Your June 2017 Newsletter
Bottle Colors 101
The color of the bottle plays a major role in the presentation and protection of your products. It can be the source of much confusion too. Customers often start placing orders with us and we end up explaining why their products would make more sense in a different color.
We thought it would be helpful to offer a quick primer on the bottle colors offered by  Silver Spur and where each of them shines.
Perfect for showcasing what's in the bottle. Flint glass is for products where UV rays are not a concern because it does not offer light protection. It is commonly used for beverages, liquor, cosmetics, and luxury goods.
Ideal for products that require maximum UV protection or where minimal product visibility is desired. Amber bottles bring a pharmaceutical-grade feel to a product that radiates credibility.
Offers significant protection from UV rays, although less than amber. Cobalt blue brings high product visibility and a natural/earthy feel to products. A favorite for many nutraceuticals.
Provides a unique aesthetic for product differentiation. Green glass offers minimal UV protection, but more than flint. Often used for wine bottles and droppers. 
 Featured Products
Amber Glass Euro Dropper
Size: 10ml
Neck Finish: 18mm 
Flint Bordeaux Wine Bottle
Sizes: 750ml
Neck Finish: 28-400
Need Caps or Droppers? We've Got you Covered.

Picking up bottles? Why not order caps to go with?

This black plastic  Boston Round cap is just one example of our many closures, and is available in multiple colors and sizes: 18, 20, 22, 28-400. Visit our website to find many more closures and droppers. 

Want To Browse Our Product Catalog?

We carry the products you need and the caps, desiccants, and dropper closures to complement them. Want to browse our catalog before calling? Visit us online at for a full product list.

Stock Items

Amber Glass Boston Round
Green Glass Dropper Bottle
Cobalt Blue Glass Boston Round
Clear PET Plastic Wide Mouth Round Packers
White Plastic Child Resistant Closures
Plastic White HDPE Wide Mouth Packers
Quote of the Month

"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.

- John Quincy Adams
Industry News

Beer and Tequila Spirits Bottle Design Lets Product Shine

The new design for Heineken's original brand Desperados Flare creates a celebration in a bottle. Designed to appeal to a younger audience for celebrations and special occasions, Desperados Flare launched simultaneously in 10 countries in late 2016.

Tooth Whitening Applicator Inspired by Make-Up Packaging

"A lipgloss pack for a tooth whitening formula allows consumers to integrate application of the product into their daily routine...Mark Curry, Managing Director of the brand, explains, 'It's like make-up for your teeth. And that is why we turned to make-up to look for a packaging solution, involving Quadpack early in the process.'"

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