Selected Titles for Septemberish 2020
As we have come to know, there is very little of our lives that is not touched by this pandemic. So too here at World Wide Headquarters: last winter we had five events cancelled, possibly never to reappear. So the monthly newsletter revolves around the newsletter ... and my family (and garden!).

My daughters Stephanie and Kimberly were here in September to celebrate my birthday.
And what intro is complete without a few animal and garden shots! Here's is Stephanie's cat Lulu, keeping an eye on everything. And Stephanie is showing off a few heirloom tomatoes from my garden.

We are a day or two late on this listing, hence our "Septemberish" title. We have been stockpiling some great and scarce titles, and are featuring a dozen or so books from the Old House Journal reference library.

Happy browsing, stay safe and vote!
New Arrivals
Decorated Wooden Ceilings in Spain
Byne, Arthur and Stapley, Mildred
[Spain]. Byne, Arthur and Stapley, Mildred. Decorated Wooden Ceilings in Spain a collection of photographs and measured drawings with descriptive text. New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1920. First edition. Folio, pp. x, 56, plus 56 full page b/w photographic or illustrated plates. Library book plate. Portfolio, cloth over boards with cloth ties; floral decorated paper inside covers. Very Good; mild ex-library.

Mildred Stapley Byne was an American art historian who specialized in Spanish art and architecture. With her husband Arthur Byne, she wrote many of the first academic works in English on the architecture and ironwork of Spanish colonial North America. Their work was widely praised, including this ground-breaking book on Spanish wooden ceilings. Spain had more wooden ceilings than any other European countries; while England and France tended to remove wooden ceilings as the fashion changed, Spain kept hers and constructed new ones. The ceilings chosen for this portfolio showcased the greatest variety of structural forms and applied decoration. All the flaps and cloth ties of the portfolio are in very good condition, which is remarkable in an oversized ex-library folio. This copy has been treasured! A monumental work. (20035)   $600.00
La décoration des Toitures [Roof Decoration]
[Roofing]. Perin-Grados. La décoration des Toitures [Roof Decoration] à l’aide du plomb, du cuivre, du zinc. Epis, Girouettes, Crêtes, Campaniles, Lucarnes, Membrons, chéneaux, etc. [using lead, copper, zinc. Groynes, weathervanes, crests, campaniles, skylights, membrons, gutters, etc.]. Paris: Clerc & Catineau, 1889. First edition. Folio, pp. 14 plus 56 plates. Text in French. Quarter leather binding with paper boards. Good; front hinge split, several loose pages.

Featuring lead, copper and zinc roof features (finials, turrets, etc.) seen only in Europe. A comprehensive homage to European architecture of yesteryear. The plates are stunning. A beautifully illustrated volume and a monumental work for its time. (20023)   $375.00
Examples of English Mediaeval Foliage and Coloured Decoration
Colling, James Kellaway
[Ornamentation]. Colling, James Kellaway. Examples of English Mediaeval Foliage and Coloured Decoration taken from buildings of the twelfth to the fifteenth century: with descriptive letterpress. London: James Kellaway Colling, 1874. First edition. Quarto, pp. 72, with 76 full page b/w plates. Ex-library. Cloth over Boards, gilt lettering. Very Good; backstrip has been expertly repaired.

A noted collection of examples of foliated decoration and ornaments in architecture in the 12th-15th centuries, mostly from church buildings. Elements include decorated screenwork, capitals, doorways, and other architectural ornamentation. An excellent visual source for anyone dealing with natural forms as they pertain to architecture and design! (20021)   $175.00
Two books bound as one: The Carpenters, Joiners, Cabinet Makers, and Gilder's Companion; and Painters, Grainers, and Writers' Assistant
Reinnel, F. and Barber, Edmund
[Carpentry]. Reinnel, F. and Barber, Edmund. The Carpenters, Joiners, Cabinet Makers, and Gilders' Companion; also Painters, Grainers, and Writers' Assistant containing rules and instructions in the art of carpentry, joining, cabinet making, and gilding; veneering, inlaying, varnishing and polishing, dying and staining wood, ivory, &c., the best methods of preparing glue, cements, and compositions, and a variety of valuable receipts; with illustrations showing the various methods of dove-tailing, mortice and tenonding, &c., &c., &c. London: H. Elliot, 1854. First edition. Small octavo, pp. 82, 95. Two books bound as one. The Carpenters, Joiners etc volume is Reinnel's, and the Painters, Grainers etc volume is Barber's. Very professionally restored, new eps, some pages fragile and showing edge loss not affecting text. Recased in brown buckram. Very Good.

The subtitle above goes with the first title; the subtitle of the second book: "containing the colors and the quantity to be used in the imitation of fancy woods, marbles, granite, &c. connected with the patent granite and graining machine; also a variety of receipts and information for general work, writing, &c., with receipts and instructions for making all kinds of varnishes, &c., &c., &c." A nice collection of fourteen "Plain and Ornamental Alphabets for the Assistance of Writers and Painters" bound in at rear. Very scarce. (20022)   $225.00
A Treatise on the
Rise and Progress of Decorated Window Tracery in England
Sharpe, Edmund
[Windows]. Sharpe, Edmund. A Treatise on the Rise and Progress of Decorated Window Tracery in England Illustrated with ninety-seven woodcuts and six engravings on steel. London: John Van Voorst, 1849. First edition. Octavo, pp. xii, 110, illustrated with b/w woodcuts and steel engravings, including several folding plates. Several vintage bookplates from previous owners on front endpapers. Full Leather with Gilt Details. Very Good.

