At Home
1. Personal space
This one can be challenging, especially with younger kids home. However, if you’re feeling overwhelmed, your children are going to pick up on your feelings. Sometimes, self-care looks like setting a healthy boundary for yourself or saying “no.” It’s ok to turn on a movie for the young ones and spend an hour alone in your room to process your own feelings. You’ll be modeling good self-care for your children, and you’ll have more space for them afterwards. 

2. Turn off the news:
If you’re feeling anxious, give yourself permission to turn off the news for a day or two. You can catch up on any developments tomorrow. Today, you’re taking a breather and only engaging in enjoyable and/or necessary activities. 

3. Go on a walk/exercise:
Being outside for just 30 minutes can lift your spirits. Take the kids with you and let them ride their bikes or scooters. Maintain social distance, but enjoy a little sunshine. If you have a patio or backyard, try doing some work from home outside for a few hours! You can also exercise or do yoga outdoors. You’ll be amazed how much better you’ll feel! 

4. Try Yoga/Meditation:
According to Jon Kabat-Zinn, a leading researcher on meditation, the definition of mindfulness is “paying attention with kindness.” A meditation or mindfulness practice, done about 30 minutes each day, can reduce stress and anxiety. Kabat-Zinn offers free mindfulness based children’s stories on Audible. There are many great yoga and meditation videos for all levels on YouTube. Try these out on a weekly basis.
5. Live stream a religious service: 
Many churches and temples of various traditions are offering live streaming services on Facebook and their websites. Staying in touch with your sense of spirituality and community can be very helpful at reducing stress. Hearing an inspirational talk or just listening to spiritual music can lift your spirits. Tune in via Facebook Live with Waveside Church in Malibu SUNDAYS at 10:10am.
6. Pick up a new hobby:
If you’ve been wanting to learn a new skill but never had the time, now is a great opportunity! Try coloring in a mandala coloring book, painting/drawing, playing an instrument, or learning to cook a new dish. There are many lessons available on YouTube and Instagram for all of these things, and plenty of teachers online who would love to teach you via video! Engaging in a right-brained activity can take your mind off the situation at hand and allow you to relax. 

Remember, you have to put your oxygen mask on first! Your feelings and self-care are just as important during this time, and you’ll be better prepared to care for others if you’re taking care of yourself. 
Food For Thought
Additional Resources
Elementary Support

A Book of Resources For Elementary Students
Teen Support
A magazine for teens, to help begin the discussion about COVID-19 and teen wellness. It is the goal of the BGCM Wellness Center and Brent's Club (#BRENTSCLUB) Malibu to give teens the tools to navigate this pandemic. Full of ideas, information, recipes, activities/games, thought provoking questions, & more.

Click HERE to download a FREE digital copy for your teen!
is helping teens talk about mental health challenges via text!
Text Now for teens is free support offered by the Boys & Girls Club of Malibu Wellness Center and Brent’s Club Malibu. From where ever you are and whatever you may be dealing with, we have trained interns and licensed Mental Health Counselors ready to help you. It is a safe, non-judgmental space where you can anonymously text your issue at any time and get support. Through actively listening and collaborative problem solving we can help you find some peace and calm.

Text Now for Teen allows teens to text about anything from anxiety about Covid-19, depression, relationships, family issues, school…whatever may be causing stress or worry.
Don’t bottle it up – reach out and talk to a trained professional.

TEXT NOW 310-691-6523
Available Monday through Friday 10am-1pm and 8pm-10pm. 
*All messaging is confidential

The Wellness Center at The Boys & Girls Club of Malibu continues to be available at this time to provide Telehealth services to promote healthy social and emotional support to all students and their families in the Malibu Public School District during this pandemic. If you have any questions or want to set up a video session on Zoom, please contact Director,
Randi Goodman (LMFT #52964) at   wellnessinfo@bgcmalibu.org  
or at 818-312-7107. 

Stay well & Take Care!