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This October We Focus On...

National Dental Hygiene Awareness Month

It's such a sexy topic, no?

Why should you care about your teeth?

They can be used as a weapon in a pinch, they tell your story, they help feed our body, they chatter to generate heat when you are cold, they keep your tongue contained to support intelligible speech and singing, they help maintain the shape of your face, and they are mysteriously tied to the health of the rest of your organ systems (the mouth-body connection, pause for a little webMD action).  

How to teeth & gum:
1: Floss your teeth once a day to break up biofilms. Yes, just once is enough (says my hygienist and holistic nutrition enthusiast Colleen Yoakum). Pick one: morning  or night
2: Brush twice daily. Try Vicco toothpaste, Ayurvedic herbal treatment used to improve health of gums. Can be purchased on Amazon.
3: Scrape your tongue with a tongue scraper once daily for fresh breath.
4: Swoosh for 30 sec with 5 ml of a mixture of Echinacea Premium High grade and Sage, equal parts (added to a little warm water), and swallow, once daily, to reduce infection in mouth (i.e. infected root canal, caries), to reduce periodontal disease (turn those deep #5 pockets into #2's!), and to help resolve halitosis (bad breath). 
5: Eat a functional diet. Follow Dr. Neale's "functional feeding" recommendations. Or perhaps follow those of Dr. Westin Price, DDS He was pretty smart. As an added bonus here's some tips from Colleen  candid camera style   after we finished a Barre3 class! Ha! She was super camera ready.

Colleen Yoakum
Colleen Yoakum
dr. neale's blog: deep thoughts, more of them
1. U nfortunately we can't eat (or drink) our feelings, we can be miserable trying to though.
2. Do your best, just note that your best is different every day.
3. Three words to live by: Family Estate Planning. 
4. Your authentic self isn't your pet, it shouldn't be leashed or caged. Let that puppy run free. Or, at least, take it for a walk. 
5. Anger is not a four letter word.
6. Emotion is not a disease, why do we medicate it? 

nuInspired: self care = better self
Immune system down? Feeling off?

It's no coincidence that you feel better when you take care of yourself.

Maybe you're a caregiver, a parent, a spouse. You put everyone ahead of yourself. Your turn! When we've spent ALL of our own physical and
emotional stores, we truly have no more inventory to share with another. We're unable to handle any stresses that come
our way. We're just maxed out. 

It doesn't take a whole day or even any money to show yourself some
love. The act of self care triggers the relaxation response, which is support on a physical level. We need that first. Then we take care of ourselves on an emotional level, an energetic level, a spiritual level -and well - you get the point. It's good for you all around. 

Here's one: Stop in the LEM Self-Care Center!

Video Oct 29, 5 24 16 PM

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