This is the first time we've been able to offer this volume, and what a lovely copy! Sharpe was an architect and architectural historian, and his main focus was churches. He was a pioneer in the use of terra cotta as a structural material in church buildings. He studied and wrote about ecclesiastical architecture throughout his adult life, both sketching and measuring historical churches and ruins. This volume on the decorated window was praised by art critic John Ruskin. A scarce and desirable book for those interested in English windows. (20012)   $250.00
Architecture and History
Climate & Architecture
Aronin, Jeffrey Ellis
[Architecture]. Aronin, Jeffrey Ellis. Climate & Architecture Progressive Architecture Book. New York: Reinhold Publishing Corp, 1953. First edition. Quarto, pp. x., 304. Covers the sun, temperature, wind, precipitation and shows the limitations they impose on architecture. Bibliography, index. Well illustrated. Publisher's cloth. Near Fine in Near Fine Dust Jacket.

For the 1950s, this book was way ahead of its time, and deserved more attention then. A fascinating study. (763)   $60.00
Form and Fancy:
Factories and Factory Buildings by Wallis, Gilbert & Partners, 1916-1939
Skinner, Joan S.
[Architecture]. Skinner, Joan S. Form and Fancy: Factories and Factory Buildings by Wallis, Gilbert & Partners, 1916-1939. Liverpool, UK: Liverpool University Press, 1997. First edition. Small quarto, pp. 317, indexed, illustrated with b/w photographs. Paperback. Very Good.

In 1916, Thomas Wallis founded a new practice, primarily to collaborate with an American company in the design of factories to be constructed of reinforced concrete. Designing factories was not then popular among architects and many manufacturers regarded the employment of an architect a wanton extravagance. In this volume the author looks at the biographical background of Wallis, at the history and organization of the partnership he founded, and at the many factors that contributed to its reputation in the inter-war years. She then offers a perspective on architectural thought and activity in that period, and of the attitudes and influences on factory design. A unique contribution to the further stimulation of interest in the architectural history of factories. (13596)   $25.00
Achievements of New England Architects and Engineers
Hewitt, Lewis J.
[New England]. Hewitt, Lewis J. Achievements of New England Architects and Engineers Volume One. Boston, MA: Lewis J. Hewitt, 1927. First edition. Quarto, pp. 342, indexed, illustrated with b/w photographs and period advertising. Cloth over Boards with Gilt Lettering. Very Good.

This volume illustrated what a large number of New England architects and engineers accomplished in the early 20th century, creating a record of manufacturers and sub-contractors who contributed materials, equipment and labor toward their construction. An impressive reference work for all those interested in New England architecture and a great source for local New England talent. (20013)   $175.00
Comparative Architectural Details: The Pencil Point Series (13 sections)
New York Architects' Emergency Unemployment Committee
[Architecture]. New York Architects' Emergency Unemployment Committee. Comparative Architectural Details: The Pencil Point Series. New York: The Reinhold Publishing Corporation, 1932-1935. First edition. Quarto, 13 sections, each about 8 pages long, illustrated with b/w drawings and photographs. Staplebound Wraps. Very Good.

A fine "library" of exterior and interior details including dormers; fences and gates; fireplaces; door hoods; chimneys; eaves and gutters; exterior steps; cupolas; balconies; exterior doors; corner cupboards; gambrel gables; and wood trusses. The quality of the drawing and photographs makes this an invaluable resource for builders and architects. (20030)   $150.00
Japanese-Style Gardens of the Pacific West Coast
Levick, Melba and Kendall H. Brown
[Gardening]. Levick, Melba and Kendall H. Brown. Japanese-Style Gardens of the Pacific West Coast. New York: Rizzoli, 1999. First edition. Quarto, pp. 176. Directory and Bibliography, illustrated with color photos. Some of the pages have been cut from the binding for use in OHJ's review, but are present. Cloth over Boards. Very Good in Very Good DJ.

A beautifully produced book visually documenting 20 Japanese-style gardens in California, the Northwest, and British Columbia including the Japanese Tea Garden at Golden Gate Park, the Golden Door spa, and numerous private and corporate gardens. From the Old House Journal Reference Library. (20037)   $25.00
The Japanese House... Its Interior and Exterior
Ishimoto, Tatsuo and Kiyoko
[International]. Ishimoto, Tatsuo and Kiyoko. The Japanese House... Its Interior and Exterior. New York: Bonanza Books, 1963. First edition. Octavo, pp. 128, glossary, contains over 200 b/w photos. Original Cloth. Very Good in Good DJ.

