April | 2020 news & updates
Self Care
When our team developed the 2020 newsletter topic last November, we never could have imagined the reality of our current situation and how timely the topic of Self Care would be.

We hope the contributions and insights from our team here at TLG will be useful to you. As we shelter in place, this is a time to remember to care for ourselves so that we can be there for our families, our community, and our organizations. We truly are in this together.
Self Care
Mindfulness, Health, Lifetime Learning

Mindfulness in the Time of Covid-19

Perspective from a Coach
by Patricia Thompson, Ph.D.
TLG Senior Consultant

Like most people in the world, my life has been totally upended by Covid-19. From homeschooling my first grader, to canceling a Spring Break vacation and a trip up to Canada to visit my mom for Easter, to spending the majority of every day inside our house, this wasn’t exactly the April that I had anticipated.

I’ve also been responding to a lot of questions about how to cope- READ MORE 
Tino's Corner

Self Care- Writing the Book
by Tino Mantella
President & CEO TLG

As the CEO I always have the opportunity to write a piece for the newsletter. My first reaction to self-help, today, was to think about a book that I have read in the past that would describe how people are doing and feeling. My personal epiphany is that there are no books that describe what is happening today. WE ARE WRITING THE BOOK. How we personally and collectively respond to this crisis will, in many ways, define each of us and our generation READ MORE
Virtual Coaching before it was cool
Bob Turknett, TLG Co-founder & Co-chair, with client Josh Nickell coaching in the UK.

Bob has been coaching some clients virtually for years. He is teaching us all!
What We are Reading at TLG
by William Schiemann

In one section of the book Schiemann discusses the guiding principles to creating life fulfilled. They include but are not limited to: creating clear life goals; identifying your personal drivers related to being fulfilled; creating a life map; and building a personal scorecard
How to Prioritize Ethical Leadership Amid the Pandemic
Published: March 25, 2020 / Author: Brett Beasley and Christopher Adkins

13 Massive Companies That Started During a Recession

Why now is as good a time as ever to launch your business
Top Companies Started During A Recession
by Darren Dalh

Podcast More Than Worth a Listen
Esther Perel How's Work
Recommended by Hope Sonam
TLG Vice President Talent Solutions

I have been a fan of Esther Perel’s work since her TED talk went viral a few years ago. As a psychotherapist and relationship expert, she believes that the quality of our relationships is directly connected to the quality of our lives. I devoured seasons 1-3 of her podcast called “Where should we begin?” which explores the quality of personal relationships as heard through ‘eavesdropping’ into real life couples counseling sessions in her office. I have since been introduced to her new podcast entitled “How’s Work?” which, as you might imagine, focuses on the relationships we have in the workplace.

The format of the show is similar in that in each episode, Perel counsels a pair of individuals who work together—coworkers, superiors and subordinates, business partners, etc. and addresses issues in their relationships based on the human qualities each individual brings to the relationship and workplace. Communication, conflict style, trust, psychological safety and culture are all themes of the show. I love this podcast because rather than reading a book about ‘leadership style’ or ‘how to lead’ or ‘how to be your best at work’, this provides real life case studies and characters that you can see yourself in or recognize dynamics that relate to your workplace to better understand relationships and how critical they are in the quality of your work life.
Join us virtually on Friday, April 24, 2020
 April 24
8am - 10am
“Agents of Change for Women’s Advancement & Leadership“

featuring (pictured left)
Elba Pareja-Gallagher, Director of Finance, UPS and Founder & President, ShowMe50.org

and (pictured right)
Robbin Jorgensen , Founder & CEO, Women Igniting Change . "
With over 20 years of experience at UPS, Elba’s now part of a Business Intelligence & Analytics team; Chairs the UPS Hispanic BRG (Crecer); and leads an impactful ‘Lean In’ non-profit organization. She holds an M.S. from FL Institute of Technology. 

 Robbin leads a global purpose-driven strategic consulting company; has a 25+ year corporate background; is a highly respected author, keynote speaker, human rights activist and UN Champion. She’s also Co-Chair, Board of Advisors, Center for Leadership & Service, SUNY Albany.
If you missed March WIL- here's our one thing!
Turknett Buzz
New TLG Webinar Series
Thursday, April 9th
2pm - 3pm
Empathy: Always and in Uncertainty
Bill Dickinson will facilitate an interactive learning experience on Empathy: Always and in Uncertainty. He will address self-awareness as self-leadership, and both define and describe empathy—with you and as an aid to your relatability with others.

The Learning Outcomes are the following:
  • Self-Awareness as Self-Leadership
  • Defining and Modeling Empathy
  • Value Proposition & Productivity
  • Potential Action Items for Accessibility & Self-Care

Look for a full schedule of our Webinar Programs coming soon!

Webinar to be held again 4-21
10am - 11am
Turknett Leadership Character Awards
Frank Blake 2016 Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient
Leading with Character

Hear from Frank Blake, retired CEO The Home Depot

2016 Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient,
TLG Leadership Character Awards

Black paper quotation marks isolated on white
“This is the time to be most focused on communication. Most focused on communication with employees. Most focused on communication with your board and customers. It starts with your employees and having a very effective cadence of telling your employees what you are doing, what is happening, taking care of them, I think,” Blake explains.
Black paper quotation marks isolated on white
Large and diverse group of people gathered together in the shape of a human head question mark
Have you seen someone leading with extraordinary character during these unprecedented times?

Recognize them with a nomination for the Leadership character Awards
Nominations are Open
Luncheon Awards Ceremony at the Georgia Aquarium on Oct. 28. 2020