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The Classic Lost Rankin Thriler
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A crime writer turns spy in Occupied Paris
On their way to us

Former Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig sign it here
December 7 11 AM
Please order ASAP as we sold this book out at the Authors Luncheon November 16
(later printings but a terrific gift)

A country house mystery
for Christmas
Due in soon

1930s Winchester Cathedral
in stock now

UK Edition
in stock now
A History/Mystery Book of the Month introducing the Bronte sisters as sleuths

Our December First Mystery Book of the Month

Jack Reacher

Signed by bestseller Hilderbrand
in stock now

Signed for us November 16
Think Gift Book

A Few Remain in stock

Stories include Mary's wedding to Holmes and a Christmas story plus a
war diary

Bess Crawford in post-WWI Paris
in stock  now

A Thriller
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Signed UK Edition
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The Brighton Mysteries
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Railway Detective Mystery
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Inspector Banks
Signed UK edition
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on sale now
We are mad Hoffman fans


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Delivery systems are strained and weather can be unpredictable.

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We had a blast hosting three events to kick off December and this weekend promises two more with a final visit from authors on Tuesday.

Here are Paige Shelton and Mark De Castrique from December 4

And Greg Iles who fought off flu to complete his March 2019 book tour with us December 5. We have probably the only Signed copies of Cemetery Road  (Morrow $28.99) available. It was a riot. You can watch both events on our Facebook Live as well as Jeff Lindsay from December 2.

Podcasts are now on Google or on iTunes or  on Podbean. with Joseph Kanon and Mary Anna Evans. And Patrick is adding Mark De Castrique

Do check our BLOG regularly. Lesa updates awards, news, and interviews. She reviews events with video links and right now is having fun with authors recommending books for you.

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Former Baseball Commssioner Bud Selig
Saturday 11:00 AM
Pick up that gift!


Selig, who served as the ninth commissioner of Major League Baseball from 1998 to 2015, delivers a straightforward, insightful account of his life and how he dealt with challenges in a quickly changing sport

Foreword by Doris Kearns Goodwin
Jennifer Roberson
Saturday 3:00 PM
SciFi Saturday
Jennifer Roberson  signs  Life and Limb  (Daw $26)
December SciFi/Fantasy Book of the Month starts the Blood & Bone modern western fantasy series

Two sort-of angels, one a cowboy, the other a biker, reluctantly join the fight against the forces of hell. Gabriel and Remi were raised separately with the same purpose in mind. Their Grandaddy, who wasn't really their grandfather by blood, promised them both they'd grow to become soldiers with "the fate of the world" on their shoulders. Still, when grown-up biker Gabe meets Remi for the first time and hears he's going to partner up with a cowboy, he's skeptical. 

And when Grandaddy tells the two of them they've got to start killing demons disguised as werewolves, black dogs, and other mythical creatures, he's downright incredulous. And horrified that their mission involves sacrifice. 

A lot of worldbuilding sets up a planned series 
Patricia Smith
Sunday 3:00 PM with Karen as host
Patricia Smith  signs Remember (Polis Books $15.99)

"Smith's empathy for her characters makes for a supremely relatable take on mental illness. Remember is an emotional rollercoaster of a debut, culminating with a twist that will leave you reeling. "- Alafair Burke. But this is not so much a psychological thriller as focusing a lens on mental illness.
LA high school senior Portia Willows, the unreliable narrator of Smith's first novel, suffers from social anxiety disorder. Portia's parents refuse to get professional help because they are repeatedly assured that her distress is just a phase. This fragile veneer of normality is ripped away when her mother and her much adored younger sister are killed in a car crash...

Matt Coyle
Carl Vonderau
Tuesday 7:00 PM 
with Patrick
Matt Coyle  signs Lost Tomorrows (Oceanview $26.95/$16)

San Diego PI Rick Cahill gets a call from Leah Landingham asking him to come to Santa Barbara to attend the funeral of her sister, Krista, who was his training officer when he was a rookie cop 17 years earlier. Three years later, his wife, Colleen, was murdered, and he hasn't been back to the city since. He hesitates because he knows that within the Santa Barbara PD he's still unjustly despised as "the cop who got away with murdering his wife." At the funeral, Leah asks him to investigate Krista's death. The police think it was a hit-and-run accident, but Leah is sure it was murder. When Rick, whose creed is "Sometimes you have to do what's right even when the law says it's wrong," learns that Krista had reopened the cold case file on Colleen's murder just one week before her death, he knows that the two crimes are connected. T

he twisty plot takes readers down some false trails before reaching the explosive climax-perfect for fans of Noir. Order other books in the Rick Cahill series .

Carl Vonderau  signs Murderabilia (Midnight Ink $16.99)

William MacNary was eight years old when his father went to prison. Since then, he's carefully built a life as a family man and a private banker for the wealthy. He tries to forget that his father dismembered and photographed thirteen women. And he tries to forget those exquisitely composed photos of severed hands, heads, and feet that launched the "murderabilia" art market. William has not spoken to his father for thirty-one years. No one at his tony bank knows whose son he is. Not until his wife's colleague is murdered and carved up in the same way his father would have done it. All the evidence points to William. And only one person can understand the copycat killer-the monster William hasn't seen since he was a child. 