The simplicity and grace of the Japanese tradition in design created much excitement in architectural circles in the mid-20th century. Early in 1953, the Museum of Modern Art held a special display of an entire Japanese house. Many architects have incorporated Japanese techniques into their designs, and homes across the nation adopted modular design, the basis for Japanese homes for many centuries. This volume presents over 200 photographs of the Japanese house with both exterior and interior views, showing in detail the use of shoji screens, fusuma partitions, tatami mats, and other unique elements; a complete discussion of materials and arrangements; and numerous suggestions for adapting Japanese ideas to American needs. (3817)   $30.00
Kura: Design and Tradition of the Japanese Storehouse
Ito, Teiji
[International]. Ito, Teiji. Kura: Design and Tradition of the Japanese Storehouse. Seattle: Madrona Publishers, 1980. Abridged edition. Octavo, pp. 187, indexed, richly illustrated in b/w. Original Wraps. Very Good.

Kura - traditional Japanese storehouses - are outstanding examples of unique and satisfying architectural concepts, the pleasure of blending form and function. Their rare structural beauty and simplicity are shown here in Kiyoshi Takai's elegant photographs and explained in full-page renderings that can be adapted and used by today's designer/ builder. Teiji Itoh, a noted architectural historian, examines Kura from every region and every period, showing how their structure evolved from practical and religious needs and explaining the relationship between Kura and their physical and social settings. Ranging from simple raised-floor structures of wood to massive thick-walled buildings of stone, the Kura, all but gone today, reveal a way of life that is also nearly gone. (3823)   $30.00
The Lesson of Japanese Architecture
Harada, Jiro
[International]. Harada, Jiro. The Lesson of Japanese Architecture. London: Studio, 1936. First edition. Quarto, pp. 192, profusely illustrated w/ b/w photographs and glossary. Mild ex-library markings. Green Cloth over Boards, Gilt Lettering and drawing. Good.

A handsome and thorough study of classical Japanese architecture through 1930 with a very nice modern house included. The details of the traditional wood construction are amply shown, as is the artful integration of building and site design. (8758)   $65.00
Modern Danish Architecture
Fisker, Kay and Yerbury, F. R. (Editors)
[International]. Fisker, Kay and Yerbury, F. R. (Editors). Modern Danish Architecture. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1927. First edition. Quarto, pp 14 plus 100 full page b/w photographic plates. Cloth over Boards. Very Good.

The introductory text covers the history of modern Danish architecture, and the photographs cover interior and exterior details on ecclesiastical, commercial, municipal and residential buildings in Copenhagen and other Danish cities. The architects and the date of construction is noted when known. Scarce; we haven't had a copy of this before. (20020)   $80.00
The Modern Flat
Yorke, F. R. S. and Gibberd, Frederick
[Architectural History]. Yorke, F. R. S and Gibberd, Frederick. The Modern Flat. Glasgow: The Architectural Press, 1937. First edition. Quarto, pp. 199, indexed, illustrated with b/w drawings and photographs. Cloth over Boards. Very Good; no dust jacket.

The design of homes in multi-storey buildings produced a building type distinctive to the 1930s, and without precedent in earlier eras. This book was intended to show the developments that took place in the design of flats in the early part of the 20th century, created as a solution toward the housing problem. Emphasis was placed on buildings that fulfilled modern requirements and had actually been built, and buildings that could be developed as units on a larger scale. A must-read for those who are interested in the social history that led to the development of flats, and who enjoy examples of 1930 European architecture. (20014)   $150.00
The Modern House in England
Yorke, F. R. S., ARIBA
[Modernism]. Yorke, F. R. S., ARIBA. The Modern House in England. Surrey: The Architectural Press, 1944. Second edition. Quarto, pp. 140, indexed, illustrated with b/w photographs. Original coarse beige linen binding. Very Good.

A very influential book, on the continent and in the United States. Somewhat of a modernism manifesto, and a stunning compilation of examples of modernist design and building, in brick, stone, frame, and concrete. Each of the many examples give country of origin, architect, and any and all intricacies of construction, floor plan(s), regional context, building materials involved, etc. Even the layout and design of the book is quite modernistic. Rather uncommon in this country: we've not had a copy before. A smart book. (20015)   $85.00
Old House Journal Reference Library
The Treatment of Interiors
Clute, Eugene
[Interiors]. Clute, Eugene. The Treatment of Interiors. New York: Pencil Points, 1926. First edition. Quarto, pp. 200, illustrated w/ b/w photographs. A previous owner's name artfully inscribed inside front cover. Last page partially detached. Boards. Very Good.

This book was intended not only for architects and decorators, but for everyone who wishes to make their homes as attractive as possible, whether those homes are large or small, houses or apartments. Attention is centered upon vital and practical things, rather than academic or collector interest. Chapters on tapestries, batik hangings, old wall papers, interior metal work, stylistic figures in decoration, and many more. From the Old House Journal library. (20047)   $40.00
Domestic Gothic of the Tudor Period
Castle, Sydney E.
[Architectural History]. Castle, Sydney E. Domestic Gothic of the Tudor Period. Jamestown, NY: International Casement, 1927. First edition. Small quarto, pp. 80, indexed, illustrated with 54 b/w photos and drawings. Prev. owners' names and dates on FFEP. Black Cloth over Boards with Gilt Lettering. Good; shelfwear, board edges and corners bumped/rubbed, backstrip missing, hinges tight, pages generally clean but with light foxing to endpapers.
An interesting, readable, and nicely illustrated book on the subject, based on a series of lectures given by the author. Intended for both the architect and the lay reader, this book provides a solid and readable examination of the subject. Published by the International Casement Co., which also published other work by Castle. From the Old House Journal library. (15704)   $30.00
Shelters in New Homes
National Association of Home Builders, Washington, DC
[Pattern Book]. National Association of Home Builders. Shelters in New Homes. Washington, D.C.: National Association of Home Builders, 1969. Original edition. Reprinted from October, 1969 issue of NAHB Journal of Homebuilding. Quarto, pp. 30, illustrated with b/w drawings and photographs. B/W Pictorial Wraps. Very Good.

