. Chicago, IL: American Technical Society, 1943. Revised. Octavo, pp. 441, indexed, illustrated with b/w photographs, architectural drawings and construction details. Signed by a previous owner in pen on the front endpaper in 1965. Decorated Cloth over Boards. Very Good in Chipped and Torn DJ.

A very thorough examination of timber building construction from roofing to walls to floors. It also includes, trusses, towers and steeples. Clear and precise drawings helpful to builders and architects. Very scarce in dust jacket. (20637)   $40.00
Architectural Terra Cotta: Standard Construction
National Terra Cotta Society
[Terra Cotta]. National Terra Cotta Society. Architectural Terra Cotta: Standard Construction. New York: National Terra Cotta Society, 1914. Folio (10.5" x 14"), 70 numbered plates, indexed. Original brown cloth in very good order, internally sound. Indexed. Signed by a previous owner inside front cover. Original Cloth over Boards . Very Good; moderate edgewear to backstrip.
With 70 large, scaled drawings of terra cotta in building applications (from windows and columns to gargoyles and domed arches). One of only a handful of early 20th century titles on the subject, and perhaps the best, certainly the most detailed architecturally. A book which we never seem to be able to keep in stock! (20635)   $130.00
Plastering, Plain and Decorative
Millar, William
[Plastering]. Millar, William. Plastering, Plain and Decorative A Practical Treatise on the Art & Craft of Plastering and Modelling. London: Batsford, 1905. Modern reprint of the revised and enlarged third edition. Small quarto, pp. xiii, 627, xxvi trade advertisings. 55 full page plates and 500 illustrations in the text.  With introductory chapter by G. T. Robinson. II Appendices (Quantities and Weights, recipes for plastering, measuring plasterers' work, glossary of terms, specification for Portland Cement), indexed.  Color Pictorial Wraps, modern reprint. New.

After all these years, still the industry standard and unsurpassed. Of increasing scarcity, in any condition and edition (even this 20th century reprint is hard to find). Any professional plasterer will confirm that it is the indispensable reference for the tradesman. The most ambitious treatment of the subject, both historically and technically, beautifully illustrated and referenced. (20634)   $75.00
Pattern Books
Home Builders Book of Low Cost Homes
Brown-Blodgett, Inc., St. Paul, MN
[Pattern Book]. Brown-Blodgett, Inc. Home Builders Book of Low Cost Homes Containing 35 Designs of Low-Cost Houses; Two-Story Houses, One-Story Houses and Bungalows. St. Paul, MN: Brown-Blodgett, Inc., 1941. Original edition. Quarto, pp 32, indexed. Illustrated with b/w photographs and floor plans. Staplebound Wraps. Very good.

This publication urged the reader to choose owning a home, and creating wealth, over renting a home. The designs in this book were selected to be starter homes of modest cost. A nicely illustrated book of attractive, WWII-era home plans. (20662)   $65.00
Book of 30 Homes
Brown-Blodgett, Inc., St. Paul, MN
[Pattern Book]. Brown-Blodgett, Inc. Book of 30 Homes Designs and Floor Plans for Thirty Small Homes. St. Paul, Minnesota: Brown-Blodgett, Inc., 1942. Third edition. Quarto, pp. 32, illustrated with b/w photographs and floor plans. One page has its photograph ripped away. Staplebound Wraps. Good; one half-page missing, cover detached.

A wonderful example of WWII affordable housing. A scarce piece of ephemeral vernacular architecture and a very nice pattern book. (20661)   $45.00
Concrete Masonry Farm Homes
Portland Cement Association, Chicago, IL
[Pattern Book]. Portland Cement Association. Concrete Masonry Farm Homes Plans Prepared by State Colleges and the United States Department of Agriculture ... Available Through State College Extension Services. Chicago: Portland Cement Assoc., 1949. First edition. Quarto, pp 12, illustrated with b/w photographs, site plans, floor plans, and perspective sketches. Staplebound Wraps, blue. Very Good.

