Self-Clinching Fasteners At MF Supply
What Are They?
Self-clinching fasteners are part of the Electronic Hardware or Precision Engineered Fastener family and are not governed by standard IFI, ANSI or ASME fastener standards. A self-clinching fastener, also known as Press-fit or Clinch style captive fastener, is a part that when pressed into a drilled, punched or machined hole, provides an economical method of joining sheet metal panel applications and is well-suited for use in printed circuit boards.
How Do They Work?
Self-clinching fasteners work by displacing the host material around the mounting hole, causing it to cold flow into a specially designed annular recess. Knurls, serrated rings or ribs on the fastener hold them firmly in place. Self-clinching fasteners become an integral permanent part of the panel or frame and eliminate problems associated with loose hardware. Installation requires access to both sides of the panel and self-clinching fasteners may be installed using any parallel acting squeezing force.
Self-Clinching Categories
Here at MF Supply, we stock inch and metric Self-clinching nuts, studs, and standoffs in Stainless Steel, Steel Zinc, Steel Black Oxide, and more. Browse our selection here:

Brands & Functional Equivalents
We are an Authorized Distributor of Captive® Brand Self-clinching fasteners (made right here in New Jersey!). We also offer functional equivalents to the PEM® brand. Check out our Self-Clinching cross reference sheet here for a list of OEM Brand parts and Functional Equivalents.
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