In the 1960s, the home buyer had a deep concern in interest in security and safety. While the publication touted that the shelter could be used as a sauna, a wine cellar, a game room, a study, a guest room, a home office, a utility room, a music room, a photographic dark room, or a storage room, the room was primarily designed to be used as a fallout shelter. Floorplans and text explain how to construct each shelter to safely house the family in case of a nuclear disaster. From the Old House Journal library. (20046)   $30.00
Old Kentucky Architecture
Newcomb, Rexford
[American]. Newcomb, Rexford. Old Kentucky Architecture Colonial, Federal, Greek Revival, Gothic, and Other Types Erected Prior to the War Between the States. New York: Bonanza, 1940. First edition. Quarto, pp. 130, with 91 plates of photographs and 40 measured drawings. Cloth over Boards. Very Good in Very Good Dust Jacket.

Covers all periods of Kentucky architecture, from early period to Georgian, Federal, Shaker, Greek Revival, and more. From the Old House Journal library. (20044)   $45.00
Gustav Stickley
Cathers, David
[Furniture]. Cathers, David. Gustav Stickley. New York: Phaidon Press, Inc., 2003. First edition. Quarto, pp. 240, indexed, illustrated with b/w and color photographs. Review copy, with letter from the publisher to OHJ editor-in-chief Patricia Poore laid in. Boards. Very Good in Very Good Dust Jacket.

Gustav Stickley is one of the iconic and most influential figures of the American Arts & Crafts movement. Though best known as a furniture designer, Stickley was an entrepreneur and brilliant manager who assembled a talented team of collaborators to produce lamps, metalwork, textiles, plans for houses, and interiors. This book is the first comprehensive and authoritative account of his life and work, with extensive illustrations from private archives, libraries, universities, museums, and the Stickely firm itself. The book includes a chronology of Stickley's life and career, a biographical appendix of Stickley's key collaborators, and a complete bibliography. From the Old House Journal Reference Library. (20043)   $45.00
St. Patrick's Cathedral
Cook, Leland
[New York]. Cook, Leland. St. Patrick's Cathedral A Centennial History. New York: Quick Fox, 1979. First edition. Quarto, pp. 160, indexed, illustrated with b/w and color photographs. Gift inscription to Old House Journal founder Clem Labine on front endpaper. Color Pictorial Wraps. Very Good.

A history in text and pictures of St. Patrick's Cathedral, the largest Roman Catholic cathedral in the United States. Includes the history of the neighborhood, Catholics in New York, the trustees, the plan to pay for it, and the architectural details of the building. From the Old House Journal library. (20045)   $40.00
Brooklyn ... and How It Got That Way
McCullough, David W.
[New York]. McCullough, David W. Brooklyn ... and How It Got That Way. New York: The Dial Press, 1983. First edition. Quarto, pp. 271, illustrated with b/w photographs. Boards. Very Good in Very Good DJ.

This book is the first major celebration in text and pictures of this quintessentially American city. The book begins with a brief history, tracing the gradual settlement of the western end of Long Island, from treaties with the local Indians to the less than enthusiastic 1898 union of the independent city of Brooklyn - then the third largest in the nation - with the city of New York. The following chapters offer a cultural history of four of Brooklyn's most estimable features: its waterfront, its parks, its recreations, and its neighborhoods. An engaging and irresistible portrait of this inimitable and indomitable place. From the Old House Journal library. (20042)   $45.00
Unseen New York
Feldstein, Mark
[New York]. Feldstein, Mark. Unseen New York. New York: Dover Publications, Inc, 1975. First edition. Quarto, pp. 97, illustrated with 90 b/w photographs and 8 color photographs. Dover's shipping receipt to Carolyn Flaherty at Old House Journal laid in. Original Wraps. Very Good.

Mark Feldstein has created arresting abstract compositions from New York City building facades by concentrating his camera on limited areas - a sculpture piece, a door, an arch, a roof line, and so on. The play of light and shadow dominates the scene, and produces much of the artistic impact. All the photographs were taken in lower Manhattan, from 34th Street to Fulton Street and from First Avenue on the east to the Hudson River on the west. Many of the photographs were originally shown at two exhibitions: The New York Historical Society group show "Manhattan Now" (April 1974) and Modernage's Discovery Gallery in New York. From the Old House Journal reference library. (20041)   $30.00
Professional Painted Finishes - signed by the author
Marx, Ina Brousseau
[Paint]. Marx, Ina Brousseau. Professional Painted Finishes - signed by the author A guide to the art and business of decorative painting. New York: Watson-Guptill Publications, 1991. First printing. Quarto, pp. 288 with 500 color and 70 b/w illustrations, bibliography and index. Signed on the front endpaper by the author, with a gift inscription to Old House Journal.Teaches the basics, giving step-by-step instructions in glazing, marbling, and graining. Third section of book outlines the business end of decorative painting. Boards. Very Good in Very Good DJ.