To meet the special housing needs of the post-WWII farm family, architects of the US Department of Agriculture, working with state colleges, prepared plans for the moderately low-cost homes shown in this booklet. They were designed for concrete masonry, a construction material which offers low upkeep and maintenance cost, fire safety, and durability. A very uncommon period piece! (20660)   $75.00
The Book of 100 Homes
Brown-Blodgett Company, St. Paul, MN
[Pattern Book]. Brown-Blodgett Company. The Book of 100 Homes: Containing the Designs and Floor Plans of One Hundred Homes - Bungalows, Cottages, and Two Story Homes - Book I. St. Paul, MN: Brown-Blodgett Co., 1942. First edition. Quarto, pp.104, illustrated with b/w photographs and floor plans. Decorated Stock Wraps, red. Very Good.

An extensive 20th century home plan catalog, this one aimed at the first-time home buyer. The homes vary in size from 2 story dwellings to 4 room cottages, and represent a variety of popular home styles. (20659)   $50.00
Authentic Small Houses of the Twenties
Jones, Robert T. (Editor)
[Pattern Book]. Jones, Robert T. (Editor). Authentic Small Houses of the Twenties. New York: Dover Publications, Inc, 1987/1929. Reprint. Quarto, pp. 278. Indexed, illustrated with 520 b/w drawings and 311 halftones. Glossy Pictorial Wraps. Very Good.

An unabridged reprint of the 1929 book "Small Homes of Architectural Distinction", containing floor plans, construction materials and drawings or photographs for a wide variety of small homes. Models range from charming five-room English cottages of brick and stucco to attractive two-story shingled Colonials with six rooms, fireplace, French doors and a generous attic. Clearly written descriptions of interiors and exteriors complement detailed plans for each of the 254 homes listed. (14757)   $20.00
The Home Designer, August 1922
Dixon, Walter W. (Editor)
[Pattern Book]. Dixon, Walter W. (Editor). The Home Designer, An Illustrated Monthly Dedicated To Better Home Environment. New York: Dixon & Hillen, August 1922. First edition. Quarto, pp 30, illustrated with b/w photographs and period trade advertisements. Pictorial Wraps. Good: covers detached and have pencil inscriptions on them; text very good.

Articles on the new state housing law, fitting the home to your pocketbook, the small home designed along modern lines, the use of wall beds in the 5-room bungalow, three ways to build a face brick home, thermo wall construction for the small home, the window as a decorative feature, artistic garages, and more. All issues of this sought-after series are scarce. (20631)   $60.00
Trade Catalogs
Russwin Window Hardware
Russell & Erwin Manufacturing Company, New Britain, CT
[Hardware]. Russell & Erwin Manufacturing Company. Russwin Window Hardware. New Britain, CT: Russell & Erwin Mfg. Co, 1917. First printing. Small quarto, pp. 32, illustrated with b/w drawings and architectural details of construction. Undated sales letter on company letterhead laid in. Staplebound Wraps. Very Good.

Russell & Erwin offered window hardware formerly made by The Tabor Sash Fixture Company in Newark, NJ. The hardware was offered in eight finishes: dull light statuary bronze, polished nickel plated, mottled dark oxidized copper, dull brass, polished brass, polished bronze, genuine Barff rustless iron, and ebony black on iron and steel. The hardware is nicely illustrated, and includes architectural drawings of sash construction and details of application. Scarce! We haven't had this one before. (20663)   $100.00
Tex-Tile Builds the Community
National Fireproofing Company (NATCO), Pittsburgh, PA
[Tiles and Pottery]. National Fireproofing Company (NATCO). Tex-Tile Builds the Community AIA File Number 10-a-11. Pittsburgh, PA: National Fireproofing Co., 1927. First edition. Quarto, pp 6, illustrated with b/w and color drawings. Staplebound Wraps. Very Good.

This pamphlet highlighted NATCO's hollow building tile, which was economical, dense, strong, protected against fire, didn't need painting, easy to install, and never decayed. The product line is illustrated, along with some simple diagrams for installation. A handsome trade piece. (20650)   $60.00
Brick and Stone
Building with Stone
McRaven, Charles
[Masonry]. McRaven, Charles. Building with Stone. New York: Lippincott, 1980. First edition. Oblong octavo, pp. 207, indexed, illustrated with more than 200 b/w photographs and drawings. Cloth over Boards. Near Fine in Fine DJ.

