Community Happenings eBlast
Our New Partnerships by Marie Corbin, RN- Exec. Director
Our first delivery of Stable Shelfs Meals from the AARP Foundation
PHOSBC has partnered with Friendship Missionary Baptist Church-SB,
Community Shuls Congregation of Montecito & Santa Barbara,
The Ministerial Alliance, AARP Foundation, Dignity Health and,

Our Resource and Referral partners include SB Public Health Dept./Behavorial Wellness "Help@Hands" Peer Support prg. and our Hot Meal service will come from
Embermill Caribbean Cuisine Restaraunt 'MON' here in beautiful Santa Barbara to provide a short term food security service for approx (3) months/ 1 once per week.

Our Health & Wellness services includes Case Management Support Services, hand sanitzers bottles, homemade masks by our volunteers, Healing Notes, and Nurse Triage Assessments for COVID 19.

Our Shopping & Hot Meal program for our Seniors, will be for our local Sick and Shut in incuding residential communites serving particularily the Brown, Black and Tribal communites. We are so excited about this collaboration with such great partners!

Our current Nutrition & Case Management Support program with Friendship's
"Pastors List-Boxes of Blessings" is in its third month.
In response to COVID 19 and the Social Distancing mandates, our new team
has distributed (55) meals and (55) Health & Wellness Resource & Referrals packets to our list. We have conducted (25) COVID-19-Nurse Triage Assessments and over (156) hours of Community Care Calls to our members.
Keeping it Moving Forward
As a Mother and Grandmother, I am always looking for ways to propel my values and beliefs into my family legacy.  I do this by a series of actions. First by modeling the behavior Iā€™d like to see from them.
I have been doing this for ever treating others as I want to be treated is my go to standard. Second by showing them consistency of a healthy lifestyle and how living this way improves your quality of life and lastly by showering them with unconditional and unwavering love no matter the difficulties we may be having at one time or another.

This I do because life is short, as I know all too well in losing my best friend and late husband to (IPF) Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis and then my beautiful daughter @ only 35 years young to Mental & Chronic health challenges. In my opinion, life like education is a series of building blocks, and I find that you need the first lesson in order to move onto the next.

If you want to keep it moving forward take the lessons you are learning, whether it be your education status, your street lessons or just your little victories in life and share them with others. Your story may just be the ignition needed to propel another soul towards their destiny. So, today's lesson never stop sharing your life's experiences with others because you just need to inspire one that may inspire many!

So, keep it moving....