A wonderfully comprehensive trade book by one of the best training/practitioner teams in the business. Although not that old, a hard book to find (and to keep in stock!). From the Old House Journal Reference Library. (20040)   $30.00
Great American Houses and Their Architectural Styles
McAlester, Virginia and Lee McAlester
[American]. McAlester, Virginia and Lee McAlester. Great American Houses and Their Architectural Styles. New York: Abbeville Press, 1994. First edition, as stated, third printing. Quarto, pp. 348, indexed, illustrated with more than 350 color photographs, line drawings, floorplans, historical paintings, and vintage photographs. A sticker on the front cover dust jacket proclaims "Patty's copy do not cut," marking it as the personal copy of Old House Journal's editor-in-chief, Patricia Poore. Cloth over Boards. As New in Fine DJ.

In this lavishly produced volume, authors Virginia and Lee McAlester explore 25 outstanding landmark houses that exemplify America's major architectural and interior design styles from Colonial times to the mid-twentieth century. The text not only discusses the houses' architectural innovations and design elements but also profiles the architects and their clients. As a result, the book is as much a cultural history as it is an architectural study. Located all over the US, most of the featured houses are open to the public, and the book provides their addresses and other helpful information. A book that is irresistible to all house lovers, architects, and designers, and provides readers a deeper understanding and appreciation of our rich architectural heritage. From the Old House Journal library. (20039)   $25.00
Outhouses of the East
Guy, Ray
[Building as Envelope]. Guy, Ray. Outhouses of the East. Halifax, NS: Nimbus Pub Ltd, 1978/1990. Seventh Printing. Octavo, pp. 71, illustrated with color photographs; endpapers are ads from Sears catalog. Boards. As New in Fine DJ.

The author followed a long family tradition of using outhouses; the Guys established one of the first European outhouses in the New World at the historic John Guy Settlement at Cupids, Newfoundland in the year 1610. The original structure has, alas, long since succumbed to the ravages of time, but the author's interest in outhouses has remained. This attractive book shows a wonderful assortment of outhouses on the East coast, beautifully photographed. A fun book; belongs on every coffee table! From the Old House Journal library. (13533)   $20.00
The History of Villa Rockledge
Jones, Roger W.
[California]. Jones, Roger W. The History of Villa Rockledge A National Treasure in Laguna Beach. Laguna Beach, CA: American National Research Institute, 1991. First edition. Small quarto, pp. 115, indexed illustrations, illustrated with b/w photographs. Cloth over Boards. Very Good in Very Good Dust Jacket.

Villa Rockledge is the sea-side cousin of The Mission Inn of Riverside, California. It was the same team of builder and artist responsible for the Mission Inn who conceived the magnificent private estate by the sea that was started in 1918 and completed in 1921. It is a two story complex of Mediterranean influences, with rustic stone towers, large open porches on the ocean side, ornamental chimneys, and casement windows. The interior of Rockledge nearly defies verbal description; the builder's imagination produced an array of tasteful splendor. Hollywood luminaries such as Clifton Webb, Robert Mitchum, Errol Flynn, and Bette Davis cavorted on the Villa Rockledge beach. This book documents the history of the building, including its restoration period and historical recognition in the later half of the 20th century. For all those who seek a taste of the beauty of early California. From the Old House Journal library. (20038)   $30.00
Construction Methods and Materials
Gold Leaf Techniques for the Sign Painter
Le Blanc, Raymond J.
[Paint]. Le Blanc, Raymond J. Gold Leaf Techniques for the Sign Painter. Cincinnati, OH: The Signs of the Times Publishing Company, 1961. First edition. Small quarto, pp. 224, indexed, illustrated with b/w photographs. Cloth over Boards, green. Very Good.

This is a book written by a sign painter with 36 years in sign work, 25 specializing in gold work. He intended the book to be used by experienced sign painters already familiar with brush lettering, layout, and tools, but unfamiliar with gold leaf. Chapters on glass gilding, matte effects, surface gilding, signboard gilding, wood letters, truck gilding, and special techniques. A capable guide to a technique not often covered in broader reference works. (20019)   $50.00
Concretes, Cements, Mortars, Plasters & Stucco
Hodgson, Fred T.
[Concrete & Cement]. Hodgson, Fred T. Concretes, Cements, Mortars, Plasters & Stucco How To Use And How To Prepare Them. Chicago. IL: Frederick J. Drake & Co., 1916. Third edition. 12 mo. pp 525, plus index, a self-quiz; illustrated with b/w drawings. Cloth over Boards w/ embossed cover.. Very Good; front endpaper has small open tear.

A thorough, practical guide to using the above materials with a discussion of terms, tools, building methods and maintenance. Very useful for the builder and historic preservationist, a wealth of detailed information. (20018)   $85.00
Stucco Interior Plastering - Graffito
Universal Atlas Cement Company, Chicago, IL
[Plaster]. Universal Atlas Cement Company. Stucco Interior Plastering - Graffito A. I. A. File No. 21-D-1. Chicago, IL: Universal Atlas Cement Company, 1926. Reprint. Quarto, pp 136, illustrated with b/w photographs. Staplebound Wraps. As New.