This is a beginner's guide to using natural stone - as opposed to quarried or polished stone - as a building material. It includes detailed instructions for making natural stone constructions that are both useful and aesthetically pleasing - a stone wall, a fireplace, a barbecue pit, a patio, even a small dam or a house. The author shows how to select the proper stones for a specific project, how to work with uncut stone, drystone and mortar construction, and how to obtain and care for stone-working tools. (20656)   $30.00
Architectural Stone: Fabrication, Installation, and Selection
Chacon, Mark A.
[Stone]. Chacon, Mark A. Architectural Stone: Fabrication, Installation, and Selection. New York: John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 1999. Second Printing. Quarto, pp xii, 227, indexed, illustrated with over 100 b/w and color photographs. Hard Cover. As New in Fine DJ.

This book takes the guesswork out of stone selection, design and installation. The author provides detailed information on geological formation, physical characteristics, and fabrication techniques for igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic stone, and explains how these factors affect design and installation. Includes detailed instructions for all major installation techniques and examines the materials, systems, and specifications required for each technique, as well as methods of finishing, sealing, and maintaining installed stone. Detailed guidelines are presented for the selection of stone, including selection criteria and practical concerns, special considerations for interior and exterior installations, informal testing and practical analysis, and the availability and suitability of particular types of stone. A one-stop source for complete information on building stones. (20645)   $50.00
Titles on Sale
Arcology: The City in the Image of Man
Soleri, Paolo
[Urban Studies]. Soleri, Paolo. Arcology: The City in the Image of Man. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1969. First edition. Folio (24" x 14"), pp. 136, illustrated with b/w drawings. Ex-library markings. Plastic comb binding. Good; cover detached.

Through his work as architect, urban designer, artist, craftsman and philosopher, Paolo Soleri has been exploring the countless possibilities of human aspiration. The envisioned future taking shape in his mind has been expressed in various media. One outstanding endeavor is Arcosanti, an urban laboratory, constructed in the high Arizona desert. It attempts to demonstrate an alternative human habitat much needed in this increasingly perplexing world. This project also exemplifies his steadfast devotion to creating an experiential space to "prototype" an environment in harmony with man. Through his articulated philosophy "Arcology (Architecture+Ecology)", Soleri formulates a path that may aid us on our evolutionary journey toward a state of aesthetic, equity and compassion. The half century work of his broad-ranging and coherent intellect (so scarce in the age of specialization) has influenced many in the field in search of a new paradigm for our built environment. (10842)   $75.00
Four Midwestern 1930s Catalogs of Kitchen Fixtures and Furniture
[Kitchens]. Various. Four Midwestern 1930s Catalogs of Kitchen Fixtures and Furniture. Goshen, IN and more: Various, c. 1930s and 1940s. First edition. Quarto, pp. 8, 18 (plus 4-page insert), 18, 23, illustrated with b/w and color drawings and photographs. Staplebound Wraps. Very Good; one of the four has been folded lengthwise.

These four catalogs give a nice overview of the basic kitchen units available in the 1930s and 1940s. The first catalog is dated Spring 1938, and was distributed by the I-XL Furniture Company in Goshen, IN. This 8-page catalog features b/w drawings of their sectional kitchen units, and suggested groupings for different wall spaces. The second catalog is called "Dream Kitchens for a Song" by Youngstown Kitchens, manufactured by Mullins in Warren, OH. This 1948 color catalog shows a mischievous family in their kitchen, with a leaping dog, pranking teenagers, and a laughing baby enjoying the show. The third catalog was printed in the 1930s and features sanitary fixtures by Rundle of Milwaukee, WI, including kitchen and bathroom sinks, tubs, and toilets. It is illustrated in b/w and color. The fourth catalog was printed in 1940 and features kitchen cabinets by Porta-Bilt in Nappanee, IN. It includes b/w photographs before and after remodeling with Porta-Bilt. An attractive lot. (20446)   $60.00
Madison Cottage / Corporal Thompson Proprietor
[New York]. Anonymous. Madison Cottage / Corporal Thompson Proprietor. New York: Unknown, nd c. 1850. Original edition. 12" x 19", b/w lithograph . Lithograph Print. Very Good.

