Selectivity Comparison XetaWave Xeta9 900 MHz vs FreeWave FGRs
XetaWave tested the selectivity of the Xeta9x vs FreeWave FGR2 & FGR3. For applications where there are interfering radios nearby, very typical of the 900 MHz band, the Xeta9 will significantly outperform the FGR and provide more reliable communication. Click here to view the details & take advantage of the promotional program detailed below.

$299 Replacement for FreeWave DGR/FGR Radios
Through XetaWave’s advanced INS (Intelligent Network Synchronizer) technology, existing FreeWave antennas and towers can be shared and XetaWave radios can be installed (“plug and play”) and co-exist alongside legacy FreeWave radios on the same network. View Xeta9-INS data sheet.

Should you need Ethernet capability in the future, the Xeta9x can be upgraded to unlock the full potential of the Xeta9x to the Xeta9 Ethernet version with 5-15x better performance, the ability to support video, and much more. View promotional program details here. View Xeta9x & Xeta9 data sheets.