Everything you need to know about stucco, issued by the Atlas Portland Cement Company in 1926, but offered in reprint for a more affordable price. Contents include general notes on design; proportions, mixing, and applying stucco; stucco on masonry walls; back-plastered stucco; stucco on metal lath over sheathing; remodeling with stucco; table of quantities of mortar; coloring and texture; interior plastering; graffito; and specifications for stucco. An important reference book. (19692)   $30.00
Portland Cement Stucco
Portland Cement Association
[Concrete & Cement]. Portland Cement Assoc. Portland Cement Stucco. Portland Cement Assoc., n.d. (ca. early 1920s). First edition. Quarto, pp. 64. Thoroughly illustrated with b/w and tinted photos, drawings, and details. Color. Staplebound Embossed Wraps. Very Good+.

A wonderful trade publication, showing examples of stucco applications for various styles of homes, from Modern American to Italian, Mexican, English, and Spanish. With application suggestions, specifications, and other technical information. Includes in-progress application photos to guide the workman or DIY homeowner in the proper techniques. A gorgeous publication from the Portland Cement Association. (20010)     $85.00
Plasterer's Manual
Portland Cement Association, Chicago, IL
[Masonry]. Portland Cement Association. Plasterer's Manual Concrete for Permanence. Chicago: Portland Cement Association, 1958. Original edition. Octavo, pp. 47, illustrated with b/w photos and specification drawings. This copy was circulated by Henry Cowell Lime & Cement Company in San Francisco. Staplebound Wraps. Very Good.

A guide in the proper practices to be used with Portland Cement stucco and plaster. Many photos are included to demonstrate the exact techniques described. A must for every professional tradesman. (19543)   $45.00
Fireproof Houses of NATCO Hollow Tile and How To Build Them
National Fire Proofing Company, Pittsburgh, PA
[Masonry]. National Fire Proofing Company. Fireproof Houses of NATCO Hollow Tile and How To Build Them Typical Homes and Garages of NATCO Hollow Tile. Pittsburgh, PA: National Fire Proofing Co. (NATCO), 1910. Fourth edition. Small quarto, pp 93. With b/w photographs and floor plans throughout. Almost 20 pages of construction details depicting tile types and wall details. Grey Cardboard Covers, w/illustration. Very Good; some scrapes to cover.

Another attractively illustrated book of concrete masonry homes finished with stucco. This volume features larger residences and apartment houses from this era, mostly located in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. (19348)   $90.00
Cyclopedia of
Bricklaying, Stone Masonry, Concretes, Stuccos and Plasters
Hodgson, Fred T.
[Masonry]. Hodgson, Fred T. Cyclopedia of Bricklaying, Stone Masonry, Concretes, Stuccos and Plasters. Chicago: Frederick J. Drake & Co., 1914. Later printing. Small octavo; bricklayers' guide is pp. 316 plus index; concretes and cements section is pp. 509 plus index. Both sections illustrated with b/w drawings. Signed on front endpaper by a previous owner.

Fantastic bookplate from War Service Library for the use of soldier and sailors of WWI. Original Maroon Pictorial Boards depicting a bricklayer. Very Good.
Very nice copy of a book that defined its industry in the earlier years of the last century. A treasury of masonry techniques, richly illustrated and thoroughly explained. Scarce. (19630)         $80.00
Pattern Books
Low Cost Suburban Homes
Wright, Richardson (Editor)
[Pattern Book]. Wright, Richardson (Editor). Low Cost Suburban Homes A Book of Suggestions for the Man with the Moderate Purse. New York: Robert M McBride & Company, 1920. Second edition. Small quarto, pp. 120. Illustrated with b/w drawings, photographs and floor plans. Signed by a previous owner inside the front cover. Decorated cloth over boards. Good.

This book was intended for those who wanted a comfortable house with a modest price. It supplies simple, direct plans that serve the needs of those with a small family. Interior design and decoration is also addressed and illustrated. (20048)   $50.00
Your New Home
Dalzell, Kenneth W.
[Pattern Book]. Dalzell, Kenneth W. Your New Home These 55 up-to-date, practical houses, in plans, views and descriptions, are for all budgets, all tastes; and include several attractive week-end houses. New York: Malba Books, 1946. First edition. Small quarto, pp 64, illustrated with b/w perspective drawings of house exteriors, and their floor plans. Decorated Stock Wraps, red. Very Good.

Dalzell ranked with the best known of all American architects specializing in residential design. He was a pioneer in small house planning, and the plans in this book are some of his best work and are the result of years of practical experience in small house design, which was very much in demand in the postwar building boom. (20034)   $50.00
New Ideas for Building Your Home
Better Homes and Gardens, Des Moines, IA
[Pattern Book]. Better Homes & Gardens. New Ideas for Building Your Home. Des Moines, IA: Meredith Publishing Co., 1939. First edition. Quarto, pp 206, illustrated with b/w photographs and floor plans. Decorated Stock Wraps, blue. Very Good.

