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Chiassi #1
   Commonplace Album with 27 Fine Drawings in Sepia and Black Ink Including Exotic Animals

1. [Calligraphy/Manuscript]. [CHIASSI, Onorato]. [Manuscript Writing Manual with Ornamental Borders]. [Milan, 1645] Oblong 4to. 56 leaves, 27 of which with finely executed drawings. Bound in contemporary flexible vellum.                                    

Manuscript 17th-century Milanese notebook combining elements of a calligraphy manual, drawing album, and commonplace book. Of the work's 40 calligraphic samples, 27 (including the title page) contain well-executed drawings, usually four figures per page, executed in black or colored inks. Includes mythological and classical figures, plants, urns, putti, horses, and an exotic menagerie of ostriches, seals, monkeys, birds and giant serpents.

Licensing Medical Practice in Early Eighteenth-Century Venice
Illuminated Vellum Manuscript, Finely Bound 

2. [Medicine/ Venice] [DAMUGLIANO, Antonio]. Gl’ Ill.mi: Et Ecc.mi Sig.ri: Sopra Proveditori, et Proveditori alla Sanità Venice, April 1717. 4to. Manuscript on vellum. (7) ff., (4) ff including a full-page frontispiece illumination of Venetian Lion of St. Mark. Bound in contemporary Venetian morocco, elaborately gold tooled.       

Finely illuminated, early eighteenth-century Venetian manuscript issued by the city’s Magistrato alla Sanità (Health Department) as a license to certify the physician Antonio Damugliano (d. 1747) to practice medicine in the Venetian Republic using his propriety formula for topical salves (balsami) to treat “wounds and ulcers” (f. 3v-3r). Inscribed by five Provveditori of the Magistrato and one notary who witnessed the certification.

Illustrating Student Manuscripts at the University of Paris
17th-Century Engraved 'Course-Packets'

3. [Education / [France]  JOLLAIN, Gérard [engraver) Logica et Ethica. Cursus philosophiae logica. [c. 1670], [Paris]. 4to. Manuscript. With 8 leaves of engraved diagrams by Gérard Jollain, Paris. Bound in contemporary mottled calf.     

Unpublished 17th-century manuscript of formal student notes - likely from the University of Paris - relating to a curriculum of lectures on Logic, Ethics and Moral Philosophy. The present manuscript is of special interest for being interleaved with engraved philosophical charts and diagrams. These engravings functioned as a sort of visual 'course packet' intended to supplement a professor's lecture, allowing students who were writing out their own manuscript notes to forego the exacting (and onerous) task of reproducing detailed images by hand.


 Sole Surviving Contemporary Funeral Oration for Lorenzo de Medici

4. [Medici, Lorenzo de]  BIENATUS, Aurelius. Oratio in funere Laurentii de Medicis habita. [Milan, Philippus de Mantegatiss, after 8 April 1492.] 4to. [20.5 x 15 cm], (8) ff. Disbound, in a cloth-covered box.

Rare, first edition of this funeral oration for Lorenzo de Medici, read in Santa Maria Nuova on 16 April 1492, evidently the only contemporary printed oration of the many delivered and printed in his honor to survive.

Art of War: Incunable Edition
The First Printed Book with Technical Illustrations

5. [Technology/ Warfare] VALTURIUS, Robertus. De Re Militari. Verona, Boninus de Boninus, 13 February 1483. Folio. 96 woodcuts, of which 18 full-page. Bound in late 17th-century vellum over boards.

Scarce second Latin edition (first 1472) of this treatise on the art of war, containing the earliest technical illustrations in a printed book. The Verona Valturius and its reprints were the handbooks of the military leaders of the Renaissance, and Leonardo da Vinci possessed a copy and borrowed some of its designs (PMM, 1472 ed).

Brewery Atlas showing the latest technology and architectural design

6[Brewery/ Architecture] HABICH, G. E. & JOHANNESSON, B. Brauerei-Atlas. Enthaltend vollständige Brauerei-Anlagen sowie Maschinen und Geräthe (Leipzig, Otto Spamer, 1877). In 2 volumes. Atlas folio with a suite of 25 lithographic plates in printed publisher's wrappers; and text in 8vo. 

Expanded, third edition (1866-first; 1869-second) of a very rare publication on later nineteenth century German beer making on the eve of the invention of pasteurization. Complete ensemble of the folio atlas and textbook showcasing the Kosler Brothers’ newly built brewery in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and presently part of the Heineken group. 5 large plates deal with the factory which was built by Carl Tietz, one of the foremost architects of his time in Vienna. Very rare, no US copy of any of the 3 editions.

Operating Agreements for Shareholders in England In 1715

7.  [Economy/ Operating agreements/ Energy] HILL, Aaron. An account of the Rise and Progress of the Beech-Oil Invention, and all the Steps which have been taken in that Affair…London, [n.p.], 1715. 8vo. 112 pp. Bound in paper-covered boards.

