January 21, 2021
“Who we are is the result of how we live and act on a daily basis. Our daily actions reflect our prime values and motivations.”
David Frawley
Self Care and Turning Toward Our Practice

Now blanketed with snow, this season of darkness is when the earth appears to sleep. In actuality, under the surface, nature is gathering energy for the regeneration of spring. According to Ayurveda, yoga's sister science, we can honour and enhance our own personal practice by drawing inspiration from our connection to the cycles of nature.

Taking our cue from nature and the winter months as an opportunity to guide our attention inside, we encourage you to replenish and use this time of stillness to dive a little deeper into the many supports and tools the practice of Yoga makes available to us.

In Ayurveda, kapha is one of three doshas, or life forces. Kapha possesses the qualities of the combination of water and earth elements, and has properties such as hard, steady, cold and tough. Winter is a time for balancing our tendency toward accumulation of kapha to help give us strength of mind, protection and stability. To reduce excess kapha we increase movement and stimulate our system.

Re-energize your practice and consider changing things up by complementing your regular routine with a workshop, training or free mini-session led by one of our experienced Beyond instructors. Balance and energize with Elaine's Sun Salute series, find stress release with Julia's Yoga Nidra or sign up for Brian's Somatic Yin workshop series for a new perspective. Maybe now is the time to deepen your knowledge and train to share your practice through Yoga Teacher Trainings.

As we move through these winter months, feed your soul and energize your body. Replenishing and increasing our light, Shining Brighter Together.

Thank you,

Your Beyond Team
Mini Sessions
Somatic Yin, a Virtual Workshop Series
Somatic Yin addresses chronic muscular tension throughout the practice. Reducing the muscular tension allows you to gently and safely melt into your yin practice.
Somatic Yin is a cumulative practice; Chronic muscular tension continues to dissolve, within regular practice.
Join Brian Moore for this 4 week workshop series and experience the difference for yourself!

Beyond School of Yoga
200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training,
Information Session
We are aware of the many benefits the practice of yoga brings into our lives. Maybe you're ready to learn more, or maybe you want to share this journey by teaching others?

Join Sylvie on January 27, 6:30pm for a virtual information session and have all of your questions about our upcoming 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training answered.

Other upcoming trainings:
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We've reached out to our Beyond instructors and staff and asked them to share some of their own practices with you, our Beyond community.

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Until we can join together again in person, we share this journey and yoga's teachings, so that we may continue Shining Brighter Together.  

Tina & Your Beyond Team
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