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Stress is Killing People
Tips for Staying Healthy on the Road
Recipe: Easy Frittata
Featured Recommendation: Meditation and Mindfulness
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Stress is Killing People
I honestly feel like stress is killing people. The more patients I see, the more I understand that stressors, big & small, impact us on the physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual levels. It can be difficult as a doctor to work this conversation into an office visit, but I also know it's essential! See below for some ideas about raising our threshold for feeling stress and for some tools to help with stress reduction.

I also appreciate that we have good stress, that we can be moved & motivated by stress to make important and effective changes which help us feel better and do good in the world.

As we enter into the heart of this holiday time, for some it is joyous and wonderful. For others, the stress mounts due to social and family demands, unrealistic expectations, lingering disappointment and well, the sheer amount of it all. In the northeast where we live and work, things are compounded by the short dark days and grey skies. When we have a sunny day, I run outside & soak it up, even if it's cold, like this week, when I snapped the picture below. I turned my face to sun and just breathed it in.

We hope in the coming weeks, you can reframe your holiday time as one for a little respite; we hope you can have some time away from work or away from your worries and anxieties and welcome more love & light into your days for the promise of a new year.
From our home to yours,
Amy & Paul

Tips for Staying Healthy on the Road
by Amy Rothenberg ND

Over the years I have often had the opportunity to share with patients thoughts about prevention and treatment of issues that arise during travel. Some people are nervous travelers and have anxiety about health anyway, where being in a far away place, or even just a place that is not home, is such a stress to the system, that illnesses tend to arise. Other people have no such tendency but find themselves, by choice or circumstances in areas where they are exposed to certain illnesses and would love to have some natural medicine support in both terms of heading off or handling first aid and acute issues that arise.
Dr Herscu relaxing at the airpot in Italy
And personally when I travel, I do bring a small set of supplies to have on hand; not that many of these things cannot be found wherever you go, but when you are injured or do not feel well, the first thing you want to do might not be to strike out looking for a pharmacy, a market or a health food store in order to put your hands on some particular remedy, supplement or botanical medicine.

Recipe: Easy Frittata

We recently hosted a party where we featured crème brule for dessert, one of Paul's specialties. I am not going to post that recipe here this month, but what it left me with
was 10 egg whites to use! I considered making macaroons but decided one sweet dessert was plenty. So instead, I made 2 frittatas, served right  in the cast iron skillets where baked. This is so easy and so delicious & works for breakfast, lunch or dinner or to bring to your office potluck or holiday party.

Click here to read the complete recipe

Featured recommendation: Meditation and Mindfulness
I like to offer my patients approaches to add to their tool kits to help both raise the threshold for feeling stress & to have activities and practices that help release the stress we accumulate through the day.

Two of my favorite recommendations are:
     * Free guided meditations created by UCLA.
     * And any number of these medication apps voted best of 2016 by healthline.  

Maybe for the new year, you can take up a meditation practice, you will never regret gaining skill and practice in this area and it's the perfect tool to add to your ability to help yourself, whatever your complaints might be.

Meditation and mindfulness give us the gift of being in the moment and of letting go of judgement about ourselves, our lives and others. It allows us to come center, to ground ourselves and relax so that when we do take up the work of our families, our homes, our jobs or other commitments, we arrive calmer, more focused and less harried. Enjoy!

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In health & vitality,
Amy Rothenberg ND & Paul Herscu ND, MPH
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