Rare first edition of a treatise providing an in-depth discussion of the discovery and promulgation of a technique for extracting oil from beech nuts to be used as lighting fuel. The venture was unsuccessful but the book sheds substantial light on early 18th century corporations and contains a precursor of an operating agreement for shareholders.

First Printed Manual of Venetian Trade

8. [Economy /Trade/ Middle East] PAXI, Bartholomeo di. Tariffa de pexi e mesure. Venice, A. da Lisona Vercellese, 26 July 1503. 4to. Bound in later green vellum.

Rare first edition of the first printed Venetian ‘tariffa’, published at the height of Venice’s hegemony as a trading power in the eastern Mediterranean, a comprehensive mercantile manual compiled to bring order to the bewildering diversity of prices, weights, measures and quality grades for the hundreds of commodities and currencies traded among Venice and her many business partners from London to the Levant.

Verdi’s Otello Comes to Paris

9. [Opera] / BIGNAMI, Vespasiano. Othello. G. Verdi. [Milan], R. Stabilimento Ricordi, [1894]. Color lithograph poster. Framed.

Very rare color lithograph poster produced in conjunction with the Paris premiere of Giuseppe Verdi’s opera Otello, which opened at the Paris Opéra on 12 October 1894.

A Landmark in Architectural Literature
The First Attempt at a Critical Text of the Only Surviving Ancient Architectural Treatise

10. [Architecture] VITRUVIUS POLLIO, Marcus / GIOCONDO, Giovanni. Vitruvius iterum et Frontinus a Iocundo revisi repurgatique quantum ex collatione licuit. Florence, Giunti, 1513. 8vo. Illustrated with numerous woodcuts in the text. Bound in contemporary stiff vellum.     
Augmented edition of the first illustrated edition of Vitruvius (1511), the first attempt to establish a critical text of the only surviving ancient architectural treatise. Undertaken by a practicing architect, Fra Giovanni Giocondo, who worked on St. Peter’s with Raphael and Bramante and supervised construction after the latter’s death in 1514.

Explores Race and Racial Differences
A Monument of Mannerist Book Illustration in France
The Aethipicae in 120 Narrative Engravings for The Young Louis XIII

11. [Mannerist Illustration / Juvenalia] VALLET, Pierre / Heliodorus of Emesa. Les Adventures Amoureuse de Theagenes et Cariclee. Paris, P. Vallet and G. Tavernier, 1613. 8vo. With engraved title page and 120 etchings/engravings. Bound in 17th-century red morocco.                             
Extremely rare first and only edition of the mannerist printmaker Pierre Vallet’s (c. 1575-1657) celebrated illustrated adaptation of Heliodorus of Emesa’s Greek novel Aethiopica set in Africa (or Theagenes and Chariclea) (c. 250 A.D.), but here adapted to contemporary French exotic taste. The novel encountered great success at the time. The volume contains, in addition to its engraved title page, 120 exquisite narrative etchings/engravings, one for each page of the text, and is a precursor to comic books.

First Edition of Newton’s Opticks

12. NEWTON, Isaac. Opticks: or, a Treatise of the Reflexions, Refractions, Inflexions and Colours of Light. London, S. Smith and B. Walford, 1704. 4to. Bound in contemporary paneled calf.
First edition, first issue of this landmark in science, here in a remarkably well preserved, unrestored example, rare in this fine condition. “The work summarized Newton’s discoveries and theories concerning light and color: the spectrum of the sunlight, the degrees of refraction associated with different colors, the color circle (the first in the history of color theory), the invention of the reflecting telescope, the first workable theory of the rainbow, and experiments on what would later be called ‘interference effects’ in conjunction with Newton’s rings [and] two mathematical treatises in Latin, written to establish his priority over Leibniz in the invention of the calculus” (Norman).

The First Study of Nebulae: With 39 White-on-Black Woodcuts
Observed with a telescope offered by Galileo

13. [Observational Astronomy] ODIERNA, Giovanni Battista. De systemate orbisPalermo, N. Bua, 1654. 4to. 39 white-on-black woodcuts. Bound in contemporary limp vellum.        

First edition of this exceptionally rare and remarkable book on nebulae, the first of its kind, illustrated with striking white-on-black woodcuts. It is also a work of profound cosmological speculation placing it at the forefront of astronomical thought in the 17th century. Giovanni Battista Odierna (1597-1660), a Sicilian priest and disciple of Galileo, suggests in this work that all nebulae are composed of stars or stellar matter and that the centre of the universe may lie far outside the solar system.
Collected Works of François Viète
"The Father of Algebra"
With 3 Volvelles

14. [Mathematics/ Algebra] VIÈTE, François / SCHOOTEN, Frans van. Francisci Vietae Opera Mathematica in unum volumen congesta Leiden, Ex officina Bonaventurae & Abrahami Elzevirorum, 1646. 4to with 3 volvelles and numerous woodcut diagrams in text. Bound in contemporary vellum. Contemporary annotations on front endpapers.