This debut takes you inside the world of private banking-a surprisingly dangerous one.

 "Murderabilia [is] a story that will lay a cold finger of dread on the back of your neck. Vonderau is a terrific writer who has written a terrific book." --Karin Slaughter

Our December Books of the Month
Please see the December Booknews for changes to our Books of the Month Clubs including a six month subscription option as well as pay as you go. There will be fewer clubs to join.
British Crime Club One unsigned hardcover or paperback per month
McDermid, Val. How the Dead Speak
Cozy Crimes Club One unsigned hardcover or paperback per month
Dumas, Margaret. Murder in the Balcony
Discovery Club  One paperback or hardcover per month
Singh, Nalini. A Madness of Sunshine
First Mystery Club  One Signed First per month
Harnetiaux, Trish. White Elephant
Hardboiled Crime Club  One signed First per month
Coyle, Matt. Lost Tomorrows
History/Mystery Club  One Signed First per month 
Ellis, Bella. The Vanished Bride
History Paperback  One per month
Modern First Editions  One Signed First per month
Morgenstern, Erin. The Starless Sea (Signed copies sold out)
SciFi/Fantasy/Horror Club  One Signed First per month
Roberson, Jennifer. Life and Limb
Surprise Me! Club  One Signed First Per Month
Lindsey, Jeff. Just Watch Me
Thriller Club  One Signed First per month
De Castrique, Mark. Murder in Rat Alley Sold Out!!

Our January Calendar
Tarryn Fisher signs The Wives (Graydon House $16.99/$27.99)
TUESDAY JANUARY 7 7:00 PM Publication Party
Brad Taylor signs Hunter Killer (Morrow $27.99)
Our copies come with an exclusive: Pike Logan's passport
WEDNESDAY JANUARY 8 2:00 PM A New Year's Tea
Debra Goldstein signs Two Bites Too Many (Kensington $7.99)
Sarah Blair cozy #2 in Wheaton, Alabama
THURSDAY JANUARY 9 7:00 PM Publication Party
Thomas Perry signs Small Town (Grove $26)
SATURDAY JANUARY 11 2:00 PM Scream for Ice Cream
Publication Party
Dana Stabenow signs No Fixed Line (Head of Zeus $29.95)
Kate Shugak #22
SUNDAY JANUARY 12 2:00 PM Publication Party
Tasha Alexander signs In the Shadow of Vesuvius (St Martins $27.99)
Lady Emily in Pompeii

Karen Odden signs A Trace of Deceit (Morrow $16.99)
Victorian Mystery

Andrew Grant signs Too Close to Home (Ballantine $28)
Paul McGrath, courthouse janitor
Nick Petrie signs The Wild One (Putnam $26)
Peter Ash tracks a killer in Iceland
Our copies include an essay by Petrie on why Iceland
Chris Hauty signs Deep State (Atria $27)
Debut thriller
Beatriz Williams/Lauren Willig/Karen  
  All the Ways We Said Goodbye (Morrow $27.99)
Chad Dundas signs The Blaze (Putnam $26)
Two acts of arson in Montana
Joseph Finder signs  House on Fire (Dutton $28)
PI Nick Heller of Boston returns
Writers Workshop with Joseph Finder
Putting the Thrill in Your Thriller: techniques for turning up the tension
Fee: $35 includes copy of House on Fire
TUESDAY JANUARY 287:00 PM Double Publication Party
Lisa Gardner signs When You See Me (Dutton $27)
DD Warren, Flora Dane, Kimberly Quincy Boston thriller
Gregg Hurwitz signs Into the Fire (St Martins $27.99)
Orphan X
Joe Ide signs High Five (Mulholland $27)
An IQ Novel
SATURDAY FEBRUARY 1 2:00 PM Publication Party
Rhys Bowen signs Above the Bay of Angels (Lake Union $24.95/$14.95)
Douglas Preston signs Crooked River (Grand Central $29)
Lincoln Child presigns and join in by Skype
Our copies come with a photo of Child and a Sanibel Island crowd
Please buy your copy from The Pen. Anyone welcome but remember you risk spoilers if you don't read the selection in advance.
Coffee & Crime: Saturday January 11 10:30 AM
Beaton, MC. Death of a Gossip ($8)
SciFi Friday : January 17 7:00 PM
Adeyemi, Tomi. Children of Blood and Bone ($18.99)
Croak & Dagger : Saturday January 18 10:30 AM
Karin Slaughter. Triptych ($9.99)
Hardboiled Crime : Wednesday January 29 7:00 PM
Brackett, Leigh. Stranger at Home ($9.99)

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Parking is more difficult sometimes because of the restaurants (editorial comment -- the City of Scottsdale's parking policies suck!). We've given you locations beyond our parking lot. 
Search for them under Parking

Good News: Arcadia Farms Cafe has generously offered us its parking for evening events when needed. You can also park just south of our lot between the alley and Main Street.

One reason we don't have a cafe or bar in The Pen is there isn't enough dedicated parking to allow one.

Enjoy --there are all sorts of food and beverages on offer.
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