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Almost every day, clients call us for help with Sage 100.
  • Software questions, simple and complex
  • Business operations and workflow
  • New opportunities for automation and productivity
Our consultants are happy to help.

That noted, we dedicate this issue of our Sage 100 newsletter to self-help resources available, when needed.
Getting Help While You Work

Several sources of information are available to you in the Sage 100 software. These include:
Feature Tours - articles and videos that walk you through a variety of product features.
Common Procedures - step-by-step guides that answer "how do I?" questions.
FAQs & Troubleshooting - answers to frequently-asked questions and common problems.
The Help system is useful when you want to learn about procedures for day-to-day processing, see detailed entry samples for fields, or troubleshoot common issues. In addition, you'll find flowcharts illustrating complex concepts.
Accessing the Help System

There are a few ways to launch the built-in help system including:
  • From the Desktop, select Help > Help Topics

  • Press F1 at any field in the software to access Help for that field (context-sensitive) 
  • On the Standard Buttons toolbar or bottom-right corner of any window, click the Help Button to access either global or task-specific help topics, respectively.
Once you launch the Help system, the following tools guide you to the information you need:
Contents Tab - access to the table of contents for the Help system, organized by key topics. Note that when you first launch Help, the welcome screen appears and the Contents tab is hidden so you'll need to click the "Show" button at the top to reveal the various tabs and options.
Index Tab - next to the Contents tab, the Index tab allows you to search for a specific topic by entering related keywords.
A given Help topic may contain procedural information, overview information, or guidance about a particular feature. These can include tutorials, video walkthroughs, examples that illustrate a concept or task, and so much more.

What do I get with a Sage BUSINESS CARE plan? 
Ever wonder why ever year, Sage sends a notice to renew your Sage Business Care plan or your software subscription? 
Have you wondered what exactly the plan includes? Here is an overview.

What is "Business Care"?

Sage Business Care represents support and maintenance costs that every ERP software developer puts in place. The annual fee provides for ongoing research and development, product improvements, new version releases, and continued innovation so that Sage 100 keeps pace with broader changes in technology (in other words, helps to prevent Sage 100 from becoming obsolete).
Also depending on which Sage Business Care plan you choose (discussed later in this article), it also includes various levels of customer support.
Business Care Benefits
Here's what's included in all Sage Business Care Plans:

Product Updates and Enhancements

Each year, Sage makes a significant investment in product development to incorporate new features, productivity enhancements, security updates, hardware compatibility, and product fixes & patches.

24 x 7 Knowledgebase Access

Each plan comes with unlimited access to the same problem-solving information used by Sage support centers which provides you with fast and searchable support knowledge.
Different Plans, Different Needs
Sage provides these Business Care options.

Silver Plan - the base plan that includes the core benefits mentioned earlier, plus 5 Sage support cases annually and 1 user for Sage Intelligence Reporting and Sage CRM.
Gold Plan - all the benefits of Silver, but with unlimited   support cases and Anytime Learning courses through Sage University.
Platinum Plan - all the benefits of Gold, but with 2 users for both Sage Intelligence and Sage CRM.

Note on Sage100cloud - with a Sage 100cloud subscription, Sage Business Care plans include additional features that are not available for Sage 100 Classic (perpetual license).
If you have questions about business care or need personalized support from our team of Sage 100 technical experts, contact MBSG.  

Computer Problems
Driving You Crazy?

  • Unresolved or recurring computer problems?
  • Need dependable IT strategy or support?
  • Trying to decide between cloud vs. on-premise software?
MBSG IT consultants provide expert support for business networks and connected devices. Experienced, credentialed, reliable, and easy to work with.

Need An Independent
IT Security Review?

Need A Second Opinion?

  • To better protect your data from theft or ransomware
  • To meet a requirement from your customer, client, vendor, or insurance company
  • Your IT support person tells you that 'systems are secure'. However, you want the comfort of a second opinion.
MBSG IT security experts identify risks and exposures to protect you and the 'honeypot' of valuable data on your system.  

Are Your Login Credentials for Sale
On The Dark Web?

Security breaches at major companies including Equifax continue to accelerate. The latest breach at Marriott revealed 500,000 + visitor records exposed!

With each breach comes a black market of login credentials and other personal information available for sale on the 'Dark Web'. From many companies, this includes company login ID's and passwords.

For many years, the IT and Security experts at MBSG have been helping companies harden their internal and external defenses. Recently, we have seen a wider and wider net of innocent companies with their stolen credentials for sale on the Dark Web.

Is your information available for sale?

For a complimentary Dark Web scan of your company domain,  click here or call MBSG at 818 865-1373.
For more information on the Dark Web, click here.
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