Rare first edition of the collected mathematical writings of François Viète (1540-1603), who was “the first extensively to use letters of the alphabet to present numerical quantities and the foremost algebraist of the sixteenth century” (Hutchinson’s Dictionary of Scientific Bibliography, p. 690). Viète used letters “both for known … and for unknown quantities” and “this innovation, considered one of the most significant advances in the history of mathematics, prepared the way for the development of algebra” (DSB) and thereby earned him the sobriquet “the father of algebra” (DSB, pp. 18-2).

First Detailed Account of a European Traveler to East Africa

15. [Africa] / ALVARES, Francisco. Historia de las Cosas de Etiopia Antwerp, J. Steelsius, 1557. 8vo. Bound in 19th-century calf.
Rare first edition in Spanish (and the earliest edition with American references) of one of the earliest comprehensive reports on Ethiopia available to Europeans: “incomparably more detailed than any earlier account of Ethiopia that has survived, it is also a very important source for Ethiopian history, for it was written just before the country was devastated by the Moslem Somali and pagan Galla invasions of the second quarter of the 16th century” (Hakluyt Society I.12).

Athens: A Notably Early Eyewitness Account, Illustrated
16. [Athens] / MAGNI, Cornelio. Relazione della città d’Athene... Parma, G. Rosati, 1688. 4to. With engraved portrait and 6 plates of Athens. Half bound in old red linen over marbled boards.

Extremely rare first edition of this eyewitness account of Athens by the Italian adventurer Cornelio Magni, one of very few accounts of that city to appear in the early modern era and one of even fewer to give accurate, up to date eyewitness illustrations of its monuments.

First Edition in French
“A story of adventure, an account of the experiences
of one of the greatest traveller who ever lived" (PMM)

17. [China] / POLO, Marco. La Description Geographique des provinces & villes plus fameuses de l’Inde Orientale. Paris, J. Longis, 1556. 4to. Bound in red crushed morocco.
Rare first French edition of the work considered to be “the first to give anything approaching a correct and detailed account of China and the Far East” (PMM) and perhaps the most influential travel book of all time.

Comprehensive Encyclopedia of Russia of the 18th Century
With a Folding Plate of the Comparative Census of the Population

18. [Russia] [Population Census] HEYM, Johann [GEYM, Ivan Andreevich]. Versuch einer vollständigen geographisch-topographischen Encyklopädie des Russischen Reichs ... Göttingen, Johann Christian Dieterich, 1796. Thick 8vo. 1000 pages. (1) folding plate of tables. Bound in contemporary half calf and speckled paper over boards.                 

Very rare first edition of this geographical and social encyclopedia of Russia in 1000 pages published the year of Catherine the Great’s death: it is one of the earliest foreign-language reference works on the country. Complete with the folding comparative chart of the census, often missing.

The First French Eyewitness Account of the East Indies

19. [East Indies] / VITRÉ, François Martin de. Description du premier voyage faict aux Indes Orientales par les François en l’An 1603. Paris, L. Sonnius, 1604. 8vo. Bound in its original vellum.

Extremely rare first edition of the first French account of the East Indies to appear in print (Lach), here in an impeccable copy bound in contemporary vellum. The French adventurer François Martin de Vitré (c. 1575-c. 1631), upon his return to Brittany from the East Indies in 1603, prepared this lively account at the behest of King Henry IV (1553-1610). Martin’s narrative inspired Henry in 1604 to establish the first iteration of the French East India Company (Compagnie des Indes Orientales) with designs on exploiting the treasures described in the book.

An Excellent Example of the Finest Early Map of New York City

20. [New York City] / RATZER, B. Plan of the City of New York, in North America: Surveyed in the Years 1766 & 1767. London, January 12, 1776. Three joined sheets, totaling 46 1/4 x 34 5/8 inches, dissected & mounted on linen as originally issued. Archivally framed.                
Rare; a superb example of the best executed and most beautiful, printed map one can acquire of early New York, and arguably also the masterpiece of 18th-century urban cartography of an American city. In addition to a plan of the city itself, the work provides a remarkable evocation of the pre-development landscape of Manhattan that consisted of cultivated fields, estates, water courses, topographic features and roads. These are supplemented by a highly realistic and detailed view of the city as seen from Governor’s Island. Also, significant portions of today’s Brooklyn and Queens and a small part of New Jersey are similarly depicted; such detail for these areas was not seen prior to this map.


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