Ahhh, what a beautiful time of
year. I hope you are enjoying
these lovely final days of summer.

We have 2 hypnosis seminars
scheduled for this month.
Self-Healing with Self-Hypnosis 
Learn how to practice mind/body
healing with self-hypnosis. The
power to be well is within you.

Tonite, you can begin to engage
with that potential by using your
own inner guided-imagery, which
is the biological connection
between the mind and body.

Enjoy a group hypnosis session that 
is designed to provide tremendous
benefits for the healing process.

Date: Wed Sept 22, 2021
Time: 7:00 - 8:00 pm EDT
Tickets: $25.00

Retire Your Inner Critic

Do you have an Inner Critic in your
chat room? You know, that voice
inside your head that berates you
when you make even the littlest
mistake; the voice that whispers
to you of self-doubt or negative
For many of us, our inner critic goes
way overboard and can make us
a victim of our own verbal abuse. 

Tonight, learn how to step back 
from the criticism so you can stop
that reinforcing behavior and 
develop a more productive dialog
with yourself.  

You'll experience a group hypnosis
session to help you build your inner
strength and self-esteem.
Date: Wed Sept 29, 2021
Time: 7:00 - 8:00 pm EDT
Tickets: $25.00


Both seminars are online on Zoom.

Preregister and pay HERE .
Indicate you are registering
for Self-Healing or Retire
the Critic.

After payment is received, your
Zoom link and materials will be
sent to you.

The seminars will be recorded.
If you are unable to attend, you
can register and receive the
replay for later listening.

Questions? Contact your facilitator: 
Kathryn McGlynn, Certified Hypnotist 

Using NLP for Healing

My absolute favorite NLP trainer
was Steve Andreas. He writes
about changing our representation
of illness and offers a traditional
NLP process to do so. This will
bring relief on many levels.

Read it HERE.
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Upcoming Seminars

Oct 12 - 26
Weight No More

Oct 21
Pain Management

See details HERE .

Workplace Hypnosis

For many years, I presented
hypnosis and meditation seminars
in private workplaces for large
and small corporations in the
Boston/New England area.

Now, I present virtually.

Would your company benefit from
a stress management seminar?
What about a time management
seminar? Or a seminar to help
improve sleep? There are so
many possibilities.

Contact me if you know this
would be useful for your company.

To Your Very Good Health -


"Instead of seeing yourself moving
through time, explore the sense of
being an ongoing presence, an
awareness, through which time
moves. Let the world come to you."

~ Rick Hanson
Psychologist, author
Kathryn McGlynn Hypnosis | 781-340-2146 | ybglum@juno.com | www.hypnosis.ws