A selection of 100 homes are pictured and described with floor plans, with articles on topics of interest to homeowners, such as water proofing, crack proofing, painting, wiring, insulating, heating, plumbing, paneling, and many more. A comprehensive digest of all the knowledge essential for someone in building or buying a new home, plus ideas and examples, in pictures and in text, of what other new-home builders have done and are doing. (20033)   $50.00
Bungalowcraft "Homes, Not Houses" -
Spanish, English and Colonial Bungalows
The Bungalowcraft Company, Los Angeles, CA
[California]. The Bungalowcraft Company. Bungalowcraft "Homes, Not Houses" - Spanish, English and Colonial Bungalows A Book on the Spanish, Stucco, Colonial and Swiss Chalet Bungalow building in its latest development. Los Angeles, CA: The Bungalowcraft Co., nd c. 1927. 18th Edition. Small quarto, pp. 64. Illustrated on each page with b/w photographs, exterior perspectives, and architectural floor plans of "Charming Bungalows of Los Angeles, Pasadena and adjacent towns." Color Pictorial Wraps, pale yellow. Very good; some pencil marks to front cover.

An exceptionally scarce and attractive plan book with designs, photographs and plans for the most popular residential styles in California. The detailed images show the building materials and architectural elements such as roofing, windows, and entranceways; as well as the landscaped sites. (20031)   $125.00
Book of Homes
Gordon-Van Tine Co., Davenport, IA
[Pattern Book]. Gordon-Van Tine Co. Book of Homes. Davenport, IA: Gordon-Van Tine Co., 1935. First edition. Quarto, pp. 104, indexed, illustrated with b/w photos, drawings, details, and three-dimensional floor plans. Staplebound Wraps. Good; small gouge and open tear to front cover; 1" missing on top of backstrip.

A very nice copy of a scarce catalog of one of the giants of the industry. (20028)   $110.00
Build It Yourself Country Cottage No. 91
Easi-Bild Pattern Company, Pleasantville, NY
[Pattern Books]. Easi-Bild Pattern Company. Build It Yourself Country Cottage No. 91. Pleasantville, NY: Easi-Bild Pattern Company, 1951. First printing. 7.5" x 10.5" envelope, with five fold-out sheets, illustrated with b/w photographs. Fold-out Pattern Pages. Very Good; sides of envelope have split.

You can build this compact country cottage yourself! A list of materials and step-by-step directions guide you through the supplies needed, while numbered illustrations show construction and assembly. The cottage was designed to simplify cutting all angles. Suggested interior layout provides for a combination living and bedroom, kitchen, dinette, and bathroom. Rare! We've never had plans from this company before. (20016)   $50.00
Enduring Beauty ... Admiral Homes
Stanislaw, George
[Pattern Books]. Stanislaw, George. Enduring Beauty ... Admiral Homes Individual, distinctive, architect-designed. Irwin, PA: George Stanislaw, nd c. 1955. First printing. Oblong folio (11" x 17"), pp. 39, illustrated with b/w floor plans and home exterior illustrations in spot color. Spiral Bound Wraps. Good; part of the spiral binding has broken away, soiling to cover, some pen marks in the text block.

A nice selection of two story homes, L-shaped ranch homes, split entry homes, ranch homes, and vacation cottages, from small to large. Scarce. (20017)   $60.00
Distinguished Small Houses Designed by Architects
Arkansas Soft Pine Bureau, Little Rock, AR
[Pattern Book]. Arkansas Soft Pine Bureau. Distinguished Small Houses Designed by Architects a selected group of small homes of architectural distinction designed by architects of national prominence for the Architects' Small House Service Bureau. Little Rock, AR: Arkansas Soft Pine Bureau, 1930. First printing. Quarto, pp. 32, illustrated with b/w floor plans and perspective drawings of home exteriors, and some drawings of interior rooms. Staplebound Wraps. Very Good; some soiling to front cover, previous owner stamps on front and back cover.

A beautiful collection of bungalow, Colonial, English style, and Cape Cod homes. Scarce. Reminiscent of the "Pencil Points" series. (20026)   $60.00
Plan Book of Model Homes
Nationwide House Plan Service
[Pattern Book]. Nationwide House Plan Service. Plan Book of Model Homes. Providence, RI: Nationwide House Plan Service, 1948. First printing. Small quarto, pp. 36, illustrated with b//w floor plans and perspective drawings of home exteriors, some in spot color. Stamped by The N. A. Tyler Lumber Co., Vernon, NY on the front cover. Spiral Bound Wraps. Very good; old price tag on cover.

This book created a new idea in house plan service. All the plans shown could be purchased as working blueprints, but the company also furnished a model of any of the houses in the book, made of solid wood and carefully carved to an exact scale, in full color and on a solid landscaped background, including a hand colored floor plan. The model served as a very desirable ornament in the home after it was purchased. Included homes designed for narrow lots, a duplex cottage, ranch homes, and Colonials. An attractive pattern book. (20027)   $60.00
Trade Catalogs
Building with Assurance
Morgan Millwork, Oshkosh, WI
[Millwork]. Morgan Millwork. Building with Assurance. Oshkosh, WI: Morgan Millwork, 1921. First edition, numbered and limited. Quarto, pp. 408, indexed, illustrated with b/w and color drawings. A photographic sticker is attached to back cover, presumably covering a puncture mark also repaired from the inside back cover. Full Leatherette with Pictorial Design. Good; creases on front and rear cover; previous owner signed title page attractively.