In 1839, a farmhouse located at what is now Fifth Avenue and 23rd Street in New York City was turned into a roadhouse under the direction of William "Corporal" Thompson (1807-1872), who later renamed it "Madison Cottage," after the former president. This house was the last stop for people traveling northward out of the city, or the first stop for those arriving from the north. Aside from being a stopping place for coaches, Madison Cottage offered diversions. Later, the Sun wrote, "Here gathered the sports of the middle of the last century, arranging cock fights and dog fights, prizefights, athletic contests and games of the day." Though Madison Cottage itself was razed in 1853 to make room first for Franconi's Roman Hippodrome and then for the Fifth Avenue Hotel, Madison Cottage ultimately gave rise to the names for the adjacent Madison Avenue and Madison Square. This lovely print deserves to be framed and enjoyed. (20530)   $175.00
Cast Iron Decoration: A World Survey
Robertson, E. Graeme and Joan Robertson
[Metal]. Robertson, E. Graeme and Joan Robertson. Cast Iron Decoration: A World Survey. New York: Whitney Library of Design, 1977. First edition. Quarto. pp 336. Indexed, illustrated with b/w photographs. Cloth over Boards, blue with color Dustjacket. Near Fine with Near Fine DJ.

A "unique work of pictorial reference, supported by introductory texts, glossary and bibliography, which will be equally valuable to art historians, architects and designers- and to anyone who cares for man's cultural heritage as reflected in the adornment of his architecture" (inside front cover). One of the best studies of its type to come out in years. (2921)   $35.00
Santa Cruz Renovation Manual: A Homeowner's Handbook
Charles Hall Page & Associates
[Restoration]. Charles Hall Page & Associates. Santa Cruz Renovation Manual: A Homeowner's Handbook. San Francisco, CA: Charles Hall Page & Associates, 1976. First edition. Oblong small quarto, pp 106. Illustrated with b/w drawings and photographs. Glossary, bibliography. Ink number on front cover. Original Wraps. Very good.

This manual was provided to help the Santa Cruz homeowner plan for the satisfactory rehabilitation of an older home. Specifically, this guide is concerned with architectural principles of altering a house so that it better serves the needs of modern day living and yet retains the unique charm of the building's original character. The guide also offers a wide sampling of information, suggestions, and resources that can be useful in rehabilitation work. It is intended as a preservation primer; it is not just a "how to" but a "why to" pamphlet for those who want to do it well. From the Old House Journal library. (19433)   $25.00
Champion Catalog No. 18, Shelf Hardware, Builders' Hardware
Champion Hardware Company, Geneva, OH
[Hardware]. Champion Hardware Company. Champion Catalog No. 18, Shelf Hardware, Builders' Hardware. Geneva, OH: Champion Hardware Co., 1938. First edition. Quarto, pp 159, with alphabetical and numerical indices. b/w illustrations. 1941 Price List No. 5, pp 20, laid-in. Leatherette, beige. Very Good.

Metal and plastic cabinetry, window, and door hardware are shown in this extensive trade catalog. Very uncommon, a wonderful resource for builders and preservationists. (17162)   $35.00
Formica & Design
Grant-Lewin, Susan
[Interiors]. Grant-Lewin, Susan. Formica & Design From the Counter Top to High Art. New York: Rizzoli, 1991. First edition. Quarto, pp. 189, indexed, illustrated with b/w and color photographs. Original Cloth. Very Good in Very Good DJ.

This book chronicles the story of this ubiquitous material, from its beginnings as the dream of two young entrepreneurs to its impact on the "modern" way of life, in several essays that examine the product from an unexpected variety of perspectives: its impact on women's lives; the image of the home projected via the company's advertising; its successful integration as a standard building material in the post-WWII suburbanization of America; its use by some of the most important names in design throughout the century; and its innovative color and pattern changes, mirroring the style and fashion trends of several decades. Quite uncommon title. (5347)   $25.00
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