A very beautiful trade catalog, with hundreds of millwork illustrations, stained glass, doors, interior fittings, etc. One of the nicest of its type. Uncommon. (20032)   $55.00
General Catalog: Sash Doors Blinds Moldings No. 500
E. L. Roberts & Co., Chicago, IL
[Millwork]. E. L. Roberts & Co. General Catalog: Sash Doors Blinds Moldings No. 500 Wholesale manufacturers of doors, glazed sash, blinds, mouldings, fine stairwork, art and window glass, mantels, grilles, parquetry floors and everything in the line of millwork in any wood. Chicago, IL: E. L. Roberts & Co., 1903. Original edition. Small quarto, pp 443, illustrated with b/w and color drawings. Cloth over Boards. Good; prominent repair to front cover; water staining has wrinkled the last 60 pages of the book.

This extensive catalog of Victorian woodwork includes wood doors, windows (including church windows and stained glass), grilles, gable ornaments, porch columns, staircase woodwork, china closets, and much more. Some photographs of home exterior and interior projects illustrate the best in Victorian design. Scarce; we have not seen this one before. A wonderful snapshot of wood building materials at the beginning of the 20th century. (20029)   $95.00
Brick and Stone
Practical Stone Masonry
Hill, Peter R. and David, John C. E.
[Masonry]. Hill, Peter R. and John C.E. David. Practical Stone Masonry. Dorset, England: Donhead, 1995/2000. Reprint. Octavo, pp. 276, indexed, illustrated with b/w drawings and photographs. Original Brown Cloth. Very Good in Very Good DJ.

This book fills the need for covering the detailed traditional craft practices relating to repairs. Chapters on the basic methods of working stone, the making of specialized tools, and a full analysis of the procedures for setting-out for repairs. The authors examine the causes of decay, and outline methods for repair of both stone and mortar. Useful chapters on the supervision of work and health and safety requirements are included along with a practical glossary of terms. A very important study, indispensable for any tradesman or builder in masonry. (18963)   $50.00
Titles on Sale
A Glossary of
Historic Masonry Deterioration Problems and Preservation Treatments
Grimmer, Anne E.
[Masonry]. Grimmer, Anne E. A Glossary of Historic Masonry Deterioration Problems and Preservation Treatments. Washington DC: Department of the Interior, National Park Service, 1984. First edition. Narrow Octavo, pp. 65. Glossary, reading list. Staplebound Wraps. Near Fine in Wraps.

A very early and compact publication on the subject, but chock full of details and illustrations. Ideally suited for the professional. From the Old House Journal Reference Library. (19544)   $45.00
Windows: A Guide to the Repair of Historic Windows
Roche, Nessa
[Windows]. Roche, Nessa. Windows: A Guide to the Repair of Historic Windows Advice Series. Dublin: Government Publications, 2007. First edition. Quarto, pp 52. Illustrated with b/w and color photographs. Indexed in the form of a checklist of common problems, and the page numbers where the possible causes for those problems are discussed. Staplebound Wraps. As New.

Advice on how to get timber or metal historic windows in good working order, how to keep them that way, how to upgrade them for increased security or energy conservation, and what to consider if new windows are needed in a historic building. A useful guide for the preservationist. (19199)   $40.00
Contemporary Designers (Contemporary Arts Series)
Naylor, Colin
[Design]. Naylor, Colin. Contemporary Designers (Contemporary Arts Series). Chicago, IL: St. James Press, 1990. First edition. Quarto, pp. 641, illustrated w/ b/w photographs. Hardcover. Very Good, mild ex-library.

A comprehensive encyclopedic approach to all major areas of modern design, from graphics to furniture to technology and building (8369)   $45.00
Cement, Concrete and Bricks
Searle, Alfred B.
[Concrete & Cement]. Searle, Alfred B. Cement, Concrete and Bricks. London: Constable & Company, 1913. First edition. Octavo, pp. 412. Indexed, illustrated with b/w drawings and photographs. Ex-library. Cloth over Boards. Very good.

Chapters include raw materials for cements, concretes and bricks; methods of manufacturing; chemical and physical changes in preparation of these materials; testing their properties, and more. One of the first books written by someone with scientific training who could adequately study and discuss the constitution of the materials and the chemical and physical changes that occur during manufacturing. Very scarce; no other copies available anywhere. (19564)   $80.00
ICS 497 - Brickwork, Terra Cotta, and Concrete
Lowndes, William B.
[Masonry]. Lowndes, William B. ICS 497 - Brickwork, Terra Cotta, and Concrete Common Brickwork, Architectural Terra Cotta, Face and Ornamental Brickwork, Concrete Construction. Scranton, PA: International Textbook Co., 1928. Second edition. Octavo, pp 206. 247 photographs, renderings and construction details, 8 in color. Decorated end papers. Original Red Cloth. Very Good; spine slightly faded; some spotting on cover; interior like new.

As with all of the ICS trades-related titles, good solid professional text, well illustrated and aimed at the tradesman of the early twentieth century. Most apprentices learned their trades from these texts. Several fine examples of terra cotta facades are shown. (19025)   $60.00
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